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16321Recruitment Finder [Peterborough UK]
Total claims:1
Lying fraudulent recruitment agency »ongoing29/01/20112
Absolute nightmare to deal with, After nearly 7 months in a position on an agreed rolling fixed term contract. a staff member of Mr Paul Clarke, trading as Recruitment finder informs me when challenged on a legal matter, that he was in fact lying when he agreed to a fixed term contract to get me to take the position. No matter how desperate for work you are, avoid this company like the plague.

Employers also note, you will receive nothing but problemsif you enlist the services of Recruitment Finder.

You have been warned

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12297companions 4 you [?]
Total claims:1
fees »oct 2009 til may 2001013/05/20100

Hi i have paid £300 then was asked for more money so i paid another £150 then £200 then stupidly i paid another £200 on a promise of getting great wages. when i paid money in to get work i thought i would be able to get it back with my first job ,but as times gone on and i havent had 1 single job, lots of empty promises though. just last night a man named charles called me to get me to pay another £300. im feeling really depressed that ive been so foolish . im a single mum of 2 small boys 6 and 8 .i have used all the money id saved for our first holiday .please can you help me try to get my money back , thankyou

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29947Winner Recruitment [Birmingham]
Total claims:1
Unpaid 2 months salary 2500£, »23/10/201224/10/20130
I have worked as lorry driver for this people as for anybody else.
They keep me really busy,i been working for 80 hours each week and travelling 50 miles one way.

They promise to me will pay extra hours for covering petrol money.

I been chasing money all the time , always same missing hours or some extra charges.

They play with me game and keeping telling me will pay you on Friday and then on Tuesday, asking me for availability all the time and when I ask them for money always same answer.

I finish with them and try to get my money by small amount court but this time not sucesfull as it is difficult to me field up some paperwork all the times and keeping paying money to court for nothing.

After one year I came to the winner recruitment again and I have seen the manager in brand new masserati smiling from window on me. I can't imagine how many people didn't get them's salaries from him :-(

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