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15425Warmsure [Hull]
Total claims:14
Breakdown »19-12-1019/12/20102

My boiler has broken down and it is completely impossible to get any help to fix it, the phone lines just do not get answered, they said when I had the boiler fitted in April 2009 that it would be looked after for 2 years but I have never been able to get any help at all. I am disabled and I have no hot water or heating.There seems to be a lot of people in the same position as me and as it was a government grant I think this should be sorted out.

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11629Logic Mediastone. Appleby [Appleby]
Total claims:1
Plastering, joinery. concrete work »August 2006 to February 200714/03/20101
When Logic carried out extensive work at our house it was agreed with the then manager that my son (builder) would replaster, do joinery and other work after electricians, plumbers, kitchen fitters had finished. The work included filling in a large hole left by a floor level bath with 2 cubic meters of concrete. We laid out money on all materials used.We decided £1000 would be a fair price to charge. This was to include £250 for work in an adjoining property that had already been approved by the lady in the office (Carly Binks) and I have documentary proof of this. I later asked the installation manager (Colin Henty)to get the sum total of £1000 and deduct it from the balance I owed. He said it involved different financial work but, not to worry, Kevin Hall the managing director would 'be in touch'.
The old story, when I had paid the balance they were't interested. Letters to Kevin Hall and Carly Binks went unanswered so I had to reimburse my son.
I eventually approached Trading Standards who gave me advice regarding Small Claims court and informed me "Logic are ne strangers to us".
Shorly afterwards my wife became seriously ill and I had neither the the time or the will to proceed.
I recently contacted a manager (Malcolme Thorburn) by email regarding this but - no reply.
I may add that they did not complete the work in the bathroom and much of the other work they did was very shoddy and cheaper components than those agreed and promised were installed.
There is much more to this but it would fill many pages.
I have all the original documentation to support this and the fittings and fixtures can be inspected and compared with the original quotes. However, this is now by-the-bye and it is merely the £1000 these peopole owe me I am intersted in.

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13071Raymond Bages [Albi]
Total claims:1
Overcharging »May 201023/07/20101

I worked with this plumber for 10 years; he installed underfloor heating, a boiler, helped fit my cooker, and did various small jobs.
When it came to fitting solar panels, I engaged him despite the fact that he was not the cheapest. I wanted to get a 0% loan to finance it, knowing that I'd get 50% of the cost of materials from the government. A sticking point was connecting up to the Stanley cooker (a sort of Aga) which gives a bit of hot water when the cooker's on . I lent him the installation manual, he checked with Viessman, and said that everything would be ok.
M Bages ordered the materials and wanted payment despite me telling him that I needed to get the loan first, so I had to go for a standard loan. He then turned up 4 days before I was going to UK and promptly said that I couldn't place the new cylinder where the old one was (upstairs) as it was too heavy! Under pressure, I agreed that he could put it in the cellar in my wine cave.
Two days into fitting it, he told me that he'd have to give me another estimate for connecting up to the cooker, yet this is what delayed the fitting in the first place!
I went to UK, came back to find his estimate for about half a day's work was €2600!!!
I refused to accept it, talked to my insurer about taking him to court, but, having no confidence in the french judiciary, I decided to pay him and get my all important facture to reclaim the 50% of materials.
So, I have a system that works, but the pressure fluctuates with temperature; a wine cellar that heats up, the task of removing the old system myself, and the cost of connecting up the cooker and fitting an expansion vessel.
Why did he do this to me after all this time? Maybe it was to pay for his retirement; I do not know and it has left me totally frustrated and unable to trust any artisan here.
If you engage ANY artisan whether it be plumber, electrician, builder etc demand a fully detailed estimate and talk through exactly what is included: do not assume anything, get it in writing!
Under no circumstances ask for anything extra without an estimate first; do not assume that it will be cheaper/easier because the workman is on site.

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10945RJ Walker Plumbing Supply [Wilkes-Barre]
Total claims:1
Toilet »01/28/1001/02/20100

I went into this plumbing supply to inquire about an upflush toilet they sell and have on display. The salesperson gave me a brochure for the product and I asked what the price was out the door and was it in stock. The salesperson said it was in stock and quoted a price. I asked the salesperson for their pen and to repeat the price so I could write it down on the brocure. I then re-confirmed the price with the person as I returned their pen. I went in three weeks later to pick up the item only to my surprise as the same salesperson billed it out for $30 more. I promptly asked why the price had changed from what I was quoted previously. The salesperson denied ever quoting me that price (same person). I paid in cash, but was not pleased. I went to the company's website to place a complaint but I have not got a response. I complained to the manufacturer of the unit about their selling agent, and they responded quickly saying they would help me out any way they could and apologized for the unfair business practice on behalf of RJ Walker. They have several different pricing scales as to whether you are a contractor or a person off the street. If you are paying cashing, I don't think it is fair to charge you more. They have been consistantly been more expensive than Home Depot and Lowe's. Furthermore, I find Home Depot and Lowe's to have better customer service than RJ Walker. Yet, they wonder why they are losing business to the big box stores. I suggest to get a SIGNED AND DATED QUOTE when dealing with this company. I will never do business with this company again.

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11854Warmsure [Hull]
Total claims:14
Warmsure treat their customers and engineers badly »Winter 2009-201027/03/20100
I worked for Warmsure/Ega/ Marsh Barcleys this winter and was horrified at the appalling service they (and therefore I) was able to provide.

I was frequently turning up to jobs where occupants (often very elderly or disabled) had been without heat or hot water for a week or two due to minor boiler faults. Frozen condensate lines, inability to operate filling loops on combi boilers, minor leaks causing pressure losses or component failures.

