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IDCompany / PersonClaim TitleIncident DateAddedPostsAdd commentDetails
12413iOutletOnline [not provided anywhere on website]
Total claims:5 »May 18, 201024/05/20103

I have bought a Sun & Moon Jar as a present. My order status has been on "Awaiting Fulfilment" for about a week now, and I've already tried contacting them, hoping, like they said, that I would get a reply within 24 hours - but no reply. There's no address, no telephone number, just an email provided.

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25002Paradise Living [Cascais]
Total claims:4
h20 steam mop »15/4/201210/05/20122
perchased threw google walet payment taken by bestdirectuk same day no goods recieved and no response to emails I WANT MY MONEY BACK

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12757Simply Electronics Limited [Hong Kong]
Total claims:11
Refund »16/06/201025/06/20100

I ordered a mobile phone & memory card from this company & was assured (as stated on the website) that it would be with me within 5 working days, it was not.
I have sent a total of 6 emails & all I receive are automated emails in return. When I placed my order I checked out the company address & it was an address in England, now when I checked the website the address is in Hong Kong!!?
I have since tried to cancel the order & again, more automated emails.

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14301Simply Electronics Limited [Hong Kong]
Total claims:11
Refund time »28th September 201026/10/20100

Ordered online.(28th september) Money taken immediately. Goods not received within time frame specified. Checked with customer service who could not guarantee delivery date. Therefore cancelled order. Assured order cancelled and refund would be processed. 5th October said would take 3 days. No refund. Followed up on 11th October, said 3-5 days. 26th October still no refund. Sent yet another email. Would not recommend using this company. Website claims cannot be substantiated. Clifton Cameras came to the rescue with goods!!

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14398Simply Electronics Limited [Hong Kong]
Total claims:11
RE: 278629-364929 (LTK145025977708X) »19/10/201002/11/20100

I was stupid enough to order an apple ipad from this company on the 19th/10/2010. As the site assures delivery within 2-3 days I started sending emails about this item after 10 days had passed and questioned when they expect to ship it. There answer was always the same, they apologize and will do their best to dispatch asap. Then I started researching this company and saw that there were so many complaints about the same issue and I felt like a fool to be caught into this terrible interaction. At this moment I have asked for a refund of my money which was taken off my credit card within 5 minutes of the order and I was emailed that this will take some days. At this point I certainly do not have so much money to waste. Please help me to get this money back or give me advice on how I can go about it.I feel like such a fool, but I checked the ebay site and they were there are well. Please HELP, thank you very much, Nina Prosalenti

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21335Simply Electronics Limited [Hong Kong]
Total claims:11
Faulty camera sent back but not received »13/08/201105/10/20110
I bought a digital camera Kodak slice;
> The problem is that after i take a video the screen go black and when power off the camera nothing happens so I have to remove the battrey to switch the camera off.I sent it on 13th August 2011 but they couldn`t replace a new cause 30 days of guarantee were passed by only 4 days!!!!So they said will repair it.The 1st week of sept asked my address to send it back but afterwards no emails.I send them to know when were they sending it but told me that its still faulty and have to wait.It`almost 2 months waiting for nothing!!Nothing happened.

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22173Simply Electronics Limited [Hong Kong]
Total claims:11
Wrong product sent, trying to get a refund now »1st November 201123/11/20110

I ordered a sony ericsson mobile phone from this company (which according to their site was in stock) and from their website you'd think you were dealing with a British company. For example they state that all products will be shipped by courier companies within 3-8 days (so why was my product not put in the post until 9 days later?!), there is also a UK telephone number. However I did notice that there was no address anywhere on the website. A product did arrive (late) but it was the wrong one... a much cheaper model. I emailed them about this and they asked me to send them photographs of the box and the product that arrived. Then a few days later they asked me to send photographs of the codes and stickers on the box. I sent the photographs they requested but I started to find this quite tedious, any normal respectable company would have just shipped a replacement straight away and requested the mistaken product back. But this company I feel are just keeping me hanging on. Well over 3 weeks has now passed since I first placed my order. I have now decided to try and get my money back from them and as I paid through PayPal I am now involving them also. I'll let you know how I get on.

