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IDCompany / PersonClaim TitleIncident DateAddedPostsAdd commentDetails [London]
Total claims:3
Membership fees »16th September22/09/201011

I sent an email in my interest in the company (Party People)and its rewards. I then applied for another company (Adorabelles) and they both sent me an email with how much it costs to become a companion, I asked each of them if they knew about each other and Party people told me that adorabelles were black listed and when I did some more reseacrh and found this website stating that they were a scam company. there was also a blog stating that there are genuine companies out there, So I trusted them.  I am a single mum and unemployed so the membership money has come from a family memebers savings on the promise that i can return it back pretty quick! (How wrong am I!) Well I signed up and paid via the bank to a Mr J Welch. Lloyds TSB account - sort code: 77-91-38, account number 18397968 The Ladies that I have spoke to are Linda, and Diane - they begin talking to you so nice and they tell you they have a booking for me! Whooo wooo! His name was mark a photographer that travels and is looking for someone to share dinner with. Great news! Espeically when your told its £600 for the evening. So I got a babysitter in, (More money) and got ready. Well I got nothing!!!! No phone call, No answer from Party people, now response from any email till the 2 days later on the monday. I was then accused of not answering the phone, and then again the same story on the tuesday! Well I have 3 numbers, so I gave them all out! In the hope that someone would call at least one - but NO. I have asked 5 times for a refund and nothing is being done about it. It states that in its terms and conditions the following: 5.3 Once you have started using the Services you shall not be entitled to any refund unless there is an error in the operation of our program or processes that results in the Services being unavailable for 48 hours or more in any one consecutive period . If you feel that the Services have been defective in any way you must contact our Support Team using the Contact Form on the Website, with your reasons for claiming a refund plus a copy of your user registration details and Transaction id Number or Payment invoice (without this we will be unable to help). 5.4 Where we agree to a refund, the refund will be made within 30 days of your application. If a refund is granted then this will be on a pro-rated basis for how long you have used the membership. A small administration charge will be deducted from the amount paid. Well you dont get anything!!!! I have had no log in details, absolute nothing They even say that you have been put ina brochure?! thats not true either I have asked to try and get a refund and have no response - it is all a scam! I have sent them a letter in the post with copies of all the emails sent and I will be taking this matter further.

There telephone number is: 02033710026 - comapny is called please avoid this company

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17695true companions
Total claims:7
conned into paying a fee »18/03/1128/03/20119
i had applied to become a true companion. they said that i would have to pay the commision fee when a date became avaliable. due to my lack of experience in this field when true companions called and said another companion had cancelled and i could take on the new client i was really glad i had found work so fast. she gave me all the details and said that i would have to use a western union money tranfer form and sent money to a lady in spain. i would then be registered on the website and could attend the date. on saturday the 19th i was ment to attent the date as i had signed up and paid the registration fee when true companions called and said the date had cancelled and since then i have heard nothing from them. i am registered on the website but there are no photos as they said there would be. so they basically conned me into paying the registration fee to them making up that there was an avaliabity for me.

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11942International Companion Services
Total claims:5
Ref 1030 membership fee »12/03/201003/04/20107

I spoke with a woman called Sandra von Horzen, we spoke on several occasions as I was unsure whether they were a frauduulent company or not. Eventually I agree to pay £299 membership fee on the basis that there would be a "confirmed" booking. I was called just as I was paying in the funds to a Barclays account under the name of a George Daltrey, who incidentally I have now discovered owns escorts and has already conned other innocent people out of their money.

Once the fees were paid, I was told that the client would call, numerous calls later, no call. Sandra told me the following monday that the client had been given a wrong mobile number for me!

Asked to speak to a mamnager names Alexandra, guess what your are right she has never returned my call.

I have rung, sent emails but all to no avail. This is a registered company with Companies House, as per the address above and George Daltrey is the sole director, I believe he is a builder by profession.

