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13246Vertigo Site Solutions [Middlesbrough]
Total claims:2
VERTIGO SITE SOLUTIONS »01/07/201006/08/20105

This company approched me to undertake SEO for my website and to place me at the top of google for various keywords. I got the companys proposal in writing. After approaching the company they agreed that they owed me a proportion of the money I had paid out to them in writing, they then agreed to pay me £1318.13 for which they sent me a full cheque. I actually thought that that was the end of the matter but no the cheque bounced and I then contacted the company to ask them about this they simply said they decided to cancel the cheque but never gave me any reason as to why. I have been dealing with a guy called Charlie Manners, but I do believe a Kevin Mchugh to be the director of this company as this is on companies house. How can i get my money back surely there is a way because they issued a cheque and have admitted to me by this cheque that they owe me this money. Please help

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Total claims:1
Ortegra = Fraud, Scam, Ripoff started by Fraudster's Jay Shah & Stephen Page »Jan 201202/02/20123
Fraudster's Jay Shah & Stephen Page of Ortegra Duped our Company of almost GBP 8,000, Our Company ONS represented by Myself "Ankur Gupta" Head of Accounts & Our Director Mr. Ajay Sharma has already filed a Complained today in our Local Police Station today and will be forwarding the copy of the same to Economic Offence Wing and will also get Interpol to take action against these Fraudsters.
Their Modus Operandi is Unique, They call them as Venture Capitalist when they don't have money to even pay their pending bills, They allure entrepreneurs into their trap by projecting themselves as VC'S & Angel Investors and telling them that they really like their Idea and once the victim falls into the trap then they say that they would Invest 50% and the entrepreneur should invest 50% and when the entrepreneur pays them 50% money then they outsource the work to an offshore company like ours at a fraction of that price, but then these imposters never pay the bills to offshore companies and during the life cycle entrepreneurs also realize that these guys are imposters /fakes and have no knowledge of what they are doing but by then its too late as by then huge amount of Money is swindled by these Conmen.
After our research we found that, they have already duped several entrepreneurs latest victims being Eulogy Magazine, Peerpex, , ...there are plenty more... We are also getting in touch with these companies to create a forum to get the UK government to take action against these Frauds.
This is the last correspondence we had with these Frauds, after reading the below you will realize that to ensure no other entrepreneur , offshore company like ours get into their trap we have declined to take on their offer but instead going public with our findings...

"From: Ankur Gupta
Sent: 24 January 2012 01:59
To: 'Jay Shah'
Cc: 'Ajay Sir'; 'Stephen Page'
Subject: RE: ONS / Ortegra
Hello Mr. Shah,

                          Thanks for your reply, and I mentioned to you below, that with these emails I am not trying to negotiate a deal with you but the figure I quoted is the best we are willing to settle for and there will be no negotiations and please don't comment on the quality of work we do as we are not the company that is shutting down!!! but Instead we are growing at a phenomenal rate of 200% year on year for last 4 yrs and let me assure you this kind of growth does not happen if were a company who was doing poor development work.

Also, What I mentioned below are not threats but FACTS, and if we decide to take this route, It won't be about getting the Invoices paid but solving a much bigger purpose. As you will appreciate we will do over $3 million this year, so I am sure we can live with this loss, but we will make sure that what happened to us doesn't happen to any other company so we will let the entire world know, how your company deceived and cheated us by posting facts on all the blogs and complaint sites of the world and Ofcourse you will have all the freedom to file rebuttals and express your opinion and we will then  let the world decide. At this time Mental satisfaction is more important to us than the money we lose and I am sure by doing so It will safe guard many vendors and customers...and that to is a much bigger purpose.
I will let you decide of what you route you would want to take.

