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16572could work with scottish clients and in england [manchester]
Total claims:1
investment »aug/sep 200809/02/201138

I would like to name and shame kenneth tait from middleton manchester,but believed to have lived in duddingston,edinburgh before 2007.would like to know if anyone else has had any dealings with my case when i was going through a bad time talked me in to finance for a car for him, . ,talked me in to parting with money to invest,and talked me in to loans when i said no,he convinced me saying it would be for a month or two .says he has give it to a 3rd party.not seen the money since.even though he has been ordered to pay by a judge in county court.he is not believed to run a fact i saw him driving a parcel van with tnt.the car i signed for that he agreed to pay and keep as he said he needed it for his private investigating as a change of car,the car got reprosessed ,i was left with the 4,800 pound debt from vw ,i refused to pay it left me with bad credit,i refuse to pay when kenneth tait and partner were the ones driving the car,and did it as a favour as tait said he already had a car on finance,when the car got reprossessed an other car appears seen driven by tait and partner.if other people have been through this i sugest they contact me or report it to police.thanks for any information.all the information i have put on this site can be backed up by evidence for any authorities and taking matters further ,step by step,.unless he pays in full by cleared funds before being questioned for more information,before 18th march.For the people who may not know him by name ,he is scottish,tall,slim,believed to be 44,when i knew him greyish hair ,but can be shaved,may be he uses other name i dont know.i feel this guy would do anything to avoid paying people back and getting away with issues without going in to detail,but he knew exactly what he was doing when taking monies of people etc.what i find hard to understand and do not accept how come hes not in prison,its about time police got hold of him and his monies and put the end of the misery he has caused and will carry on too if police dont do something,he just seems to get away with his actions ,it isnt fair ,causing people to be frustrated,i recon he has the money in property or hidden but tries to fool everyone date for questioning 15th april for questioning,as he didnt turn up ,i think this guy should get of his bottom and do an honest days work in stead of living of other peoples money mostly women,he should be a shamed of his self and feel embarrassed.

more details » [Cheltenham]
Total claims:2
Unqualified, Rude, unprofessional »17 Feb 201017/02/20100 - Peter Smith

I contacted this company by email and received a rude, blunt and unhelpful response from Peter Smith.
I pointed out his attitude and manner were unprofessional and this is the reply I received.

From: Peter Smith (
Sent: 17 February 2010 20:11:43

I don't give a damn what you care about. I get fools like you every other day - people who just demand everything Their Way.

Well, Karen, if you want it Your Way, you find him.

Can't think why he left you!

Good-bye and bad luck

I have checked out this individual who is neither experience, qualified or regulated to provide these services. All he is interested in is taking your money, and then will not deliver any results.


more details » [Cheltenham]
Total claims:2
refund of deposit »28 jan 201019/02/20100

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