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DISATISFIED »APRIL 200829/01/20092



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no response from them »feb 200901/05/20091

Hi there..

basically i placed my order with tiscali in the month of feb,they couldn't do it till march so i cancelled my order with when i cancelled my order and i went to other service provider which was sky and then i found out that they tag my line and i hv to get the tag off so i foned tiscali many times but they allways give me new reference no and never bother to cancel the tag and i am really pissed off on them and its may now i wasted my half of year only to get the tag removed and still they havent canceled the tag i dont know what should i do?? i need help on this matter..

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tisc »1005200910/05/20091

about two months ago i was checking my bank statments and noticed that my internet provider was taking more than i thought we had agreed on! via direct debit. so i contacted them on the matter and we agreed a new contract that cut the bill by half as i could not afford the current amount been taken, and was told it would take effect immedietly. when checking the following months bank statement the same amount had been taking out, it had not been changed and was the same amount as the previous month, i rang tiscali and they said it had not been changed but it was on file that i had made th request the previous month then they promised theyb would do it this time and credit the money back but nothing has been changed and there still taking the wrong ammount out of my account please help they are saying i will be charged a cancellation fee if i try and cancel my contract

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install my landline to make calls »2 December 200806/02/20090

I have been with Tiscali for over 5 years for which they bill me each month for my calls only. 

In June 2008 I decided to move my landline rental (which was with BT) and broadband to Tiscali.  They sent me a contract (which I have in my possession) starting from June £9.99 for the first three months then £17.99.  Minimum contract 12 months.  I agreed and gave them authorisation to collect these amounts from my Credit Card each month.

According to my Credit Card statement they have billed me straight away on 2 June 2008 for £17.99 (instead of £9.99 as per their agreement).  I did not dispute it at the time since I thought they would adjust it as they go along.

Don't forget this involves 2 payments to Tiscali each month. (1) they collect each month for my landline and broadband on my Credit Card for the above amount we agreed on.  (2) they also bill me separately each month for my calls for which personally is paid regularly through Barclays Bank (copies of Tiscali Invoice with the date of Bank payment is all filed).

On 2 December 2008 I received a letter of "Notice of Suspension" for an outstanding balance:£10.61.  I looked up my previous bills and found that this was paid on 15 November 2008 - and as the penultimate paragraph of the letter said "If you have made payment within the last three working days please ignore this letter", I did not take further action.

Just before we got snowed in on 2 February 2009 Tiscali barred me from making telephone calls without any good reason in writing.  My husband who suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis and depends on the telephone to get in touch both with the hospital and GP could not do so.  At the same time his refrigerated injections that come every month through Primary Care could not be contacted.  They put us into a prison like position.

At last my two sons phoned them only to speak to call centre staff at Manila, Lithuvania and Bombay.  They did not want to speak to them since the account was in my name even though they said that we had no means to contact them since the telephone line was cut off.  Finally my son, only after giving them my full details, spoke to a rude individual named Jonathan Romano from Manila who said that there was an outstanding amount of £10.61 on record.  He explained that in the course of collecting money from my Master Card for the Landline and Broadband, Tiscali for one month collected less and to make up the difference they adjusted it with the £10.61 which I paid for the bill for my calls.  My son told him that what they have done is not right.  They were authorised by me to collect the broadband and landline of £9.99 for the first three months and then £17.99 from my Master Card which is different from the statement they send me for my calls paid by me separately.  He did acknowledge the fault lay with them but did not do anything.

We are still unable to use the telephone which is important because of the reasons explained above.  I feel strongly that people are made aware of how Tiscali has let us down and don't care how their customers are treated.  This is why I have taken time to explain my situation and hope this will get through to them to be more sensitive with people who in the first place are not at fault, but become victims to their mistakes.


Mrs Joan Edwards

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Refund of lack of service »Novemeber- january07/02/20090


Throughout my contract, I have had to contact Tiscali for services down almost monthly.

During November and December. I called daily because I had intermittent service, I would be online for one min and then it would click me off. I was told they had server issues, call back tomorrow. this lasted for about 7 days. Eventually I was walked thorough a circus of things for over an hour on a premium number. Service to say that no matter what it was evident that my connection was not coming back.

