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Total claims:200
uk ugg boots »22 september09/10/2009269

I ordered some tall black ugg boots from the site [] (link:, the site stated that the final price was 59.99. when i looked on my online banking account it was brought to my attention that the site had actually took 62.64 from my account, i did not question them on this.

They sent me 2 emails saying that the payment had been recieved and that the boots were being shipped. This was on the 22nd september.

As the site says the boots take 5-7days to arrive i decided to email them two days ago using the question bit on the 'my account' section on their site as the boots had still not arrived and it had been basically 2 weeks. They replied the next day saying that my package had been held up at the post office due to bad weather and that it is on its ways now...i could have guessed theyd say this as soon as they recieve an email off me lol.

Last night i was thinking more and more about how fishy this site seems to be so decided to do some research online about their website. i came across this website and read numerous comments off people who had used uk ugg boots and the boots they had recived were fake, didnt match the photo which they were meant to be, had taken more money out of their account than what they should of (which the same happened to me) and complaints that noone replys to customer emails.

I decided to email them once again to question all of these querys. I mentioned that i had read online about how their site is selling fakes and that if this is the case with mine i will be returning them, reporting them to trading standards and my bank will be retracting the money from them.

i did not expect a reply after others didnt when questioning them but they did reply this morning sayin that if i didnt want the boots then i shouldnt sign for them when they are delivered and they will be returned to the sender via EMS.

I think everyone who is having this same problem with uk ugg boots should do the same. i will be reporting them either way as it is not fair conning money out of people like this and clearly lieing on their website.

From now on i will be staying well clear from sites like these and only go with popular shops/ sites i am already aware of.

I know that when i recive my money back i will be paying the full price £190 for real authentic ugg boots instore so i know i am getting the real deal!!

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Total claims:200
Fraud/Fake Goods »14/10/200914/10/2009132

On 09/10/2009 I stupidly made an order for 2 pairs of ugg boots from this website beleiving they sold genuine goods at discounted prices in their sale.

After I made the order I decided to do some research only to find many people have been ripped off and either been over charged or have never even recieved their goods!!!!

To add to this I was amazed that when I received an invoice from this fraud outfit, it was from an msn email adress with some CHINESE mans name on the domain which was: [] (link: and would you bekeive still no reply.

Please steer clear of this chinese fraudster and don't be fooled at the stupid prices, all you will get for your money is some seriously fake uggs that his son probably knitted in his factory and complete disappointed and stress.

Please can some one help!!!!!

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Total claims:42
Ugg boots »22nd November 200901/12/200914

I ordered some Ugg boots from on the 22nd November, which cost in total £76.99. Its now the 1st December and i have still not received any boots. The email i got from them when i got intouch was hello friend how are you ? i am so sorry ,we have sooooo many order,so please wait more times , but please dont worry , we sent the boots,just cn not get the tracking number soon.i will give you the tracking number later ,ok ? thanks 2009-12-01 Team I am so annoyed and it looks as though the website has been taken off aswell. I just hope i can get my money back through paypal. NO ONE BUY ANY UGG BOOTS UNLESS THEY ARE FROM THE REAL UGG AUSTRAILA WEBSITE!!!

more details » [Shanghai]
Total claims:4
511stores »November 4, 200904/11/200910

Ordered a pair of red (Picante) Cardy Uggs at and paid $95.  Website has official logos and pictures of authentic Uggs in their advertising  I just received the Uggs, from China.  They were not only the wrong color, I hae every right to believe they are fake.  Their website does NOT include a customer support hotline number, even though they encourage customer to call this "hotline" for customer support and service.  Only TWO hotmail accounts/emails are given.  If I can't get my money back (knowing I was taken advantage of), I would at least enjoy having the right color I ordered.  I did order on my debit card, which I know may make it difficult for a refund. 

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Total claims:200
FAKE GOODS »19.10.200919/10/20099

I had to wait for almost a month to receive my order and was very dissapointed when i eventually got it.

 1) Clearly fake boots

 2) Not in a style I ordered - I ordered two pairs of classic short boots and received one short (with a tag saying "classic tall") and one tall pair.

3) THEY ARE NOT A SHEEPSKIN!!! (I couldnt believe it but the boots were made from whatever material but it wasnt a sheepskin so the advertisement is COMPLETELY FALSE)

4) Sizing of the product is absolutely incorrect.

I have several UGGs, all in European size 39, and these boots I hardly could put on.

