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Total claims:12
REFUND »AUG 200817/01/20093

I have been trying to get a refund from thomas cook since august 2008, they changed my accomodation and should have refunded the difference .I have written to them, spoken to every department they have and still cannot get the refund.The service has ben absolutely terrible I will not use them again in the future and would advise others to think twice.They completely messed up my holiday and now to add insult to injury I cannot get the refund from them

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13168Lion Resorts Vacation Club [Paphos]
Total claims:6
Lion Resorts Rip Off »8th May 201001/08/20103

Our problem started in September 2009 with being hi jacked in car park in Paphos 2nd day of our holiday by a very likeable chap who invited us back to the Capital Coast Hotel as we had won a holiday from the scratch card he gave us. 4 hours later, after being given a very polished presentation we signed up to Lion Resorts/RCI Vacation Club. We were impressed by the standard of accomodation we were sold, we were advised that they would increase our initial 2 week 'free' holiday to 4 weeks with car hire for one week thrown in, we paid nearly £4000.00 on a credit card and were invited to dinner with the lady who had done the presenatation, all very nice.

Then we got home..........initially we tried to cancel, this was within a week of getting home, we were abruptly advised via email that this was not possible. We decided to accept the inevitable. In January I tried to book the holiday we wanted in May. The location we wanted was not available and only Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt had vacancies for the time in May we had booked off work. I booked it. I also booked for 2 weeks in Cyprus for September at the Capital Coast Hotel, at no time in this telephone conversation was I advised that these bookings were only provisional and would not be confirmed until I confirmed flight details to them. At the beginning of April I recieved a call from Capital Coast requesting our flight details. I felt this was reasonable and as I had been checking flights on the internet for at least a couple of months I felt that I could book easily I confirmed our dates 8th May for 14 nights, Saturday to Saturday, when I confirmed these dates, that I had booked, the person I was talking to asked what we were doing for thenight of the 8th as this holiday runs Sunday to Sunday. To say I was shocked is putting it mildly. Capital Coast took no responsibility at all for this and in numerous emails back and forth I learnt all about their reservations systems and how it could never go wrong at their end. I asked if they could help me to book a hotel room in Sharm for the one night and as a gesture of goodwill from them for them to cover the cost of the room. This was declined in no uncertain terms. I have all the emails. So I booked from home.

We flew out to Sharm el Sheikh on the 8th May 2010. We were met at the airport by a taxi driver, not the limousine we were advised would collect us. He deposited us at the Mexicana Sharm Hotel where I had booked the room for the one night. Suzanne, Lion Resorts rep was there to meet us, which under the circumstances we thought was very good as this was a hotel booked for one night and not the resort we were booked into with Lion Resorts....or so we thought. We were taken to our room, which we had booked ourselves as no one at Capital Coast could manage that, Suzanne advised us that she would meet us at 3pm the next day to take us to our Lion Resorts 'suite'. We checked out of that room at 12 noon and transported ourselves and our luggage to reception and we left the cases there until we met Suzanne who took us to our ‘suite’. This was next door to our room of the previous night.
We had previously been advised by Michelle at Capital Coast, that Lion Resorts only had a block of apartments at the Mexicana Sharm and were of a better standard that the other apartments, what they must be like beggers belief !
The ‘suite’ was such a disappointment, considering that we had been promised 5* accommodation. The cooking facilities were 2 rings, we had to turn the toaster upside down to get the bread out and the kettle lid was warped so didn’t turn off. There was only a bright orange ‘put you up’ spare bed in the lounge to sit on, a broken standard lamp, a coffee table and a TV on a base, The bathroom on initial viewing appeared to be OK, until you started using it, the grouting was black around the shower and in the sink, there was a door stop on the floor just in front of the shower that I stepped on and nearly broke my foot. Where was the flat screen TV, the comfortable seating area with separate dining area, fully fitted kitchen and ‘top spec’ bathroom?
I have photographs of the accommodation, in no way was this 5* nearer a 3* and that is being generous.
We met with Suzanne the following day and we voiced our complaints. She advised, that she would sort the kettle and toaster out straight away for us, this took her a week for the toaster and the kettle was never changed.
We advised her that we felt that as the cooking facilities were so inadequate we wanted Lion Resorts to compensate us in some way, either by providing us with evening meals, (the resort catered for all inclusive) or allow us to barbecue on the balcony. The result of this was a free meal to the value of 350E£ at the Hard Rock Café, in the next town, transport not provided so we had to pay for a taxi there and back at a cost of 30E£. That was the total compensation that she was able to offer. She did intimate that her Manager, Tim, was looking into something else for us and we would meet with him the following week.
On the Tuesday of the following week, we met with Suzanne again and she did a pitch for Lion Resorts, we advised her that after everything that we had been through with Lion Resorts we are not interested really in pursuing anything further, she encouraged us to meet with her again on the Wednesday when she would take us to the Amraj which is the new resort and where we would meet with Tim. We agreed to go as we wanted to speak with him On our first week at Mexicana, we got talking to another couple who had insisted on being moved from the Amraj as it was a building site with no facilities.
On Wednesday we went to the Amraj, it was a building site, well the Lion Resorts part was, the swimming pool was closed due to the dust and muck from the building sites. The actual hotel area was beautiful but Lion Resorts guests were not allowed to use it. Suzanne showed us around one of the few suites that had been completed and it was lovely, exactly what we had been expecting.

