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26402Whitley bay [herts ]
Total claims:1
No Customer service »2010 - 201222/08/20120
This letter was sent registred to the park resorts head office and Whitley bay park, please read this carefully, one of 26 points we have to complain about and a solicitor is also getting involved.

I come from this way request to the park to do what they promise when promised if possible.
The boiler of caravan number EW61 requires a part which within the warranty the Park Resort is responsible for.
Three weeks a go on, Friday the 3rd Mr and Mrs Liz had a problem with somebody inside and renting the caravan, they were told by Noel the part would arrive on the 07th and would be installed on that same day, they’ve lost the customer and had to lose on that deal as the couple in question decided to leave the caravan because on the 7th unfortunately nothing happen, after chasing the park they then been given a lot of excuses why this has not been done, two weeks after we had somebody else to start, on Friday the 17th and since the 7th we have been requesting the park in person that we were having somebody starting on the 17th and that was an urgent matter to have the caravan repaired which they have been promised it would be.
On Friday the 17th the part eventually arrived and they have been told by the park that it would be installed in the morning giving the possibility of their customer to start the booking with hot water but something that is not new, happen again, the wrong part was ordered as per the Park words enabling the boiler to be fix and consequently living Mr and Mrs Liz with a huge problem in their hands.
Mr Antonio and Natalia Liz, your customers who already purchased 2 caravans at Park Resort, one Silver with cash in hand and one Gold had a meeting with Mr Johnny the general manager on the same Friday 17th complaining once more and the Park did sort a caravan for their customer until either Monday 20th or Tuesday 21st , depending on when EW61 could and would be repaired” but once more” Mr and Mrs Liz have been victims of one more trick of the people working in that park, the customer have been told by Ms.Charllote (which have no class as a manager and have no customer service whatsoever to deal with customers) she would have to leave the park’s caravan on Monday the 20th agreed and confirmed by Johnny the General manager when he told Mr Antonio and Natalia Liz, their customer would stay at the Park’s caravan until EW61 could be repaired what in the customer service world was the only and best attitude the park could have.
Surprisingly Mr and Mrs Liz customer have been told the part to their caravan EW61 has arrived in the morning and she would have to leave the Park’s caravan, the customer happy she would go to a caravan she actually paid for and was being very patient with all this, haply moved to EW61, during the course of the morning and afternoon nobody went to repair EW61 caravan and the customer got agitated, she went to the reception to ask when this work on the caravan was going to be done as she have 3 small children with her when she got the shock of her life, Ms.Charllote have told her that no part have arrived and that the EW61 caravan would not be repaired that same day, Mr and Mrs Liz have a full statement by a customer wish had to leave our caravan with a full refund of £470.00 plus £100.00 deposit with a total staggering and what was their surprise when the Park where Mr and Mrs Liz have purchased 2 caravans and should be treated decently and have not been getting anything more then abuse altogether, rent a caravan or indicate somebody which we know to rent a caravan to their customer.
Not just they lost the customer and their money due to bad work, bad customer service and a couple of lies through the way once more by the park, the same Park indicated or rented itself a caravan to a customer of theirs.
By the way today are 22nd and again no surprise, EW61 caravan have still not been repaired with another customer arriving on the 25th.
Mr and Mrs Liz just want to be treated with the same respect and same treatment has an English person, which for the reports from other people in the park this does not happen with them.
I would request you to have a look into the workers you have there including yourself who Ms.Charllote confirmed you agreed to the customer to leave on Monday the 20th when to Mr and Mrs Liz you said either Monday 20th or Tuesday 21st as per a recorded conversation.
It’s a shame that a park with such a view, installations, nice caravans and so many customers have such bad customer service and treating people differently from others.
We don’t want to think its racism or discrimination as this is a serious matter but Mr and Mrs Liz are getting out of reasons why are they getting a different treatment.
They also have a full report of problems which are still to be dealt and agreed by the park for more then 2 years and they also have more situations where they have lost clients due to the bad customer service from the park.
If you wish these please let me know and I will comply with your request.

This letter will be sent registered and a copy was also sent to the head office of Park Resorts, the first one of probably many, also a newspaper will publish the bad organization and customer service of the park if Mr and Mrs Liz don’t start getting the respect they deserve as good customers they are after spending a total of £25.500.00 in caravans without counting with fees and extras, perhaps they are still in a lower league compared with other investors in the park but they should still be treated the same way.
Looks like in that office everyone covers each others back which allow you to get away from problems easier but hopefully you start treating these customers with respect like you do with others, that’s all they hope and expect.

Maybe is the park resort RH department who give the management position to who they shouldn’t and not just the Whitley Bay Park Resort General Manager and or Managers

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