Ankur Gupta"

Details of the Fraudster's:
Jay Shah,
Chief Executive
M: +44 7595 292 684

Stephen Page
M:  +44 7812 985 121     

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20296Nutraslim and Quick Detox [Doagh]
Total claims:7
Unauthorised charges and NO REFUNDS »June 201125/07/20112
After being disappointed with the "free trial" I returned the empty bottles as directed and cancelled any further orders. Still more orders arrived and each time they were sent back at my own expense quoting the RMA number given. Each time I contacted the company asking for the shipments to stop. 4 x £59.99 was taken out of my bank account in a 2 week period. £239.96 for stuff I hadnt order, didnt want and SENT BACK!!!! The customer representative assured me that the charges were an error and the money would be back in my account in 7 working days. It wasnt. When i contacted them again I was told that the refund was delayed "due to a high volume of returns" and it would be a further 10 working days before I would get the money. That time has passed. Still no refund.
Any "support tickets" openend on their website are ignored. Emails = ignored. 40 minute wait on the phone for a representative to be available and when you speak to them they just LIE. THIS COMPANY IS AN UTTER DISGRACE.

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16541online clock company
Total claims:2
item out ofstock »08/02/201107/02/20111
Ipurchased the clock - they aadvise out of stock.

Their terms & conditions advise when this happens I am entitled to a full refund -

There is no way to ask them for a full refund as they do not reply to e-mails and their cutomer services telehpone number advises they are unable to take calls.

Ihave contacted Sage Pay who processed the payment - they only advise they only deal with reputable companies - clearly they aren't interested.

This company are a nightmare.

Iwant my money back.

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20154Nutraslim and Quick Detox [Doagh]
Total claims:7
unauthorised withdrawals from my bank account »30/6/1113/07/20111
on 7/6/11 I ordered a free sample of Nutraslim and Quickdetox for which I had to pay a postage fee (and give my debit card no.)
I received the free sample and did not order or receive any further supplies.
On 30/6/11 I was horrified to see that two lots of £59.99 had been deducted from my account. I contacted the Halifax building society and they filled in a fraud claim but now say that I must have agreed to something in the small print and will take it now further - just telling me to contact the firm. I have tried ringing the number of Nutraslim/Quickdetox but have been left hanging on for 1 hour with no success, I have emailed them 4 times with no reply
Please help!

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21802Nutraslim and Quick Detox [Doagh]
Total claims:7
returned goods not recieved refund »06/09/201102/11/20111
I sent off for a free sample of slimming tablets, both nutraslim and quick detox, I realised that they were rubbish so rang to cancel the order I was told that I had successfully cancelled the order for both nutraslim and quick detox and that no more money would be taken from my account,two months later £59.99 was taken from my account when I contacted them they told me I had cancelled the nutraslim but not the quick detox and I would have to return my free sample before they would refund my money, having sent the product back by registered post I waited for 2 weeks still no refund so I contacted them again they tried to say that I had not sent the product back but I had proof that they had received the parcel on 06/09/2011 so the person I spoke to said it would take 5 weeks to refund the money im still waiting.

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Total claims:1
What is this? »3/31/201030/04/20100

This charge appeared on my debit card statement. I cannot even find this place on the internet and have never order anything that was $45.19. Isn't there laws against this sort of thing?


I just checked my transactions for the past couple of days and the same $45.19 is pending on my account again on 4/29/2010. I can not continue being drained like this. The company I've worked for for 11 years just went under and I am unemployed. I don't even have internet service in my home.

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Total claims:1
What is this? »3/30/201030/04/20100

This charge appeared on my debit card statement. I could not find out anything about this site. I have not purchased anything online from any site that cost $49.97. This is ridiculous. Another $49.97 charge appeared almost exactly a month later but for a different internet site. I wonder if it's the same one....
These charges have cost me far too much already. I may be forced to close the first Visa debit account I have ever had.

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Total claims:1
What is this? »4/27/201030/04/20100

I'm really tired of charges to my debit card that I did not authorize and can't even track down where they're coming from. I can't believe there aren't laws against this sort of thing. I think this is the same company that charged me $49.97 about a month ago and they've just changed their name to keep from getting caught up with.