I often turned up to jobs with no parts when the occupant had been told I’d be fitting parts. Sometimes I turned up with the wrong parts. Or to jobs where the previous engineer had fault found the installation but where the components they had decided to order did not match the faults I found when I arrived.

If I tried to order parts I’d be held in a phone queue for long periods, usually at least 15 min, on one occasion it took me 45min to get a standard part ordered. I could have gone to the local merchant they had an account with and picked one up in that time!

The customers were understandably irate. They felt that Warmsure was deliberately ignoring them, passing them purposely from call centre department to department. When I turned up they would often chew my ears for 15 min to half an hour complaining about how badly they had been treated. Not much point since I got treated just as badly! And the longer I politely listened to the moaning the less boilers I could see and fix in a day. So more people shivered!

I honestly tried my best for Warmsures customers, had to dig the van out of the snow twice trying to get to one elderly lady without any heat. I got stuck several other times during the snow. I attended jobs where Warmfront/Ega installation contractors had wrecked houses, left appalling leaks because they didn’t check their own work (they are paid too little and too unreliably to care!). I found gas leaks and electrical faults as well. On other occasions I struggled to get to urgent jobs, only to find another engineer had been there earlier that day. A waste of resources! By way of thanks Warmsure are still stalling the payment of my last three weeks wages!

Warmfront need to ensure that all their contractors air pressure test their installations, provide email contacts for customers to report breakdowns (so as to reduce the phone queues), and only allow C&G qualified plumbers to do their installation work. A lot of time would be saved if the customers received some tuition on how to operate their system, and filling loops were made disabled friendly (many people cannot fit and operate them). I also doubt the sense of giving home owners who are often very affluent a free heating system. If you own a million quids worth of house and a couple of BMWs why should you get a free/subsidised heating system just because you have a bad back? I went to a few places like this!

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12180Warmsure [Hull]
Total claims:14
still not fixed »08-04-1028/04/20100

To whom it may concern,
I am writing to you as I said I would do as I am not happy with the way you have dealt with my complaint. The following is a list of detailed times, dates and people I have spoken to regards my ongoing issue with sos homecall and eaga warmsure. At the date and time of writing this to you (29-04-2010) my boiler is still not working and I still have not been informed of a date as to when an engineer will be attending my property. On several occasions I have mentioned that I have a local boiler company that could have the parts needed to fix my boiler the following day but I have been told on these occasions that no one can authorise them to invoice home sos directly. I find this totally absurd that a local small company has the means to obtain the parts to fix my boiler within a day and yet a nationwide company takes over three weeks. I find this very insulting that my boiler still is not fixed and all I am being offered is a free service next year! I feel that no one is taken this issue very seriously and that this is the worst experience I have ever been through and very distressing for my family and me. I am absolutely disgusted the way my family and I have been treated and I would like this investigating and I shall be seeking compensation. If I am not happy with your reply then I am prepared to take this further. As you will see during the course of reading this you will see I have already been seeking legal advice so I can see where I stand. I also have an understanding of what sort of compensation is acceptable from your side. I hope that we can come to a quick and amicable conclusion.
I shall kindly await your reply.

1. So far I have had to take five days off work due to promises of an engineer being at my premises the following day.
2. I have had to make all the calls to home sos and eaga homesure try and find out what was happening regards the boiler being communication with me from either parties,to keep me updated.
3. I have had to borrow heaters to heat my house.
4. I have had to use neighbours house to have a bath.
5. I have had part of the blame placed at my doorstep.
6. I have had to pay £197 to have my boiler fixed.
7. This has been very stressful situation for my partner and me. Due to my 5 WEEK OLD DAUGHTER my partner has had to go and stop with family who live away. This is so we can provide a safe and healthy environment for her .Obviously this has placed a huge strain on our relationship. Also I feel low as I have not been able to provide a safe home for my family.
The evidence I have to support my complaint is as follows.
1. Photos of the way the first and forth engineer left my boiler with a hose pipe sticking out of it.
2. The full user manual with no pagers missing.
3. Telephone bill. To show how many times I have called.
4. The letter from Home sos accepting responsibility.
5. Copy of the service I showed all the engineers.
6. The invoice I have from British gas.

11:30 Phoned premier banking. Put me through to sos. Explained I only had hot water or heating only for an hour maximum and that I had a 5 week old daughter. Was asked if my boiler had been serviced. I said no and they said have it serviced then they could help.
13:00 Phoned sos explained that it had been serviced and they said someone would contact me and they would be out today as I only had hot water or heating only for an hour maximum.
16:00 Received a text message to say no one could come out until the 09-04-10.
16:10 Rang sos to ask why and what time on the 09-04-10. I was told no one able to come out and that it would be between 08:00 and 17:00.
12:00 Rang sos to ask if they had a rough time of what time they would be out and I was told no they didn’t but someone would ring me one hour before.
16:00 Engineer came out and spent quite a bit of time sorting the system out even asked me to go upstairs and bleed my radiators. I gave him the service report I had been given to try and help him with what I knew. The engineer left the property with a cut piece of hose pipe attached in a bowl saying it should work fine and that it needed a replacement parts that where written on the service reports and that he would order them. When I asked when it will be I was told next week. I asked if he could give a date and time as I had already had to take one day off from work and that I would need to take another one off. He said no and that he needed to put a report into the office for the part.
18:00 I went for a bath to find there was no hot water at all. Pressured the boiler back up but still no water or heating.
18:45 Rang sos explained no hot water or heating was asked to hold the line. Gentleman came back on the phone to say he had spoken to an engineer and that an engineer would be with us in two hours but would ring in an hour to let us know where he was.
20:45 I rang sos spoke to the same gentleman and told him no one had been in contact. He asked me to hold the line when he came back he said they had left a message on the engineers phone and that it wouldn’t be long.
22:30 Rang sos and explained no one had been in contact was asked to hold the line this time I was told no one had been able to get hold of the engineer. I asked could another one not be sent out and sos said no because one had been booked. I asked who was it booked through and could I have their number. I was told sos can’t give numbers out but the company was called eaga warmsure.
22:45 I googled the number for eaga warmsure called them and they told me that they would send someone else out. Sarah who dealt with the call said she had to put the phone down so that the engineer could call me.
I put the phone down as the engineer was going to call me straight away.
22:55 Engineer Tony Harris rang to say he was just leaving Leicester and he would be with us shortly.
23:40 Tony an engineer arrived to fix the boiler. I gave him the service report I had been given to try and help him with what I knew. The engineer informed me that the engineer who had been out earlier had either lost or broken a part on the boiler and there was no way that he word be able to fix it tonight and that it would be next week at the earliest. He explained that it needed replacement parts and that he would order them.