When I emailed them about the above I got a very "interesting" response:

oDear customer, oThank you for your letter! oGlad to answer your questions. All the snow boots of our company are supply by a factory-direct supplier in Australia snow boots. oAs you know, Profitability of our products is very low, unfortunately,we can not do a very perfect for this goods, and we will strive to improve our products!please understand us! oYour understanding is our motivation,Thank you very much!Thank you! o oWish you a wonderful day. oKind Regards oCustomer service.

Is that a joke??? Well, Id be happy to laugh if it werent my 124 pounds spent on this c**p.

I hope there is a way to stop this website from deceiving people.



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Total claims:39
fake sheepskin boots »23/09/0902/10/20098

I ordered two pairs of ugg boots from this website with the total coming to £98.50 but they actually took £113.50 from my bank account. the boots came in a mashed up box from china on the 1st of october 09, they are definatley fake even though they have the ugg label sown onto the heel, they are not sheepskin as they say they are on the website. After looking at FAQs on the website it says thay are a retailer of genuine uggaustralia sheepskin boots and that the real ones are made in china. I cannot seem to find a telephone number to call them and arrange a refund, i hope this site could help and if anyone else has manage to get a refund i`d be grateful to know how

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Total claims:42


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Total claims:200
2 pair of Ugg Boots - UK UGG BOOTS .COM »End of October shipping date 5th November16/11/20097

I ordered 2 pairs of Ugg Boots at £57.00 per pair from and now can not find the website.  I had a shipping delivery email on 5th November at 7.31am and now am unable to get in touch and chase delivery?  Email is from UK Ugg Boots on sale.  and i am unable to now contact this company.


Please help as it was for my daughter christmas - very disappointed and dont know where to go from here

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Total claims:39
Ugg boots »17/09/0908/10/20095

I purchased a pair of Ugg boots from on 17th September 2009.

I was sent an e-mail stating that the amount charged would be £58.08 but they have actually taken £71.37 from the bank account and as yet i am still to receive my order although after reading all of the comments i think im either unlikely to receive them or they will be fake.

Im obviously quite angry and upset about this and i have sent numerous e-mails to the company via their support website asking for a full refund. I have had a reply from the company on one occasion in which they advised me that the boots had been shipped and had given me a tracking number but there is no information for the tracking number they supplied and it would appear that the boots are being despatched from China. The reply from the company was also in broken english and didnt make very much sence!

I am looking for a full refund but dont really know where to go from here? I would be grateful for anybody's advice!

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Total claims:200
Fraud »07.10.200921/10/20095

I found the UGG website [] (link: on google which said it was the last 3 day sale with free delivery. When I went on the website it looked geniuine and I actually thought it was the proper UGG website, aswell as my friends who have also had the same problems as me.

Me and my manager order 2 pair's of UGGS, she ordered them on her credit card and I gave her the cash that way we could both recieve them at work the same time. I had told my sister the previous night about the website and she also went on there and ordered a pair of UGG's.

Firstly it said on the website that delivery would take between 5-7 working days, my sister recieved hers on the 14th working day. When she opened the box and pulled the UGG's out we realised that they were fakes! Really bad fakes aswell, the label on the back was crocked, they didnt fit they looked nothing like what were shown on the website. So we went onto the website which was no longer coming up on google we had to go on the website via an email she had recieved. When we looked at there returns policy it said "Refunds will only be allowed if the product is returned unopened within 10 days of the purchase date" Well how could we tell if there was anything wrong with them if you cant open the box and also we didnt recieve them till 14 days after the purchase date. So we tried to send an email, everytime we tried to send the email it kept coming back saying "Error on page" so we couldnt even send the email. We then checked my sisters bank which we noticed that instead of taking out £55.00 like it said on the website, the company took £61.25 from my sisters account. There is knowhere on the website which states they take out anything extra as it was free delievry.

My mum thought it was an idea to get the email address which they emailed us with the order confirmation when we first ordered the UGG's and google it which we did, we then realised that were not the only people with this problem apparently it has happend to quite a few people.

After reading through peoples comments on here and realising that the website is a scam I decided that something should be done about this. Luckly my UGG's were delivered the next day at work which i managed to refuse delivery of the boots and my manager has informed her credit card company. Is it likely that we would get a refund through the credit card company, we have got all paperwork and i have print outs of everything from their website for proof. This company should not be ab;e to get away with this, its a con and fraud! My sister wont be able to get a refund as she paid by her debit card which she now has to cancel as people were saying that the company tried to take even more money out.