Do not contact this website they are trained to con people, I will be pursiung this via Small claims court, and will not let this rest as it is shocking that he is being allowed to get away with this again.


more details » [London]
Total claims:3
Requested Refund »20/10/1020/10/20107

I was looking for some part time work to improve my social life and at the same time make some money. I applied on line through the website of Party People, I was called the very next day by Linda who asked me lots of questions as to why I wanted this job and what my situation was. Linda explained to me that I would be given and job and then required to become a member of the site. The very next day she called again stating that she had great interest in bookings for me. Linda emailed me with the membership price list and options, I said I was very interested. Linda next told me that she had a booking for me and that I need to pay the membership. The details of the bank account were emailed to me and I paid the money through transfer. The night of the date I was contacted stating that they could not get hold of me on the telephone and that it would be rescheduled for the next evening. I waited for confirmation the next day but I received a call from another lady stating that the job was having problems and could not take place that evening and that it would be rebooked. I was contacted then everyday from that until my money had been received. In fact I received a very rude message from Linda stating that they had not received my money and used nasty language trying to say that I was lying to them that I had sent the money.  This was very upsetting and I sent an email to confirm that I had indeed sent the money and that this was not in nature to mislead anyone.  Unfortunately I believe that I have been mislead.  That was almost a month ago and although I have left messages and sent several emails I have only received one telephone call since, stating that they are still trying to sort things out. On 19th October 2010, I emailed through the site and also to the info email address stating that it has been a almost a month since they have had my money and yet I still have not received a booking. I have not had any communication and I really do not expect to either.  I have reported this site to Gumtree and I will be taking this further.  

more details » [london]
Total claims:1
been ripped off »31st may 201131/05/20115
I signed up for this companion agency guarenteed a booking within hours which i thought was great easy money but as soon as i was asked to transfer £276 into an account to a guy in spain via western union,but all day i have waited for a phone call telling me when to meet my first client only to be told i have no clients i am in big trouble as i had to use my rent money to pay that money and now am going to be kicked out of my home i only hope and pray someone can please help me...

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12231Diamond Companions [Great Yarmouth]
Total claims:12
fees »31/04/201005/05/20104

I have also used this company , money gone through , and has been picked up by a Stuart Piper , would be interested to know what everyone has done to get the money back ?

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11831Companion work [London]
Total claims:10
Scamed me »26/03/201026/03/20104

I was making inquiries in to companion-ship as I am a single mum with two children struggling to make ends meet. I emailed the company and was called back the next day.
After hearing about this kind of work from a friend I knew there would be a fee to advertise me in their gallery. I was spoken to on a number of occasions by a guy with a northern accent named sean. He said that unless I had a confirmed booking there would be no need to part with my money.
I searched the internet for bad reviews and couldn't find any so after 3 days of speaking sean convinced me I had 2 bookings for this like an idiot I used my rent money to fund the 265 that was required.I payed it in to a natwest account and was told that my client would be ringing me before 11am the following day.after spending all night on the Internet I realised that this indeed was a scam
I then recieved an un known call from a lady stating that due to a brehavment ny client would not be able to make this weekend.I am so angry I don't kno what to do.I want to ring the agency but kno I'm just going to be fed more rubbish and I won't get an outcome.

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12051Companion work [London]
Total claims:10
Fraud/scam company »04/04/201013/04/20104

Hi guys, anyone know if is a scam??? I had a sniff of dodgy dealings are said I wanted there business address and registered VAT num (to make it sound official) I have been getting called all day from a guy called 'shaun' who 'reassures' me that there firm is not dodgy!! Anyone with further info can you let me know please asap....

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18340true companions
Total claims:7
refund »12/04/201113/04/20114
I applied online to become a companion as i desperately needed money, and they contacted me to say a regular client wanted meet up with me the next day so i borrowed money of my mum to pay the registration fee which had to be sent through western union to a guy in spain not a lady like a previous complaint stated, they rang me to see if i had sent the cheque off and i had done so she said they would pass my details on to the guy i was meeting, and i never heard anything until true companions rang me to say that he had cancelled and they would ring me the next day to make some more appointments and still not heard anything as by now i usually have loads of missed calls and voice mail messages off them, and after i googled them last night i read all these comments about them being a scam which made my heart basically drop and i've not slept or eaten yet as i dont know what to do and it wasnt my money i used to pay for it, and we need the money back now as i thought i would be getting 600 last night which never happened, so any one reading these DO NOT use TRUE COMPANIONS what so ever.

