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12760asda [st helens]
Total claims:4
wrongfully acused »23 june25/06/20106
I visited Asda to purchase a mobile phone for a birthday present for a female relative i took what looks like a plastic book off the shelf and went to a desk to complete my purchase, i wanted a pink phone i asked one of the female assistants if pink was available, she said maybe but not in Asda, the colour i had was a lilac/purple i asked if the recipiant did not like the colour could i return the phone, yes, as long as the seal on the box is not broken, i was happy with the response and payed 80gbp, I got back in my car to deliver the present, she did not like the colour!(PIC ON BOX) i had a cup of tea and a chat and returned to asda with the phone and recipt, i carried the phone in my hand Asda did not even provide a bag, this is less than an hour after purchase(time on recipt 12.33) there was a queue of 3/4 people eventually i was seen i explained what had happened and what was said to the assistant upon purchase, she insected the box and could see the box was still sealed, she studied the box and noticed a small stain, you had to stare to see it, she then broke the seal on the box, the box contents had been replaced by someone, with rocks, i dont know how or when but not by me! i was shocked! she said i would have to take it up with the manufacturer L.G i replied, i had purchased the phone from Asda not L.G so it sureley must be there responsibility, she continued to argue so i demanded to see the store manager, who turned up 5 minutes later(a slim balding gentleman with a irish/canadian accent)i picked up the box and contents and showed him and told him i was shocked and disgusted, he said there was a bigger picture, a fraud had gone on somewhere along the line, and he would have to contact L.G no mention was made the fraud could be by Asda staff or when it has been in transit/warehouse, i felt the finger had started to point i felt humiliated in public! he asked for a phone number which i provided with my name they did,nt want my address but i left it after all i had nothing to hide, i asked what happens next? he said he would contact Asda house and phone me in 2 hours i asked would it be sorted today he replied yes.
I returned home and after some thought contacted trading standards who agreed that Asda where responsible and i should insist on a refund but to be fair give thm 2 hours to contact me.
Nothing was heard so at 5.30 i contacted Asda House in Leeds i spoke to a gentleman named Mark i told him how i felt he was full of appolagies and aranged a refund but said i must wait until 10ish that evening he had left instructions with the store.
Unfortunatley i was delayed and it was after 10 when i returnedi spoke to the duty manager who was willing but unable to refund as Asda have no acces to cash on the night shift because they run on self service tills, i asked if my wife could collect the refund as she was in town next morning this he agreed to.
Next morning my wife went to asda who said they had brought in the police to investigate a fraud she was shown box/contents she says only top of box was damaged, she telephoned me i drove to town and went to the police myself they knew nothing they even radioed round to see if anyone was looking for me, they was,nt i left and made my way back to my car, i spotted a policeman walking towards me from the direction of Asda i asked him if he knew anything, he said he had heard a bit of a story, i explained what had gone on he advised me to return to the store and he would come with me if i wanted, i agreed, after all i had nothing to hide, i was taken to a room and left for 10 minutes, alone. He returned with the store manager who was supposed to have seen me the day before,His accent had changed from irish/canadian to a Liverpudlian accent and he had gained a few stones in weight! He was unwilling to listen the box was produced the bottom of the box was now almost destroyed! i was arested, for so called fraud, later changed to theft, drugs tested, and locked up for hours. i need help i am a respectable 45 year old who has never stolen anything, nor would i, asda have blackened my good name, and im heartbroken.

