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Total claims:23
never received Lacoste Polo Shirt »8th February 200917/02/200912

I ordered a Lacoste Polo Shirt 30th January 2009. There delivery states your item is despatched the following working day. Nothing had arrived after a week so I emailed them about not receiving my Polo Shirt and was told it was being despatched on the saturday. Still nothing has arrived and I believe this site is a fraud.

DO NOT order anything from

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6947US Ugg
Total claims:5
Never received order »11/10/200920/11/20096

I ordered boots for my daughters birthday and they charged me more than they said they would and I was ok until now it is 11/20/2009, they said it would take 5-7 days to receive and nothing. No tracking #, no Confirmation that they have been shipped, when I try to go their contact page and type in a message it just says error message. I can't find an 800 # or anything on this company, I am very upset, I don't have money to lose, it was supposed to be a special present for her.

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Total claims:5
FAKE SITE »10th October 201118/10/20115
Ordered a pair of UGG boots, they took my money through when queried delivery told me unable to give me tracking number, asked for address where being despatched from - they gave me Westminster Abbey's address!!!!
COMPLETELY FAKE & FRAUDSTERS. They should be removed from the world wide web to stop this happening. How can they get away with it for so long? does anyone have any ideas what can be done to stop these kind of fraudsters?

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15646Dragon Star Pro [New Delhi ]
Total claims:1
Ripped off by a clothing company »06/06/201029/12/20105
Per Oberg runs a clothing manufacturing company called DSP Group (Dragon Star Pro). Basically I paid him to manufacture a load of custom clothing for me. First it was due in July 2010 then October 2010

First excuse was :
1) I ended up in hospital after catching a virus
2) After leaving hospital I was run over by a car
3) Because the Commonwealth Games was on we were unable to manufacture the clothes

After 6 months from when I paid him for the clothes I asked for my money back to which he and his assistant Jeanette Lindgren both stated:

"You should have read our terms and conditions, if we cant manufacture the clothes we dont have to give you the money back." I informed them that was not legal to which they replied "Terms and Conditions can contradict law."

Watch out there are many manufacturers in India and abroad who are robbing the smaller clients like this and just keeping the money.

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Total claims:1
False Advertisement & Fake, Knock-Off Ugg Boots »3/4/0911/03/20094

I have many pairs of Ugg boots bought from my local mall.  Ugg boots cost alot so I was searching on line to find a place to buy it for cheaper.  I came across this site: and it advertise real, 100%, authentic Australian ugg boots for cheap price.  So I was happy to have found this site and I order a black classic short ugg boot.  I pay through paypal and paypal confirmed my payment the next day of the seller accepting my money.  I then wait and wait to get some kind of confirmation or tracking number from the seller but has not received anything yet.  I try contacting the seller through multiple emails but no respond.  I then search on line about this website and found out that it is a scam.  The site advertises real ugg boots but really it is not.  It is just a Chinese company trying to sell fake ugg boots.  Have I known that it was fake I would have never ordered it.  I am disputing my claim with paypal right now.  They are investigating the claim.  I don't know if I will get the fake ugg boots or not because I don't know my order status.  If I do get the boots, after reading people posting of complaint about this site, it will be hard for me to return the product.  So yeah I got screwed!!!  I might got my fake ugg boot and but stuck with it or I might  not even get a fake ugg boot and charged $82.  So buyers of ugg boots, your safest way to get real ugg boots is to buy it at your local mall or at Amazon, eBay.  Never at an unknown website.  Don't be fooled like I did.  I hope this help people stay away from this website and shut down this stupid site.


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1437wonderlanduk [Porthmouth]
Total claims:1
very concerning »01/03/0922/03/20094

I have purchased a order from this company using the internet. The site looked safe and was able to take my bank details quickly on the 28th february. My order came to 22.00 which was a pirate hat this is for a party on the 28th march this for comming saturday. I received an email on the 1st of march advising me they have debited my account for the money but i am yet to have received my order. I have emailed the contact eail address several times and called the contact number inwhich just goes to answer machine. This is really concerning to me. I am left out of pocket and feel like i have been scammed. Can anyone advise me how this can be resolved. If someone is able to take my money someone is able to give me an answer to my complaint.