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30080Vertigo Site Solutions [Middlesbrough]
Total claims:2
SEO »24/09/0916/01/20140
This company approached me with the promise of 1st page ranking on google for a year. After paying the full amount they asked to gain access to the back of my website, which was a template and did not support html coding. I instructed VSS of this and asked for a refund, to which they refused as they said the coding had been done for this job. I then asked for the coding to be supplied to me, to which they also refused. I cannot afford to go after them through a small claims court and they have held my money and the coding with no way of getting this.
what to do?

more details » [London]
Total claims:1
WoW gold rip off »22-8-2010 22/08/20100

i bought world of warcraft virtual gold they didnt gave me it because of out of stock i contacted them but they kept saying that for a long time after 4 times of asking they gave me a refund but they never gave me wath i bought its like 2 months and they keep saying we dont have the gold in stock on your servers its like 2 months since i bought it and they will still not give me the gold because they have the money no more...

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20520Network Hosting Association
Total claims:1
Unauthorised deductions from bank account »May 23; June 23;July 1807/08/20110
The amount of $29.95 has been deducted from my bank account in May, June and July this year completely unauthorised by myself.

I have no idea how they obtained my bank account details.
this is fraud, pure and simple and I want a fulll and immediate refund.

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15710online clock company
Total claims:2
Online Clock Company »15/10/201003/01/20110

I placed my order on 15/10/2010 & it was not despatched until 15/11/2010, a wait of a month. When the clock eventually arrived it was not working. I phoned the company & they arranged that DHL would collect the clock from me which they did on 17/11/2010, I tracked this delivery & it was received back at the company on 18/11/2010. I have since heard nothing & not received a replacement clock as requested. They are now uncontactable by phone or e mail - a ridiculous situation. I want an immediate refund of my money but cannot get in touch with them

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16137Freedom2vape. UK [London]
Total claims:1 »20th January 201020/01/20110 I have had problems with this website and I wonder if they actually exist apart from taking your money. On the 20th Dec 2010, I ordered an E-Cigar which cost £9.28. I have not received the goods to date (20th Jan 2011). I mailed them several times via their ‘Contact Us’ link on the website. They have not replied. I sent them a text, again no reply. I then sent them an e-mail to their sales department, again no response. They have totally ignored any communication. They give their address as 4 Percy Street, London. This address is a ladies fashion shop. They may well have rented an office above the shop, that I don’t know. I have phoned their number five times, the phone rings but there is no answer. In my opinion this website is a complete scam. A decent company listens to their customers.

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23090we approve limited [bournemouth]
Total claims:2
money »18/1/201218/01/20120
I have had money taken out of my bank £67.74 today which has caused me to now owe my bills , i have never even heard of this company (we approve limited) let alone having anything from them , also it says it goes back to march last year , well i only opened a bank account in oct 11 , so how has this company got any details? I am fuming!

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25628we approve limited [bournemouth]
Total claims:2
False Promises »22.11.1118/06/20120
After promising I was approved for a loan, I made the payment to process the application. However, no loan was avilable for me due to my age (82yrs). I have attempted to get my money back but been unsuccessful in getting a response.

more details » [bournemouth]
Total claims:5
refund »16/12/1106/02/20120
on the 16/12/11 weapprove went in my account to take £67.74 without me knowing anything about it. they said I applied for a loan but I haven't because I don't even work am still in college.

I will like a refund of my money

more details » [bournemouth]
Total claims:5
theves »26/02/201126/02/20110
i have woke up this morning with £67.74 taken from my account so i have phoned bank and they have told me that it is this company !!!!!!!!!!!
how are these people getting away with this?????
i have emailed them about this as i have never seen the site before in my life so i would call this stealing
or i will be seeking legal action
this transaction has not been AUTHORISED

more details » [bournemouth]
Total claims:5
I NEED MY MONEY BACK »2/3/201102/03/20110
Hi no idea why this company have taken 69.72 out of my account today... I have searched and put card details in but under no circumstances have i agreed for this money to be taken..

more details » [bournemouth]
Total claims:5
took money from my account when i didnt authorise them to do so »16 03 201119/03/20110
May details were passed to different loan companies after making an enqiry about payday loans.on the morning of 16.03.2011 i checked my bank balance and noticed the money had gone,so i went down to my local branch after they made some enquiries they told me the money went to this company i never heard of i`ve been on their website and just as i suspected they have no phone number...but i`ll find one though....i think its theft coz i didnt auotherise them to do so.

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