00:35 Contacted SOS to make them a wear of what I had been told about the boiler being broken by another engineer and what would happen now. I was told by the same person I spoke to earlier that nothing could happen now until Monday. I explained that I had my 5 week old daughter and that I had no hot water or heating and that the engineer had gone as far as to say the boiler was dangerous I was told that there was nothing they could do and what would I like them to do? I asked if my insurance covered me to stop in a hotel for the night I was told she didn’t know and there was no one she could ask. I asked if there was someone else I could talk to and she said no.
00:55 Phoned Premier banking team to seek support and explained my situation they said they were going to speak to a manager from sos , I said that I had ask to speak to a manager and that I was told there wasn’t one on duty. Premier banking team said that was wrong and that there would be one on duty. After a couple of minutes someone from SOS was on the end of the phone and said what could they do to help? I explained my situation and they said they couldn’t do anything.
01:20 Phoned Premier banking team again and spoke to mark and I explained it all again he said he would speak to SOS I asked him not to transfer me as they are not helpful. Mark said that SOS would not talk to him due to data protection and that marks manager said that SOS would have a floor manager on duty from 08:00. Mark then asked me to hold the line while he spoke to his manager again. When mark came back on the line he said his manager had said SOS should talk to him as they provide SOS with the claims. Mark came back after talking to SOS and said that someone from SOS will contact me at 08:00 in the morning. End call 01:35
10:10 Still no call from SOS floor manager so again I call them. Asked to speak to the floor manager who said that she had been given no message to ring me. She said she would ring me back as she needs to speak to eaga warmsure manager to see what was happening. Again I explained I had a 5 week old daughter. Ends call 10:15.
10:40 Still no call back so I rang sos and spoke to Vicki who said that Alana the floor manager was talking to the manager from eaga warmsure and as soon as she had finished she would ring me back.
12:15 Between 10:40 and 12:15 I rang SOS and Barclays several times to try and speak to Alana. On three separate occasions I was told she was on her break. To managers from Barclays tried to get hold of her but even they couldn’t get her. At 12:05 I received a call from Alana who said she had been talking to eaga warmsure mangers to see what was happening and all she said she could tell me was that the parts where on order.
12:10 I rang eaga warmsure to see what was happening only to be informed the they had just received a call from homesos Alana and that the parts had been ordered by Jenny at 12:08.I asked if they had any idea when this issue could be resolved only to be told it probably would not be today.
12:15 Rang sos again to see what was happening and again told that Alana would ring me back.
15:55 Still no call so rang SOS to speak to Alana to be told she had gone home for the day and that there was no manager on duty. I asked what was happening and was told the service provider had left a voice message for Alana at 12:20 and that it had not been picked up. I was asked to wait while the lady phoned the service provider. I have now been told that they can’t get the parts till Monday. I asked where this was going to leave me and my family I was told that sorry there is nothing they can do. They would email Alana to ting me ASAP in the morning when she arrives. Call end 16:05.
Decided to wait and see how long it would take for someone to contact me and as I thought waited all day and no-one has been in contact.

Waited until lunchtime to see if anyone would call but once again no call.
11:55 call to SOS to see what was happening only to told that they would contact the service provider as there were no notes on the SOS system. I was told someone would ring me straight back.
Received a phone call from SOS saying that they still didn’t know when the boiler was going to be fixed and that someone would contact me regards a date and time.
Not happy with this response so I called eaga warmsure to get an update for myself. I was told that the parts would not be in stock until Wednesday 14th April and that someone would contact me regard a date and time.
Not happy with this response I called premier banking and explained that I would like them to deal with SOS on my behalf as I was not getting anywhere with SOS. The lady I spoke to said she would ring and speak to them. She came back on the phone and said that Patrick from SOS would not speak to her due to data protection. I explained that this was untrue and that as SOS was acting on behalf of a client the Barclays had passed over to them that there was no breach of data protection. When the lady went back and said this he put the phone down on her. She said she was going to pass me onto a complaints manager to see what they could do but as I was told there was not a lot that they could do but he was however sympathetic.
Phoned SOS to see if they had a time for the engineer to be calling. Was told they had no idea at all.
Phoned eaga warmsure and asked what time tomorrow the engineer will call was told the parts where in Hull but they didn’t know what time the engineer would call. I asked why they the parts where in Hull yet I live in Melton Mowbray was told they were not quite sure but they would be at my address on Wednesday to “sort my boiler out”.
Phoned to sos to see what time the engineer would be here to fix my boiler was told not all the parts where in and that the engineer would be here tomorrow.
Phoned sos to see what time the engineer would be here to fix my boiler I was told there was no one able to come out as they were busy.
Phoned eaga warmsure to see what was going on and was informed that the engineer was busy and he didn’t work nights and he had his jobs for the day. I asked why the parts could not be passed to another engineer and I was told that they would not be able to get the parts and that there was not another engineer available.