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Total claims:5
Dreadful customer service »22nd June 201130/06/20112
Just wanted to warn all of you thinking of buying large itmes from ASDA Direct- great website, very easy to use, great products shown and very easy to order and pay- however getting what you ordered when you want it is somthing else- Asda out source their large deliveries and you WILL be at the mercy of these companies- try ro complain, or ask for a refund and things take turn for the worst- Asda customer service staff are ALL based in CAPE TOWN SOUTH AFRICA- they are at best poorly trained and at worst down right rude- i have so far made 21 calls over 7 days at a cost of £12.82p ( freephone numbers don't work on mobile phones) i have been laughed at, patronised, preached to and cut off ( twice by a SUPERVISOR and NO i wasn't shouting and swearing at her) not once has a manager called me to say sorry for the treatment i have received- they have now said they will arrange for my item ( 2 seater sofa bed) to be deliavered NEXT saturday- it was supposed to be here on Wed 22nd June- i know if was the fault of the delivery firm ( YOUDEL>COM) for my not having the sofa ( driver refused to lift it over the door step !!!!)but i paid my money £220 + £18.95 delivery charge to Asda therefore my contract was with them and they should sort it out- they have offered to refund the delivery charge as a "goodwill gesture"- i can't help thinking this is a huge scam run by Asda- they took my money then REFUSED to deal with any problems untill i said i have got trading standards, local and national press and media involved to expose them
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE think twice before you use this company- i have found a website with 1.192 complaints made in the last 6 months all about the same to things- use ASDA DIRECT at your peril

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559Asda Stores Ltd [cardiff bay]
Total claims:10
bad Customer services »06-01-200906/01/20091

My Husband ordered Asda home delivery every week. It was time slot of 10am-12pm. I've been waiting since morning after sending my eldest daughter to school. I waited since 9.15am till 12pm . I keeps looking out form our room window. As it can see through straight to our carpark. Asda home delivery have a big lorry. So able to see very clearly. So about 12pm- 12.01pm my house phone rang, but i was in the loo pee. So less then a minute. I faster dial back to listern to voice mail. It said : as busy schedule unable to come in between your time slot. only can be deliver half an hour to 45 mins later.

As I always out to have my lunch. I can't wait til half an hour to 45 mins. How about my children then. So I went out to do my my other shooping exchanging and drop by to Asda cardiff bay there. I spoke to the customer service lady. She  inform the home delivery manager name Debbie, if I not wrong. She keeps insisted the delivery staff rang my door bell but no one answer. I told her, all the while my time slot time I was at home. Then she told me. oh, you just said you was inside the loo. So  the staff rang the door bell. no one answer. Because of high schedule so got to go couldn't wait anymore. As there others home delivery.

I told her. No. the delivery staff never come at all. But she keeps insisted the staff came. But I was inside the toilet when the door bell rang. So the staff can't wait anymore. Peeing can take how long. I not even 2 mins already out of the loo. If the delivery guy came. How come my door bell no rang sound at all. And post man came also rang my door bell. I even went out to collect signed for mail form him.

It just ridculous kind of bad atitude. If i choose, i rather pay more money for a good customer services store. So far, I quite happy with Tesco store near Penarth marina and Argos at Cardiff bay. And I ever been to penarth woolworth. Their customer service also very bad. But no ponit talk about it. As they already going to close down soon.

Customer service very important to anyone. No matter who you are what you look like. What races, what skin colour or even ages. No one should look down on you or even raise their vioice at you. I attend CUSTOMER SERVICE COURSE before. It said: cusotmer are the one who paying for the staff salary of that store not the boss. The boss open the store for customer to come and purchase item form them. Without customer, the boss no money to pay salary to thier staff. And the boss also earn salary from there too. So customer are important.

Hope Britain can improve their customer service so have a better future together. If you rude to your customer, how will you feel when someone been rude to you too.



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1750Asda Stores Ltd [cardiff bay]
Total claims:10
Complaint »4.4.200909/04/20091

I suffer with sight problems i approched the help desk of my local store to ask for help filling in a lottery ticket and was refused in a nasty manner. i made a complaint to the head office in leeds and was given an apology. i was then contacted by the store manager and given another apology and invited into the store were she helped with my lottery ticket and told me she had spoke to the member of staff in question i left the store happy that my complaint had been dealt with. however i have been back into store today and when i approached the counter two members off staff were talking about me that i was the one who had made a complaint and i left the store and came home very distressed. i feel that i am being disgrimanated against because of my health problems and now dont feel comfortable in going back into the store were i normally do my weekly shopping. i have shopped in the same store for several years and did not expect to be treated in  this way. i feel it may be best to start shopping at a different store and i am now to embarassed to go back in.