After escalating my case it was found that someone had upped my connection to 8MBs despite the fact that they KNEW that my line was only capable of holding 6MB, Eventually someone noticed this and dropped my connection back to 6MB it worked perfectly till and adviser called. She advised me that she was just going to test the line and how much they can take. She upped the connection to 8Mb and my connection dropped immediately. Despite this Knowledge it took me another hour on a premium number to tell the advise what I needed doing, all the steppes that was taken to resolve the matter. I asked to speak to a manager 15 times and was ignored completely. The guy just went on speaking as if I was not there. Finally I managed to talk to a manager after SCREAMING at the guy. I was offend a refund of 10 pounds, Having spent 14 pounds in calls to tell them about the fault.
Even though I have been offend this refund I have yet to receive it.
I have contacted the Billing department and they told me that the refund was to be deducted out of my next bill. this was January/ Jan and Febs bill came and went without an adjustment. 
 I contacted the billing department again and was Ignored. I also contacted the complaints department again was ignored........ This service is appalling, and they hold you to random on their higher rate phone number doing the same old tricks over again.



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Total claims:14
Canceling broadband »Jan 200915/04/20090


Contacted Tiscali in Jan to cancel broad band and phone by letter for 7th Feb. still charging me for Feb. Then sent a bill after for additional calls as they are supposedly in arrears. After lots of phone calls to high rate numbers I was to be sent a statement but instead have a letter from Debit collectors. What a shower. NO contact point in UK only in the Philippines. They don't understand our laws etc. They just read off a screen. Not able to do anything other than recommend you pay.

If reading this, take a tip. DON'T USE TISCALI use a provider who has a UK contact point however good the deal is. If its that good, its too good.

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Total claims:14
Slamming Phone Line »January 200916/04/20090

We Moved in December 2008 and transfered Tiscali Broadband, I pay for this my wife pays for the phone line. In Jan 2009 we learnt Tiscali had taken over the calls on an anytime package without consent. This is what they call Slamming. We tried stopping this making 5 days of phone calls being passed from call to call about 6 different 087 numbers but noone had any authority or knowhow and obviously there is no management at Tiscali or they are all cowards because they never get put on the phone. in the end my wife got BT to take over the calls again opening a new account with them.

I was so mad I cancelled my contract with Tiscali, got a MAC number and went elsewhere for broadband. Thinking that's the end of it and all living happily every after one Monday we couldnt dial out on the phone.

Contacted BT they said another service provider has blocked you calling and we have to contact them. It would appear that Tiscali have blocked the line because of an outstanding balance. Many more frustrating calls to Tiscali only to find out that they still had the account open and was being charged for broadband each month, although they had cancelled email accounts and the main tiscali account and no services were used as I was with someone else. The most annoying thing with this is that we are with BT for our calls, Tiscali have never been the call provider apart from the time they tried to slam it before but they can put a bar on the line. Broadband works fine and we have to dial 1280 infront of any number so all Tiscali have done is annoyed people they havnt forced any action.

Once again BT come to the rescue and they are taking the calls back again. OFCOM have been notified but they don't take any individual actions so I am now looking further.

I have billed Tiscali for loss of work, paying BT twice to take the calls back, over 100 calls to indian call centers total amounting to £325. I am willing to go through small claims court for this amount.


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Total claims:14
direct debit »25.03.200917/04/20090

After signing up for tiscali broadband i was told i had to have a open d/d but if i paid a week before the bills due date the d/d would not be activated,i duly paid on the 25th and the money was taken on the 27th fine.Ithen get a bank letter stating a tiscali d/d was returned on the 1st of April and i had incurred £20 bank charges when i had rang the lady had assured me this would not happen.I rang again and was told if i sent in the bank statement a refund would be issued,now they are refusing to do so.How can i possibly be at fault here?Ipaid in plenty of time and double checked the d/d would not be activated!Irang agin and this time they said i did nit have to have a d/d so i duly cancelled it with them an said i will be pying with my card over the phone,when i rang the bank a week later to check it had been cancelled it had not!!!