We met with Tim. He apologised for the Mexicana Sharm Resort and stated that it was not 5* and he was unhappy that Lion Resorts guests were being put in there. I voiced all our complaints to him and he advised us that he had in fact, sacked several people from Capital Coast due to complaints about bad customer service, whether this was true or not I do not know.
Tim then started the ‘pitch’ and he proceeded to tell us what he could do for us to compensate us for the poor service we had received from Capital Coast, together with discounts and special prices to enable us to get the full Lion Experience. This went as follows:
To experience the full Lion Experience would mean upgrading at a cost of just over £17,000, with the following discounts :
The amount back that we had spent initially + an extra amount to cover the plane tickets, this amounted to just over £4,000.00 this would cover not only the initial payment but our flights out to Sharm el Sheik, to this were we offered £775.00 as an apology for staying at the Mexicana Sharm as it was not 5* and Tim also apologised again for the Mexicana and stated that he did not like the Mexicana as it let down the standard of accommodation that was being sold to customers. He also offered us back the 2 week holiday so that we would in effect, have another 2 weeks 'free' to holiday where we wanted.
All this at a cost to us of just under £13000.00 !
We advised them that we wanted to sleep on it, next day we met again with Suzanne and advised her that we were not interested, she then offered us 50% discount if we took the offer that Tim spoke with us about but that it would be a bi-annual membership. We turned her down.
Nothing else was offered to us as an apology or as a gesture of goodwill, we either accepted the offer and pay £13,000.00 to get the discounts and compensation or get nothing. Considering all the upset we had been caused in our relationship with Lion Resorts and Capital Coast and the apologies and admissions regarding the state of the Mexicana Sharm, I would have thought that there would have been an offer of some kind of compensation, bearing in mind that part of the deal offered, £775.00, was referred to by Tim as the 'Mexicana Sharm discount'
To cap it all, the transfer from the hotel to the airport duly arrived and transported us to the airport. He dropped us at the wrong terminal and charged us 10.00E£ for the entrance cost for his taxi to go into the airport car park to drop us off.
All in all a pretty disastrous state of affairs considering how big the company is and the industry that they are in, namely, providing a dream holiday experience.
I will be sending an email copy of this complaint to Capital Coast in Cyprus once they supply me of a Director / Manager's name, I have already requested this information twice from Capital Coast but the requests have been ignored.
We are booked to stay at Capital Coast this September, as we had 'been given 4 weeks free holidays' plus free car hire for a week , trying to get that reserved was a nightmare as well, down to the high handed attitude of Carol Gallagher. She advised me on the 22nd April at 14.30 that she was giving me 48 hrs to confirm our flight details or she would cancel. I subsequently called to confirm flight details over the weekend only to be told that she had cancelled the reservation on Friday 23rd. I know that there is a time difference between Cyprus and the UK but there really is no excuses for her action.

Luckily we could move the flight to accommodate her and have booked for the 21/9/2010. Should be an eventful experience!!!!!

I have sent a copy of this by letter form, registered post to the Registered Head Office in Preston. It was refused and returned to me, I have also emailed a copy of this letter to lion resorts, it was ignored, perhaps now they will contact me ?

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Total claims:1
Holiday Booking »200911/01/20092


I booked this holiday to Turkey on Jan 2nd for 2wks.   Placed the deposit of £100
Later saw this holiday in 2 other companies,  they included transfers & inflight meals,  their policy is to match any other tour operator.

My e-mails and letters are being ingnored,  I am begginning to wonder what kind of holiday company I am dealing with.
Slightly worrying.

I asked if we could have 1st floor accomodation plus if they would consider adding the transfers.  All this is being ignored.

I have always dealt with obliging tour operators and if you yourselves can find out what kind of company are offering these holidays.   I did try to use the telephone but was kept on hold for awhile.  guess what@  they are the high cost tel. no's  0871  -    leathal.

Thanking you for your time.

Mrs Elaine Hazeldine

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2002PARK RESORTS [hemel hempstead]
Total claims:9
Stolen caravan »Feb 200927/04/20092

I owned a caravan which was financed and was sited on Valley farm caravan park. I had some financial problems and approached the company (Park Resorts) for help or advice. I was told they were not interested and I had to pay my outstanding site fees or they would sell my caravan.

I pointed out to them that as the caravan was financed they could not sell it.........guess what, went to collect some of our personal effects from the caravan and it was gone with all my families belongings. When I spoke to the staff they claimed the did not know where my caravan had gone to but asked me not to contact the police until they had investigated. I received a call approx. 10 days later telling me they were sorry but my caravan had been sold and was now in Norway.

Despite meetings with the park Manager I am no further forward however I was informed by the finance company that Park Resorts had paid off the balance outstanding without my knowledge.

I have paid 2-3 months of finance for a caravan that was sold without my knowledge....all our belongings including family photographs have been lost ..we  are without a caravan and have not been offered any compensation by Park resorts.

I have requested a name of someone at head office to deal with......not forthcomming

I have rquested info. on the sale of caravan............not given

Overall treated like a pieceof dirt despite their acclaimed customer service mission statement

I believe we are entitled to better treatment than we have received and should be compensated for our loss and stress we have gone through


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14443PARK RESORTS [hemel hempstead]
Total claims:9
Unacceptable customer service by Park Resorts »AUG 201004/11/20102

Since paying Park Resorts just over £15000 twelve months ago I have had nothing but trouble with them. Once they have your money they are not interested in anything that goes wrong - despite their customer care promises (posted out side the site office).
Things were broken in the van as it was pre owned when I bought it but I was assured by the salesman they would be rectified once the purchase was complete. Once they had the money, I was told that No sorry, the salesman shouldnt have told you that, you're responsible for sorting it out yourself !!
Come the bad winter of 2009/2010 and the water pipe outside the van froze and burst. I contacted the site in Feb 2010 and was told they would fix it no problem. In March when the site reopened I drove 100 miles after being assured the van was useable. I arrived to find my gas bottle had been stolen (Apparently it happens all the time so I was advised not to bother contacting the police!) and the pipe still burst, both sinks taken off the wall (for no apparent reason), light fittings removed water all over the floor and every light in the van left on !! I had to drive 100 miles back again that night as we couldnt stay there. Despite an apparent investigation, no reason could be given as to why this had happened though the manager did apologise !
Aug 2010 the boiler wouldnt light. Apparently the new regulator (fitted just 10mths earlier) was broken. I waited a week for someone to contact me to say it had been replaced, despite ringing every day. Eventually the gas fitter told me there was also a leak in the van so the piped gas had been disconnected. He told me as far as he was aware a gas service had never been carried out on the van when I purchased it. I spoke to the sales manager who was extremely rude and unhelpful and insisted he had a certificate in front of him which proved it had been serviced and could offer no reason as to why there was suddenly a leak and why the regulator was broken. He did however say that he was going to arrange (At a cost of £300 to myself) to have it replaced. That was 12 weeks ago. Despite numerous phone calls, e mails, letters, personal visits, I am still to receive a response as to what is going on and if they will ever fix it. They now want £2700 in site fees from me and despite assuring me when I bought the van that they would happily buy it back from me, they have now gone back on that also and said they wont. I have had enough of Park Resorts and would urge anyone thinking of buying from them to think again, and again before going ahead...I have now contacted my local MP to see if there is anything he can do to help me get some sort of action from them.