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1079Morrisons [Cambridge]
Total claims:5
0 »28/02/200928/02/20091

I just want to make a complain at Morrisons supermarket in Cambourne, Cambridge.

I am astonished at how bad the service is. Today was the last straw. I've put up with it for months now and im sure many others. The staff are completely rude and made my visit to morrisons a nightmare. A complete nightmare. I only live 1/4 of a mile from morrisons but will never be returning again. I waited twenty minutes to be served as there was hardly's any workers there.

A worker went behind a till so i thought she was going to serve but she said we are not opening, so i turned away. next thing i know she opened it to other customers. The hastly left the place as it was the end of her shift. she even smirked at me as she left.

i can't believe anyone would recieve sych bad service. I work in customer service and if i went on like the workers at Cambounre, i would be out of the job.

this is the first complain ive ever written but were completely rude and had no manners at all.


I really hope something does comes from this because i don't want anyone to go through what i went through. It was such a bad ordeal.

I am totally disgusted by there behaviour and will seek advice on help how to deal with this because they way i was treated i felt it was against my rights.

really hope someone takes notice of this.


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1844Morrisons [Cambridge]
Total claims:5
bullying »every time i work16/04/20091

I have now worked for morrion's for a number of years now and have and  still am suffering from bulling and intiadation I am not the only one to suffer this treatment dished out by the night manager Gwyn Jones  and belive that this bullying is not limeted to one store (newtown powys wales )  it is company wide I am being constantly got at The manager tries to turn  my work mates agaisnt me by attempting o get them to make complaints against me. on my first night he told me i was a wase of space and when i went trough the dorr to go home not to come back like i say I am not the only one to be a victim of this I see it all the time  I have been trough the copay procedures of complaint but nothing is ever done to resolve this  In one instance i remember Gwyn had upset a young girl working there  anyway she ended up in tears and ran outside (it was near the end of her shift) to her father who was waitng to take her home, it aws that bad tnat her father entered the store to comfront Gwyn the father  nearly hit gwyn as he was upset and a nother manager had to intervine to calm the situation.ONne worker who was also being bullied got unfairly dismissed for something they had not done but appealed and got thier job back the appael found that morrisos had no evidence to warrant dissmisal. the thing that anouys me the most about everyone knows what is going on but are unwilling to do or say anything as they are fearfull tey will be the next ones to get bullied and in this current climate of recession no one can afford to be with out a job,



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719Asda Stores Ltd [cardiff bay]
Total claims:10
Specticles »29-1-200926/01/20090

I purchased a pair of PRESCRIPTION glassesone year and two weeks ago i chose PLAYBOY DESIGNER ones atb around £140 .This week although i dont wear them much one of the arms came off . I took them back only to be told they were two weeks over the gaurantee .

OK i accepted that but i asked them to get them repaired only to be told they could'nt be repaired and i might as well throw them away .£140 down the drain .

I rang ASDA head office only to be told that i would be put in a queue and it would take 48Hrs for a reply ,i rang three days running but never did get any one of management to talk to .Try it yourself .We spend about £250 every year with ASDA for glasses as well as shop for around £110 a week but never again , my family have stopped as have my friends because of this.ASDA rip off merchants no follow up and the service we find is terrible .Who ever heard of a phone queue of 48 hours?

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1055Asda Stores Ltd [cardiff bay]
Total claims:10


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1256Asda Stores Ltd [cardiff bay]
Total claims:10
E coupons »1103200911/03/20090

Having received my e voucher with free delivery code M4 FD FD 47 Saving £4.50 on all orders placed and delivered on or before the 12th March. I decided to place my order on the 11th March for delivery the following day. This would mean i was within the time frame of the free delivery service being offered. Unfortunately my e voucher was rejected. I contacted the 0845 number and spoke to a lady who promptly told me the e voucher ran out at midnight of the 11th. I reminded her that I had the terms and conditions of the e voucher in front of me. She at no point stated that the e-voucher had been removed and the offer was no longer valid as is also stated in the terms and conditions, had she of said this i woud have accepted that everyone entering the code would be told the same thing. This was not the case and I was merely told the voucher ran out on the date I have already stated midnight of the 11th March I told the representative from ASDA I would be complaining as this was false misrepresentation. This may be a small amount of money but when you have people like myself believing they will be getting a free service it will add up to a considerable amount of money that ASDA will be getting on a promotion that doesn't run to the stated date of the 12th March.