Engineer arrived and asked where the leak was. I explained that I was not an engineer and handed him a service report from when I had the service on the 08-04-10. The engineer said that he received a load of parts didn’t know what was what did not know if the parts that he had where the right parts as the company had ordered seven parts and parts for different jobs. I explained that the two previous engineers where given the service report that I had given him and that both even wrote down the parts that where needed in front of me. I was told by this engineer that there was a part he would not be able to replace as he would have to remove the boiler from the wall. I explained to him this was not true and that if he was to take the front panel off the boiler then he would see that this part he was talking about is easy to access and is on the right hand side of the boiler. Funnily the engineer said it couldn’t be replaced as he has just realised that they had not ordered this part.
When the engineer finished he asked if we minded not having any heating but we could have hot water. I said yes I do. He said that the part he needed for the heating was not there and that there was nothing he could do but we would have hot water. I phoned eaga warmsure while the engineer was here and the engineer explained the part he needed wasn’t there and I was informed it would be put on a rush order. I told them I was told this last Friday and that it is only today that someone has come out. I asked when it would be and I was informed it would be next week.
I phoned SOS and explained what was happening and I was told there was nothing they could do about it. During this time I have had the phone put down on me by staff at SOS at least half a dozen times. I have been promised calls to me yet these have never happened.
Received a call from eaga warmsure when I answered the phone went dead. I called back to be asked how they can help. I said I’d received a call and that I was ringing back due to a call I had received. I was told that they didn’t know why I had been phoned but they could see that there was a part had been ordered today for me. As you can imagine I was not happy with this as I had to go through the whole issue as regards to what had been going on. I explained that on Friday I was told by the engineer and eaga warmsure that the part had been placed on a rush order and that it was now Tuesday and it has only just been ordered. I was told that even though I had a 5 week old baby at my home could this issue could not be sorted out any quicker.
When I arrived home I had a letter waiting for me from home sos.It was regards the complaint i had raised. After what I read I rang the number and later received a call back.
I explained that after all that had happened the letter was basically saying the complaint had been dealt with and that home sos was offering me a free service next year!what a insult !
I said that the information in the letter the vast majority was false and that part of which was even a blatant lie.
The letter stated that the first engineer said that part of the service manual was missing therefore placing the blame with me. This is totally untrue and has been shown to all engineers who have attended my property. The first thing I have done with all four engineers that have attended my property is show them the manual and also show them the service report that I had done on the 08-04-10. Also all four engineers wrote down the parts that need to be replaced and this information was obtained from the service report that i provided them with to try and speed up this process. What has not been mentioned is the fact that the first engineer who said that parts of the manual was missing had actually broken a part on the boiler and this was told to me but the second engineer (Tony Harris) who came out late on the night after the first engineer hence the reason why the second engineer could not fix it.
Received a phone call from a company saying they would be out to fix my boiler on Tuesday. I explained that I have had no hot water and no heating since the 08-04=10 and that i was not happy about having to wait until Tuesday and that I was going to phone home sos to see if it could be brought forward. The man on the end of the phone said that he was the owner of the company and that home sos would tell me the same. I asked if he could phone me on Monday to see if he could give me and idea of a time that he would be calling at my property and the man agreed to do so.
I called home sos to be informed that the earliest would be Tuesday and that there was nothing that could be done. I explained that I was very upset with this and this I was becoming distressed with the whole matter.
Engineer arrived two hours later than agreed,loss of earnings again! After 1 hour of being on the job,he said that he needed a new part. Problem was the boiler would not be fixed today. Surprise. Asked when he would have the part he said he didn’t know and that he would contact his boss to order it.on leaving the premises had to contact the engineer, but once again no response,the boiler was making a loud noise.
I phoned the engineer again and still no reply, boiler still making a banging noise and I was told that I would need to turn it off till the new part was delivered. Not happy with this I contacted home sos and I was told the same. I then contacted Sarah night staff at eaga home warm to be told the part was on a rush order and that I needed to switch the boiler off till it was fixed. All the above people I contacted I stressed that I had a 5 week old daughter and all of them said there was nothing they could do. Due to the stress this has caused to my partner and I I have seek legal advice. I have been advised to contact an independent plumber and send the invoice to home sos as they deal with the account i pay every month for. I contacted Valley Plumbing of Melton Mowbray. This was the company I used to service my boiler at the beginning of this problem. I explained that my boiler was still not working and the person I spoke to was horrified. He stressed that he did not want the job as four other engineers had handled it. I explained to him that I have been told that the engineer who came out today has said he cannot fix the boiler as he needs a diverter switch. He said that i would be looking at a minimum of £180 for the part and then there is a call out charge on top. Plus then if i need any additional parts therefore after then this is going to put the cost up even more. He said the best thing to do was to contact British gas as they do a fixed callout and fix the boiler for a set price. Following this advice I contacted British gas explained the problems I had been having with home sos and eaga homesure. British gas said that they would charge me £197 and this would include the callout, parts, labour, 12 months warranty on parts and they do not leave until the boiler is up and running or they come back the following day to fix the boiler with the additional part. I asked when would they be able to attend my property and they said it would be first thing in the morning (28-04-10) due to the fact I have a new born baby at my home.