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Total claims:3
undelivered ugg boots »4/12/0923/12/20094
I ordered ugg boots of at the beggining of december the website stated delivery in 7 days they have still not arrived i have tried to contact the website several times but been unable to recieve any support or feed back as to there where abouts. i have also tried to track with parcel force but they haven't recieved them.
I am unsure of what to do really now?
thank you

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11446UNIFORM YOUR BUSINESS [Woverhampton]
Total claims:4
AVOID this company »Feb 11 201024/02/20104

Two orders were placed with Uniform Your Business on Dec 7 & 22.  The first order I was told was lost and a replacement would be sent, I was given tracking numbers twice that belonged to someone else.The first order was received six weeks later. I was told my second order had been shipped, (again given other peoples tracking numbers several times )then told it too had been lost and a replacement would be sent, I  then found out weeks later that it was never sent. I finally received the order on Feb 11 only to get an item so badly embroidered and the lettering almost unreadable that I'd be embarrased to wear it.I immeditely contacted them(and sent photos) and I was told they would send a replacement  since they agreed it was very poorly emboidered, now more excuses as to why it hasn't been done. Over 2 months since placing an order, I'm still waiting.I've called several times enquiring about my order, I'm either put on hold for at least 15 minutes and finally have to hang up or told someone will call back but no one ever does. I haved asked to speak to the manager but told he is never in but will call back, he has never returned a call either.A certified letter to the manager was sent but no reply to it.I could go on and on about the very poor customer service I've received. This company trades in several business names. I have had to contact The Trading Standards and hopfully they can help.

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Total claims:9
Ugg Boots »February 201002/06/20103
I ordered a pair of ugg boots from ugg mart which are meant to be a UK size 5, they are at least a size 7!! I emailed the company asking how i return them and get a smaller size and when they eventually relplied they advised me to sell them on myself as the cost of returning them would be very expensive. I tried selling them on ebay and they emailed to say they had been removed from their site by the ugg company because of trademark infringement and because they think they might be fake. I have since tried their website and it is blocked!!!

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1989pleasurewear [Leicester]
Total claims:1
no response, no delivery, just a ripp off??? »5th April 200926/04/20093

Ordered on 5th of April 2009 some items with pleasurewear online. Order was processing(it still is!!!!!??????), i paid by creditcard, secure web "body n soul" took £ 80 on the 7th of April 2009 from my account. Still waiting. Several emails, asking for the deliverydate and tracking number. No answer ............

Want to raise dispute, have to wait 30 days from payment day. 

But what a ripp off and annoying timewaste. Why they cant get back to me telling me whats on??????????

How rude!!!!

Please dont order anymore with pleasurwear!


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Total claims:3
no t shirt »april 0916/05/20093

i ordered a t shirt and never received it, even though they took the

money out my account straight away.

i have read numerous reviews about this website and a lot of people

have suffered the same fate. its a scam.

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Total claims:1
UGG Boots »15th January 201018/01/20103
I ordered a classic pair of tall UGG books for my wife. The site appeared genuine. So I ordered a pair. I have been told that they were from Australia. But when the money was taken from my account the company are from WWW.ECPSS.COM

You guessed it counterfeit goods. I phone the bank and they said as the company have sent a dispatch notice they can't do anything for 30 days, even then I am not sure what they can do. I intend to go back to them and try and recover my money from visa.

I emailed the company and again they have not returned any emails. I haven’t received my goods either.

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21218embroidered image [Blackpool]
Total claims:6
Failed to deliver and incredibly rude! »27/09/201127/09/20113
I needed uniforms for my new business with a fairly quick turnaround. Before placing the order, I emailed the company to check they could deliver by the necessary date if I ordered that day and was told it would be "no problem". I placed the order and asked that, if it transpired that they couldn't deliver in time, that they let me know so that I could make alternative arrangements.

The day before delivery was due, I had heard nothing so I emailed to enquire about the status of my order - there was no response to this or a subsequent email.

The order didn't arrive and I had to pay out a lot of money for a last minute replacement that wasn't quite right but was all I could get.

This morning - 4 days after the promised delivery date and having heard nothing - I emailed to complain about the situation and ask for an update. The response I received is the rudest message I have ever received from a company. His offer of a refund is infuriating since I still need the items, could have gotten them from somewhere else by now and, despite the fact they should have been delivered 4 days ago, they clearly haven't been produced yet.

My message and his response is below.

Do not ever order from Embroidered Image - I can't believe they manage to stay in business with this kind of attitude.

FW: Your order from embroideredimage has been processed successfully

From: Rachel ***** [mailto:********]
Sent: 27 September 2011 13:41
Subject: Fwd: Your order from embroideredimage has been processed successfully
Hi there
I was recently looking for uniforms for my business - I emailed on 15/9 asking if it would be possible to order and receive the items by 23/9 at the latest and was told that this wouldn't be a problem so I placed an order the same day.
When I hadn't heard anything by Thursday last week, I sent you two emails but haven't received a response, and haven't received a despatch notification or the items yet. I've checked my account and I have been charged, so the order clearly has gone through.
I am quite annoyed by this as, when I placed the order, I specifically asked to be informed if the items wouldn't arrive in time so that I could get something temporary if there were a delay. In the end, I had to spend more than my original order with you to get something last minute which was insufficient, and something I won't be able to use again.
I originally placed this order to see if the items were the right size and fit before placing a much larger order, but I certainly won't be doing that now even of the quality is good. I wouldn't have had an issue if I'd been informed of a later than discussed delivery, but the fact that I've heard nothing at all despite my queries is extremely frustrating.
Please could you let me know as soon as possible what the situation is with my order and when it will be delivered.

