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27291Steve Evans [Warwick]
Total claims:1
My wife and me »August 201207/11/20122
On their recommendation we sold a lot of unwanted gold.
We have dealt with them for years so felt confident.
On reflection we realised that this was the first time that they
owe us any money.
They have simply refused to pay,giving us lots of dishonest explanations of why they haven't.
My advice: do not engage in any dealings that involve them owing you money.

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27285Classic Watches of Warwick [Warwick]
Total claims:1
Doesn't like to pay! »18th May 201207/11/20121
Have taken in a watch to sell six months ago, they accepted it and sold it on at a profit but have never passed the money over to me. have reported this to Trading Standards. Recieved more information that I am not the only one to have suffered this misfortune, stay clear!

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Total claims:1
WWW.REPLICA-WATCH-SHOPPING.COM »9th February 201008/04/20100

WWW.REPLICA-WATCH-SHOPPING.COM I placed an order with this company on 9th February, 2010 and they sent the wrong watch. Since then I have emailed them constantly asking them to provide the return address and for a full refund. They refuse to provide any return address but insist that I pay them yet more money to accept another watch which I don't want. Beware of this company and DO NOT give WWW.REPLICA-WATCH-SHOPPING.COM any business whatsoever!

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Total claims:1
Goods never received »04.03.201010/04/20100

I ordered a set of cufflinks which I never received. They promise a 10-day delivery. It was supposed to be a birthday present and they spoilt it all.
I tried to get an explanation but my e-mails were never answered.

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12063Top One International Corp. [New York]
Total claims:1
reimbursement for undelivered goods »August 27th 200914/04/20100
Ref. Order Reference no. 150069, Reimbursement Claim

To whom it may concern,

My name is George Bontea, I currently live in London, UK.
This letter is to request reimbursement for a purchase I made from Top One International Corp. 14 Bond. St. 442, Great Neck NY 11021, USA through their website, identification order 4-watches-30560, also refered to as no. 150069, paid online on August 27th 2009 and spent 34.95 USD for a quick delivery, estimated to 3-5 days, which was never delivered to me. The package contained two watches Casio PAW1500-T worth 239.00 USD each, for a total of 478.00 USD, 34.95 USD shipping taxes, an overall total of 512.95 USD.

The package was mailed with USPS Express International Mail, tracking number EC65 8553 199US to my Italian address in the city of Pescara.
On September 27th 2009, upon my request for a Proof of Delivery, the USPS wrote me an e-mail informing me that:
“In response to your request dated 08/29/2009, we regret to inform you that we were unable to locate any delivery information in our records regarding your item number EC65 8553 199US.”

Given all these and indicating that I already exchanged numerous email communications with Top One International Corp. trying to solve this issue, I do respectfully request total and immediate refund of the amount spent on this order worth USD 512.95.

Please communicate me the outcome of this action electronically by email at or by phone at +447935981944.

Looking forward to your reply.
Sincerely yours,

George Bontea

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Total claims:1
con »22/01/1122/02/20110
beware this company bought seadweller copy only to receive one with broken movement and winder emailed company and who just send a automated response saying that they will pass message on emailed over 20 times now but just get same message each time
just waisted money very cheap unusable copy

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Total claims:1
watch and money »05/04/201105/04/20110
I bought a watch on the 17/jan/2011 after 3 month waiting i made a dispute comlaint to get my money back witch was refused by the seller,the explanation was the watch was lost in custom
somewhere in China so I have to lose my money as well.The same seller charge my card again for $100.00 without my authorisation
This company clearly just stolen my money.Site name use the name as Christine and Cherry.

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21997Montres Allison replica watches [Internet]
Total claims:1
Montres Allison replica watches from »10/17/201111/11/20110
I paid $150 on my visa for a Montres Allison replica tourbillion. They said it was just like the real thing and was a real tourbillion just like Terry Allison makes. When I got the watch I couldn't believe my eyes. They sent me a watch that was completely different than the one in the picture on the shopping cart!

I emailed them to tell them of the mistake and they showed me a disclaimer on the site that said that they may substitute another model if the item purchased is not available. They sent me a Montres Allison replica that had a different layout and face color!

I told them that they must give me a refund and I am sending the watch back. They said they are not authorizing it and are recording the phone call and won't give me a return authorization number unless I give them 50.00 restocking fee as per the terms on their website!

I called my bank to dispute the charges and now some time has passed and they have declined my refund! I had already sent the watch back to them and now they won't return my emails!!

I need some help to stop this scam! Watch out if buying any kind of watch from them! You will get ripped off!

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Total claims:1
Haven't recieved item. »17/7/1102/08/20110
Bought a pretty nice watch, for a low price. Seller was good untill the point where I paid. Paid for a watch and after that no communication from seller. Made claim with paypal and ioffer, hopefully will get my money back. Shame on this seller.

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22014Montres Allison Terry Allison [Denver]
Total claims:1
Terry Allison of Montres Allison Watches - cheater womanizer player »11/11/201113/11/20110

Be warned of the worst womanizer player in the history of the world! Terry Allison of Montres Allison

This man Terry Allison of Montres Allison watch company is the biggest player womanizer I've ever encountered. I caught him on his blackberry saying the same thing to woman after woman. You have never seen such a player in your life! Stay away from him. He will hurt you! If Terry Allison of Montres Allison watches tries to date you, tell him no or you will regret it!

He calls us all Mrs. and Ma'am. and says whatever it takes to get in your pants and then drops you so fast. Stay away from him. He will break your heart. Terry Allison of Montres Allison watch company is the worst player womanizer jerk i have ever seen in my life. I fell in love with him and he doesn't care because he is busy making other women love him at the same time. He is such a player womanizer!

you should never never never trust Terry Allison of Montres Allison watches. Terry Allison of Montres Allison watches will hurt you emotionally because of his lies. Don't trust him. :-(

Terry Allison of Montres Allison timepieces has dated more than 60 women in the last 4 years and says the same stuff to all of them in order to get them into bed. If you've been called Mrs. or Ma'am or cutie then those are his player tactics to manipulate you into falling in love with him. He is a total player womanizer who will drop you after you have sex with him a few times. He seems like he's on a mission to be with as many women as he can be.

Terry Allison of Montres Allison is suddenly gone out of my life because of being a serial dater. That is not good. Women need to be warned that Terry Allison of Montres Allison watches will break their hearts. He is not good to have in your life. Everything will seem so perfect he will sweep you off your feet and then leave you just as fast and you will cry for weeks because how could somebody be so evil to hurt you like that when nothing was wrong.

Terry Allison of Montres Allison is the worst of the worst bad boys when it comes to dating. No matter how hard it is, avoid Terry Allison in Denver, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Las Vegas - ugh - that's a whole other story!

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Total claims:1
DONT TRUST THEM THEY ARE SCAM »16 jan 201216/04/20120
I've bought an watchers from this company, I didn't realised that they sell only LOW QULITY replica watches. After I received watches I contacted them and ask for refund. They were agreed to do refund and gave me an address in China where to sent them back. And so I did. Suddenly they stopped to reply on my emails and no refund I have received.
After some investigation I found that they have a chain of website, just google their email

and so on

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