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12267justBBguns [Feltham]
Total claims:2
Just BB Guns »10/03/1009/05/20106

We bought a BB gun as a birthday present for my son. After opening it and using it the gun stopped working in a few minutes. I sent it back for replacement or refund. They sent me an email confirming receipt of the gun. That was a month ago. Since then they have not responded to my emails and have not contacted me.

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28294ABC Reborn Nursery Emma Field [Chelmsford Essex]
Total claims:2
Emma Field is a fraudster »17/12/201206/02/20133
I had ordered custom made reborn doll from ABC reborn nursery on 17th September 2012. I paid £285 and had e-mailed the seller with specifications and also photo attchments of how i wanted the doll to be made.I payed on her website via paypal. She told me if i ordered in Septmeber i would receive the doll before Christmas. It was very difficult to get hold of her by phone. The only time i heard from her was when she asked me for more money towards making of this doll. In total i paid by December 2012 £319.50. Prior to dispatch i received a photo attachment of the doll and she said whoever came to visit her loved the doll. I couldn't decipher the details from the photo attachment. When i received the doll i was horrified! The doll was not made to my specifications. I e-mailed her asking for explanation and partial refund and till today i haven't heard from her. On top i have had to pay extra £50 to restore this doll. I bought this doll for my daughter. I searched on ebay and found her company and got in touch with 2 other customers who had bought dolls from this lady for their daughter and granddaughter and had same horrific experience as myself. They had not much response and had been fobbed off. They complained to ebay with not much luck. I got in touch with Paypal and i was told that i had 45 days from date of purchase to open any dispute but the thing is she did not complete the doll until after 3 months and during that time the 45 days had expired. There is no way anyone could have seen this coming.
This seller is a crook and a fraudster and she has no respect for anyone's feelings including a child's! I got in touch with Consumer Rights and they adviced me to write to her by post and letting her know she has breached her contract, but her address is untraceable. All i know she lives in Chelmsford Essex which is on her web and her mobile number is there as well but she dosen't respond to calls.
All i am seeking for is partial refund and an explanation. I hope other customers will come forward and put this lady out of business. Absolutely shameful for what she has done and still doing.

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20150justBBguns [Feltham]
Total claims:2
Replacement item was not received with no reply from the company »18th June 201112/07/20110

I returned a faulty bb gun back to justbbguns after the item I purchsed for my step-sons birthday was received faulty in an un-working order. This was 4 days after we originally received the item by post. I was informed by justbbguns that an item we sent back for replacement had been received. The company sent this email: We thought you would like to know that we have sent you a replacement for your item and you should received it within the next 3 - 5 working days. I notified justbbguns that we had not received the item after the time period had elapsed via the company's contact form. The original email they sent to me was on 18th June 2011, it is now 12th July 2011. Despite numerous attempts at contacting justbbguns via their contact form I have not received any email response as to what is going on with the replacement item. I have tried to contact them on the support line 0208 8904 678 to no avail, as it is constantly engaged. I have been trying for 7 days now. I have demanded a response before I take action and still no response from justbbguns. I would never use their website to make an order from again. I do not want a replacement item anymore as they have shown they are totally untrustworthy, I just want to be returned the money they owe me.

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15067DelPrado Publishing [Rye]
Total claims:1
1FWEENVO1 »ongoing since 22/12/200809/12/20100

Back in 2008 I sent £89.99 with a proforma invoice to DELPRADO (still have original paperwork) to purchase Well Fargo Stagecoach, made from metal hand painted. They cashed my cheque, but I never received item.

They confirmed to me in 2009, that this model will not be made, but I never received refund.(letter dated 16th March 2009 - still have letter)

I,ve sent letter, emails, and phone calls on 25 occasions to them
email:, Phone Number:08712203345

I've written also to complaints department & management, with no response.

Last year in June they finally asked me for my bank details so they could refund me, never received refund or reply

I know this is a fair time ago, but Its not legal that they can cash my cheque, not supply item, and not refund my money

Can you help please

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16981Udimore Tractor Shop [Wadhurst]
Total claims:1
Item paid for and never delivered »10/12/201028/02/20110
I order a collectable tractor modle toy (a Fendt 824) as a christmas present. I gave them the benifit of the doubt with the weather being as it was but it has never arrived. I recieved all other online purchases on time for christmas so I can not put this down to the weather. I have e-mailed and tried calling and they no longer respond to me. I have had no explanation to why this hasn't been delivered or any offer to resolve the problem.

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28309ABC Reborn Nursery Emma Field [Chelmsford Essex]
Total claims:2
Rubbish reborn »22/10/1207/02/20130
I purchased a reborn from this lady costing £203 for my daughters Xmas present she picked it her self I contacted Emma asking for the doll to look exactly like the picture she said no problem the doll was advertised on eBay with pay £70 deposit and final payment upon completion.The doll arrived and it was NOTHING LIKE ADVERTISED I contacted seller and told her I was not happy she said if I wanted a doll like the one in the picture I should spend £3000 on one I complained to eBay that the item was not as described they upheld my claim and retuned the deposit I asked the seller for the rest she said PayPal hold it until she gets the doll back and I should not contact her again I contacted PayPal and to my horror they told me they could not return my money as I have paid for the doll in two payments and it is not in there terms and conditions I've also complained to my credit card and they say its down to good will of PayPal.It is not the money it is about what is right when I spoke to Emma at first she assured me that my daughter would love the doll so I showed it to her she burst into tears saying it looks nothing like the picture daddy this person should not advertise professional reborn artist dolls photos on her website or eBay she should put up her own creations but me thinks that business will suffer( in my opinion it would cease) just hopes someone will benefit reading this and keep clear of ABC REORN NURSERY

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28874Emma Field [Chelmsford Essex]
Total claims:1
Deceitful Advertising »December 201227/03/20130
I feel I've left it to late to resolve my complaint but in view of the volume of e mails I've recieved from people who read my negative feedback on e bay and are so distraught at the shoddy workmanship of their dolls and Emma Fields couldn't care less attitude when they try to resolve things, I feel I need to add my voice to this to forewarn others.
The doll I recieved was more than twice the ordered weight (not suitable for a 4yr old) the outfit I paid for was 2nd hand and bobbled through wear (not what you would put on a doll costing hundreds of pounds) the dolls hair was so disgusting and it has proved impossible to put right even via proffesional hair stylists, that it is now permanently covered with a hat.
When I tried to contact Emma Field, I was told she had done me a favour getting the doll to me before Xmas. NOT TRUE I paid extra for pre xmas delivery. She said the outfit was expensive, maybe so when it was new, this was not, it was stocked in a well known baby shop many years ago. She said the hair was messed up in transit - not true the poor standards of material used and bad workmanship is irreversible.
The doll was put together with cable ties, I dismantled it and removed over 2lbs of a sand like substance. I bought a new outfit in pink & white frills as I requested when I ordered & her hair is now permanently covered with a hat.
Her communication throughout the transaction was appalling and she failed to respond to my last e mail at all.
I have recieved so many e mails with such sad stories of bitterly dissapointed children, I want to do my bit to prevent it happening to anyone else.

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