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16609Marion Browning-Baker Family Law Practice
Total claims:2
Legal Services for Family Law/Divorce »Jan 15 201010/02/20113
Marion Browning-Baker, ex US Army JAG lawyer and currently presenting her status as a US Army Reservist, has been operating her "family law practice" out of her home in Stuttgart, Germany since 1996. The only problem: It is NOT a law practice but a systematic and methodical financial SCAM against every active duty service member, family member, and Department of Defense civilian which she can possibly convince to hire her for her family law "legal services" (which I use very loosely here).

Her daily ad in the Stars and Stripes (which she is no longer allowed to advertise there) was her ONLY source of clients as everyone who contacted her through this forum became nothing less than her "target of financial opportunity." Browning-Baker would take any case presented, ask for a $5,000 retainer, make you sign a statement that you will not discuss anything to do with your case with any other lawyer involved which she uses in your case, and then drain you financially for as long as she could - until you fired her.

Closure or doing what you hired her to do (or thought you did anyway) was never an intent of hers as she drags simple cases out for years. For most of her clients and I have personally discussed this with more than 10 of them who were scammed by her like I was, she got away with anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000 per client using this modus operandi.

Since she bills monthly and provides her clients with no transparency in the process whatsoever, she falsifies bills and charges her clients for no work actually performed, she lies to other lawyers and misrepresents the facts of your situation in order to bill you for more money, she charges you for a full 30 minutes of her time to answer a 1-sentence email with another 1-sentence email, she bills your credit cards without permission, and she even intentionally generates legal problems with your case which result in her being able to bill you for even more money.

I experienced ALL of the above personally. IF YOU EVER USED THIS LAWYER, PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR MORE INFORMATION. She also solicits clients in the UK as well as Europe.

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22281Law Office of James G. Schmier, PLLC [James G. Schmier]
Total claims:1
No. 1 Loser & Master Liar »December 200929/11/20111

There are some good quality/excellent lawyers in southeast Michigan (United States), Kim Worthy, Ezra N. Goldman, Anthony Della Pelle, Bruce Mayrand Jr. and Jennifer Cordon Thor just to name a few. James G. Schmier (P70825) of Schmier Law (Birmingham, MI) is not one of them. While representing Case No. GC 09 1653 in the Michigan 46th District Court, he did nothing. He didn’t know what he was doing but didn’t know what to do. He worked for the defense attorneys Jeanne Barron and Jeffrey Vollmer NOT his client. After 9 months of doing absolutely nothing, he petitioned the court to withdraw and did. He did not respond to motion and did not appear for hearing; this is notated on transcript. He confessed this to the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission but the transcript proved his guilt. He confessed inept but put on top of it a big stupid lie. He said he entered the wrong date into his computer. "I admit I failed to attend hearing. . . . I made a mistake in entering it in my computer calendar". Hummmm Really!!!He did this too, he presented the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission a bogus retainer fee agreement. He did. Yes he did. According to Schmier, he sent (2) copies of the retainer fee to client via US Mail but neither was returned to him. Laugh. Go ahead and laugh. Laugh, laugh, laugh. Hummmm stupid, pure stupidity. The client NEVER received either of the two retainer fee agreements because he (Schmier) NEVER prepared/submitted them. He LIED. The subject matter concerning a retainer fee agreement between Schmier and client NEVER surfaced. After 9 months of doing nothing, he (Schmier) said “this case is hard. He said that this case is hard but also exposed his NEGLECT and Civil Conspiracy. Client accompanied by a Birmingham, Michigan police officer retrieved all case files from Schmier at his Birmingham, MI office (2222 Attard St.) December 2009. This was before the January 2010 court date. He (Schmier) NEVER had conversations with the Birmingham, MI police officer concerning escorted client. He said he did. He LIED. The Birmingham, MI police officer denies his allegation. He, therefore, has compromised and damaged a Birmingham, MI police officer’s reputation and ex-client. He went that far for Attorney Jeanne V. Barron (Raftery, Janeczek & Hoelscher/Farmington Hills, MI). He went that far for Attorney Jeffrey L. Vollmer (Wegner & Associates, P.C/St. Clair Shores, MI) He (Schmier) is a No. 1 Loser and Master Liar. He lies all over the map. How he ever attained a Michigan Law License is yet a mystery. This is worse, much more comical; he’s vice president of the Michigan Practice & Legal Administration Counsel 812100. Oh! By the way, he didn’t show up in court to represent himself (01/11/2010). He petitioned the court to withdraw (Case No. GC 09 1653) but did not/could not show his face in court. He wasn’t feeling well. Hummmm, Really!!!. Do not invest in this attorney James G. Schmier. Do not invest in his law firm, Schmier Law, PLLC (Birmingham, MI) and or other businesses associated with him: 1). Dui-Detroit (Birmingham, MI) and 2). J. Schmier Productions, Ltd (Birmingham, MI). WARNING!!! RED FLAG!!!!! His advertisements all are false. He is not an experienced lawyer. He is not an expert at anything.