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12483Warmsure [Hull]
Total claims:14
rubbish sevice »2009/201031/05/20100

My clain stems from very bad service from this so called company. Last year my boiler broke down and I was refered to WARMSURE by the manufacturers. After 4 visits by different engineers, none of which appeared to know what they were doing!!! an engineer from the Bedford area arrived at my house. Within 10 mins my boiler was up and running and the fault was simple to repair. He was brilliant but the company itself is complete and utter tosh!! Over the winter period, when it was freezing cold this companty left elderly and frail people cold, so that they could concentrate on the more money making side of the business from BARCLAYCARD. Warmfront customers were not attended because money grabbing managers thought it best to focus on CASH! SHAME ON YOU! The engineer who attended my property was glad to be leaving the company but to give him credit he was still defending its reputation until the bitter end

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14476Warmsure [Hull]
Total claims:14
My 1 year old combi Firebird boiler is under warranty with this company, but does anyone ever get to speak to anyone when they ring the freephone number supplied. I have hung on for over 20 minutes several times, both with the breakdown and request for yearly service, never spoken to anyone to this day, also sent 3 emails requesting annual service appointment, still no response. Considering this is a company that is working with local government for people who have had heating etc done under a grant, seems they made a pretty bad choice. I only hope I never have a really bad emergency. I have also complained to the HEES scheme about this.

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14710Warmsure [Hull]
Total claims:14
boiler »06.11.201022/11/20100
I have Barclays additions home sos (!)EMERGENCY service which works with horrible company called Warmsure. Our boiler broke down on 06.11.2010. An engineer visited on 08.11.2010 and left saying he would order the parts.

I then started the long wait to hear from warmsure. After 7 days engineer came back with the parts and left saying more parts needed. After 2 weeks (today 22.11.2010) they let me know that they could not fix my boiler and it needs replacement and asking for £1300 excess. They are also trying to charge me for two failed visits plus the parts those weren't needed in the first place.

As I believe now this company and the engineer they sent to us is unreliable, today I called british gas to come and have a look. British gas engineer told me that, the boiler was damaged and it looked like it was done by somebody on purpose.

For two weeks I have no hot water or heating. This company has been a nightmare.

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15420Warmsure [Hull]
Total claims:14
FED UP and Cold »19/12/201019/12/20100

We applied for the warmfront grant and had a new boiler installed on 27/02/09 and had to pay an extra £690 pound for it even though we could have had it done so much cheaper we werent allowed. They ripped my kitchen floor even though i warned them it had only just been laid and to be carefully, the bathroom radiator has never worked and when i called them back, they said they would pay for new flooring in kitchen and replace rad in bathroom. Never heard from them again. Then 3 months ago we were left with no heating for 4 days as there wasnt an engineer availablle, it turned out to the tempstat needed replacing. And now my heating has been down since 18th and i have tried ringing them 3 times yesterday and 7 times today on the emergency breakdown number, and after 20 mins waiting on each call only to be cut off. Still havent managed to get hold of them.

18.14 on 19/12/10 still on phone 49 mins so far and not spoken to anyone.

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15531Warmsure [Hull]
Total claims:14
Frozen pipes to boiler »21/12/201022/12/20100
In 2008 I was contacted by South Ribble Council that I may be entitled to a new boiler if incapacitated or a pensioner through Warm Front. I was granted funding for a new boiler which was replaced by HIS of Preston in March 2009. I was also given 2 years guarantee covered by Warm Sure. Under this cover I had a fault the following May when I contacted them on the 23rd May but it wasn't until the 27th that a Bosch Engineer came out to carry out the repair (not a Warm Sure engineer). In comparison to the service I have had over the previous 21 years with British Gas this was to me a bad response. Since then they have carried out one service.
I did have a gas fire but I had to agree to have this disconnected to qualify for the grant so now I have no alternative heating. Yesterday my boiler packed up on me so tried to phone Warm Sure numerous times on the number they had supplied in their paper work, after being cut off I tried the company which installed the system who gave me another telephone number which was not a freephone number. this just kept me waiting 5 minutes before cutting me off. I tried this a number of times. I then tried ringing the number for Bosch who last attended a fault they had a message that due to the high volume of calls the lines were closed. So was unable to contact anyone.
I must admit that I had no idea that there was a web site for WarmSure until tonight when a friend experiencing the same problem with another make of boiler told me to look on the internet and there is a notice about pipes freezing due to the adverse weather conditions.
How crazy is this that we are having these boilers fitted and when we need the warmth from our heating it packs up because the pipes can freeze which stops the boiler from working. Surely this is a design fault and if it was a car they would be recalled for an adjustment. Surely in this bad weather for the elderly and infirm especially this can be as much a killer as a defective car.
It isn't just the boiler systems that have been fitted under this grant scheme that are experiencing this problem so surely the government should step in and force the company's that are manufacturing these boilers either by grant or from their own savings be made to make some adjustments to the installed systems. After all we didn't use to have this problem with the old style systems.
This goes to prove to me that new technology is obviously not properly researched has surely these boilers are 'not fit for purpose'.
I am sure I speak on behalf of many households experiencing the same problem at this time of adverse weather conditions. In fact a caught the end of an report on the BBC national news at lunch time showing a home that was having to have their pipe cut into to release the ice.

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16985Warmsure [Hull]
Total claims:14
Warmsure »28/2/201128/02/20110
We have a ten week old baby and we have had no heating or hot water for the last two and a half weeks (February!) due to the shambles of a service that Warmsure povide. Our boiler sprung a leak over two weeks ago and an engineer came out and said he had to order parts. We rang the help line three days later to find out what was happening, only to be told that no parts had been requested. They then placed an order for the parts and days later an engineer turned up with what turned out to be the wrong part. They then had to go away and order the right parts. Then even though the parts were supposedly close by they couldn�¢ï¿½ï¿½t get someone to fit them for a further four days. We then waited in on the day they were supposedly coming to be told at 4pm that the engineer had been to collect the parts and unfortunately the main part needed still hadn�¢ï¿½ï¿½t been ordered due to another mix up!! They have now supposedly ordered the final part but this will again take a couple of days to arrive. I cannot put into words how bad the service that Warmsure provide is. With their boiler cover you will spend more time and money on the phone and waiting for them to turn up, than you would just to ring an Engineer and pay them. Two and a half weeks without hot water or heating in February, when we pay for cover!!!!

