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15862Bedroom Pleasures [Watford]
Total claims:3
email subscription »8/01/201108/01/20110

I did subscribe to this company originally to order some products in the past but i have no interest in their products mow. I have tried several times to unsubscribe by their link which is not seen now on their e-mails they send me. I have sent them an email stating I want to unsubscribe but the Company have so far ingnored my requests,


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19899Bedroom Pleasures [Watford]
Total claims:3
No Order Received/Funds Taken »27/05/1123/06/20110
I made an order on 26th May 2011, funds was taken the next day. I received no order, so made a call on the 10th June to cancel. They insured me my refund would be within 7 days. No funds was returned, so I made another call on the 20th June. They say they know about my order been cancelled and they re-cancelled it, according to there 'track your order'. Today I've made numerous calls and got no answers. They ignored my emails and no returned phone calls.

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22262Bedroom Pleasures [Watford]
Total claims:3
Still haven't got my order, after 7 months! »12/04/201128/11/20110
I placed my order on the 12th of April 2011, and was told it would be there in around a week. However, a month later, I had only received only a couple of the items, and most of those were wrong! I emailed the company, and got a slow reply saying they were sorry but what I had ordered wasn't in stock. I returned the wrong items and failed to get the right items. After many emails to the company, asking for my order, or asking for refunds I received no replies.
Seven months later and I'm still waiting on the missing items!

I also looked into the website after placing my order, and there were an overwhelmingly large number of complaints about the company.

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