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17301The Select Service [Unknown]
Total claims:5
Companion registration »08/03/1114/03/20113
I signed up with The Select service and was told I'd have to pay nothing util I had my first booking. They called and said I had it so I paid and, surprise, surprise it got cancelled and they are not returning calls or emails.

Contact is "Jo"

She sent me these details:

Halifax Bank as discussed.

Account name M I

Sort code 11 00 01

Account Number 07420005

Amount 185

Booking details are as follows,

Date - Thursday-10th-March- 2011

Name - Simon

Venue - Theatre-Chicgo

Area - Cambridge

Time - 8.00pm

Please attach your ref number jo0707 to your payment this makes it easier for our accounts department to trace your payment also please Retain your receipt as this is your proof of payment, If you then give me a call so we can then finalize your paperwork and run through everything once more with regards to dress code, payment, car service and details of your booking.

Kind regards,

Please, stop others being ripped off by these cretins.

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18872true companions
Total claims:7
True companions ripoff »03/05/201103/05/20113
i registered with the true companion agency to be a companion,i was asked to send money to spain through western union to Abigail Sheehan Avery in spain i sent £250 plus £27 amounting to £277 pounds,i was told the client booked to see me on 03/05/11 and i was to be picked up and taken to the venue of the meeting that evening and was also given a dress code,later on when i called i was informed that the supposedly client was too busy attending meetings and would like to postpone the meeting to the nextday being 04/05/11 but i felt uncomfortable because i wasn't sent any payment notification,so i decided to go on their website but couldn't find it and my searches found other complaints instead,am still in shock,i can't believe its a ripoff,part of my school fees gone in a twinkle of an eye. this their call centre number 08712464857,and earlier complaints are right about the names of the ladies in the call centre i believe this names are fake too,God help me.

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18441true companions
Total claims:7
Conned into paying registration fee »14apr1115/04/20113

I have just registered with this company as they assured me and my partner that we were wanted for a corporate event which would earn us both £600 each but we needed to register first. We had to pay £200 each via western union to spain in the name of Abigail Sheehan Avery.
Once we did this we were then told that the event had been cancelled and hence we didnt earn any money. We were afraid this might happen, we even spoke to the company before we did the transfer to voice our fears and they assured us with alot of very convinving stories that everything was above board any we had nothing to worry about. Now we are £400 out of pocket and we cant get hold of them any more.
Names of people spoken to in this office-Sadie, Daisy, Keely.

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12225Diamond Companions [Great Yarmouth]
Total claims:12
fees »31/03/1004/05/20102

I have just read that this company is a scam and like others feel an idiot as was overcome by debt. I spoke to Erica , who booked me with a client , locally.

Same story Western Union , Stuart Piper , please can anyone tell me how or what to do , as I am in such trouble now , so any help will be appreciated.

I will add that I had a person , call me up , claiming to be this person I am meant to meet , has anyone else had this ??????

At this time all my e-mails have been answered , phone calls with further promiss of meeting other people.

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12819Diamond Companions [Great Yarmouth]
Total claims:12
companion scam »24/06/201030/06/20102
I was looking to become a companion and contacted Diamond Companions through their website. They told me i could earn £500 per booking and that they earnt their money through commission. i emailed them 3 photos Ria the contact there called me this to say that there had been great interest and once i had given my availability, she had a booking for me on Friday night in Canary Wharf, London for dinner with a business man. A car would pick me up and bring me home and if all went well a dinner with him again on the sunday evening. All I had to do was pay for my advertising, a fee of £350 plus a transfer fee which needed to be done via Weston Union as their head office was in Spain. I registered with Weston Union and the money was paid.
i was told that the client would be given my number and would give me a call on the friday afternoon to tell me details. the call never came so i rang diamond who said he still had time to call. bout an hour later i rec

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12991Diamond Companions [Great Yarmouth]
Total claims:12
Fraud »10/06/201016/07/20102

I mistakely sent £350 to a Katie Louise Dale in Malaga Spain for a photo profile as a companion with Diamond Companions. Having been duped by a lady called Tina who promised me work I had a booking which then canceled one hour prior to meeting time. 12 calls into the office on 0870 1404096 to speak to Tina not once has she been available .Now having been this patient I must except that I have been scammed and Would like the full force of the law to bring this organisation to book can you help.

