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IDCompany / PersonClaim TitleIncident DateAddedPostsAdd commentDetails
16805Class & Whisper [London]
Total claims:17
Adult Escort Fee »18th Jan 201119/02/201116

I left a message a few months ago to become a male escort. Then out of the blue on the 18th of January I received a phone call from class & whisper explaining they had some work for me that week. Furthermore, I was told I was garuanteed two bookings per week and would recieve £300 per job. I was really happy so they said they needed my bank details to pay a one off joining fee of £295 (three months membership I am so glad I opted for only 3 months). Because I was going through a bad patch with my partner I decided to join. However, I gave them my credit card details (fully covered) because I was suspicious. When they came back to me saying that the transaction would take seven days to go through I wasnt happy, as they said they wouldnt be able to give me the work on that tuesday. So, instead they told me to pay £295 directly into Santander; which I did over the phone with my bank. I tried to stop it after because I sensed it was a ripp off, it was too late my bank said!

After the QUICK transaction the company had the cheek to ring me back and say thank you. I heard nothing off of them since. Please close this place down they are a scam.

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24964Select Companions [Lodon]
Total claims:11
SCAM ESCORT AGENCY »27/04/2012 08/05/201215
Paid £250 as i had clients booked and thought i'd make the registration fee back in the first booking.. that has failed to materialize, i am new to escorting and wanted to give it a real go to make money to fund better things, now i think i will not bother. They have stopped answering to e-mails and any questions over the phone about the legitimacy they get quite irritated.

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Total claims:2

I am writing to you because i feel abused and helpless. I joined an adult dating site a few months ago, it is called BENAUGHTY.COM A few days ago I discovered that my profile was used illegally by the administration team to contact members of the site that I had no interest in.I was very annoyed and decided to give up on there services.After that I found a new fake profile on the site that had my pictures and wrong details pretending I was a different person. I contacted them by phone and several emails and they have been ignoring me. Please help me I don't know what to do to get that fake profile cancelled.I feel used and its making me very depressed that they are using my image to get different men to pay for subscription to join their site without my approval.please help me!!!please

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19409Class & Whisper [London]
Total claims:17
Class and Whisper rip off »23/05/1124/05/20113
I was phoned up about the possibility of being and escourt, i was a bit apprehensive at first but due to the fact that i was a single father, i thought why not give it a go. I was asked to pay a 3 month subscription of £290 but as i was unable to pay this at the time they said i could sign up for 1 month for £100 which i promptly did. After a while i recieved a call saying they had a international client interested in my profile and that they wanted to arrange a meeting. We had the meeting all arranged and then they said that the client wanted a confidentiality agreement signed and that there would be a holding deposit that needed to be put down to have the contracts drawn up (i now see how niave i was being) the were asking for £800 for the holding deposit but i said i never have that sort of money and all i have is my rent money of £550, which they said i would get back the moment i have signed the contracts. I reluctantly agreed to pay the holding deposit as i was trusting the kind nature of 'Emma' on the phone and she assured i would get the money back in 2 days time when i signed the contract. Now they are making up stories about the solicitor not being available to get the contracts signed and i haven't got a clue what to do. It was my niaveity so i highly doubt i will ever see that money again which means i am a month behind on my rent, probable eviction all because i was trusting and didnt think that these sort of things would happen to me, terrible mistake to make.

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25159Select Companions [Lodon]
Total claims:11
Select Companions Scam »20/04/201219/05/20122
I paid £250 believing that the money would be made up in no time because 'Ellie' made working for Select Companions sound like the perfect opportunity. I received blocked calls for the first couple weeks but when I answered them, the line was silent for multiple seconds before the other end hung up. For weeks I was unsure of the company's legitimacy because 'Ellie' was constantly getting in contact with me and asking my available dates. Whenever I call, they always sound very genuine and act like they care that I'm worried about being scammed. However, I have yet to hear from a client.