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17377 [Bridgend]
Total claims:1
Clean Break - SCAM - Clean Break »17/03/1117/03/20111 SCAM
I wanted a Clean Break order drafting for my divorce. Rather than pay a whole load of money to a solicitor, I naively assumed that a company such as would be able to do this for me, quickly and cheaply. I contacted them and asked them to send me a draft copy of one they had done before. They wouldn't. I should have known was a scam.

They also tried to sell me a Wil, but luckily I said lets see how the Clean Break goes first. They said you must pay first, then complete their online questionnaire, then this information would be included in the Clean Break Agreement.

The staff on the phone knew all about taking money from me, but knew very little about the agreement and the work, which was what I wanted. I paid £87 plus VAT then they send a login for me to then input details online. I completed the details quickly, next day in fact and then phoned them to say I had finished and how long would it take for them to complete the agreement. They said 21 days.

They never mentioned it would take 21 days, and led me to believe it would be very quick, given I stressed I wanted this done quickly. They then replied saying they can’t do it any quicker than 21 days, so therefore wouldn’t even guarantee 21 days. I asked for refund, they said you must go online to their website, complete an online complaints questionnaire and somebody will get back to me. They then posted me a letter saying no refund.

They then asked me further questions such as my salary and pensions, which was not on the questionnaire. This is a stalling tactic, as they said my case is on-hold.  I said I’ve already complained and also why are they asking more questions.

Basically each time you send them a message you receive a feeble response which always includes the following message at the bottom of their email: “Finally, please help us improve our customer service by taking a few moments to give some feedback on the quality of this email? Just click the link below that best describes how you would rate this email. It will only take a few seconds! Kindest Regards, Courtney Jensen”

My response to their stupid message on the bottom of emails would be – STOP ripping people off! My advice to the world is NEVER use they are a SCAM and I’m sure they have no intentions of preparing an agreement, just as they have no intentions of returning my money.

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19947simone\'s handwriting analysis [Huddersfield]
Total claims:1
Handwriting Analysis »29th June 201028/06/20111

Simone's handwriting analysis

My mother died in October 2009 and left a will with which my brother was not happy. After trying unsuccessfully to obtain evidence from bona fide handwriting analysts since her death, finally in recent months, he found one who was willing to write in a "report" what he wanted said i.e. that the signature on my Mother's will is a forgery. I can only imagine what he paid to induce her to do this. The fact that this person was willing to backdate her report to a date almost a year before and make her analysis with no information about my Mother's state of health etc and base it on two photocopied signatures upon which my Brother had given directions on what he wanted said shows the lack of professionalism of this person. She has no qualifications whatsoever and the information on her website contradicts her claims about experience. Anyway, repeating her fraudulent and misguided attempts at document analysis would constitute experience of sorts even if it does not give experience that supports her claims to be an "expert." I made contact with a genuine expert who is also a member of the British Institute of Graphology and she described Ms Tennant-Smith (the owner of Simone's handriting service) as "dangerous" and her report as "virtually meaningless" and the "worst she'd ever seen." She justified her use of the word "dangerous" when she told me of at least one instance that a person had lost their job as a result of a report from this charlatan and indeed, my Brother began a civil action against me on the strength of her "report." Hopefully a court will quickly see through it. It is clearly the case that people in the UK can set up shop and claim to be expert at whatever they wish. Unfortunately, it is when people are taken in by their claims and treat their information seriously that real harm can be done. Simone Tennant-Smith makes most of her income from doing party tricks and this can also be verified by her website. Perhaps you don't need formal qualifications to do this!