I would really appreciate some help on this as this is not acceptable and they should not be allowed to get away with this. I will be contatcing trading standards aswell.

This is a mistake I wont be making again.



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Total claims:42
False selling »17/10/200922/10/20095

17/10/2009: made a personal account on and placed an order for a pair of boots which came to a total of £79.99. Received an e-mail containing order information.

20/10/2009: Logged into my UGGSelling account to check on the status of my order. Account shows ''no order made''. Tried to contact company by phone and by e-mail. No answer.

22/10/2009: Checked bank statement. Payment of £80.53 taken from GHDshopping. Checked UGGSelling account and still no order information. Tried contacting company again but failed to get through.

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Total claims:16
100002075 »23/12/200903/12/20095
I bought a pair of UGG boots ref 100002075 for £66.99 plus £10.00 P&P. Reciept ID 5052-2155-3355-8722. Goods have never been recieved only spam emails in very bad english saying they are too busy to process order despite the T&C's saying they are delivered within 48 hours. The telephone number they quote does not work on the website and they have now said there webiste has moved to

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Total claims:1
Fraud »9/04/1013/04/20105
I ordered a pair of ugg boots online i recieved no email or products and it has been over a week since i ordered the goods. I have no website address for the company.

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3887ACAI BURN Army Post Rd Distribution [Des Moines]
Total claims:14
Fraudulant use of bank account »July 26, 200928/07/20094

When I ordered this product, I recieved an email stating I had a free trial for 14 days.  The product took almost that long to even get to me.  Then the day after I received it and saw it was not what it was described, put it back in the package and sent it "return to sender" with a dated note to cancel permanently and put it in the mail.  I then received a call from the company asking me how I liked the product and I told her that I sent back the product immediately  and she told me that I would be refunded any money I had spent on the free trial.  Next thing I know, I receive another call about a week later from another person at the business and told him to not call any longer that I had cancelled.  Next thing I know I am debited $3.95 in my account by some weird company saying that they are associated with Maxacaiburn and that in the agreement I signed that I was going to pay them too and that they were my diet specialists and they refused to refund my money but would not charge me any longer.  Like that is going to happen.  Then my package returns back to me that I sent "return to sender".  So I put the entire package with all the proof of sending it back on it and take it to my UPS store who tells me that I can't send it tracked to a PO Box (another clever tactic by this company), so they said they will send regular mail, and I asked them, three employees to be my witnesses that it was sent.  Now three weeks have gone by and I am still dealing with these theives.  Then my bank account is charged $58.76 by maxacaiburn without my permission, and this is pure fraud using my card without my permission.  I had cancelled it now three times.  Yes, my bank account was charged a week after the last time I sent the package and they say they never received it, because I called to complain again.  This time the woman tells me that I need a cancellation number, yet no one ever gave me one before.  I think this is a scam and they don't give you a cancellation number until they have collected at least one huge payment.  Now the woman gives me a cancellation number, says she never recieved my package, wants a tracking number which she knows is impossible with a PO box and says it was not a free trial yet the email I was sent when I ordered, says at the very top, "free trial" when I insist on her crediting my bank account, she refused and hung up on me.  I sent my bank notification of fraud on my account.  The next day, I called Maxacaiburn and talked to Annie who would not give me her name but her employee number of 154865, she says it takes 5 to 10 days to confirm that a package was sent back and charges will be credited at that time.  The other woman said they had not received my package and this woman says that there is no way to tell when it arrives until 5 to 10 days later?  You can't believe a word they say.  I am reporting them for fraud to the Des Moines police department, the attorney generals office and anywhere else I can.  Here's another one for you...if you call the number 1-866-989-8945 you will hear "Mike" tell you about what a mistake you are making cancelling your account, which first of all means that they are expecting you to cancel!!  Then "Mike" goes on to say that if you don't want to lose wait and basically be a loser, to give to a friend to use.  What a set up, because if you don't send it back, they just keep billing you...they don't care...they are theives and they will go to any sneaky illegal length to get your money.  This is fraud! and they know it, they just hope you will count it as a bad choice and move on, but I won't...I am going to make sure they get prosecuted by law for fraud, and oh by the way, because I live in beaverton, OR and they are in Des Moines IA, that is crossing state lines!  I hope you join me in making sure no one else gets hurt by these cheaters! 

