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12265Medontic [Northampton]
Total claims:1
medontic »1/6/200909/05/20100

I paid them more than 13,000 GB for dental equipment that I wanted to purchase. They claimed all along that I can get all my money back if I decided to cancel. I have email confirmation from them to this effect. They refunded about 8,000 GB after about six months and hiring a solicitor. They are still holding on to 5000GB of my money and after more than a year I am still trying to get my money back from them. They delivered absolutely nothing.

In addition to all this they were very incompetent and unprofessional. They never came to measure the room, they did not provide specifications about the necessary pipes for the equipment setup. They consistently lied about the delivery date and etc.

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12322IBuildWealth [Panama]
Total claims:1
unauthorised payments »22 april 201015/05/20100
I bought an Ever White Kit online which was stated as free of charge with a £3.34 ($4.95) postage and packing fee. I paid with my credit card on 22 April 2010.
When my credit card statement came through, a company called IBuildWealth had taken the postage fee, then EverWhiteKit had taken a further £60.12 ($87.47).
I have looked on the internet and found hundreds of people have experienced this problem, having to cancel their credit cards as further payments kept being taken out at regular intervals.
I am in the process of sorting out with my credit card bank and am awaiting further instruction from them, i.e. change my card number, or block this company from accessing my card for payment.

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12968Dazzlinsmiles [Panama]
Total claims:1
Unathorized Acct. withdrawals »6-12-201015/07/20100

I keep getting charged by Dazzlinsmile for 87.47 a month for attempting to get free sample of product.

Icalled and spoke with someone named Gabby and attempted to cancel whatever. She gave me a website to go to but it was no longer availble for use. I called back several time and they are still charging my account and I haven't recieved any product. I dont want the service and didn't agree to recieve it. The customer reps like to hang up on you acting as though they don't hear you as well. I am so unhappy with this company it's sucks!

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