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Total claims:1

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20539Matthew S. Fitzgerald [Charlottesville]
Total claims:1
Something That Has To Go Public - US Army Lawyer Corruption »Ongoing since 200410/08/20110
While US Government and military lawyers are not generally considered part of the consumer community, I have found from my own experiences that they are just as corrupt, self-serving, and unethical than those in the for-profit sector (if not EVEN MORE because they compete daily against each other for limited promotions and choice assignments).

Take US Army lawyer JAG Captain Matthew S. Fitzgerald. His egregious ethical behavior deserves permanent posting to this site given that some day shortly, he will depart the US Army and likely practice law in the private sector. So consumer public - beware if you see this lawyer’s name in the future!

While I was on active duty with the US Army, I was THREATENED by Fitzgerald to do something which was contrary to the US Army legal regulations (which I did not know at the time but Fitzgerald did). His motive was to boast this as his first "accomplishment" on his annual performance report of which I later got a copy. This threat resulted in my losing over $50,000 of my personal funds - all because Fitzgerald was trying to get an edge on his lawyer contemporaries.

When I asked the current top US Army lawyer (now Lieutenant General Dana Chipman) for assistance, the first thing they did was appoint Fitzgerald's previous boss and his very obvious close friend to "investigate." Since there was no wrongdoing found as a result of this faux investigation (what a surprise!) but specifics were protected by the Privacy Act so I could not see them, I filed the same complaint with Fitzgerald's state bar (Oregon) which is not protected under privacy laws. Evidence showed that Fitzgerald lied no less than 10 times to the Oregon State Bar when making his official written testimony on the matter.

I pointed this out to Dana Chipman's office as well as several other high ranking US Army lawyers. It was all COVERED UP by the Army's top lawyer hierarchy.

Just to add insult to my financial injury, Captain Fitzgerald got promoted to Major. What else can I say other than, "A fish rots from the head down."

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27024Marion Browning-Baker Family Law Practice
Total claims:2
Disappeared Marion Browning-Baker Is Now Ella Quinn – Fiction Writer! »August, 201214/10/20120
Marion Browning-Baker, who over many years while calling herself a “family law lawyer” in Germany, had a lot of practice making false statements, misrepresenting the facts of her clients in order to wrongfully charge them more money, falsifying bills, and even lying under oath to her state bar. As of today, 75+ identified former clients, including the complainant, have been scammed over $10,000 each by her.

Then she disappeared and refused to contact any of clients again (after taking their money of course) and she also refused to answer to the Georgia State Bar. Well she has a new identity and now calls herself “Ella Quinn, Romance Author” – and claims to be a fiction writer operating out of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. She supposedly has recently signed a contract with Larsen-Pomada Literary Agency in San Francisco. See Browning-Baker’s new identity at:

or her new identify on Facebook at

Actually this is a very good fit for her next career. Her “law practice” - since she was removed from the Army as a lawyer – has been not much more than PURE FICTION anyway to even include her answering the phone as imaginary secretaries over the years with her last one being named “Majella Richardson” and the previous one being “Whitney Overstreet.” She extends these delusions to Ella Quinn’s biography too – where Browning-Baker states that while in the US Army “she was the first woman assigned to a Green Beret unit.” This is really interesting because she was a US Army JAG lawyer until they booted her out in the early 1990’s.

So, those of you following this, the next event will be that she is disbarred and lose her law license permanently. Justice needs to be served - and it will be - as we all have faith in the bigger system, as in the Georgia State Bar, to police-up the dregs at the bottom of the legal profession and dispose of them properly.

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23311EA Visas [London]
Total claims:2
Good Service - Thank you EA Visas »12/11/201130/01/20120
I have to give my sincere thanks to EAVISAS. I am the Tier 2 worker in UK and also want my wife to come with me as a dependent. I applied once in Hong Kong but unfortunately my wife was get rejected due to we cannot present the same address in the documents submitted. We didn't live together after marriage for just few months and that's why we don't have the same address.

My wife and I seeked for help and we found EAVISAS online. We submitted our enquiry by E-mail and they just get us back a day afterwards. We talked about my wife's case and I was just following the instruction to prepare the new batches of documents for my wife's second application. We submitted the application and my wife has just got her visa within a week!