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1310Virgin Holidays
Total claims:3
Holiday Rip off »17th MAY 2008 14/03/20092

i booked a holiday through virgin holidays in May 2008 for 14 nights at Disney Port Orleans Hotel the cost of the holiday was £4,700. When we booked we received 5% discount, the very next day after our booking was confirmed we received an email offering us 10% discount if we booked then, this completely was a slap in the face to us after we had already booked.I contacted them and was basically told "tough luck".  Further to this my friend booked the same holiday in august 2008, exactly the same...fligt hotel etc. 2 months after their holiday was booked they received an ammended booking letter (after not Changing anything themselves, stating that Virgin had given them 4 free Disney park Tickets for the whole duration of their stay and also 4 free meal tickeks.  This was not an offer at the time they booked their holiday.  I contacted Virgin to complain about this and they refused to look in to the complaint and actually didn't even see their was any substance to my complaint.. Basically i have been well and truely had...They have saved over £1000 on park tickets and got free meals.aswell..we have got a flat NOTHING.  We have booked 3 times with Virgin now and feel really let dowm.We booked over a year in advance for our holiday and have been severely penalized for doing so.  We only booked so far in advance as to confirm our booking  because we have a disabled child and therefore can not just leave our holiday bookings to last minute. The holiday will be a hugh financial burden to us in the first place because of current financial markets but we are determined to make it a special holiday for our children.  Virgin's shear lack of empathy is disgusting. They would not even admit that they had made a mistake in the discounts applied to my friends Mr and Mrs Davies' holiday.  and then further to this refusing to offer any kind of compensation or indeed explanation. This has left a bad taste in my mouth, it is not nice to be trated in this way.  I just keep getting blanks when i write to anyone to see if they can do anything about this. Toadd insult to injury they sent us a mailer telling us because we had booked with them on more than 1 occassion that we had now moved in to their Priority Virgin Frequent Flyers Club"...only given to Loyal customer....loyalty they don't know the meaning of the word, shafted customers more like.  I am so very dissappointed. I enclose a copy of my second letter sent to virgin to complain  about my treatment my bookinf ref is 7179/s09 Mr Graham Harris

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1467Waterside holiday park [lowestoft]
Total claims:2
non payment of rent »13 june 08- 24 oct 0823/03/20092

I moved into Waterside holiday park in Corton on the 13 june 08 and was told Housing benefit would be paid. The manager at the holiday park informed me that the park was a 12 month residential park so I was happy to move in with my two children. After two weeks I was informed by housing benefit that I will not be getting any housing benefit as Waterside holiday park was not residential and should only be open from March till beginning of December and they should not be charging council tax. They are elegally staying open during this time. I received an eviction notice and myself and my two children found a rental property that would be happy to receive housing benefit in october 08. They are now taking me to court for the unpaid rent when they blatently lied to me in the first place and this is causing me stress and I am now on anti-depressents.

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1490Waterside holiday park [lowestoft]
Total claims:2
false advertising »29/06/0824/03/20092

In june i and my partner decided 2 move to lowestoft we came across a park named as above when seeking infomation mr matt waite and sharon (site managers and sale) advised us if we were to rent out one of there 3 bed house's we would be able to claim housing benefit as they are a all yr open site and not holiday park anymore, so we decided to do that when moving in on 29/06/08 the named above gave us a tenancy agreement stating all rules and could claim housing benefit. when we approached the council for help as we could not find work straight away , we were asked to fill in forms 2 weeks later to then be told they were not for renting out they were breaking rules so we couldnt afford rent , then they got martin secrurity guard coming round threatening us for the rent , my partners family is related to the site manager and they are contactin them every week to find us to pay the rent we owe , which we wont as this is false advertising and i have letters from council there not 2 be rented . stay well away not nice holiday park to be on !!

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2794Sun 4 U [Ware]
Total claims:5
Bad Organasition »2nd April to 9th April19/05/20092

I have attached my letter I have sended to Sun 4 U Ltd.




Sun 4 U Ltd

Bridgefoot House

 2nd Floor

2a Star Street


SG12 7 AA


Mrs B Tsoodol

8 Anglia Close


N17 0LB

Tell; 07903460472



Whom I may concern;

Re: Booking Reference 241682

14 April 2009


I have booked holiday with you back in January 2009 for 2nd April to 9th April for 7 days.

It has been nightmare; we wish we never did go for this holiday, when we arrived the airport someone from Resorthoppa  picked us up but don't know which hotel we going to and drop us of hotel called Royal Beach in the reception make us wait for 2 hours and they fully booked no rooms and we have to go some where else so we get taxi to go Casino Royal hotel the reception have problem to pay the taxi driver reception been arguing with the driver we been middle of very embarrassing situation so we paid the taxi eventually we did get the money back from the miserable reception.

The reception was so rude treat us like dog make us wait for 4 hours to give us room.

We did not have one full night sleep, it was so noisy, banging doors so many younger people drunk screaming all night long it was very bad.

Room service: for that entire 7 days bed sheet been changed ones when I made complain about it and the bathroom has not cleaned at all I have to do myself.