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2019Asda Stores Ltd [cardiff bay]
Total claims:10
rip off by Asda »02/04/200928/04/20090

I booked  flights for my family from uk to bangkok and return flying out 25/07/2009 returning25/08/2009.Between booking and payment they changed  the flight options creating a 20 hour stopover at Doha on outward journey.I contacted Asda helpdesk and they wanted £1700.00 to make changes to earlier flight.I have sent numerous e mails and letters and they maintain not their responsibilty.I have elder son who is autistic and not prepared to accept this length of delay at airport but Asda will not help not even in arranging for hotel accommodation during this period.

They have said they do this to maximise their revenue but this is at customers expense but as their fault I am expected to pay for their mistakes.

Please help.

RE: Qatar Airways flight problem‏

From: Available 
Sent: 28 April 2009 22:24:32


Subject: RE: Qatar Airways flight problem
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 21:21:53 +0100

 Regarding your e mail dated the 28/04/2009 I still consider that your facts are inaccurate
as follows:-
1) In your earlier e  mail you advise that Asda does not and in fact cannot block anything on your computer etc..Then why when I research the backgorund history the response is" Error we
unfortunately cannot display the travel request you require".I think you should check your facts
and database before giving me a response like that.
2) Again earlier e mail you advise that my computer could be comprised by spyware or some
similar infection.I would advise you that I am a multi user computer operator although retired
my equipment has all latest virus/spyware technology and I have been operating since computers were first installed.Besides which I have latest equipment installed so I think you should apologise to me before making wild statements as you have done.
3)Asda Travel have been negligent as I believe that between making the booking and taking payment the options were changed without my consent and with their intervention which would account for the change in cost to £2092.00.My research has been deliberately blocked by Asda
as any history that have tried to obtain has been blocked by their database.
4) The charges are unreasonable and excessive as it is Asda fault not mine.If anyone in that Company had bothered to check flight capacity when this arose would have found that economy class seats were available on the earlier flight.As such Asda should take responsibility for the long stopover and arrange for hotel accommodation at their expense.
5)You have obviously not done any research on visas,I have and suggest that you check again before making statements over Embassy and passports when this already has been
verified which is a requirement before travelling.
6) Over contact with Qatar airways as a customer you should be in contact with them and I suggest that you do so.Asda have created the problems not me and you are required to act on the instructions from your client ie in your terms the booker and in mine the customer.
Yes you may like to maximise your revenue but you are doing so at my expense and  as the customer you have taken this already and the proposal for making charges of £1700.00 is ridiculous.
Under current legislation I am prepared to take Asda and your Company to court under the unfair contract terms act and or consumer protection (Distance selling) regulations 2000.
I am currently considering legal proceedings depending on the response from you and Asda.
Even so I will ensure that this is highlighted publicly to show the appalling way in which Asda have traeated me in this matter.
 Their response:-Qatar Airways has just released a new batch of seats in the class you require on the Gatwick departure on 27 July. Details are as follows: 27 July Gatwick dep 1015 27 July Doha arr       1905 27 July Doha dep      2045 28 July Bangkok arr  0745   The airline has advised that they will permit you to change to this flight for the change fee only so £100 per person plus our charge of £25 per person. Can you let me know as a matter of urgency if you would like to go ahead with this change please? Kind regards Ann Bagnell
P&P Associates Ltd
Asda Travel is a division of P&P Associates Ltd
tel 01438 794007
fax 01438 311119          

footnote  P&P associates are a Company who apparently work under the umbrella of Asda so any help what to do next.