OK, well PayPal kindly supported my case and gave me a full refund within a month of it going to them which was a relief - I can tell you. Then I attempted to get a refund from the company itself for the postage costs I incurred sending the phone back to them. They said they would refund me but gave me the run around for almost 2 months before they finally handed it over.

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22260Simply Electronics Limited [Hong Kong]
Total claims:11
Lucky Escape »28/11/201128/11/20110
I ordered on 15/11/11. There was still no delivery 2 weeks later(the site claimed dispatch in 1-2 days and deliver in 5-7) and I had called and emailed several times.I then asked for a refund but was fobbed off getting an email Offering a free gift to not cancel. I replied again saying I wanted a refund and also called. Then got an email saying it was gone to the accounts department. I did some research and discovered this meant I might not get a refund for up to 6 weeks based on other peoples experience if at all.

The only help was that I paid through paypal.

Once I raised a dispute with Paypal I got refunded within an hour. This shows how quickly this could have been done. The refund was not looking likely prior to this as there was no definite time frame given.

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24304Simply Electronics Limited [Hong Kong]
Total claims:11
Drift Innovation Action Camera order no. 489289-734685 »14 March 201224/03/20120
Trying to return this faulty camera with long-life battery and obtain a full refund.

The camera will not charge correctly and as I needed it for skiing holiday I have now bought another camera from a reliable supplier (Amazon).

Simply Electrons are ignoring my emails after several attempts. I will not give-up but would appreciate your help.

Kind regards

Ian Bates

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24374Simply Electronics Limited [Hong Kong]
Total claims:11
returned goods »9th february 201229/03/20120
I returned the goods (Nikon fit fisheye lens by Sigma) on 9th February after being informed delivery would be 5 working days but were in fact over 3 weeks. I received confirmation that they had received the goods back and they would refund the cost.

I am still awaiting payment after many phone calls and emails. They keep promising that the refund is on its way but these appear to be false promises. I see from reviews on other sites that this seems to be normal practice for SIMPLY ELECTRONICS, that is failing to return people's money which in my opinion is theft.

I shall now have to speak to my credit card company to explain the situation and also have a meeting arranged with a television production company who may be interested in putting together a programme about these type of companies that rip people off.


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25696Simply Electronics Limited [Hong Kong]
Total claims:11
Item bought but not delivered »25th May 201222/06/20120
I purchased a HTC Sensation XE from Simply Electronics on the 25th of May 2012. Their website advertises delivery date between 2-4 business days, it has now been 4 weeks and i havent received my item. When i have been in contact with them i am told that my order has not been processed but will be done soon. 4 WEEKS!!
I am scared of asking for a refund as they have a track record of failed refunds (or very much delayed refunds)
What shall i do? What are my rights? I assume the company is based in Hong Kong, does that mean they dont have to follow the UK consumer rights law?
Please help and advise if you can!

A very annoyed customer
R Khaliq

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26236Simply Electronics Limited [Hong Kong]
Total claims:11
Simply Electronics = Malicious and Unethical company »09/06/201203/08/20120