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Total claims:2
HANDBAG SCAM »Jan 200928/01/20092

 was also a victim of this company. I specifically asked them are u selling pirated stuff, they said no they deal in authenticated goods only and product comes with original labels. but they send you rubbish. you can see it is not even Leather. This is some bad material. MIMI AND PORTER just want [credit card] (link: to them. MIMI AND PORTER will charge your credit card two three times and make it hard to refund the money. BEWARE FROM MIMI AND PORTER.

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1850Big Beautiful and Gorgeous [Kent]
Total claims:4
Non Payment of Refund »16th March 0916/04/20092

I have had nothing but appaling customer service from this company.They refuse to take responsiblity for my still not receiving a refund after a month of constant mails to them.

The person who mails me back goes by the name of "Jo" and has blamed the lack of refund on my bank,myself and royal mail.

I won't to worn others to be very very wary of using this company.They are dishonest and highly disregarding ot any enquiry.

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1878GOTHIC-LUCID-MASHED [Southhampton ]
Total claims:4
Gothic site fail to deliver »7/4/0918/04/20092

Basically i ordered an item from GOTHIC-LUCID-MASHED,, an aniversary gift for my other half but no item was delivered, their email/item tracker does not work and their telephone number just rings and rings. there are many similar stories about this site on the net.  

The payment was processed by Protx, a third-party payment service provider and they state they do not offer any assistance. I want my money back!!

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Total claims:4 are fake »12/01/0925/12/20092
Order boots, took 4 weeks, right order but the boots are fake. Smell and two layers of suede and fake fur.

Paypal said "item is not covered by PayPal Buyer Protection. Thus, we are not able to help you at this point.

However, if more claims are being filed against this seller within the next 180 days we will review this case more closely.

Please contact the seller directly to solve this case. We have to debit the reversal amount as well as a 5 EUR processing fee from your PayPal account."

So if you have been burned please submit a claim to the resolution center. Maybe if enough of us hound them they will stop accepting money for this fake company.

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Total claims:1
False Advertisement & Fake, Knock-Off Ugg Boots »30/9/09 30/09/20092

 I have many pairs of Ugg boots bought from my local mall.  Ugg boots cost alot so I was searching on line to find a place to buy it for cheaper.  I came across this site: [] (link: that the two site selling false ugg boots and they are dealling with it.Next time when you want buy a ugg boots go to the offical ugg site or authorized online retailers.

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Total claims:5
undelivered boots »15/9/0901/10/20092

I ordered and paid for (with paypal-hope to claim money back!) a pair of timberland boots from and it states that you would received a shipping tracking number in 3 days and delivery time is 1 week! so i waited 3 day and no tracking number so emailed them and they said thier system was down but i would get the number shorly and i have email a few times since and got the same message and now its been over 2 weeks now and still no sign of tracking number or boots,if your looking to buy a pair of timberland boots please stay well clear of this site as i dont think you will ever see them! and also there is a site called uk ugg and its looking like ive just been ripped off by them as well.

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5369David Galore [Oxford]
Total claims:1
money taken, won't send refund »17/09/0908/10/20092

I recently ordered a fancy dress outfit for a friends hen night from, I ordered it a little late than i'd hoped but still had 10 days in order to receive outfit and return if not suitable, however 2 days before the hen night I still hadn't received the outfit - I contacted the owner countless times by both email and phone before then as I had been told that it'd be with me 3-4 days after I ordered it! but I didn't receive any response but I did receive an email saying confirmation of order and that the money had been taken and even emails from him saying when I'd definately get it by - so feeling a little nervous about whether i'd receive it on time I ordered it from another company ( and this was received the next day before 1pm and fitted perfectly Cool


I received an email 1 day before I was due to have the hen night which was on the 24th September 2009 and he said he wouldn't be able to get it out to me on time and would I like a refund? I replied's now been 14-15 days since that email and I am still waiting on the refund from the guy, further to leaving countless emails and voice mail messages and not able to leave any further messages on the landline number as it says the mailbox is full. I certainly don't think this company is to be trusted and I think it's appaling that someone thinks they can abuse someone like this and effectively steal their money as they requested for the money to be returned following their error.


I am now in extreme financial difficulty as I had to buy another fancy dress outfit to compensate for this, and I am looking for any advice or settlement for this Cry

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