Food was very bad every day same pasta and chips even the milk was powder milk

I was very ill after I hade glass of milk in my second day so have hardly touched the food again I have been eating out rest of my holiday that cost me lots of money.

We have been handed over slip to book our shuttle bus for our return to airport.

On Wednesday morning we checked on the list our name was not there so I phoned  Resorthoppa on +32902104951 and spoke to Malcon he said he'll phone back and tell our time for picked up so we have give the reception phone number waited in our room all day on Wednesday so he did not return our call till 4:30pm We phoned again 10 minutes of music played on the phone there is no one to answer my call so we have to call next morning and we called again the next morning we have holding phone about 15 minutes and spoke to lady called Lauren she said we will picked up at 6:50pm.

At  7:15pm no one turn up we started worry so I have phoned up again Resorthoppa emergency number +32902107603 after 20 minutes of music I have manage to speak to someone she said the Sun 4 U has been cancelled our transport we have to go our self . We have been spending about 20 euro to just make phone calls.

We took taxi to airport that cost as £50 because we don't have enough euros to pay the taxi fair so paid in pounds we do have the receipt for it.

I am very disappointed the whole thing so badly organised.

I have been wasting my time trusting Sun 4 U Ltd.

Sun 4 U Ltd sales persons promised me on the phone holiday of heaven but it was holiday from Hell

I wasn't expecting much but it was far so poor.

I would like to refund all my money back, the all trouble we been threw in this holiday we want our money back.

We been throw so mush hassle and stress we did not ask for it and pay for it.

Sun 4 U Ltd promised good holiday so they have not done job properly so I want my

money back.

I hope you understand my bad experience in this holiday and hopefully hear from you soon.




Thank you,






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Total claims:12
Compensation »14/09/0811/05/20091

Four of us booked a 2 week 4* holiday in Cyprus 12 months prior to departure.  Thomas Cook in their wisdom and effort to make as much money as possible transferred us from the pre-arranged Thomas Cook flight to Air Malta (Excel) flights.  Excel going under the week before we went away didn't concern us unduly mainly because we had booked with TC and assumed (wrongly) that the assurances given in the press were correct in that 'bookings made through reputable travel firms would be unaffected'.  From the time we arrived at Birmingham airport for departure to the time we were returned to England via Gatwick, our holiday was filled with stress after stress.  Complaints to TC resulted in eventually an offer of the taxi fare from Gatwick which hardly compensates us for our other expenses and the ruined holiday we had saved up so long for,  Throughout and since we have been consistantly told everything was our fault because it was Excel flights but we didn't book with Excel, Air Malta or anyone else, we booked and made a contract with Thomas Cook and it was Thomas Cook who let us down, not the other way round.  Customer Service is obviously a misnomer as far as Thomas Cook are concerned and maybe it was our own fault to think that we should be treated with a modicum of respect and not the supercilious and condescending total disregard we were met with at every turn. 

I would NEVER EVER use Thomas Cook again and I would most certainly discourage anyone else from using them either!

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Total claims:12
Horrible from start to finish »17-05-200928/05/20091


This Vacation to Turquey turned out to be an unbelievable ordeal ... first the offers on the website did not match the real prices/availability so we had to call to book our vacation for 1 week to Bodrum Turquey (Hotel Cactus Charm) . We managed to book this 4 star hotel on May 14th for a one week stay from May 17 to May 24th for over 100 Euros more per person than on the website. A few days later we received our receipt indicating that we were booked for a 5 star resort (Meder Resort hotel) in Antalya instead of the agreed destination. We called to make sure this was ok and that we would not have issues at the airport or hotel since that was not what we booked, but the agent confirmed it was all ok and we were staying in a better hotel etc.. for the same price we ended up paying (which was way too much and more than on the website already) so we thought ok, maybe this is good.


Once we arrived we found the lobby beautiful, location wasn't good though, we had to take a shuttle to the beach offered free every 30 mins per the Thomas Cook info sheet. The rooms were NOT air conditioned, only warm air circulated. The carpets were filthy as well ( we changed rooms 4 times and it was the same in each one). There is no room/drawers to put your clothes in except for a few hangers (we lived out of our suitcases). The fridge in each room was warm and could not be set colder (in every room). We complained and so did almost every other guest in the hotel. The staff didn't speak proper English or French or Flemish (seems most spoke Turkish, German or Russian) Anyways, for the A/C they claimed it was a technical problem and would be fixed the next day (it was incredibly funny though that the air conditioning in the halls and bars and kitchen and lobby and everywhere there was staff worked perfectly though) . After 3 more days of complaining the air was a bit colder but not air conditioned and only on for a few minutes a day and the next day it was back to warm air. We were getting extremely grumpy since we could not sleep in that heat. They have also set the vents to stop once the windows are open so no way to circulate fresh air. Upon reading more reviews of the Meder Resort hotel online, we found out this was a nice con going on for over a year ... they just don't have air conditioning and use the same excuses over and over. Even while drinking liters of water, it was so hot we were sweating just standing in our room ... and combination of no air conditioning and the lack of sleep made me faint a few times.

Now for the ALL IN bar, you get, coke, water, juice, coffee, gin and vodka, 1 kind of beer (Tuborg) some local anis drink .. that's it. pretty pathetic for a 5 star. If you order a drink with gin or vodka they water it down so much that even though they fill up half your glass with so called alcohol, you cannot even taste it. We were once again feeling completely ripped off.. My boyfriend had to start ordering Vodka straight up and No ice ( that they served from a different bottle!) and a coke separately just to get a decent amount of alcohol ! I ended up drinking coke only or a little beer. You cant even get a Turkish coffee for free (1 euro each) or Pina Colada without dishing out 6 Euros. 4 times out of 5 your glass will be dirty or chipped. My first glass had beautiful pink lipstick on it. The meals were decent although very similar and you had to be lucky to get the hot meals when they were still warm. We were sick a few times during the trip, but don't know if it was the food, or drinks or dirty glasses .. anyways, you had to pay 2 Euros for a fresh glass of orange juice in the morning. The non smoking area is pathetic in the dining room and lobby area. The staff is slow, and we only encountered 1 employee there that knew what he was doing.