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Disconnected Line »5th May 200906/05/20090

After months of indifferent service, I have been disconnected by Tiscali from my Landline. After two spent in emailing and telephoning the organisation they now indicate that the line is not theirs but belongs to BT. BT on the other hand verify that the line is in their possession and that they received an order from Tiscali to disconnect the line.

I am further informed that, now the line has been disconnected the telephone number associated with the line is now lost and that I will face a reconnection charge of about £59.

I have been back and forth between the two organisations by telephone today and cannot resolve this issue, even though I know that Tiscali took over the responsibility for the line.

So, to recap, I have been provided with an inadequate service and am now denied an internet service, for which I have paid, because my line has been disconnected. I have made numerous calls and been kept waiting on each occasion before being referred to another operator and then cut off the line - having to start all over again.

The frustration at such incompetence and the time taken to try and sort this matter out - followed by complete rejection at the Tiscali end and lack of customer support requires redress and compensation.

I hope that others will read, learn and inwardly digest these problems and be well advised as to their own future intentions in the field of telephone and broadband services.

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Total claims:14
Lied to in order to sell contract »24th March 200921/05/20090

I needed a new internet provider so I phoned Tiscali to enquire. While on the phone I was assured that I could transfer my phone line to them without having to pay any money to BT to cancel the contract. This was perhaps naive on my part but i had only just left home and had never dealt with phone compaines before. My issue with them is that this was a blatant lie which they told me in order to get my business. If they had told me the truth, advised me to investigate the matter myself or even told me they didn't know I would have not entered into a contract with them. I was lied to in response to a direct question and it cost me £175.48 (my entire contract with BT). I think Tiscali should be liable for this but they disagree.

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Total claims:14
shame »18-19/9/201019/09/20100

problem with mac code
i wrote to you yesterday and here is a update since then i rang tiscali again yesterday and spoke to another advisor who told me it would take 4 days to produce a mac code i then checked my e.mail only to find they had sent me a mac code phoned bt and spoke to an advisor called harry to change my internet provider
he checked the mac code and it was one digit short he then rang tiscali on my behalf but they had closed the line for the night
so nothing could be done till today.
i rang tiscalli today and spoke to an advisor called grant who then told me if the mac code was wrong that i will have to wait another month before they can issue another mac code he said it was a company called open reach that issuses the mac code and has nothing to do with tisscali are my hands now tied and is it that i cant change internet provider and are tisscali so short of customers that thy need to use dirty tricks like this to hold on to customers.
ps i recorded the phone calls with 2 of the advisers i spoke to
from tisscali and told them i was doing this
yours R Burton

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complaint »14 th feb 201014/03/20100
i have been a loyal customer with tiscali for the past two years. i was on their 1mb unlimited plus weekend calls package cost £12.99 a month. they sent me a letter in mid January to tell me that they were putting me on there £14.99 up to 8mb 40gb plus weekend calls i rung them on the 14th feb to tell them i did not want that deal and they said they could put me on a better deal of £18.49 8mb, 40gb download ,weekend and free evening calls plus line rental with no connection fee of £29.99. a week later i checked my account and realised they put me on the £14.99 a month package that i did not want. on the 23rd Febuary i rang them to complain, i was on the phone for over 2 hours constantly being put on hold by the man i was speaking to eventully he agreed to the deal but he said yhat i would have to pay the £29.99 connection fee ,i said no so he said that he would have to check the original phone call and he would ring me in two days time i am still waiting for that phone call! the firm is shambolic and that is why i am name and shaming them.

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Illegal Slamming »Feb/March 201031/03/20100
I had Tiscali for broadband and BT for phone in mid February 2010 I chose to change to Talk Talk for a combined Talk Talk Pro service phone and broadband. I had the order confirmed by Talk Talk and noticed that my phone had changed around beginning of March but that I had not had the alert call I had expected from Talk Talk. I was awaiting a new modem for the Pro package and when it hadn't arrived at the end of March I rang to find out what was happening. Talk Talk told me my order had been cancelled but my phone was no longer with BT. Tiscali had illegally slammed me instating their inferior package for Talk Talk's. My gripe is that Tiscali are owned by Talk Talk, are refusing to hand back my phone number to Talk Talk and saying I'll have to have a new one from Talk Talk and they haven't apologised for this illegal action. I want my original phone number freed up for Talk Talk Pro and all costs resulting from this to be paid by Tiscali/Talk Talk. Personally I think Tiscali should be wound up and all their useless and insulting staff sacked.