I wish to file a complaint against the company Simply Electronics with whom I have dealt with over the past seven weeks. After having purchased an item from their website which I had not received eleven days after buying, I cancelled my order due to the shady behavior of the company with regards to my order. Forty days later, I am still waiting for my refund which the company says on their website, will be provided immediately. “If your credit card has already been charged for the purchase and your order is cancelled, will immediately issue a credit to your credit card in the amount of the charge.” Extract from the Terms and conditions of Simply Electronics Since the cancellation of my order I have had to put up with numerous excuses from the company as to why I have not received my refund. The past seven weeks that I have spent dealing with this company, have left me with little doubt that this is a company who walks the line between legal and illegal business practices –tricking customers into buying their products through the advertisement of false promises that become evident as soon as the payment transaction has gone through. Simply Electronics is a company who plays with customers’ patience and time, in the hopes, I believe, that the dissatisfied customers will eventually give up on their demand for a refund. I will provide you as attachted, with a chronological outline of my dealings with Simply Electronics. June 9th, 2012. I ordered 1 x Nikon D7000 DSLR Camera Body (Order Number 528206-806645) on the website without receiving any formal receipt (I have only received an e-mail confirmation and an automatic message after paying the order online, please see the attachment). June 21st, 2012 I decided to cancel my order and demanded a full refund. The reasons that I decided to cancel my order include: • The fact that I did not receive my order during the time frame promised (The item being in stock on the website, the trader guaranteed the item to be shipped within 1-2 working days and delivered within 2-7 working days ) • The shady behavior of the customer service representatives:  The inability or unwillingness of the representatives to give me any clear and concrete information concerning my order.  Their refusal to provide me with a written date at which time my order would be shipped. They only gave me a date for the shipment by phone which was inexact. Details concerning the cancellation of my order: • The Customer Service representative accepted the request by phone and asks me to confirm it by e-mail. But, while I was writing my e-mail cancellation a few minutes after my phone call, the online status of my order changed from “new” (I had the misfortune of seeing this for 10 days after my payment) to “packing”.  I have a hard time believing that it was just a coincidence that this changing operation happened just right after my call requesting the cancellation of my order, while one of their online Customer Services Agent kept saying to me that the item that I purchased was not present in their stock. • I nevertheless sent a cancellation email that same day demanding a cancellation of my order. To my surprise, the status of my order the following day was listed as “shipping”, please see the attachment).. At the same time I received a reply to my cancellation request, from the customer representative stating that I had not given the company enough time to cancel my order and that the product was now being handled by the shipping department and they were therefore no longer able to ‘help’ me. • I therefore asked for the tracking number of my order which Simply Electronics refused to give to me. I had to contact DHL (delivery company) myself in order to obtain information concerning my product. In speaking with a DHL employee I discovered that the time delays that Simply Electronics had given me were in fact false. (I had been told by Simply Electronics that I would receive my refund as soon as the package was returned to them. I found out from UPS that Simply Electronics received that package on June 30th; however several days after this date, I still had no news from them. I thus informed them that I was aware of the fact that they had received the package and I once again demanded my refund). • Despite my unrelenting pressure to receive my refund, Simply Electronics has put off providing me with my refund both through taking a lot more time to reply to my emails than was previously the case, and by giving me weak excuses as to why the refund has not taken place.  The most recent excuse has been that there is a problem with their credit card processor. After seven weeks of waiting and countless emails exchanged, I still have not received a refund. I have tried to negotiate with the company itself however as you will see for yourself in reading the emails that I have attached, this tactic is useless when dealing with a company that seems determined to evade any sort of responsibility that they may have towards their customers. My sole request is to be reimbursed the 819,95 euros that I paid for an item that I cancelled over a month ago.

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26414Simply Electronics Limited [Hong Kong]
Total claims:11
Fraud - return product for refund and lost both money and product »12/05/201222/08/20120
The big delay is NOT the big problem as they send most of the items even with huge delay. It's hard to cheat you on this because they'll have to provide proof of delivery.

The real farud is that they send sometimes the wrong item or a malfunctioning item. Also, according to the type of item, (i.e phone) it may come with Asian firmware which cannot change and as a result you may have only Asian languages available. Here comes the big fraud. The idea is to make you return the product for refund. Then kiss your money good bye.

Be aware that they are experts in deceive. They may manage to cheat you because they know all the laws and tricks around. Under NO circumstance you can trust them for warranty claim or refund (they promise 30 days money back). They took my phone back after they accepted to refund me but I started a Paypal claim at the same time as I did not trust them. For as long as the claim was open, they were promising that the refund is on its way. Then they tricked Paypal that they have not received it although they confirmed receiving it to me. After Paypal closed the case in their favor, they said, well, since you started a Paypal claim, refer to them. So, they kept my phone and my money.

Don't trust Paypal either. They are affiliates is a way. Imagine that I provided a whole booklet of proofing details including all emails we exchanged, documents from both post offices (mine and the UK), even their signature showing that they received it as well as the email they sent me themselves, confirming the delivery. Paypal still decided on their favour. What does this tell you? You are 100% alone on this. Don't even think that you are the victim and Paypal will cover you. They won't. Only in some rare circumstances and with lower value items.

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Total claims:1
Cancel and Refund »04/03/201007/05/20100

This was my second and last time using the abebooks service.

On the 4th of March I bought (and payed) a book from abebooks from the seller WORLDOFBOOKS.COM on a Friday at 20:00H.