Fw: Qatar flights‏

From: Ann Bagnell (
Sent: 30 April 2009 18:41:00

Hello Mr         I have not yet received a reply to my email sent yesterday and advising of a better connection for you at just the cost of the £125 per person change fee.  This flight requires you to depart from Gatwick. As I am sure you appreciate, seats in the class we need will be in demand and I had hoped that you would contact us as a matter of urgency. I have telephoned 4 times today but without success and there is no means of leaving a message for you so I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Kind regards  Ann Bagnell
P&P Associates Ltd
Asda Travel is a division of P&P Associates Ltd
tel 01438 794007
fax 01438 311119          

RE: Qatar flights‏

Sent: 01 May 2009 00:49:26

 Thank you for your message I would like to take the opportunity of thanking you for securing the flights but obviously you have not been reading the e mails that I have sent you.Yes the flights would be ideal but as the problem was of your Companies making then yes I would accept
the change of flights providing that no expense is incurred to myself.
The reason that you were unable to contact me is that I was attending my Uncles funeral in
Southampton and you could have left a message as there is a message answering service.
I do find it strange that I could have told you that there was space available on an earlier flight
as I had already checked this out myself and the  all of a sudden you have come up with this.
I am getting really annoyed over this and you must be aware by now that I am taking action against your Company to settle this matter once and for all.So much for your Company ethos:
"We promise that you save everyday"
This matter is to be referred to your Managing Director as you seem to be incapable to understand customer requirements and you are obviously not listening to anything that I have advised you


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2438Asda Stores Ltd [cardiff bay]
Total claims:10
Heinz Baby's nearley expired food »01/may/200908/05/20090

I sent this email to ASDA Headoffice:

Sir/Madam, I bought few baby food jars (Heinz) from Colchester ASDA just few days (5 days) from their expiry dates. I bought them on 25th of January and they expired on 31st of January 2009 and even saw them on the shelves the day before expirry date. I discussed my concerns to customer service manager (Laura honey banana, or something like that) she smirked at me and said this is silly and walked away! I asked for her manager to come, she (Caren), was not bothered either, basically neither of them were bothered, this is the baby food we are talking about, they were half price or cheaper, does not matter, you have gone too far to look after your pennies on even baby's almost expired food. I am disgusted by your policies, your staff behaviors, they are as cheap as your services and products qualities, you have lost my custom which would have been up to 4500 a year, but I know you are not bothered, it is the same culture running in all ASDA departments. otherwise your managers would not have been so careless and rude towards their customers. I am sending this email to wacthdog and Heinz as well.  

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2848Asda Stores Ltd [cardiff bay]
Total claims:10
Asda Home Shopping Payment »21/01/200920/05/20090

I booked a grocery delivery for 22nd January 2009 which was delivered on that day. However on 21st Jan 09 I received a text message stating my payment details had failed for my delivery the next day. I was confused as on their website the T&C's clearly state payment will be debited on the day of delivery.

My order was delivered on the 22nd no probs but 1 week later I was hit with bank charges, because of the Asda payment which shows on my bank statement as claimed on the 21st January, & caused cumultive charges totalling 105.00. My bank will not refund the charges as they say the payment was applied on the 21st!

I called Asda and they said they did not claim the payment on the 21st and I asked why I rec'd a text message - they said they claimed this wasa 'holding' payment. This is not advertised on their website.

I wrote in & complained and they only offered £10 voucher on next delivery. I wrote back last month & still have not received a reply.

My issue is that if I had known they required a holding payment I would have arranged for the deliver the next day, and I have previously shopped with them with no issue. I have lost £105 because they applied for payment the day before the order was delivered - which is not on their t&c's

Can you help please?

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7175Asda Stores Ltd [cardiff bay]
Total claims:10
double the amount of money »december 1st 200901/12/20090

This cant be right i received my shopping from asda home delivery on the 26th november and they debited my account for the money fine im thinking until today when i notice they have debited my account for the same shopping again actualy taken money out of my account without my permission to pay for something which i have already paid for in full surely this cant be legal how on earth do i get my money back ??? surely i have a claim for compensation?