The beach area is so-so, the water is nice but it is a port and over crowded. The beach chairs are pathetic, most were broken and without a mat and there were not enough little tables. The staff (1 guy) was hitting on girls and killing sea stars to sell to tourists instead of working, We found out the shuttle to the beach was every hour instead of 30 minutes and only until 6pm. So we had to walk or wait, we walked. The beach bar is not a bar, its a JOKE, its a stand with an umbrella serving some water and orange drink (which we got sick after drinking) and the cold sandwiches they claimed to offer were sandwiches left on the counter crawling with ants. The beach staff will offer to go get you beer or drinks at the nearby bar (at your cost - tips accepted) but will forbid you to throw bread at the birds and start lecturing the Coran to you ... we didn't go there anymore.

The safety deposit box in the room is charged at 2 Euros a day and they count every day not 24 hour periods. The shop in the hotel sells postcards 10 for 1 euro, but they will scam you on the stamps, they cost 80 cents Turkish lyra but they will charge you 80 euro cents claiming they are in euro or claiming they include mailing it for you- either way they are ripping you off ). The lunch pack (if you arrive late or leave early) is a piece of bread, cheese, slice of some meat, piece of cucumber and tomato. It must be requested early, if after 10PM, they charge you for it. The free phones to reach Thomas Cook reps does not work so you must go to the front desk. The reps will offer a call back that the hotel will offer to transfer to your room ( which they don't tell you is at your cost) - we waited at the lobby phone once we asked and found out about the charges!

We decided to get out of there and wanted to book 2 excursions with Thomas Cook/Necremans: a Jeep Safari day trip, which assured us we would be driving the entire day (twice) and a half day to Antalya city. However we had to postpone them to the end of the week since our rep had left already that day and the next day was her day off and we could not book them over the phone as we were previously told( we also had to wait til 11am the day she did come so that ruined another day). The Jeep Safari day trip started early and very well, nice off road driving in the mountains from about 10, 1030 am, however, we did have to switch with the other tourists to let them drive. We drove about an hour and a half with a few breaks for nice scenery and a stop for tea at a local family house where we were encouraged to buy local arts/jewelry. Then came lunch that was included. We were served and told after lunch that we had to pay for our own drinks, nice surprise..... anyways after lunch our guide drove (not in the deal- we were supposed to drive) to the small water hole where we were told we would swim but once there they said it was too cold so we just took pictures and were encouraged to buy drinks or shop there. We were excited about the drive back since we were told it would be the same way back but then , we were told it was over, and the guide drove us back on asphalt roads, we were back before 3!!! Full day of driving my a** !! What a rip off, we were all upset and I complained to the manager of the tour and he said that's the way it was , a 3 hour drive (shared) stops and lunch , swim if hot and that was it and that if Thomas Cook misinformed us it wasn't their problem - total rip off. Then for the Antalya excursion, we received a message from Thomas Cook saying we would be getting a full day instead of a half day, we were pleased. However the night before Antalya, at 9 pm, we get a new message from Diana Travel, saying our excursion was cancelled !! This was our last day of vacation before our flight, we were very upset and they (both Diana Travel and Thomas Cook) refused to give us the tour stating there were not enough participants so we could go another day (but we could not being our last day). The Thomas Cook agent refused to refund us by credit card on the phone, refused to drop off the money at our hotel. She told us to wait at the hotel the next day for a rep to come, but she didn't know who since the normal rep was back in Belgium, as if we would wait at the hotel our last day !!! She also told us to take a Taxi to Antalya !!!! We could not believe it, 50 km/100 km taxi ride back and forth?! Would they refund us? of course the answer was NO. She said we had to talk to the agent at the airport the day we left either at Antalya or Oostende to get our refund but there were No Thomas Cook agents at either airports. And to make it all worst there was a stop on the return flight ! We had to wait in a small room at Liege airport for an hour while they changed passengers ! No drinks were offered, we received no information from anyone as to how long we would wait there.. We were not informed of this stop at all, our flight coupon and all paperwork showed Antalya to Oostende !The service was unbelievable. And, we still have not received our refund for the cancelled excursion.

The agent at the Thomas Cook phone line in Turquey refused to open a complaint for us, stating we had to do it at the airport ... it was hell, they just would not help us ... we felt taken advantage of, ripped off, manipulated ... and this was not even the hotel we had booked !!! The entire vacation was disappointing and not what we had bought, we spent more time complaining to staff then having a vacation.. we overpaid for a horrible experience from start to finish, and we want our money back.





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833Crystal Ski [London]
Total claims:1
Hotel Vallee Blanche »17-24 February 200908/02/20091


RE: Letter of Complaint




Dear Sir / Madam,


I would like to express my disgust at the recent holiday my girlfriend and I booked through yourselves, Crystal Ski.


Firstly I would like to comment on the hygiene of the hotel in general. Tea and coffee mugs evidently were not cleaned properly as they had residue lines on the inner surfaces. The same table cloth was used on a daily basis for the afternoon tea. It was clearly never washed as it had fresh stains added to it everyday. The kitchen staff and chef's clothing were absolutely filthy. It was clearly evident that their clothing was not washed during our stay.


The "hot" meals were at best warm, with a microwave provided for guests to heat up their meals themselves.


It appeared that none of your staff had been trained in basic food hygiene. On one particular morning I peered into the kitchen looking for assistance, only to find one of your kitchen staff rolling and licking a cigarette. He seemed unphased, placed his newly rolled cigarette on the kitchen surface and attended to my request.


The day staff doubled up as the cleaning team, yet failed to change their work attire for their different roles. Good hygiene requires a change of clothing between cleaning the public toilets & serving the meals. I am under the impression that this may be illegal.