She can come to UK with me now and thanks to EAVISAS helping us can get together.

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19773EA Visas [London]
Total claims:2
EA visas - Thank you »14th of june15/06/20110
I had to get a visas to visit my cousin in China.
EA visas answered my enquiry and dealt with it really fast.
The service was quite good and I advise it to others.
I enjoyed the fact that they called me back and that they helped me a lot with the document since I'm not really good with official papers and photocopies. ~~

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22662aneesa craig [haringey legal service]
Total claims:1
breach of data protection act »201122/12/20110
this solicitor currently works for the london borough of haringey legal services. has a habit of divulging personal sensitve data to 3rd parties without the knoledge or consent of person/s involved and without the knoledge of her team members or manager which leaves the Haringey legal service open to prosecution. when questioned she lies about the reasons for her actions. think twice before employing or working with aneesa craig

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22718Marion Browning-Baker
Total claims:3
DISAPPEARED – Lawyer Marion Browning-Baker! »December 27 201127/12/20110
Does anyone know where lawyer Marion Browning-Baker is hiding these days? Her 58 ex-clients who network regularly on the list maintained by all want to know!

One of the 58, who claims she billed him over $20,000 without doing any real legal work other than write emails back and forth for almost a year, went to visit her at her apartment in Stuttgart a few weeks ago. Her apartment was totally empty. The person managed to talk to one of her German neighbors in the building. The German neighbor said she "fled the country very quickly and that only happens quickly around here when the German tax people are after you." They also said that she would not tell them where she was moving. Of course no one can confirm if the German tax authorities are pursuing her but read on because this story gets even better.

Her visitor then contacted the Regus Center in Stuttgart which she used as a mail drop and to meet clients for the past 5 years. Turns out Browning-Baker never told them she was leaving, never told them she disconnected her phone several months ago which was 0711-161-0000, never told them she moved out of her apartment, and never even terminated her business center contract with them.

Then there is the Georgia State Bar who is also attempting to locate her for several months now for reasons which we cannot print here. They are supposed to contact her by the mailing address she has on record with them. Her mailing address used to be the Regus Center on Koenigstrasse in Stuttgart. Now it only says, "Saint Thomas VI" which you can check for yourself on their website if you go to the lawyer directory and put her name in. So it should be obvious now that she can’t receive any official mail from them – or anyone else for that matter - with a non-address such as this.

Marion Browning-Baker also told authorities in sworn statements, as well as her ex-clients, that she was "sailing off the coast of Australia" for 6 months from October 2010 until April 2011 and not available at her office. The only problem with this is that she never left her Stuttgart home/office this entire time and was billing her last clients like crazy - as she is no longer allowed to advertise in the Stars and Stripes worldwide.

The most entertaining part of all this – and we save the best for last - is that she assumed the role of a fictitious secretary named "Majella Richardson" to answer all of her official email and correspondence during that period of time she said she was sailing. Some people even talked to "Majella" on the phone, which was Browning-Baker’s voice! So if needed, she also plays the role of an imaginary secretary!

So if anyone currently knows where Marion Browning-Baker is hiding at the moment, please email so we can inform the multiple authorities who are now looking for her also. Thank you.

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24002Marion Browning-Baker
Total claims:3
Marion Browning-Baker Still in Germany Scamming Clients »January 201206/03/20120
One of Marion Browning-Baker’s ex-clients informed our network (now a total of 59) recently that Browning-Baker NEVER DEPARTED Germany after all! She only moved apartments and changed her office (which doesn’t exist other than her kitchen table) phone number to 49-711-222-54480. This number is answered by the same German public call center as it was before – same people even. She continues to drag out cases and rip-off her leftover clients, before her advertising was barred, while she prolongs her hiding from the Georgia State Bar – both by mail (her official state bar mailing address still only “St Thomas, VI”) and now by telephone too. Sources say that the German, American, and Virgin Island federal tax authorities also are looking for her.

Here is her primary scam and rip-off FYI: She makes her clients sign a statement that they cannot talk or communicate in any way to any other lawyers which Browning-Baker says she uses with their case. Browning-Baker says that “this signed statement is required by her state bar.” Turns out officially from the state bar that it IS NOT REQUIRED at all! Her state bar even supposedly asked her where it quotes that in Georgia statutes and Browning-Baker never answered (like proving her multiple fictitious secretaries exist over the years because they asked her to prove that too and she didn’t).