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17248Class & Whisper [London]
Total claims:17
I would like a refund from Class & Whisper!! »Feb 201111/03/20111
I saw an advert in my local paper for social escorts, so I rang to enquire. I was told that there was interest in my profile and that I would definately receive work. I then promptly handed over �£345.00 for 6 months subscription. Since then all I have had is phone calls, that say they have had interest but it is from oversea clients. But I need to upgrade my profile, and then they kept asking me for more money. The first time it was �£1000.00, second time �£400.00. At this point I was really beginning to think that this company stinks and it is a scam. Now reading other horror stories I know it is true!!! I have to say I have not handed anymore money over, and yes they dod sound very convicing!

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19416Class & Whisper [London]
Total claims:17
return our money »November 201025/05/20111
does anyone know th address of class and whisper??? if we can find out the address we can take them to the small claims court...

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22384Class & Whisper [London]
Total claims:17
New name, same fraudsters »05/12/1105/12/20111
Class & Whisper (RCMH LTD) has changed its name to Client Connections (RCMH LTD)

Similar story to others on here, desperate for money and after much soul searching i decided to give it a try.

Alex & Lydia explained how they had work pencilled in for me already, I was like wow thats great!

£350 for 6 month registration. You'll get it back on your first job they say. I asked to pay by credit card, they explained that it wouldn't clear in time for my first job in just 3 days time.

So i did some more digging; they say they've been operating for 12 years, but when they gave me their bank details i was fortunate enough to come on here and discover just what thieves they are.

I've looked them up, as being a Ltd company should have to be registered through companies house. They are. Established on 4 March 2011.

Here's there accounts address if anyone wants to go in with bailiffs to recover money;


The 'director' of this operation is a Ms. Gillian Simmons
Month/Year of Birth: 07/1973

shockingly the registered head office is an ex local authority house in the middle of a residential area.

Amazing what 5 minutes online can give you. Make use of the info as you see fit, and dont pay these people any more money.

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26237Select Companions [Lodon]
Total claims:11
Scam Escort Agency »02/08/201203/08/20121
I paid a set up fee of £249 to Select Companions. I spoke to Danielle on numerous occasions over two days from 01/08/2012 and 02/08/12 who convinced me she had a vast client base, suitable for Social events only, therefore plenty of work.

On 02/08/12 I was then passed over to Lauren who also convinced me payment was safe and work would follow.

03/12/2012 I returned Danielles call for confirmation of a booking that evening and further details. No further details or client materialised, and there is now only an answer phone in service.

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26988european companions [Lodon]
Total claims:3
i want my money back »8/10/201209/10/20121
i thought i was joining a busy escort company but what a fake it is and now they have changed their names to EUROPEAN COMPANIONS. I was contracted by RUBY on the 5th june sented her my pictures etc and was told that there would be loads of work for me if i just paid her 200 to set up my profile and i would get it back after my first booking silly i did and then i got a few private numbers calling me when i did answer the phone went dead and then ruby would call to say i had clients and missed them i kept phoning the agency to see why i wasnt getting work and they kept saying that they were just quiet then when i read all the other claims and realised it was a scam i phoned them and they just laughed down the phone to me and have changed their name

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27054european companions [Lodon]
Total claims:3
european companions sign up scam »17/10/201217/10/20121
I contacted european escorts through their website with the intention of earning some extra money escorting ladies on dinner dates etc and recieved a call back within a couple of hours. All sounded very positive and above board but i was requested to pay a fee to complete my registration which i was told at the time was refundable within 7 days if i did not recieve any payed work. I was told this was a guarentee so that i would show up for my first booking.On the 10th October 2012 i paid £299 pounds into the HSBC account of european companions. Having spoken to Angie on the phone i was told that there was work available and i'd earn my fee back with a couple of days. After i'd paid the fee the company's contact was very minimal and my booked date did not phone. When i did recieve calls the phone line was silent for 20 seconds and then cut off. I spoke to Angie about this and was told they had experienced 'problems' with the clients phone. Today 17/10/12 was my 7th day and i have recieved no work so i e-mailed the company to cancel my association with them as suggested on the website. I recieved a call from the manager who informed me that because they had advertised me on their site and that i had recieved 'calls' that i was unable to claim back my registration fee of £299. I am now seeking advice on how to reclaim my money.I was stupid to sign up and hope that this company gets what they deserve.