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3754Cardsave [Grimsby]
Total claims:7
Supplier Rip Off »24th June 200918/07/20094

Cardsave are a merchant service provider company for retailer credit card services. They telphone companies to get unsuspecting retailers to change service providor, proclaiming that early termination fees from other providers are illegal, and that transfers are free of costs. Once you sign, this is untrue, and Cardsave levy extrotionate cancallation fees against the retailer - the very thing they say can not be done. The representative was fraudulent in his offering, he misreprented the facts and this company portrays to be reputable. This has left me with a dispute and costs in excess of £500 because the rep was deceitful, dishonest and unscrupulous. I hae been conned - PLEASE DONT LET IT HAPPEN TO ANYONE ELSE

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Total claims:200
Fake Ugg Boots »3 0th September 200930/09/20094

I purchased a pair of Uggs from [] (link:  which guaranteed authentic Uggs at a cut pricr. Initially £59 was charged £62, When they arrived they are certainly not the authentic boots (I already own a pair). Whilst the label at the back of the boot and the writing on the sole looks authentic the black boots are embossed with some floral pattern, are not sheepskin and certainly do not match with the picture on-line. I also ordered the same size as the UGgs that I already own and these new Uggs are far too small

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Total claims:200
size too small »28th september 200901/10/20094

this website used the real ugg pictures, logo and said nothing about not being affiliated with Deckers Australia etc. nowhere did it mention that they were actually a chinese company either.

when my ugg boots came they were not only very fake, bad stiching, long fur inside the boots as opposed to sheepskin but WAY too small for me. i had ordered my standard size. I have no address or contact details as everything is written in chinese on my invoices etc. i have an email address off the site which i told them the problem and asked for details about a refund.

i had an email back saying sorry but due to the cost of the shipping(i hadnt been charged any!!) and that there was nothing wrong with the boots, they would not accept the boots back but advised me to buy another pair, bigger size which they would give me 20% off!

absolute nightmare because they are a chinese country they are not covered under any consumer legislation act over here!!

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Total claims:200
undelivered/ rip off-fakes »23-9-0907/10/20094

I ordered and paid for a pair of classic tall gray ugg boots for my wife from: on the 23-9-09 at the price of £59.99 with free shipping and they took £62.78 out of my bank! and it says on the web site that there is no shipping taxes to pay! and also states 5-7 working day delivery and havent got them yet and ive got a feeling that they are not going to be delivered at all! also i have been reading other claims on this site about and they have said they arent real just rip off so it might be just as well if i dont get them as it might be easyer to get my money back through visa debit chargeback scheme as undelivered goods.Please stay well clear of this site and if you want the real deal go to deckers outdoors and pay the big prices!.

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Total claims:200
Ugg boots »06/10/0911/10/20094

I ordered a pair off ugg boots priced at £59.99 on the 06/10/09. After ordereding them, i read up about the company on the internet, to find out they are selling fake goods and also not sending out the goods.

The company was only meant to take out off my account, £59.99 because postage was free, however they have taken out £62.57.

I have emailed the company to ask for a full refund as i have taken legal advice, they claim they have not recieved my order or my payment having recieved a conformation email from them saying the payment has been accepted.

I have had to cancel my cards so they do take any more money out off my account.

They are selling fake goods and also not sending out the items to people. There fore i have lost my £62.57.

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Total claims:200
Fraud/Fake »19/9/200906/11/20094

I NEED HELP AND ADVICE!!!  To cut a long story very short I ordered 3 pairs of Ugg Boots for my 3 daughters.  The cost should have been £177.99 but £184.81 was actually taken from my card.  I had my suspicions as they took ages to arrive, excuse after excuse and decided that I would not sign for them when they arrived,  Unfortunately I was at work and my neighbour signed thus leaving me with 3 pairs of fake ugg boots!!!  As I paid on my credit card they are trying to help me with my case but I need to get a letter on headed paper from a reputable retailer confirming that they are fake.  Easier said than done!!  I have been to Uggs in Covent Garden, Shuh, Office Shoes, Debenhams, Elys everywhere!! and no one will be prepared to do this as they did not sell me the boots.  I've even offered to pay for this service but have got nowhere.  HAS ANYONE ELSE HAD THE SAME PROBLEM AND COULD THEY ADVISE ME!  Spoke to trading standards office today and reported the company but could not help me any further.  Stupid man that sells these expects me to send them back and he will refund the boots but no shipping.  Does he think I'm completely insane!!!  Please help if you can.  Thanks.  Helen

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