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Deceiving users »from 2010, february 2nd09/02/20100

Livemocha is a site for people learning languages. Without doubt, this site has really cool way to teach language. I got impressed, fascinated with this site, So I signed up for the Active English Class with qualifed tutors by $79.95.(the active English class without qualifed tutors is 49.95dollars)

I really wanted to get a feedback from a qualifed tutor. I paid for that.
After paying for the class, I tried whether I can submit my exercises to the turos. But I can't. They say, If I open the submission, I'll see the option to have my exercises reviewed by tutors. However I never see them. I tried it, at least more than 20 times. it doesn't work, I used this lessons by other computers. It happened same. Then, I gave my complaints to LIvemocha 6times, But they never respond to my emails still. They also say I can get response within 48hours, it has been for 8days, today.

I'm really really upset. there are many people like me. please sue this company for this crime.

and I want them to give 30dollars back to me and pay penalty.

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