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13301Beckford Stores & Post office [Beckford]
Total claims:1
No please or thankyou & no stamp »1108201011/08/20101

All I wanted a a post card & stamp. A very very rude women said she could sell me the Card but not stamp because the post office was closed. She was sat in the post office cubicle & ignored me even though I was stood in front of her. When she did speak she made no eye contact. I explained I needed a stamp to go with the card & she grunted "Not my problem"

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12390Cyprus Postal Services [Nicosia]
Total claims:1
Drugs »20/5/201020/05/20100
Its one of those situations where two companies cannot communicate. I live in student accommodation in UK called Cosmopolitan Student Halls in Preston, aka Moor Lane Halls. This is the first company of the problem, as they are responsible for delivering the mail they receive to me. As i had past experiences with them in terms of lost parcels, i have my doubts when i get a response like "you have no new mail".

On with the story then:
I am studying for my degree. To do so i need some psychiatric drugs, stimulants, to treat my neurological condition.

These people took a parcel from my family back in Cyprus containing these medication and arranged for them to be sent to my current address. They have been paid for the "express" services, saying the parcel would arrive in 2 days time.

Up until now, two weeks past and well into my exam period, no drugs to be found. Contacting them produced no results as they claim for the drugs to be here already. As my neurological condition does not involve delusions of any kind and as far as my observational skills allow me to deduce, nothing has arrived here.

To make things worse, authorities always have great suspicion towards lost stimulant drugs, as they tend to end up in the black market.

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21006TNT [Birmingham]
Total claims:1
Theft of Delivery »March 201114/09/20110
I had used TNT's international service to send a consignment of electronics to Asia.

TNT being a large company, I trusted their 'Door to Door' service to ensure the safe arrival of my goods from my house 'door' to the 'door' of my clients house.

I made a payment of £400+ for my consignment (weighing 150kg) to be sent, which was collected in March.

The service (which was meant to take 7 days) didn't even leave the Birmingham Depot until I rang a week later (having discovered from my client that the goods didn't arrive) and the first excuse I was given was that all the documents were not present. At this point, neither TNT nor the Depot felt it necessary to contact me in relation to this, leaving it to me to chase them up.

After emailing a copy of all the documents, the goods finally left the UK.

When it arrived at its destination country, TNT's own employee's then called me (from Asia) threatening me that if I do not give them a 'bribe' fee (equivalent to £1,000) that they will not release my goods. I then refused and immediately informed TNT of this activity. TNT had then informed me that the details were recorded, for them to then get back to me.

After weeks, literally weeks, of calling up everyday, I was always promised a call back. Believe it or not this never took place! Only on 2 occasions (where I felt the need of calling up to 4 times in one day) did somebody bother to call me back, and even then it was to inform me that they did not know whats going on.

To my surprise, The threats of the TNT vagabond agent came true; even though I informed TNT of the on goings of corruption in their Asian branches, their own logistics worker mislabelled my package of electronics. After mislabeling my package, the internal officers (who work jointly with customs) then threatened my client with charges of smuggling, which (in certain circumstances) can lead to life imprisonment or death by lethal injection.

I had then informed TNT of their Door to door service (which was not being adhered to), and that, if there are issues with the goods, for it to be returned back to the UK with immediate effect. Unfortunately, TNT again chose to ignore me as a paying customer, letting their vagabond worker seize my goods illegally, and stealing all the contents of my consignment. It is important to also note that when the goods left the country, they weighed 150kg, and when they got seized in the port the goods recorded weight was 72kg. leaving only TNT responsible for almost half the goods, and customs the other half.

I then submitted my case to the international fraud department of TNT, who did not reply to several of my emails (surprise surprise). After getting in touch with a few journalists (and informing the 'international fraud department'), they somehow furnished a response, which basically said that the goods (in their eyes) were delivered, even though they are fully aware that customs illegally seized it with the assistance of their own worker.

In summary, my goods were stolen by TNT, and they are now covering up the actions of their Asian employees. I am now preparing documents to market to all potential customers of TNT to ensure others do not lose money, goods and reputation/business relations as I have.

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