However after 40 minutes I find out that I order an old edition, and I Tried to cancel my order. Well here is where this service shows everything, they clearly say this:

Book Details
Author: Richard G. Lipsey Ask a Question
Title: Principles of Economics
Description: This book is in stock and will ship within 24 hours from our warehouse in the UK.

As you can see the shipping will only occurs after 24 hours, however this gentlemen changed the status of my order to shipped after 40 minutes on a FRIDAY! The reason for this status is the fact that abebooks have in their policy that when a seller ships an item the order can not be canceled! At the same moment I tried to contact bought the seller and the Abebooks. I only got a response on Monday (offcourse) saying that the item were shipped and there wasn't anything to do.

Well then, in my ingenuity I waited for the book that took 3 weeks TO arrive! When I received the book on 24 of March I started the refund process and I spent 13 € sending the book (sent in April 13th) in a registered mail (the book cost me 25 €) for tracking the package.

I then emailed abebooks requesting for the seller to pay my shipping cost since it was unfair that I have to pay something that I didn't got a chance to cancel in 40 minutes after my order!

The reply was that it was unfair for the seller! For abebooks the sellers are more important that customers.

Unfortunately the UK mailling service is very bad and only now (07th May) I received the confirmation that the seller got the book on April 17th. Since I didn't know if they got the book or not I didn't requested my money till now.

But I provided the tracking number for the seller and abebooks.
However, they know that I didn't know if the book was delivery so they didn't said anything and not even abebooks.


So my advice is use other sites like amazon (I never had refund problems with them!) or even Ebay. If you must use abebooks be SURE when buying because when you click to buy you have no CHANCE TO cancel your order.

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13437iOutletOnline [not provided anywhere on website]
Total claims:5
Refund for faulty icemakers »May 201024/08/20100

ioutlet online also called Viewpoint Digital supplied 2 icemakers to me both of which have broken after only a few times of use. They refuse to reply to letters and do not have a phone number to call. I am still waiting for a refund for the first icemaker but will now take Viewpoint Digital to the Small Claims Court for a refund for both of the icemakers as neither of them work.

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13758iOutletOnline [not provided anywhere on website]
Total claims:5
No hub from them »10/09/201020/09/20100
Ordered a USB Hub from these guys, order showing awaiting fulfilment despite being in stock, cancelled the order on 14/09/2010 not heard a thing from them since, and my order is still showing as awaiting fulfilment.

Avoid Avoid

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14642iOutletOnline [not provided anywhere on website]
Total claims:5
missing goods & faulty goods »20.10.201018/11/20100
Ordered 2x twin pack of becool pillows.Only one twin pack was received, and one of them is faulty, it leaks.I emailed them twice and have not received any response. I have also been advised that this product is a counterfeit and that only one company in the uk have sole rights to sell them.I will be also contacting Trading standards.

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14739iOutletOnline [not provided anywhere on website]
Total claims:5
Icemakers faulty »June 201024/11/20100

IOUTLETONLINE does not have an address or phone no on its site. I ordered 2 icemakers. They worked for three days then the motors broke. I tracked ioutlet, also called Viewpoint Digital down. I wrote tried phoning and went to their locked office. I claimed through the Small Claims Court. After three forms, the third The Judgement finally made them send me the money owed. They sell good looking goods that are total rubbish.

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Total claims:1
Mis selling products Vyair Beware »17/05/201017/06/20100
I ordered a water filter from And it is one of the worst companies I have dealt with. I dealing with hundreds of firms and this company is the worst. It is small business. Firstly when ordering the product, sales person was rude, and said all his flters work with boiling water. But the problem came when I received the product. It stated on the packaging it can be only used with cooler water.

I found out they mis advertise the products on their website. When I rang the comapny about this they refused to acknowledge the problem and then swore down the phone and put the phone down. When i tried to ring again they won't pick up the phone. This is a very unprofessional company. Stay away, save yourself money and hassle buy your filters elsewhere. Be careful they have several websites and They also sell on ebay. Be careful from them! Don't buy from

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12967mPhone [London]
Total claims:1
Good Service »15/07/201015/07/20100
No Claim Just want to say this compnay was really good to deal with very easy order process goods arrived well with in the delivery time.

Good Service.

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