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17275Warmsure [Hull]
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damage shoddy work »02/02/201113/03/20110
heating system installed on the above date plenty of damage,plenty of incidents of breakdown,and lied to over the telephone re parts to repair the faults,have had nothing but problems with this company,and both myself and my wife were lied to over the telephone on the 12/03/2011.this company is an absolute disgrace.

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18555Warmsure [Hull]
Total claims:14
Boiler Repair »21.03.201119/04/20110
Complaint Re Warmsure

Reference Number 40705419

Boiler : Ideal Icos

We are with Barclays Home SOS, on Monday 21st March at 09.15, we rang the Barclays helpline, as we had a problem with our central heating boiler, the person on the other end informed us that someone would be in touch within two hours. At 1400 hours we rang again has no one had called and we wondered how long it was going to take. We rang again at 14.45 and 16.45 and eventually an engineer (so called) turned up at 18.00.

On looking at the boiler the engineer who introduced himself as Bill told us that the boiler needed a complete rebuild. Fan, PCB board and a new wiring harness, Bill told us that he had rebuilt hundreds in his time, so we were pretty confident that the problem would be sorted very soon. On asking Bill how long this would take his reply was 10 days, but if we had not heard anything within a few days to give the company a ring to measure any progress. We rang again on Thursday 24th March to be informed that the job had been authorized and the parts ordered.

Bill called again at the house on Monday 28th March at 18.00 to take some serial numbers from some parts and informed us that he would be calling either Wed or Thurs 30th 31st March to do the job. There was no visit on the Wednesday and the engineer turned up at 17.30 on Thurs 31st March. Bill was accompanied by his daughter who informed me that she intended to make plumbing her career when she starts college.

The engineer was at the house for four hours, we could tell that he was really struggling to rectify the problem, he changed the fan, board and wiring harness but did not take the casing off, now what we know has the heat exchanger. Bill kept on saying there was a serious wiring problem because the power kept tripping at the RCD unit. He eventually (or so we thought) sorted the problem and tried to ignite the boiler. After a further 90 minutes of trying he was now telling us that the electrodes had gone because he couldn�t get the ignition, and then what happened next left me in complete amazement, The engineer had realised he had not reconnected to the gas, after a few minutes of Bill trying to play down the situation, he reconnected and the boiler relit. We thought great hot water again and especially we thought we could have the heating back on. Alas this was short lived, after two minutes the power tripped and boiler shut off.

Bill was now bemoaning that there was a severe wiring problem and blaming all sorts as to why he could not mend the boiler, he went as far to say that the house had been wired up wrong. The engineer left the house at approx 21.30 and informed us that he would tell Warmsure we required an electrician.

My wife rang Warmsure again on Friday morning 1st April 2011 to ask what was happening. They had informed us that they had spoken to the engineer and he insisted that it was a wiring problem and Warmsure would have to approach Barclays once again for authorization to call in an electrician.

My wife had given Warmsure permission to speak to me, as on previous attempts they had informed me that because I was not the account holder (yet we have a joint account) that they could only speak to my wife.

My wife rang up again 16.30 and their reply was that the job was being priced up. My wife rang again on Monday 4th April 2011 and was told they were still waiting to hear from Barclays because of the extra cost. My wife rang them again that same day at 14.30 to be told that an electrician would be calling with all the details of what work that had already been done so that he knew what to do.

On Thurs 7th April another heating engineer (not an electrician) turned up at the house, again I was amazed when he asked me what the problem was. I asked If he had any knowledge of the work history behind the job, and he replied no. The second engineer fitted another PCB and left not even testing the boiler, His reason for this was that, I had informed him that the 3 port valve was not wired up in the airing cupboard, as I was having it replaced. He then informed me that once the 3-port valve was connected, the boiler would be fine.

I found this a bit odd, have I already had an independent report off a qualified engineer stating that this was not the case. On having the 3-port valve connected, we switched on the boiler expecting it to ignite only to receive an error warning on the front of the boiler; the warning was an alternating L 8. When looking at the fault section in the boilers manual it was telling me that there was a fan error and that the cause could possibly be one or number of things, I.e. the fan or the PCB.

We immediately called Warmsure again and were told that we would be called back. When the phone call came we were told that an engineer had been instead of an electrician, as Barclays had only authorized parts has they had been instructed that they did not know if they would actually be able to fix the problem. The same person also told us that the issue would now be passed onto a service manager.

We were told that because we had reach a stage where the issue was becoming serious we would be passed onto a lead engineer, and arrangements were made for a visit on Thurs 14th April 2011.

As promised we received a call on the 14th that the engineer was on his way, I made my way home from work to let the engineer in, and was feeling quite optimistic of it being resolved. A knock on the door, I let the engineer in and suddenly thought what the hell, The lead engineer has I thought was aged around the mid twenties and it was quite clear there was something wrong, He was making hand gestures, shouting and sudden body movements. He then went onto explain he suffered from torretts, Now that was not a big problem for me, although I didn�t know what to make of it, but it could have been quite unnerving for a lone female. He then informed me that a second person was on their way and in the meantime started to strip down the boiler.

The second engineer arrived who turned out to be the lead engineer, The lead engineer than asked for the history behind this issue, I again explained and they went their way on trying to fix the problem. This time a laptop was used which contained diagnostic software, so by this time I was getting really optimistic. The fan and PCB were replaced again, and then they attempted to ignite the boiler, As soon as they switched it on it tripped the power at the RCD, The two engineers then decided to strip the boiler down again and this time took the casing off (remember the heat exchanger) to find out that heat exchanger casing had melted and was the cause of all the problems.

This was shown to me, and I immediately asked why the two previous engineers had not found this fault, as it was quite serious. The lead engineer tried to make out, that he was not aware of two previous engineers visiting.
He then explained that the job to replace the heat exchanger, which in my opinion, should have been identified on the first visit by an engineer who clamed that he had rebuilt hundreds of boilers of this kind would have to be authorized by Barclays.