Both I and my girlfriend were struck down with Gastro Enteritis. I soon discovered that a large proportion of other guests had exactly the same illness that apparently Hotel Vallee Blanche initially contracted in December. The manager tried to argue that the whole resort had the epidemic; however, these claims were false as after speaking to other holidaymakers staying in different accommodation, I found they did not agree.


As a result of this illness brought on by lack of hygiene we could not ski for three days, nor eat our "inclusive meals", nor utilise the unlimited wine that we paid for on arrival.


I can only calculate the financial damage caused by Crystal Ski and Hotel Vallee Blanche, which includes the following:


  • Ø Holiday price £972

  • Ø Lift pass £372.12

  • Ø Ski hire £128.82

  • Ø Unlimited wine 40 euros

  • Ø Annual leave


I propose a full refund for the above as Crystal Ski ruined our holiday.


Crystal Ski had many options to avoid this catastrophe and bad publicity. The management of the hotel even displayed an article from the BBC news webpage about the epidemic explaining that certain hospitals in England were not admitting new patients in order to eliminate the spread of the virus. Why could this not be done by Crystal Ski?  Re-accommodating guests and closing the hotel for a week could have saved your reputation & our holiday.

Unfortunately action to rid this virus was not taken until day before our departure.


Furthermore, only when a number of guests had fallen ill did one of your head managers visit the hotel (Friday 23rd January 2009) in order to inspect the hygiene standards. I overheard her say to the hotel manager: "I have to keep a low profile as I can't be dealing with guests right now".

This only enraged me further as the hotel manager made himself as scarce as possible throughout the week leaving the inexperienced hotel staff to take complaints from the guests.


To avoid me taking any further action against Crystal Ski, I expect to be fully compensated to the amount of £1472.94 (one thousand four hundred and seventy two pounds sterling and ninety four pence).




Yours faithfully,

SJ McKenna

S.J. McKenna

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1162El Cid Vacation Club [Mazatlan]
Total claims:3 - Good offers but no deliveries - FRAUD!!! »28.02.200905/03/20091

I have ordered last saturday a Canon EOS 50D for an incredibly good price, also the price seemed suspicious, I thought it was within range ...

I received the following message:

"Greetings from eJaffa.

You have successfully placed a new order with us for the following items:

SCS278      1    "CANON EOS 50D - body only"
Price: £571.99

We have awarded you 571 Loyalty Points which may be redeemed against a future purchase.

For your records, the details of your order are confirmed as follows:

Order Number:    [WEB23198] (link:
Payment Method:    PayPal
Delivery Method:    UK
Total:    £571.99

Mr Mario Roeder (...)"

Ok, I thought ... they got my order, so I will get my camera!


Luckily I payed with Paypal, I opened a claim against ejaffa, lets hope that I will get my money back!

So, whatever you want to buy, buy it but NOT AT EJAFFA!

Your Mario

PS.: For all those who did, the Adress, Name and Mail of the company are: Whois details for


David Donoghue


Unit 4 South Road



cm20 2ar


phone: +44.01279725798

Domain Name:


Administrative Contact:

Ian Gibson (DB00403-TR)

Ekm Systems Ltd

Unit 6 Arkwright Court

Commercial Road





phone: +44.8712307116

fax: +44.012547738

Technical Contact:

Ian Gibson (DB00403-TR)

Ekm Systems Ltd

Unit 6 Arkwright Court

Commercial Road





phone: +44.8712307116

fax: +44.012547738

Record updated on 04-Mar-2009

Record expires on 02-Sep-2009

Record created on 02-Sep-2008

Domain servers in listed order:



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1183Lion Resorts Vacation Club [Paphos]
Total claims:6
Worst Holiday Ever »Dec 08/Jan 0906/03/20091


Cyprus - Capital Coast Resort    December 08/January 09

Mr and Mrs Allen Perrin


Arrival Tuesday 23rd December 2008 approximately 5pm at Paphos airport.

Taxi to take us to the apartment was not there.  Waited in the main entrance and a taxi driver eventually turned up holding a card with our name.  He said one word "welcome".

The taxi was dirty outside and in.


At Capital Coast Resort, were given a welcome letter from the Lion Resorts representative which invited us to a breakfast meeting in the morning, together with the  key to Room 321, which the receptionist said had "a sea view".  The room was a two bedroom apartment/suite which we felt was much too big for our requirement.  We returned to reception and asked about moving to a smaller room.  Receptionist said she would have to speak to her operations manager and would get back to us.  We were to go and wait in the room. 


After nearly 2 hours waiting (during which time we noted there was no "welcome pack" in the room for us) Iris rang down to reception and asked what was happening about moving to another room.  She was told nothing had been done about it because "a pump had broken and everyone was down there".  The receptionist called back about 10-15 minutes later to say nothing could be done about moving rooms until the next day.

We decided to sleep in the room without unpacking and meet with the Lion Resort representative in the morning.  It was now almost 7.30pm. With still no "welcome pack" in the room, we decided to go down and see what we could buy in the mini-mart, which was supposed to be open until 8pm.  We found the mini-mart closed. As we had not eaten since the in-flight meal, we decided to go to the hotel dining room to eat.

We felt the standard of the food was poor.  The meal cost us 44 euros.


We returned to the room and found the "welcome pack" had arrived.

On closer inspection of the apartment, we found that in one bedroom, none of the lights worked, only some in the other bedroom worked and as the night went on, they went out until only one was left working.  The toilet seat in one of the bathrooms was off.  The water taps in the main en-suite bathroom was not fixed properly and swung round. The toilet flush-push in all both bathrooms were loose and not properly finished against the wall.  The apartment had not been properly cleaned.

One of the supposedly luxury facilities was web access via the television.  This did not work.  We found the furniture in the lounge area uncomfortable - very hard - and there were no scatter cushions to make it softer.  The noise of the lift going up and down- which was situated almost opposite the door to the apartment - could be heard continuously.  This most definitely was not luxury accommodation.