Then, knowing that the client probably won’t call the lawyers she uses because of this “Georgia law” as Browning-Baker tells it, she then bills them for work she NEVER DOES knowing the client won’t check up on it. In most cases, 25% OR MORE of the customer’s bills were totally bogus like this.

Lawyers are then supposed to give you the case file back when they stop representing you as all state bars require this as lawyer professional conduct. Forget getting anything back like communications with the other lawyers from Browning-Baker as she refuses to return any of those – and this is even after the state bar tells her to return it.

All 59 of us at are waiting for justice to be served by the Georgia State Bar. Then Marion Browning-Baker will have a real reason leave Germany – that being no law license anymore.

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29167Marion Browning-Baker
Total claims:3
DISBARRED! Lawyer Marion Browning-Baker »April 15, 201323/04/20130
Justice is eventually served – Marion Browning-Baker is NOW DISBARRED and has permanently lost her law license. And it was served on Patriot’s Day too. How appropriate for the men and women who served our country and have been her "victims" for over 15 years after the US Army kicked her out as a JAG lawyer.

Here is the link for the actual disbarment decision by the Georgia State Bar:

Or the link to the recent (as of April 19, 2013) attorney discipline page:

The latest information is that Marion Browning-Baker is now officially a fugitive from Germany as she fled that country for federal income tax evasion before they could prosecute her. Allegations are that she did almost all of her "law practice" business in US banks and US credit cards and then never claimed any of it as Germany income as it bypassed their financial system. This is NOT our opinion either as a professional source from the USA contacted us through our ad and said that Browning-Baker actually BOASTED to her on the telephone that by using the Germany-USA-Virgin Islands "Bermuda Triangle" for residences, she paid no taxes ANYWHERE for the past 20 years.

What we do know also from multiple online sources is that she has a husband named Wendell T. Baker who is a retired US Army sergeant and who is still feeding from the federal trough as he has some US Government job in the Norfolk VA area.

Now Marion and Wendell can live with the reality that the money they are both spending is "dirty" and was never earned honestly. I hope Wendell can sleep well from this after serving in the US Army all the while knowing his wife ran her law practice scam against his fellow service members throughout the 30+ years of their marriage. But then again, it might just be possible that Sergeant Baker was too naive to figure out what was happening right under his nose?

Since Marion Browning-Baker has also boasted a lot over the years to more than one client about her "mansion she owns in the Virgin Islands" on Lovenlund in St. Thomas, call her at 340-776-8428 as an ex-client and maybe she will invite you in for coffee the next time you are down there (FYI - this is all public information taken from the St. Thomas online telephone book).

As a result of her formal disbarment plus all of the above, we now have solicited a lawyer to begin a class action suit against her since we now have over 65 confirmed ex-clients willing to testify. Therefore if you used ever used Marion Browning-Baker in any capacity and desire to be a part of the settlement process, contact our hired attorney at