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12620Companion work [London]
Total claims:10
Bogus join up fee with company »9.6.201011/06/20102
Okay, So, I was looking for work about 3 weeks ago. And she (CJ) emailed me and than rang me asking me how soon would I like to start work. I said as soon as because I was not happy where I was working now. After more emails and phone calls she was persistent in convincing me she had work for me for being a female companion for 'guy named Jason, 36, lives in Cardiff, visiting London and to meet in Camden'.
Initially she said I can pay the join up fee after I've been on the date with Jason, but then she changed her mind and got nasty and said I had to pay all the money on the wednesday 9.6.2010, if I wanted to work on Thursday for Jason. So, I did and by thursday morning, when I was preparing for my first work date, she callously 'phones up to tell me that it has been cancelled after all the effort I went into getting the money together. Because obviously I didn't have that much money anyway and I borrowed some.
I now feel cheated and thinking how do these people sleep at night.
They tell me Friday and saturday night are there busiest nights, so how come they don't have 'companions' already booked in and when i rang to speak to the booking department, the rude receptionist told me they didn't have a number.

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12086International Companion Services
Total claims:5
Fraud »21/01/201017/04/20102


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Total claims:5
scam/fraud »19.6.1019/06/20102

i was trying to make some extra cash by doin companion work. i actually thought that these companies were for real but seems like non of them are. i was contacted by dateangels n spoke to few diff girls throughout the process. the main name used being Morgan. there number for reception was given out but others kept unknown. reception number 0844 880 3621 i sent them pics of myself n personnal details. i was then told dat a client was interested in a drinks n dinner date for tonight at the clients hotel, sat 19th. his name is james n he is 27, is wot i was told. n dat a car would pick me up n take me der n back. i was told would collect £500 at da start of the date. i had to pay £250 registration fees before my number could be released to the client. i did this via western union-to louis daniel brennan in spain. i waited for the call from the client but it neva came. i phoned them back n they said they would contact him. they then said he had to postpone to monday night as he had a business thing come up. i am now goin to ring them monday and see if its happening or not then? if not then it is deffinatly a scam. i will do wot i can to get my money back. if anyone knows how to do that please help me stop these lying thieves!!

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12235international companion service
Total claims:3
fraud »04/05/201005/05/20102

i registered with international companion services recently and paid the sum of £395. I also spoke to stephanie who has not yet replied or answered any of my calls or emails.

more details » [London]
Total claims:13
being taken like a fool »30/05/201002/06/20102
i wanted extra cash and when talking to Never be Lonely had my own agent called Alex who was a lovely woman, assured me of meeting 4/5 clients per month and i would have to pay £295 for insurance..i said i cant afford this straight off and that she will arrange something for easy payment..after a couple of days speaking to her and with a client in progress for 4hrs which would be £600 she said they will drop the insurance down to £200 so having being paid enough from present job i said can i have ur details so i can pay into ur account she gave me details of a MR C.Sutcliff and the account details which i did pay and afterward there giving me details of the first client...spoke to a woman called Tina who said she deals with clients asking for companions - so this guy called steve was one of her best..aged 32 6ft 1 and wanting to meet for drinks and meal and make friends, got a text saturday 3 n half hours before saying he has cancelled and they will call me to let me know on more phonecalls since then...i have just sent them and email today 02/06/2010 stating that mr C Sutcliff is in breach and this is under the goods and services act 1982 and he has failed to provide services promised and i want my £200 by the end of fri 4th june or in will go further even if it happends to be watchdog.
im not ashamed of doing a job like this but its an insult to other sites cause who can we trust!
also not all of us are made of money to let this go.

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