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18907Rawdon Motors [Nr Leeds]
Total claims:2
Sales of Goods Act »2604/05/20114
Purchased a car from Rawdon Motors, 3 weeks later the engine failed. I had the car recovered to my nearest dealer to have a quick look at the situation, whilst it was being checked I called Rawdon Motors and explained the situation. They wanted nothing to do with it and gave me nothing but abuse over the phone. I called Citizens Advice who have pointed me in the right direction as to what i am entitled to.
After numerous calls Rawdon Motors then told me to arrange recovery to their garage, so I did but then got no response wouldn't answer phone calls at all. I had my local dealer then do a detailed strip down of the engine only to find missing parts, bodged parts and non genuine parts, they took photographs and did a detailed survey for me, which I then posted to Rawdon Motors with my rights as a customer and what their options were and also what legal action I can take if they fail to respond. Still had no response so I'm forced to take further action.
They obviously knew the car wasn't fit for purpose and don't want to accept liability, my advice to anyone checking this garage out is please avoid! I have had to pay for a complete new engine costing me over £2500

Don't get ripped off by this company

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25323 [Notts]
Total claims:1
Took Deposit and did not deliver »1.5.201230/05/20122
I paid a 500 deposit for a vehicle on the 1/5/12, I was told it would be ready in 5 days after it had been thru an MOT.
5 days later I called and was told it would not be ready for another week
a week later I called and was told it would be ready in 4 days
4 days later I called and was told to wait another week
a week later they said it was still not ready
I asked for a refund of my deposit, I was laughed at and told all deposits are non refundable

I am now in contact with the local trading standards office and will be pursuing them for fraud.

This business exports trucks all over the world, I would be interested to know how many other people around the world have been ripped off by them if this is how they treat people on their doorstep

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20804Rawdon Motors [Nr Leeds]
Total claims:2
Do Not Use Rawdon Motors »July 201102/09/20111
Rawdon motor's. Do not use this cowboy outfit.
July 2011 We Agreed a price for a car, we were provided with a written agreement, and paid a deposit for the car.
When we went to collect the car, they became threatening and demanded more money and refused to return our deposit.
They Ignore any correspondence you send verbally or written.

If you have been ripped off by Rawdon Motors or managed to avoid being ripped off by Rawdon Motors make sure you notify trading standards. 08454 040506

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12337nottingham raceway car sales [melton mowbray]
Total claims:1
mechcanical warranty »08/04/201017/05/20100
I purchased a second hand car and part of the deal was that I would receive 12 months mechanical warranty. I have this fact on my receipt.
After 5 weeks I am still waiting for the warranty and I have been given every excuse by the saleman(also owner)

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Total claims:1
the owe me money! »29/3/1128/03/20110
right i went to buy some runescape gold,
witch they then said whats your name in runescape, so i said then they said whats your email so i gave it,
then the said this......

[Adaleen] Hello, how may I help you?
[Visitor] please just give me the gold you owe me
[Adaleen] May I have your payment email and character name please?
[Visitor] weve gone through all of this
[Adaleen] We need to make a further confirmation this time.
Could you please provide us the copy of your credit card and identity card. We just need to check your name on the cards and the last 4 digits on the credit card.You can cover other personal information on them.

they told me afterhis to take a picture of it somthing didnt seem right soo i questioned them,
i said look you have never done this befor ive emaild you to conform tha i am the buyer i have gave you the receipt from paypel also you rang me to make sure it was me
but yet the still dont listen and they bannded me from the live chat.

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Total claims:1
unpaid moneys »19/05/1208/06/20120
I went into there delarship where i sold my car to them for $26000
and was told payment will be made in 10 working days. they are giving me the runabout when I tried calling

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25912Travel H Ltd - Hussain AshmereNeasden [Nears den]
Total claims:1
Sold clocked car »13/01/201205/07/20120
I bought car from this guy who promised three months warranty.

With in first 10 miles the car has got into problems, when I informed he responded saying once sold he is no longer responsible

I took this car to service centre, who found that this car is clocked. Mileage is more than I.e. being shown.

I tried to return car but he refused. I am able to get part of money through my bank. I tried to return the car and he refused to take it. I sent multiple e-mails and letters but he has not responded.

One day he called me when I am busy. I asked him to call back later. He complained to police that vehicle is stolen as my bank has given part of the money.

Brent police sent me e-mail saying if I don't return the vehicle i will get arrested.

Strangely When got cheated by this trader police said it is a civil matter and now they are interfering to help trader, not sure whether this law or what.

Any how my advice is not buy cars from this trader

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28409Bethlehem PA [Bethlehem]
Total claims:1
Dont bother »2-16-1316/02/20130
This company is a scam! Online, their website told me if my car wasn't running AT ALL, they'd give me $500 for it. When I DROVE it there, they offered me $105!!! I settled on $300, but what a crock of crap this is! How can you tell me it's worth $500 if I tow it in to you with a blown engine, but offer me $105? TAKE MY ADVICE....FIND A CHARITY AND DONATE YOUR VEHICLE BEFORE SELLING IT TO THESE PEOPLE!!!

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