Warmsure have now rang on the 14th April and explained that the job has now exceeded the insured limit of £1,000 and now stands at £1,449.18. They have asked If we will meet the overspend to which we have declined to pay. The reason for this is because we believe that that the fault had been misdiagnosed from the beginning. And that a qualified engineer should have picked this up.

In Summary

· This issue has been going on now for nearly five weeks
· Complete misdiagnosis from the beginning.
· Three PCB Boards
· Two fans
· New Wiring
· Four Engineers
· And it is still not working!

Taking all the above points into consideration, the work has not been completed and does not look like ever being resolved.

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19075Warmsure [Hull]
Total claims:14
Appalling service »aug 10 - may 1109/05/20110
this is the letter i have just sent to this company as i have had gas cut off today for a leak ..guessing its been leaking for months and given i had 3 previous inspections made since jan and no one has turned up i guess its a wonder im still breathing , plus the fact the whole system has not be installed correctly ... leeter below ...with attitude given your customer service is appaling .

Sir / Madam
I am complaing for the umptenth time about the service i have received , firstly the initial assesor made a complete cock up of the whole plan and ordered the wrong boiler , then i had appointments made for engineers to arrive , i had so many missed appointments from you engineers i was compenstated £180 for loss of work .
Then finally the installation took place in September 2010 , it was then inspected and did not pass the tests as new 28mm piping had to be changed all through my bedroom this was done in Dec 10 , he assured me all was ok now ... i then booked a inspection (no one turned up ) then another 2 appointments still no one turned up , remember im taking unpaid time off work for all these appointments , no one has ever appologised etc .. i then had letters stating inspection needed to take place and it was imperative i got it done EVEN THOUGH YOU HAD FAILED TO TURN UP 3 TIMES.Finally i made a appointment for today 9th May ,he arrived and said that the boiler pressures are still too low so needs to be sorted out yet again ,plus i have a samll gas leak from pipework near meter so now he has switched the gas off , ive been trying to find out when TODAY someone will sort this as i now have no hot water or cooker or heating . All i get is someone will contact you this afternoon ...thats not good enough someone should be out here immediatly ..... i start a new job next monday so shant be able to get time off work ..... i need this work doing this week as its seriously your engineers fault not my own ..from August until now 9 months later i have had nothing but problems , out of pocket too . something needs to be done fast , im now looking at complaing to the gas ombudsman ,warm front are not doing or keeping to the procedure which is stated on their complaints form i have just read on line ..I will sue if need be as ive had it up to my neck now .
Sandra Davidson
b63 2dp

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22417Warmsure [Hull]
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My Boiler Service cancelled as they have decided it is void »07/12/1107/12/20110
I emailed this company twice and got no response. I spent a lot of time on the phone today chasing them. They eventually said I was out of contract as I hadn't responded to their letters. I had in fact emailed them twice. they claim they don't respond to emails but rang my mobile once and my landline. They left no messages. I demanded to speak to a manager and was left listening to a bad phone ringtone on a line which was never answered.

I told them I work and have a disability and would be fired if I behaved in such a cavalier fashion. On looking online for a contact I found this site. Who gave them the contract to carry out this work? I originally dealt with Eaga. The cavity wall insulation which was agreed has never been done either. They are another different company now as well, Carrillion I think. The distress they are causing me is unacceptable.