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10257Asda Stores Ltd [cardiff bay]
Total claims:10
no money no shopping »23 december 200903/01/20100

on wednesday the 23rd december 2009 i took my two children one of whom one is disabled to asda to do my christmas shop. after shopping for 1 1/2 hours i got to the till, my shopping was put through the check out and i was informed that an item had been put through twice and the girl had to call a supervisor to do a void. the supervisor came, and so i thought, put through the void, i was then told my shopping came to £216.97. i knew i had only £207 in my account so i gave her £20 in cash and told her to take the remainder from my debit card. the supervisor then said quite loud in a busy shop you haven't got enough money, i wondered if my husband had taken some money from this account and gave a further £60 to the girl on the check out, the supervisor said she would go and sort out a problem at another till and come back. while she was gone the girl on the till said that the supervisor had made a mistake and not voided my shop but called for the money from my bank and then cancelled it hence there was now a hold on the money in my account. when the supervisor came back she insisted she had not made a mistake and that i could not afford the shopping, she took me, my two children and the two trolleys of food to consumer services, where once i explained what had happened she told me to ring my bank and ask them to release the hold on my funds so they could do the transaction again. i rang the bank and was told that asda had put the hold on my money but they could not release it. when i told customer services the woman there said that although they had a hold on my money because the transaction had been cancelled the hold would be released in two working days. as christmas day was on friday and monday was a bank holiday it would be days without any money and no shopping to show for it. when i pointed this out they said they were sorry but there was nothing they could do. i asked to speak to the manager who came to see me and said that she could only agree with what i had already been told. i said i had proof of who i was and where i lived and that as soon as the hold was lifted i promised i would return and pay for these goods. i was told that they could not do this, i asked what i should do for christmas with no food and no money to buy any and was told that although it was there mistake they could not help me. i did then ring my dad who came and paid for the shopping on his card, but he is a pensioner he needed the money as soon as possible for his standing orders at his bank. the next day i sold some jewellery and gave my dad the money back. on thursday 30th december asda still had not released the hold on my money so i rang head office and was told that they would log my complaint but could not get the money released any quicker and my problem was with the oldbury branch not them. i did however ring my bank and explain what had happened, and was told that due to the length of time the hold had been on they would release it, which they did. i am now sending both the oldbury branch and headoffice a letter of complaint, but judging by the way i was treated in the shop, and the phone conversation with head office i dont expect a responce. i am telling you my story because i am discusted with asda`s policies and had i not been able to call on anyone to help it would have ruined christmas for my family. i will certianly not be shopping there again

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3823Morrisons [Cambridge]
Total claims:5
Wrong pricing »20.7.0923/07/20090

I have been going to Morrisons oin Westcroft Milton Keynes for several years now and on many occassions bought something that has been on the shelf...sometimes in end displays advertising in big letters/numbers a special deal. One example was Surf.."Small and Mighty" It was a remarkable price and i almost bought one but I have learnt from experience how supermarkets are often mispricing lines. It was referring to a 24 wash bottle but had been filled with 42 was size! How many people i wonder would have just taken it and not checked!! Two days ago i was buying toilet paper...thought oh that's good..a leading brand..4 rolls, plus two for free, at £ to check out...£2.20. I went back to shelf to find once again the wrong merchandise was put in the wrong space. Could you tell me what recause legally has the consumer now got on this. As I am coming across it more and more frequently. 

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10104Morrisons [Cambridge]
Total claims:5
ROTTEN MEAT »24/12/200924/12/20090
Bought some turkey bits from morrisons got them home, opened the pack to cook up for supper. The meat was rotten. Had to make do with toast for tea. Took it back specially christmas eve, did not intend going out. No apologies, no compensation or money for my petrol and a snotty look for daring to bring it back. Rang head office to complain and got nothing, Apparently it's their policy to treat customers like s**t. I am now taking them to court on principle for consequential losses and a refund plus the £30 court fee. Disgraceful company.