more details » [daytona beach]
Total claims:1
FRAUDULENT WEBSITE »03-03-201026/05/20100
the man that owns is a fraud. His name is larry cassity, lives in daytona beach, and he is a monster and abuser, con-artist and fraud. He pretends to be a woman and tells the members there to do sexual things online and deceives them. He is a fraudulent individual and he also gets them to send him items and gifts such as lingerie or other things...he tells these men to ejaculate in a cup and drink it. He wipes himself with women's underwear, and sends it to them claiming it's used women's underwear. He gets these people to send him dresses, lingerie and tv's. he is a con-artist, extreme sadist, narcissist, sociopath, predator...he also forces women to take degrading or nude pictures (against their will) and posts their pictures online, without permission against their will and makes money off them illegally...he is a sick person and out there making money off innocent women and a major predator...his website should be shut down or consumers warned they are speaking to a male not a female...he is a pimp, tries to turn women into prostitutes, mentally and physically abuses women, is a brainwasher, pathological liar, con-artist sadist..he gets off on psychologically torturing people for fun and destroying them... he is 58 years old and a sadist too and mentally terrorizes women, destroys their lives/careers, doesn't pay them anything degrades them and forces them to do nude pictures against their will, expose themselves, do spread leg pictures, making them cry destroying their lives, and just laughs about it...and will go to major lengths to do this to people as a joke and laughs about it...while he is making money off them..he will abuse and destroy people in huge ways...he does many other sick things to innocent women and is a major bully, abuser narcissist, sociopath..members of his website are fooled into thinking they are sending items to the female models there when it is this sick predator who is running the website and who they are sending things too. he claims the 'owner' tessa is deaf and cant talk on the phone...he robs people dry when they get their men who are in love with the female on there 'tessa'...he pretends to be a mistress...and makes them do sick things...sexually he is also turned on by this...its a fun pastime hobby for this sadist to con and take advantage of anyone he can...he brags about the tv's, gifts, lingerie he gets from them...and even waits until some are paid when 'he' is broke himself and tries to con the men out of money...they are so in love wtih the model 'tessa' there...they will do anything for her...sometimes he is flat broke and is relying on the 'members' there to send him large sums of money or clothes...he says "oh the slave doesnt have anymore money"...he returns the favor by sending them used underwear he wiped on himself as tokens or gifts...and who knows what else he the meantime while he is conning people he's destroying innocent women and models' lives for fun...a sadist bully and laughing about it...he is a very sick person...
He collects these items and has a huge collection of women's dresses, clothes, high heels etc...worse, pretending to be tessa the main girl there...he also abuses the models who pose for him and does not pay them degrades them and forces them to take nude pictures...he is an exploiter low life lunatic and predator...

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Total claims:2
Fake messages »sept 201230/09/20120
Before I upgraded to full membership I was apparently receiving loads of messages from lady members, so on this basis I decided to upgrade to full membership. When I did this and had access to the messages I had been sent I discovered all the messages were so called ice-breakers and they turned out not to be genuine messages at all and in fact after three weeks of membership I have not received one genuine message. I have received a few more ice-breakers which were clearly not sent by the actual member, and having done some checking found that one message was sent by a member who had not logged onto the site since january. The only real messages I have received have been from so-called 'cam-girls' advertising their services or links to other web-sites. One member I have found clearly describes herself as a prostitute looking for clients.