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23767Warmsure [Hull]
Total claims:14
SHAME »29th.March to 28th Jan19/02/20120
To whom it may concern,
In June 2006 I had a central heating system fitted by Warm Front it was serviced each year, last serviced on 4/6/09. By Warmsure
On 29th.March 2011 there was a water leak from inside the boiler I phoned Warm Front and was told I would have to pay £250 before they would come to fix the boiler, this I did by Master Card. They sent a fitter to fix it on 5th.April, then again on the 7th. And 18th, still I could hear a drip, drip from inside the boiler. They came to fit another part on the 3rd,May. Since then the heating has been on for about 4 days until yesterday when I switched it on for one hour. Again there was a water leak from the boiler. “THIS IS AN IDEAL BOILER ENGINEERED FOR PEACE OF MIND”.
I phoned Carillion to report this and was told I would have to pay another £250 for them to come and fix it. I phoned Trading Standards and was told to send this letter to you stating that after paying the £ 250 to have the boiler fixed and it is still not fit for purpose after having the heating on for 4 days. This is not an Ideal repair.
My Wife had a stroke last year and can not stand the cold and as pensioners in our seventies on pension credits we can’t afford these payments.
18th.August I got a local gas fitter to check the boiler and he said it was the same fault as they should have fixed in May.
19th.August contacted Trading Standards was told to write to CEO at Carillion, this I did,19th. Feb 2012 still no reply .30th Aug rang T/S and Carillion. 1st. Sept phoned Ideal Boilers, told that boiler is no longer made. Sent another letter to Paul Varley MD Carillion after seeing on their website that he was aiming to have £1 Billion turnover this year. With the prices they charge pensioners I can see how!. 19th.Sept I rang Carillion,then WarmFront .I was told their managers “do not speak to customers, it is below their pay scale.” and told to ring Warmsure. This I did and was told their managers are the same. I would still have to pay £250 before a fitter would come out to fix it.
7th.Oct phoned T/S again was told I was within my wrights and to let my C/C company know what was going on. 10th. Phoned T/S again.
I was told to let my MP know what was happening I am a very lucky man I have the Great Ed. Balls as my MP, on 28th.Oct and told his office would look in to this.( SUCCSESS AT LAST? NO.) I have received two letters from his office letting me know that a Mr. Jon Lamberton Government Affairs Caseworker was looking in to my case and enclosed a copy of his letter.
I was told when I spoke with him on the phone that I would have to pay £199 before they would come out and if one of the parts they had fitted in May was at fault I would get my payment back
22nd. Dec I paid Warmsure £199 now they would come out. No contact over Christmas. 28th.Dec 8am fitter turned up to inspect the IDEAL BOILER. He sent in his report and said it was a two man job and will take 5 Hours.
HAPPY NEW YEAR! (YES I AM PISSED OFF) The new year begins.
3rd.Jan 2012 I phoned Carillion and Warmsure Spent 3 hours to get through. I phoned Ed. Balls office to let them know
4th.I phoned Jon Lamberton and he said he would make enquiries and he would ring me back.( He did not do so.)
9th.I phoned Warmsure they said they would ring me on Wednesday as they did not have the replacement parts. and they would need a platform to get to the boiler as it is too high. You know (Health and Safety)
11th.Phone calls from Jon Lamberton saying he would call me back (this he failed to do) Warmsure asked if I have had a call from Envirowarm as they had sub-contracted the work to them.
12th I phoned Warmsure and then Envirowarm they phoned me to say their fitter would be here 10am Wednesday 18th Jan. and he would phone when he was half an hour from my home. This he did.
18th. Mr Andy Robinson arrived at 10:20 by himself and no platform and at12:20 he had finished the job. So much foe 5hrs.and a two man job from Warmsure. MY WIFE HAS HAD NO CENTRAL HEATING FROM DECEMBER 22nd. Till JANUARY 18th. Is this a good service? I think not
19th Warmsure did not ring me ,so I rang them 3:30 I spoke to Jon Lamberton ref. Repayment of my 2nd. Payment and was told it had been paid into my account. I told him it had not, because I had checked. He said he will ring me back. (still waiting for the call)
Rang Ed Balls office to make an appointment to see him Friday 3rd.Feb at 3:30 this was cancelled and rearranged for Friday 17th. At 2pm.
24th Jan I phoned the No for Jon Lamberton and a lady said she did not know him but hearing my story said she will get some one to sort things out,
Five minutes later Mr Andrew Peddie phoned and said he would phone me in the morning and make sure the cheque was in the post at 4pm. I received the cheque the next day. (THANK YOU SIR.)
For a problem to last for this long I think the public should know. I am not claiming but shameing. Check their website for Aftercare.

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22106direct heat [edinburgh]
Total claims:1
failing to make appointments »9th nov/16th nov 201119/11/20110

after making a appointment for 3.30 on the 9th november i organised for myself and my tenant to be at the flat and waited to get my boiler checked which had been paid for in advance (silly me) after waiting 1 1/2 hours i contacted directheat and you said you where at another job and weren't coming you said you had rang me earlier which was true there was a missed call on my phone from 2.30pm (i was working till 3pm which is why i made appointment for 3.30) because you were (apparantly) at the flat early when i didn't answer you went to an other job what i dont understand was why you never went into flat as tenant was there waiting all afternoon secondly if you have an appointment at 3.30 you wait till 3.30 not leave, so we arranged another one on wed 16th at 4pm again arranged for myself and tenant to be there, at 4.15pm i called them (no contact from them) and they said were at a job and still got 2 more to do before me so would not be there till 7pm (3 hours late) which they never did come again with no contact and 3 days later i still have not heard from them no apoligise no nothing.

as far as im concerned this is completely unexceptable to keep people sitting around twice and not have the decencey to contact them saying you cant make it or that your late to just not show up when you say you are, to go and do other jobs when you have already missed appointments the week before
i am so disappointed and angry at this treatment of a paying customer your lack of contact and organisation skills

this was a deal i got on groupon site so value only £39 but this is more about the treatment and the time wasted off to people myself and my tenant that i dont wont other people to go though

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16179Maintain That Drain [Balitimore]
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Extremely unprofessional »11/18/201022/01/20110
I am extremely dissatisfied with the services that I paid for. I called & complained of a plumbing issue in which I was unable to use my washing machine, due to flooding. I was given & appointment and ended up waiting an additional 2 hours before the plumber arrived, I had to call him to see if he was still coming. After the tech, Anthony, finally arrived and had tackled the job for an hour or so we believed the problem to be resolved, so I paid and he left. Within the hour of him leaving I attempted to wash a load of clothes and once again experienced flooding. Needless to say I called him back and he didn't respond, thus begun the cat & mouse chase in order to have my problem resolved completly. A week later I was still getting excuses & was made to contact another company the day before Thanksgiving. Not only was I made to sit in the house awaiting a plumber who had no consideration for my time but I am now seeking reimbursement as the tech no longer asnswers my calls. After contacting him one final time to inform him of my plans to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (the first week in January) he gave me some bogus story about his boss having already sent out my refund but him needing to verify my address. With all of that being said, I am still awaiting a refund as I had to pay another plumber double the amount in order to correct my issue.
If you are considering using this company, think again. They claime that their company is built around "honesty and integrity" but that couldn't be further from the truth. They are unprofessional and make you leave a message in order to screen calls. I so regret using this company.

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22152David Foster [All over North Wales]
Total claims:1
Bogus plumber/home improvements »August 201022/11/20110
See the BBC Xray programme - Series 11 Programme 13.
Damage to house, took all money up front from customers, then disappeared. Many people left with nothing, cowboy plumber/builder, has many fake company addresses.
He damaged our house and plumbing system, ruined a brand new bathroom suite - was recommended by Bathstore themselves, Bathstore now deny responsibility. We had much damage to our property, he took all our payments and never completed the work, did so much damage we had to find other plumbers/electricians etc to take out his botched job and re do all the work, it still doesn't work properly and we can't afford to have more work done to make good his damage. Has caused serious health problems.

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