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25622Morrisons [Cambridge]
Total claims:5
Morrisons »15/06/201218/06/20120

I went to my local Morrisons, it was just casual shopping and I grabbed a bottle of wine as me and my husband were planning to visit friends that evening. At the check out I was asked to show my ID, had no problem with that, done it immediately. I am over 25! The problem was that I happened to be with my friend who was kind enough to keep me company and help me with my shopping as I was with my baby> She was asked to show her ID too and as she wasn't planning to do any shopping she didn't have it with her and I was REFUSED to buy wine because of that. For me that is just outrageous, first of all IT WAS MY SHOPPING I was paying for it, my friend had nothing to do with it, I don't understand why she was asked for an ID with regards to somebody else's shopping???!!!! And second of all I really don't think that accusing the customer of intentions to break the law is good policy(according to them I wanted to buy that wine to give it to my friend who supposedly was underage!) Ridiculous, I just wanted to buy 1 bottle of wine, not 5 bottles of vodka and first some lady decided for me what I'm going to do with this bottle and then she publicly accused me of intentions to break the law. When I made a complaint to the manager I was refused to return to that shop to buy wine for the rest of the day, even if my friend proves she is not underage. I want to point out again I am over 25 and have every right to buy alcohol in this country! I want to add one more comment. Even if I would give that bottle to some under aged I would be liable to a penalty or any legal proceedings as I am an adult. Why Morrison's restrains my freedom, my free will and even my adulthood? I thought I live in a free country.

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Total claims:1
travel money »1/03/0901/04/20090

I bought a travel money card to use in spain several months ago.I still have money on it and I wanted to top up . I cant get through on  any numbers.  Iv phoned several tesco customer service nos they have been no help. I cant get any answers or any help.The site is still advertised on the tesco travel site .

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18104asda [st helens]
Total claims:4
Blue Food Wrapping »18-3-1107/04/20110
On the 18-3-11 I was opened an in date new packet of rocket salad bought form the Halifax store on the 17-3-11. Whist eating our lunch i started to chock, and only as my partner knows first aid was he able to dislodge the blue plastic in my top of the throat/ back of my mouth.
I contact ADSA about the incident on the 19-3-11 and they asked me to return the packing an offending item, but failed to write down the seriousness of the complaint or indeed my details to be contact me in the further by phone. I returned the packing and item to store and they too failed to write down the seriousness of the complaint. I did receive a few days later day later with an apology £5 gift voucher which considering everything I’d been through was an insult. I called on the 23-3-11 to talk to someone about this which was again not fully recognised. On the 7-4-11 I contact ASDA to enquire how the investigation was going to be meet with an abrupt answer from the senior investigator and allegedly they had sent out a further apology and £15, which had not been received. I tried to talk to her about how I felt however she simply said that was the maximum she would offer and put my complaint in writing.
Considering what I have been through the mistakes ASDA have made over this complaint this is not compensation but an insult, with ASDA simply not wanting to take me serious.

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uncooked chicken product »15/4/201119/04/20110