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24190Lincolnshire Police [North Hykeham]
Total claims:1
Wrongly accused of a crime because of my beliefs »14 May 201116/03/20120
I was friends with this girl for 6 years. She lived in Lincoln and I made the long trip to see her a few times. I even told my bible study conductor about her. I was really kind to her and I became her best friend.
I told her all about my belief (Jehovah's Witnesses). I was hoping she would become one and said she would look into it, but decided to become a Catholic in the end because she was brought up as one.
But then one night on the phone I accidentally offended her. Because I suggested that foreign people in England should be more English. I meant adopt English culture, because I believe that every country has the right to have it's culture. So why cannot England have it too? (There's even a political party known as the British Nigerian Party. They want to give Britain a Nigerian culture! I heard about them on Facebook! So if you think the British National Party are bad think about them!).
Back to the story. My friend was offended because I forgot she was from Israel. But I wasn't talking about her (she had English culture anyway).
I wrote to her trying to apologise. I thought the reason it had come out the way it did was due to way I was brought up. My parents were rather racist and not in the truth. But it wasn't meaningful enough to get her to forgive.
Instead she ended the friendship, told me not to contact her anymore and her church said she was doing the right thing! I was shocked!
If you are a JW you will know that her church are wrong. The bible says you must forgive! I am already distressed and she has to make it worse? I think her church only told her this because they didn't like her being friends with a JW.
I tried to warn her that she was wrong. But she wouldn't listen! I told this story to Yahoo Answers a few times. I didn't mean what I said in racist way!
"She is being petty and unforgiving"
"Yes she really ought to forgive you" they said.
Eventually (yes, you guessed it) the police phoned and told me that if I contact her again I will be arrested and taken to police station. But he didn't make a lot of sense. He said I was forgiven but she still didn't want to see me again. How can that be forgiveness? It wouldn't be accepted in my congregation. I hung up on this stupid officer. I wasn't drunk enough for it. Why should a JW be forced to obey a Cahtholic church?
I complained to them. I didn't want to just leave her because I feared that it was the Catholic thing to do and I wanted to do it Jehovah's way. Her side of the argument is worried about her past mine is worried about her future. Is not more logical to worry about the future?
But they refused to contact her on my behalf and said the officer was being lawful.
"I appreciate that you believe that you was acting on behalf of Jehovah but it doesn't change the fact it was actually you that made the call" they said."
They also didn't want to engage in it anymore and suggested I should get some independent advice (such as a solicitor). But the one I contacted on the internet saw it as harassment, like the police did. I was only trying to get her to do what the bible said. True friends stab in the chest. right? So why she couldn't thank me for my good advice I do not know.

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26109inury lawyers 4you [wakefield]
Total claims:1
northern rail accident »01/10/201121/07/20120
I was trapped in a toilet door of a northern rail train, which they accepted happened sufering bruising and distress

Afye a month they decided the claim would nt give them a large enough fee and fropped the case

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27962Frank Barilla Law/ Frank Barilla [Frank Barilla & Associates]
Total claims:1
Ripped Off For a Loan Modification »6/25/201105/01/20130
I have a "mortgage horror story" for you. It involves the greediest, most ruthless bank on earth - Chase - and my elderly, disabled parents.
My mother Frances is 66, and my father Vincent is 73. Vincent is totally disabled following a massive stroke, so he can no longer work, and Frances, a cancer survivor, now has to work 2 jobs, 7 days a week to make ends meet. Due to my father's disability, they have been forced to live in two separate properties. Vincent must reside in a small one-level condo with a full-time, live-in caregiver.

Because of all the hardships they began to fall behind on mortgage payments. Also, all the loans they have are negative amortizing "option ARM" mortgages, which are considered predatory.

They contacted Chase right away, as soon as they started falling behind, have been working with Chase for the last 18 months - yes, 18 months - to find a solution. They even successfully completed two 3 month "trial modifications," making three consecutive "trial payments" on time. Despite their good performance during the trial period, and despite submitting every
document Chase asked for - 100 times - and despite their obvious hardships, Chase just announced that they plan to foreclose on one of their properties. We are now expecting bad news on the other properties too.

I thought you'd be interested in this story since it shows that greed is Chase's only motivation. My parents have PROVEN that they CAN afford to make the trial payments, and if Chase would just make the trial payments PERMANENT, this situation would be resolved. But God forbid they make things easy, or help those who are sick and disabled.

Please distribute this story to anyone and everyone you can. We don't have a voice - but you DO. And if you have any advice to dispense, or referrals or recommendations to anyone who can help, I'm all ears (or all "monitor.") :) Thank you.

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28199ICS LTD T/A Global Visas Alistair Markham [london]
Total claims:1
Case Number: 2202362/ 2012 Employment Tribunal Judgement »14 January 201329/01/20130
Case Number :2202362/2012 Employment Tribinals Victory House, 30-34 kingsway ,London WC2B 6EB 020-72738603 email

On 14 January 2013 there has been judgement made by Employment Judge Sum amount to paid by 28/01/2013 amount £9,941.61
Amount to be paid to the Claimant 14 days 28/01/2013
The relevant judgement day is 14 January 2013
The Calculation day is 28 January 2013
The stipulated rate of Interest is 8%

3. In relation to such an award ( excluding sums represnting cost or expenses) simple intrerest begins to accrue on a daily basis from the day after
the day on which the Tribunal judgement is sent to the parties. The day on which the document containing the Tribunal judgement is recorded as having been sent to the parties is known as.
payable from and including the following day, which is known as the the calculation day"