I feel I have been cheated and mis-led into paying membership by this site and that the site is just a scam full of fakers, cheaters and liars.

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Total claims:2
SCAMMED »13/08/201017/11/20100

Ordered a dvd online only to establish today (thanks to Google) that this site is a total scam!!!!!!! Why is this site still allowed to operate, surely there must be some protection for the consumer!

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Total claims:2
no goods »10/05/201006/06/20110
I put a order in for two DVD's the first was out of stock and still is, the second I was sent a email saying it was posted to me on the 10/05/2010 and I still have not received it.

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19217Class & Whisper [London]
Total claims:17
Class & Whisper- Unscrupulous Criminals »2/5/201113/05/20110
I paid money to this company after a few enquiries, looking on their website and big conversations with my husband. Like many many others times are really tough at the minute and I thought if I could work even once a week it would be a godsend. Like some of the other stories I was told I had 11 matches which was “excellent” so I would definitely be working within 7-10 days. KATIE seemed so genuine I explained how finding the £295.00 fee would be really hard and infact we borrowed it out of our children’s accounts. How ashamed do I feel now? I thought I would pay be able to pay the money back after 1 job! How wrong was I! 7 weeks on no work, various phonecalls. Then last week EMMA rang about the “international” businessman but surprise surprise I had to pay another £800 pounds! This was when I find this wonderful website. EMMA rang me back 3 more times on the next working day and when I said I wasn’t paying as I didn’t believe they were genuine and had no intention of offering me work she got really arsey. Saying there’s two sides to every story and even businesses like McDonalds get lies told about them!! The call ended with her saying she would get a manager, either Clare or Marcus to ring me back. Which strangely enough on 2 of the initials of the RCMH Ltd bank account where the funds were transferred to! More importantly 2 weeks on after the conversation where I said I was going to Trading Standards, the police and informing the newspaper where I saw the advertisement that Class and Whisper was a scam I still have had no call or no work!! These criminals need to be stopped they are taking advantage of many people who are sick with worry about finances and trying to find a way out.

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18478Class & Whisper [London]
Total claims:17
no bookings »nov 201017/04/20110
i joined this escort service having been told that "we will get you two bookings a week dave" After 3 months membership costing £295 i didn't get one booking!!!

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18493Class & Whisper [London]
Total claims:17
Rip off! »13/04/201118/04/20110

I have signed up to a company called Class & Whisper who claimed to be able to put me on 2 bookings a week for a social escort service - they said the clients knew not to ask for anything other than your time out in restaurants/bars with them. After having paid £295 towards "advertising costs" I have heard nothing from them, apart from when they gaveme my user name and password and I asked them where their offices were and they passed me on to a number of different people before giving me a fake address of 'Great Yarmouth Business Centre' in Mayfair which is a fake address. They have already done what others on here have said has happened to them, ie: told me their is a client waiting for me only to say later the client couldn't make it etc etc. I am soooo annoyed I have fallen for such a blatant scam but I suppose I live in a naive world where I trust people.... Silly me. Their phone number is 020 7411 9132 but it always goes straight through to voice mail.

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17917Class & Whisper [London]
Total claims:17
Scam »31/03/201103/04/20110
Hi,I found an advert for social escort two weeks ago saying that they need a sociable easy going people to work as social escorts.I write to them to get more information and they contact me very quickly, saying thats its an easy way to earn money no need of experience and stuff like that so I get really intrested in it.Who wouldnt want to get paid for going out evrywere and get paid!And after i showed intrest in them they said I need to pay 295 advertisment fee.So I told them to ring in a week time because I din't had the money at that time.So they ring me at the arranged day wich was 31/03/2011 and told me that there is already some bookings for weekend they even give me a details of it.It supposed to be a dinner with 29year old business man.So I paid.And obviuosly that client " didn't confirm a booking".They didn't even contact me or anything.I contacted them on saturday morning and a really nice women ansvered and said that I already recieved a lot of intrest of my profile and they will contact me then booking will be confirmed.I tried to ring them today but no one answered.I'll try ringing them but somehow i don't think anyone will answer.I want my money back even though they policy say they don't give money back.