i purchased some chicken portions from asda store langleymill wesley street ng164ed  my son had them on the 13/4/2011 there was 2 left so i cut them up the next day for the dog as dogd cant have chicken bones only to find there was blood was inside my son was ill and was sick and had a high tempeture,,,i ring customer services and was given a reference number and was told to take back to store i returned them on the 15/4/2011 as i was i had a tooth out and have 5 children. when i went to store the girl wasnt very helpful so a manager was called and appoligised and told the girl to take my number and name and address..i was confused when i left the store as no refund was given,, later on the manager rung and said there was a £7 gift card waiting for me which was a £2 refund and £5 good will gesture and that the chicken would be taken away to be tested... i then rung up on the 18/4/2011 only to be told a message was on there computer to inform me that the product could not be tested as it was out of date when i took it back this is not my fault all they had to do was open the bag and see the blood inside so i rung asda house and spoke to russell who said he would see were the chicken had gone as it needed to be looked it and gave me another reference number i was also told that the manager would ring but never did so i rung again and spoke to another manager and he told me that the manager had left i thought this was not fare as she was supposed to ring back,,it seems that im just a customer and that they dont care that my son was ill and they couldnt be bothered to chheck the chicken and open the bag and as for the gift card its still at the store as ive not been to fetch it as i really find it as a insult this is not compensation this is a joke after the calls and time ive waisted ringing and my son being ill its not fare i certainly wont be shopping there again and ill be sure to let all my friends and family no. how can asda be so careless and not think about there customers there a joke in my eyes ive never experienced anything like this from any other supermarket i also got asked if id taken photos i wasnt aware i had to i really wish i had of done now then id have proof for them as they would of had proof if they opened the bag and done there job properley this as made me very upset that a supermarket as big as theres all over just dont care.......RECEIVED A LETTER TODAY 3/5/2011 a letter off appoligie and a whopping £15 voucher this is a insult and a joke ive sent another email to them again as this is not a good will gesture this is clearly a insult to me and my son ive wrote a letter to head quarters and have made a appointment with a solicitor to see if i can pursue thid further as im very upset and annoyed so we will see what the outcome is next this is what the letter reads THANKYOU FOR TELLING ME ABOUT THE ASDA CHICKEN PORTIONS YOU RECENTLY BOUGHT FROM THE ROTISSERIE AT OUR LANGLEYMILL STORE..IM SORRY TO HEAR THAT YOUR SON WAS UNWELL AFTER EATING THE CHICKEN.AND CONCERNED THAT YOU FEEL THE CHICKEN WAS UNDERCOOKED.I CAN IMAGINE HOW UPSETTING THIS AS BEEN FOR YOU AND YOUR SON.WERE EXTREMELY CAREFUL ABOUT COOKING OUR CHICKENS WE ALWAYS CHECK THE TEMPERATURE IS RIGHT WE KNOW THE MEATS BEEN COOKED PROPERLY.SOMETIMES THE MEAT AROUND THE BONES CAN LOOK PINK OR RED THIS HAPPENS BECAUSE THE JUICES COLLECT AROUND THE BONES WHILST COOKING.THERE ARE ALSO ALOT OF BLOOD VESSELS AN THE MEAT AEOUND THE BONES AND CAN SOMETIMES GIVE THE MEAT A PINK OR RED COLOUR.WHEN THE MEAT IS THIS COLOUR THE MEAT SHOULD STILL HAVE BEEN COOKED PROPERLEY.THE SAMPLE YOU RETURNED WAS EXAMINED BY OUR ROTISSERIE MANAGER AT THE STORE WHO ADVISED THAT THEY WERE COOKED TO SPECIFICATION.WE ALSO REVEIWED ALL OTHER COMPLAINTS FOR PRODUCTS FROM OUR ROTISSERIE AT THE STORE AND THIS APPEARS TO BE A ISOLATED INCIDENT.AS A GESTURE OF GOOD WILL IVE ENCLOSED A £15 GIFT CARD I HOPE YOU WILL CONTINUE SHOPPING AT OUR STORE YOURS SINCERLEY RUSSELL SEARLE.........SO WHAT DO YOU THINK THIS LETTER IT CLEARLEY STATES THAT THERE WAS MORE THAN MY COMPLAINT .......this was another email i sent and still no joydear mr deighton I am writing on regards to your letter dated  which i received today 7/5/11.When i returned the product to the store it was in its packaging all i asked them to do was check it and look for them selves.This was not done on the day as when i enquired i was told it had been discarded and was checked for temperature etc.I rung asda house and spoke to russell who asked if id taken photos i  said no i wasnt aware i had to.He couldnt find out were the chicken had gone and i told him i really wish i had of taken the photos now as solid evidence.But there wasnt any evidence just my word and the person that checked it for temperature etc.But i know it was the chicken that made him ill as thats all he had that day.So again ive no solid evidence theres nothing i can do and all you send me is a £15 gift card as a good will gesture which personally i take as a insult.All i got told was it was out of date when returned as i couldnt get down that day as i had a tooth out and have 5 children which was clearly not my fault.So after all the emails and numerous phone calls all i get is a voucher for the trouble and worry and stress ive been through.I HAVE SEEKED LEGAL ADVICE AND SOMEONE IS LOOKING INTO THIS FOR ME AS I REALLY FEEL THAT THIS IS JUST ANOTHER COMPLAINT AND AS NOT BEEN LOOKED INTO AND ITS JUST BEEN BRUSHED UNDER THE CARPET REGARDS A.HOLLINGSWORTH    12.05.11  

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