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12305Allan Hoffmann LIAR A&J Mobility Solutions [Sydney]
Total claims:1
Allan Hoffmann RIP-OFF & LIAR »12/05/201014/05/20100
The Exclusive Brethren cult have been the centre of hundreds of reports again lately from our Members in Australia because of their scams, rip-offs, lies, con-jobs and theft from consumers and the Australian Government.
AllanHoffmann from A&J Mobility Solutions in Sydney, and Rod Aussel from Lightning Mobility of Queanbeyan are just a few of these rip=off merchants, thieves and liars we are receiving reports about.
These Exclusive Brethren cult Member thugs, liars, conmen, thieves and bullys are very, very racist, and have million dollar rip-off scams stealing great amount of money from the Australian Government with their disability rorts and rip-offs.
These cult member thugs and pigs also slander and lie about their customers and business opposition, they also provide bad back up service, if any at all to products that they sell. They also also under quote prices, then back out of the sale to cover their under pricing.
The public and prospective customers would be well advised not to deal with these thieves like Rod Aussel from Lightning Mobility and Allan Hoffmann from A&J Mobility Solutions. WOULD YOU BE STUPID ENOUGH TO DEAL WITH THESE LIARS AND CONMEN.?

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