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shame »18/9/201018/09/20100

spoke to a person called tim on the phone at tiscali asking for my mac code he refused saying what was my reason i told him that i may be going to bt told me that was not reason enough to give me my mac code he kept me on the phone for nearly 3 quater's of an hour i told him i was bad with stress but he still refused to give me the code in the end i had to hang up on him i phoned back later and spoke to a differant advisor who told me it would take 5 days to generate a mac code told him i would check this with trades discription later i was checking my email and the mac code had been sent i was only checking bt out but i will certainly be changing my internet supplier now thanks to tim

these people do not deserve to be in this sort of work they will lose more customers for tiscali with the attitude that they take they say the conversations with customers may be recorded for training purposes but i bet mine has been destroyed
signed very angry

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1791three internet [glasgow]
Total claims:1
ripoff internet service »03/10/200813/04/20090

i had just finished my contract with virgin internet (which i never had any problems with). but having my mobile phone with 3 i thought id price up having a dongle so i went to a 3g store and was told that they had the best coverage for mobile internet and since i was with them it would only cost £15 a month instead of £30. i took out a 18 month contract with them and have had nothing but trouble since. i can only get about 2 bars of reception at best and it keeps disconnecting, i phoned them up many times to ask for help and complain but they keep saying i have good coverage in this area and after going through the same routine about 10 times im no better off. the dongle has been in for tests and a new one has been sent out but its no better. i have  phoned many times to ask for the contract to be canceled but after 2 hours of being transfered from person to person i was told that it wasn't possible, so now im stuck paying of something that is less than useless and isn't delivering what was promised.   

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2196Telecom 3 and 3 mobile broadband [Kilmarnock]
Total claims:1
Fraudulent Trading »Feb 1st 2009-ongoing04/05/20090

Feb 1st. I was called by Tina Williams offering 3 mobile broadband with a free dongle. The promised deal was 5hrs internet per DAY, 200 downloads/ 1100 emails per MONTH at a total cost of £9.79 per month.

Feb 5th. Package delivered, contract that arrived was 30hrs internet per MONTH, 60 downloads/ 60 emails per MONTH.

Feb 6th. Rang 3 broadband and cancelled contract but was told deal was with T3 so needed to cancel with them (we beloeved we were dealing with 3). Rang T3 and cancelled contract.

Feb 7th, My daughter again rang T3 to confirm cancellation. T3 acknowledged contract was incorrect and that Ms Williams would contact us to rectify the matter. Both calls to T3 are logged on 3 phone bills.

Feb 9th. Ms Williams rang and ADMITTED UNRESERVEDLY that the contract was wrong, that a new contract with the original deal would be posted out within 7 working days. All details were confirmed by her manager.

Feb 18th. After 7 working days no contract had arrived so rang T3 advised them we wouldn't wait any longer and asked for code and address to return the unopened dongle. They DENIED all previous calls, maintained contract still stood and FLATLY REFUSED to give a code and address. (Note their headed notepaper has no address or phone number!)

Despite MANY phone calls to T3 and 3 broadband I have got nowhere.

March 30th. Eventually managed to get address of T3 which is -              T3 DIRECT, 25, BANK STREET, KILMARNOCK, AYRSHIRE, KA1 2BT and returned the unopened dongle. I have had confirmation of receipt.

Continuing saga. 3 continue to bill me for something:-        Fraudulently sold.                                                              Cancelled (3 confirm "clear evidence of cancellation and call from T3"    on my records).                                                                       Never opened and returned at the earliest opportunity. Informed by OFCOM that contract was illegal as didn't contain full details of T3, most notably their address!

I advise DON'T deal with T3 or 3 broadband. If you do GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING, BELIEVE NOTHING AND TRUST NO ONE!

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