Wednesday 24th December 9.30am

Met with Steve, the Lion Resort Representative at reception, who was a pleasant person. We suggested he come up to the apartment so we could explain how unhappy we were.  On entering the room he could not understand why we had been put in such a large apartment.  I suggested that we had been given one of the biggest rooms because we had complained strongly prior to our arrival about the short notice change of resort, and the management must have thought giving us one of the biggest rooms in the building would make us happy. 


Steve took us downstairs to the Lion Resort offices within the building and introduced us to his Manager (Ian), who we repeated our complaints to.  After some discussion, he arranged for us to view a smaller apartment, Room 207.  As the room had very recently been vacated, it was in the middle of being cleaned. This room was of a much more suitable size, with one en-suite bedroom, shower room, smaller lounge and kitchen area.  Again some of the bedroom lights did not work, there were no bedside lights for reading (only ceiling lights, those of which that worked were very dim) 

The flush-push in both bathrooms was not properly finished to the walls and in the shower room the toilet seat was not fixed.


As the room was more suitable to our needs, we accepted the move to Room 207.

Steve said he would get the faults sorted out and have a reading light for the bedside brought up from the office.  


As we had also discussed with Steve about car hire locally, he offered to take us into Paphos to a hire firm he knew and which would give us a good rate.


On our return with the hire car we collected our suitcases from Room 321 and moved to Room 207. 


The repairs had not been done.  We mentioned this to Steve's Manager (Ian), who said that maintenance had been told and it would be done that day.


6pm 24th December - repairs still not done in room. No contact from Lion Resorts personnel at all.


25th December (Christmas Day)

Air condition not working - blowing out hot air all the time, whichever setting it was on.

After one shower taken in the separate bathroom, there was water on the floor - leaked from the shower cabinet which was not properly sealed.

The wash basins did not hold the water when plugged.

The expel-air units in both bathrooms did not work.


Again, the television internet facility did not work.


There were no instructions how to use the kitchen equipment - hob (which had touch key operation and was confusing) oven, cooker hood, microwave, dishwasher and washing machine).  The lights above the cooker and the cooker hood did not work.

There were no oven gloves.


There was no welcome booklet with resort details.


The smoke detector suddenly started bleeping for no apparent reason, and stopped.



26th December - Steve the Lion Resort rep. waved to me as I sat on the balcony of the apartment - I acknowledged his wave.  There was still no sign of repairs being done in the apartment.



2nd January 2009 - at approximately 08.40am all the electricity went down and came back on around 09.05am.   When we rang reception they said that the electric in the whole resort had gone down.


Not long after this we had a telephone call from Steve the Lion Resort rep. inviting us to a meeting over lunch in the dining room the next day. This was the first contact from anyone from Lion Resorts since 24th December 2008


Saturday 3rd January2009 - repairs still not done. We met with Steve and had lunch we told him how unhappy we were and he had, since we last met read all the e-mails that had gone back and forth and could see why we were so disappointed.


He proceed to give us the sales pitch even knowing himself that it was a waste of time, (but that was his job).  He showed us how we could take up the remaining two weeks of the package we had already brought etc.  We also met one of is other managers (Peter) who only said to me after he had been told the situation, " well it is not a year round resort and the weather was good and at least we had had a break in Cyprus".  I will say that I was not very impressed with either of Steve's mangers that we meet.


Steve then told us that his manager would be prepared to give us the value of our flight and bring the total amount of £3000 and deducted it from the deal if we signed up to the package on offer. He said to go away and think about it and look at some of the places we could go to with our remaining 2 weeks he gave us his books to look through that evening and said to meet him for breakfast next morning.


Sunday 4th January 2009 - We met Steve at breakfast and after breakfast went down stairs to the Lion Resorts offices, we informed him that we had no intention of signing up to the full package and this did not come as a surprise to him.  However once we had said that he could not get rid of us quick enough.  From then until we left on Tuesday 6th January we did not have any further contact with anyone from Lion Resorts, apart from Steve telling me in passing that the taxi would pick us up from reception at 2:30pm.  It was the same dirty taxi and taxi driver we had when we arrived this time he did not say anything played his music loud all the way to the airport opened the boot and walked off to collect some other poor sole.


We were lead to believe that we were going to be staying in a 4/5 star luxury suite in a very high quality resort, what we actually got was an inferior quality, lifeless concrete box.  This has been the worst accommodation that we have stayed in for over 15 years.


The e-mails before we left indicate that we were not happy about being moved at such short notice, despite having been told before we booked our flights that we were going to be staying at the Cypria Maris Resort which is where we had originally booked.


If we had been shown the Capital Coast Resort at the time we would not have brought and paid for the package we have.  We brought the package we did because of the location and the suite we had been shown and the fact that we could have it at the time of year we wanted.


I feel that we should have been given the opportunity to have pulled out of the package we had purchased and had our money refunded, but no instead we were mislead by Lion Resorts to take the holiday at the Capital Coast resort that was far from the standard we had been lead to believe it would be, in a location that we did not really want to be in and ended up having what has turned out to be the worst holiday experience we have had in 15 years. Along with being nearly £3000 down on the whole unpleasant experience.


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1190PARK RESORTS [hemel hempstead]
Total claims:9

my husband and i worked for this company for over 8 months and we ran a park on our own and all the owners and staff really liked us we changed the out come of that park and we built up a very good repor with the owners and then every thing changed dispite all our hard work a new manager came in and he spent the next 4 months slandering us and compleatly disstroying every thing for us with his verbal abuse every day and his personal remarks and entering our home with out permission . on reopting this we had a hearing with the head office and this hearing was held by the man who was best freinds of the manager in question and knowing full well he was leaving hence the fact we got know where disite all the evedence we have we appiled and got another hearing and again we have been kept waiting for 3 months to get the same reply again i am totally digusted with the poor treatment we have recieved but this company has no morals and do not take any resbosailty for the actions please can u help me and my husband .

