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12184Computeach LTD. [west midlands]
Total claims:1
hard selling »january 200729/04/20100

I was interested in a home computing course and a man from computeach came to my house to tell me about it. I told him i would think about it and he called me every day for the next 2 weeks trying to pressure me into it. he guaranteed me a job and said i wouldnt start paying for the next 2 years. i was sent 1 file and 2 broken discs after i was promised much more. i completed the 1st year of the course and was then told the material was out of date and would have to start over. he admited that he messed up but later denied everything. A year on i am struggling financially and i still have not herd from any one at Computeach. It is apparant that thay just wanted my money and did not care about me. Marc Howlett

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13979usb9memory [China]
Total claims:1
No Contact »Sept.27,201005/10/20100

Made an order for a flashdrive to this company in September.
Now, waiting for delivery, I can not contact them in any manner.
I now fell I got ripped off.

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16610Estrada Ltd [LONDON]
Total claims:1
computer service »06/01/201110/02/20110
I had problems with my computer, i called a company and asked if they could fix it, they said yes. They sent their technician out, whom did not fix the computer to proper working order, i paid cash and no receiipt was given. I called the next day to tell them the computer is not working properly, still has error messages.The computer technician did not know how to resolve them. I then spoke to the manager and explained i wasnt happy with their service, as the commputer still gives errors, he said oh i can send the technician back to repair but i will need to charge you extra costs. I said no, as im not prepared to pay for a service that has not been corrected to my satisfaction.This company has not used reasonable care and skill, according to the supply of goods and services acts 1982.I later got another technician to repair my computer.I would like damages to cover the costs ive encured.The company is now sending me an invoice for additional costs, for a service they did not provide.
please can you advice me of what can be done. Im disabled and housebound, and have been exploited by this company. How long will this take to be dealt with please
Yours sincerely

C Wilkinson

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24269 [shenzhen]
Total claims:1
good not received »12/02/201221/03/20120
I purchased some porable hard drives from these people, no delivery, no refund , now no communication.

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24671Lisa Lee [shenzhen]
Total claims:2
goods not delivered no reponse to email or calls »20/04/201220/04/20120
Be very careful with this company. Company name is H.K ANJIER INTERNATIONAL GROUP LIMITED. I searched via google and found the company was dissolved in 2009. I have lost US$625. I ordered some samples of Notebooks. They have not responded to any calls or emails after they received the money.Her name is Lisa Lee and her email address is
ph: +8675536872

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24902Lisa Lee [shenzhen]
Total claims:2
Fake spedition »21/04/2012 10:2904/05/20120
Dear Mr. Vassilios Apostolopoulos,

How are you. Sorry to reply you late, i just come back from factory.

We have sent you goods by DHL yesterday night.

DHL tracking number: 698 2708 684


We will be given another tracking number when your goods pass through HongKong custom,it will take about 2 working days, then i will email you immediately if i get it, and you can track your goods.




Phone: 86-755-36872254

Skype: lisa.lee800

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255801sweetiesstore [Not Given]
Total claims:1
Tohiba C300 Keyboard »27th March 201214/06/20120
Placed an order for a keyboard on this company on 27th March 2012 and it was indicated on their website the following day the following status stating that the goods were being processed.
We have received your payment and will send the
order to you soon.
It takes about 8-15 business days to arrive.
Please wait for it patiently.
Thanks for your business.

This status of the order is still shown as 'processing'.

So far the goods have not been received and I have sent four emails to them over the past week, asking for a status update. I have received no response from them.

Two weeks ago I was running a google search and the very same keyboard was indicated as being available from this company.

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Total claims:1
Non replacement of faulty goods. Unsatisfactory response to emails »30.11.1212/03/20130
The cartridges I bought and paid for ran out after a few uses and did not seem compatible with my printers memory. I reported this and was stalled for weeks - they claim to respond to you in one day but they don't. When they do eventually respond they don't make any referrence to the complaint but stall you further. I kept on emailing and threatened legal action and eventually receied advice to send the cartridges back for testing. I only had teo left as the others had been thrown away. I reveiced 1 cartridge back and am now back to the same old routine of emailing and getting stalled and ignored. Everytime they claim not to have the information but its all there in one email trail and my customer details are tracable through their system.

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