Contact the Claimant : email
Or contact the Employment Tribunals for payment
As Yesterday 28/01/2013 calculation day 8%

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29206 Polygraph Security Services [london]
Total claims:1
Jeremy Barrett Polygraph Security Services NOT REGISTERED!!! »2010 - 201327/04/20130
Jeremy Barrett from carried out a polygraph on me at the cost of £1500 for two sittings. I later found out he is not only not registered but not qualified to do such a test. So the whole point of taking the test was worthless. He sold his services to me as the leading expert in the UK. He even boasted about testing Bill Clinton among others. I was demoralised to find out from of a real forensic psychologist and polygraph examiner he had caused huge problems in a murder trial some time ago. And had a terrible reputation within the industry.

Not knowing this at the time, I went to use him again on a separate incident with my girlfriend to find out if she had cheated on me. incredibly Jeremy actually spoke to her and told her of the questions and our conversation prior to the test. If this was not bad enough, I had stipulated in our contract he could not speak to my girlfriend prior to the test or have any contact... The most dishonest, unprofessional person I have ever dealt with in my life

I want my money back. He is a disgrace, I put my life on the line with this man. I trusted his word (ironically) only to find out his credibility is Zero!

Now I have to do it all over again. He refuses to give me back my money or return my e mails...

If you can't trust a Polygraph examiner who can you trust???

Jeremy Barrett is not registered with the UK polygraph registers! His tests are worthless and forget testing someone else. I'm not sure what his angle of speaking to the person is before their test, to warn them of the details of the test and questions prior to the test. I can only think of extortion but I can't prove that because I stopped it as soon as they spoke. It was my actual girlfriend who told me. AMAZING!


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29207Jeremy Barrett [London]
Total claims:4
Polygraph security services FRAUDSTER! »201327/04/20130
Jeremy Barrett from polygraph security services carried out a polygraph on me at the cost of 1500 for two sittings. I later found out he is not only not registered but not qualified to do such a test. So the whole point of taking the test was worthless. He sold his services to me as the leading expert in the UK. He even boasted about testing Bill Clinton among others. I was demoralised to find out from of a real forensic psychologist and polygraph examiner he had caused huge problems in a murder trial some time ago. And had a terrible reputation within the industry.

Not knowing this at the time, I went to use him again on a separate incident with my girlfriend to find out if she had cheated on me. incredibly Jeremy actually spoke to her and told her of the questions and our conversation prior to the test. If this was not bad enough, I had stipulated in our contract he could not speak to my girlfriend prior to the test or have any contact... The most dishonest, unprofessional person I have ever dealt with in my life

I want my money back. He is a disgrace, I put my life on the line with this man. I trusted his word (ironically) only to find out his credibility is Zero!

Now I have to do it all over again. He refuses to give me back my money or return my e mails...

If you can't trust a Polygraph examiner who can you trust???

Jeremy Barrett is not registered with the UK polygraph registers! His tests are worthless and forget testing someone else. I'm not sure what his angle of speaking to the person is before their test, to warn them of the details of the test and questions prior to the test. I can only think of extortion but I can't prove that because I stopped it as soon as they spoke. It was my actual girlfriend who told me. AMAZING!


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Jeremy Barrett Polygraph Security Services NOT REGISTERED!!! »201307/05/20130
My name is Ian Griffin.
I took out Jeremy Barrett's services to take a polygraph. After spending £1500 I found out from a real UK registered examiner that Jeremy Barrett was not even trainer or registered in the UK so it was pointless.

I called Jeremy to get my money back but not only would he not take my call he actually called a newspaper to try to sell the results of my polygraph. Lucky for me I had passed every question and had already informed the actual paper he had called.

My contact at the paper called me to tell me what he had tried to do. He said "he was desperate for any sort of payment. Apparently he called other but they turned him away.

I can't explain how awful this man is, petty little gossip would be the understatement of the year!

Calling the press with privileged information that the client has paid for is just insane.
I know Jeremy is hard up but there is NO excuse for that behaviour.

I am now suing Jeremy Barrett for every penny he has.


He even called my girlfriend to gossip about my situation.

I am Speechless!

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