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1421First Choice [Manchester]
Total claims:4
Intimidation for damage not done »12/03/0920/03/20091

My wife,2 children of 8yrs and 2yrs and myself stayed in the First Choice Holiday Village,Benalmadina,Spain from 6/3/09-13/3/09 self catering,when we arrived I noticed a partition between the sink and bath was slightly loose.I just did not think it warrantied reporting.On Thursday 12/3/09 the hotel demanded 135 euros after I informed them that it had fallen completely away from the wall and shattered after falling on a metal hand grab rail in the bath.I told them my 2yrs old little girl was about to have a bath so we asked my 8yrs old little girl to turn on the water tap.I also told the hotel that she could have knocked or brushed the partition turning the tap on,they said if I dont pay the money I will be arrested and First Choice said they will not fly my family and myself home,I reported the matter to the Spanish Police Nationale who said no offence had been committed but I was still made to pay a reduced 105 euros or I would still be arrested and refused to be flown home by First Choice,so I had to pay the money to which I have an original receipt from the hotel.

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2511First Choice [Manchester]
Total claims:4
Refund Not Received »28/04/200910/05/20091

I booked a flight to Cancun on 27th April and was supposed to be flying the next day. Due to the flu which was going around my particular flight was cancelled. I called First Choice and was told that I would receive a full refund within five days back onto my card. Five days passed and I was checking my card everyday and it hasn't gone back onto my card. I have called First Choice at least 10 times and everytime I speak to somebody I am told that they can see the notes on my account and the refund has been sent to the Accounts department to be processed and I should just wait. After waiting two weeks, I called yesterday and spoke to somebody who said he would transfer me to the correct person, when the person answered she said that she was from Travel Agent Enquiries department and could not help me, she transferred me to somebody who could help. Recruitment! Obviously they couldn't help me so they transferred me to somebody else but the line cut off before I even got through to them. IN between being transferred I was waiting at least 10 minutes on hold. I tried emailing First Choice and received an email back asking me to call the Accounts department and gave me a number, when I called the number it says that the number is not in use. I went to a First Choice shop yesterday and explained to them that my phone bill is now over £40 of phone calls to First Choice and I asked could I use their phone to call them rather than my own. The lady called on my behalf, waiting on hold for five minutes and then told me that she will be waiting all day just like I was and they don't have the time to wait. She advised me to wait until the end of next week as they have a backlog. I told her that people travelling in my group received their refund within a couple of days. I have travelled with First Choice four times in the last two years and I can confidently say that I will never travel with them again. I wouldn't rest knowing that if something happened while I was on holiday I would get the same treatment as I am getting now. Which is no treatment at all!

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1803Anatolian Sky
Total claims:2
Late flight change notification »3/10/200814/04/20091


On 15th August I booked two flights over the internet with which were booked through their principles, Anatolian Sky, flying with XL Airways to Dalaman, Turkey travelling at 13.30pm on 4th October.

Following the collapse of XLA, I tried on a number of occasions to contact - all unsuccessfully. Subsequent media coverage indicated that flight only bookings made over the internet with XLA would not be protected & I believed (I now understand incorrectly) that my booking fell into this category & ceased attempting to contact & instead sought reimbursement from my credit card company - since declined. 

Having had absolutely no prior communication from, nor Anatolian Sky, on 3rd October at 10.15am I received an email advising that my tour operator had protected me from the XL flight on to a British Midland flight departing from Gatwick at 7.30am on 4th October. This was not picked up until approximately mid-day on 3rd October & I immediately telephoned Airflights.Co.UK to advise that, having believed the XL flights to be lost & having no prior indication that any effort was being made to arrange an alternative, it was totally unreasonable to expect passengers to be ready to travel at such short notice. I understand from that telephone conversation that, because there was less than 12 hours time difference in the revised flight times offered, I have no entitlement to any compensation. Had I been expecting to travel on the 4th, this may have been reasonable but clearly, in the circumstances, I didn't anticipate travelling on that date. Indeed although the email of 3rd October states the ‘XL tickets/travel confirmation will be honoured...'  I never received any tickets or travel confirmation.

There followed much correspondence in which I attempted to establish precisely when the revised booking was made & when were advised. I was surprised to learn that only contacted Anatolian Sky on the morning of 3rd October  because they hadn't received my flight tickets - presumably therefore they had known of the revised flight details as they wouldn't have been expecting any XL tickets but they claim this was the first they knew of the situation. Anatolian Sky refused to enter into any form of correspondence directly with me on the basis that, they state the contract was with

As both companies suggest my contract is with the other, presumably this is why there was a complete lack in information provided prior to 3rd October when clearly it became apparent that someone had failed in their duty to advise me of the alternative arrangements made on my behalf. Alternatively, it seems to me that a last ditch attempt to secure an alternative flight was made in order to avoid having to pay any form of compensation.

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21224Bourne Leisure [Hemel Hempstead]
Total claims:6
Fraud »26/09/201127/09/20111

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21225Bourne Leisure [Hemel Hempstead]
Total claims:6
Theft »26/09/201127/09/20111
I own two caravans located at Allhallows Leisure Park I purchased them in the Autumn of 2009.The total cost,including site fees,was in excess of £30,000. I paid cash.
One was for my retirement,the other for my daughter who died aged 35yrs in March of 2011.
It soon became evident that the site,being dirty,noisey and lacking adequate security was totally inadequate for my needs.
Due to my daughters death and my own failing health I requested that I would remove the vans to a more suitable site.Because of severe depression and prostate cancer I was unable to travel to the site itself.Over many months using phone calls,emails and faxes I attempted to arrange the removal of the vans.Bourne Leisure never replied.In August of 2011 Bourne Leisure sent me a bill for over £10,000 Being the full site fees,insurance etc,for the 2011 season.Obviously I refused.They have now impounded the caravans and have already sold one for £350.
On 26/09/2011 I went to Allhallows to remove some of my belongings.
To my disgust I was accompanied by a security guard to the caravan who stood over me whilst I attempted to remove my own goods.I was so upset and distressed that I had to leave.
Now they have stolen my caravans,my goods and my health.

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