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18597Class & Whisper [London]
Total claims:17
"FRAUDSTERS NOT AN AGENCY" »Feb/March 201120/04/20110
I saw in an add in Loot Recruit for an advert advertising Social work by a so called agency going by the name of Class and Whipser so I made enquires as I was actively seeking work as I have been out of work for a while.
Initially I spoke with an Agent called Joy she explained to me about the company and how beneficial it would be for me to join the agency as she said that the agency would find me work. She asked for what she described as the agencies requirements which was a recent photo of myself and a description of myself and interests and if I was prepared to travel she also said that she was going to carry out some checks on me for security purposes and conduct a series of questions that she would like me to answer as accuratley as I could. She then explained that she was going to create a profile for me as a test to see how effective my profile would be before accepting me as a registered member. Within a 48 hours I received a call from Joy stating that my profile was liked by the rest of her team and that it had attracted various business interest from clients and she said that she would like to offer me the work and confirm with the business clients that I was available to start work she said that she would like to register me with the agency so I accepted but she said in order for me to be registered and to accept the work that she had offered me I would need to pay a registration fee of either £295 for 3 months subscription or £345 for 6 months, she advised 6 months as it was better value for money and that it would mean that the agency will be finding me and offering work for a further 3 months for an additional £50 but I explained that I could not afford to pay all in one go so she said I could pay in two instalments but she said that she would not be able to confirm the work until I had made a full payment and was registered with the agency so I promptly made the two payments after the first had gone through I got constant phone calls from the agency saying that there was a alot of work available for me but I had to pay the remaining payment before I could start, one of the phone calls from an agent called Victoria claimed that she had Taxi arrangements for me to confirm and that the remaining payment needed to be made ASAP otherwise the work would not be offered to me! so I promptly made the other payment and I did not hear from the agency since.
I made numerous calls to follow up the work that had been apparently offered to me and an agent said that she was going to follow up it up for me but I heard nothing at all! I also spoke with a guy he said the same thing and that Joy had to deal with it as she was my rep everytime I asked to speak with Joy she was never available!
10 days or so later I recieved a call from a lady called Emma stating that she was the Manager she asked me why I was not answering my phone as apparently the agency was trying to get hold of me a few times! this was an obvious lie as I had not recieved any calls or missed calls what so ever!!!, or any messages or voicemails! I had told her this and she said that she was going to make enquires with her staff. She then told me that my profile apparently had attracted alot of interest from International business clients that wanted to offer me work but she said before she could offer me this work I would need to upgrade my membership to International so that my profile will be registered on the International database. Emma said that the additional amount that I had to pay was £1000 plus buy this time I new that this agency was a complete scam I said to Emma that I could not afford to pay what she was demanding she then said that she could try and speak with the client and see if they could pay half of the upgrade but she said that I would need to make a commitment to her and make the remaining payment ASAP. I also explained to her that I had not recieved any work what so ever from the agency and that Joy the original agent I dealt with who was apparently my reprentative advised me not to upgrade straight away to International until I had built up a portfolio and until I was a bit more experienced.
Emma repied saying that Joy was new and that she had given me the wrong info! she said that she is the manager and she makes the decisions on whether I would be eligable to upgrade to International level or not she said that she was giving me the oppertuinity to do this now! something that normally you would have to work towards achieving based on feedback etc
Now after reading other horror stories I know for sure that this so called agency are a complete scam I have not paid anymore money to them, they sound very convincing! they have a convincing website they are very decieving people they advertsise in Loot Recruit, on the web on Facebook,, and they advertise in local newspapers such as The Guardian. These people are a bunch of professional fraudsters and they need to be Stopped now! they prey on Vulnerable people who in a recession are struggling to find employment.

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