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IDCompany / PersonClaim TitleIncident DateAddedPostsAdd commentDetails
17423Class and whisper
Total claims:10
rip off »09/03/201118/03/20114
Saw this company in the south london press thought i would call. i was told i could make £300 in one night so decided to pay my £295 (why not i can make it back easy) WRONG!!!.I was told i had a booking for sunday and then was told i was contacted twice but they go no reply so they gave the booking to someone else but i would be contacted soon, After calling back several times STILL WAITING.. TOTAL RIP OFF feel like a right idiot sooo ANGRY How dare they????...DO NOT BE FOOLED...

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16871BV Castings
Total claims:4
Fraudulent bond »2010 to 201122/02/20112
As expressed on website BV fraudulently took a membership fee plus a bond compromised from £3000 to £1500 for guaranteed work which never came to fruition over 9 months and during which I incurred a further £250. No address, will not answer phone and now have their website under permanent maintenance.
Lawyer wants to take further but I am not prepared to incur further cost. As another complainant indicated 'illegitimate business', I can prove criminal activity which the fraud squad should be aware of and the OFT. People are being swindled.

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17631Charming Companions [London]
Total claims:5
Companion referencing »16/2/201125/03/20112
I signed up for this agency on the above date, Lisa was my advisor and said if i paid £350 that i could get a full profile and get 6 pictures put on my profile. The £350 was supposed to be for advertising and getting me booked for bookings with clients. i was told that i would only have to pay the fee when i had a guaranteed booking. after i had paid the money i was told that i had a booking with a lady called Izzy and that she would contact me on the day to arrange meeting time and place etc. I didn't receive a phone call until late in the day from a lady from Charming Companions saying that Izzy's boyfriend had turned up at her hotel and suprised her and that the booking was cancelled. After that I heard nothing from Lisa at all and she was never available when I called. I have had no bookings since and the only time I have heard from anyone is when I have rung up myself. I asked for a refund as i believed the company to be a scam and was told that they would not give a refund so i told them that i would make a claim.

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17503Class and whisper
Total claims:10
Is Class and Whisper genuine? »Thur 17/03/201122/03/20112
Anyone know more about Class and Whisper? Ive spoken to a Christine and Amy at this company. There is not much reviews about them, some gr8 advice on here to STAY AWAY from them!!

I have a contact in London, he knows someone who used them and was happy, but not as an escort, more group booking experience.

Any help will be appreciated :).

deshe (West Midlands)

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18674Class and whisper
Total claims:10
rip off »November 201025/04/20112
Paid £295 for 3 months membership,didn't get one booking.They have lied to me and wanted more money from me.They were rude on the phone to me,they are fraudsters...

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12750neverbe lonely [london]
Total claims:1
FEES »16 jUN 201024/06/20101

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18595Class and whisper
Total claims:10
Professional Fraudsters! »Feb/March 201120/04/20111
I saw in an add in Loot Recruit for an advert advertising Social work by a so called agency going by the name of Class and Whipser so I made enquires as I was actively seeking work as I have been out of work for a while.
Initially I spoke with an Agent called Joy she explained to me about the company and how beneficial it would be for me to join the agency as she said that she said that the agency would find me work. She asked for what she described as the acencies requirements which was a recent photo of myself and a description of myself she also said that she was going to conduct a series of questions that she would like me to answer as accuratley as I could. She then explained that she was going to create a profile for me as a test how effective my profile would be before accepting me as a registered member within a 48 hours I received a call from Joy stating that my profile was liked by the rest of her team and that it had attracted various business clients and she said that she would like to offer me the work and confirm with the business clients that I was available to start work and said that she would like to register me with the agency so I accepted but she said inorder for me to be registered and to accept the work that she had offered me I would need to pay a registration fee of either £295 for 3 months subscription or £345 for 6 months she advised 6 months as it was better value for money and that it would mean that the agency will be finding me and offering work for a further 3 months for an additional £50 but I explained that I could not afford to pay all in one go so she said I could pay in two instalments but she said that she would not be able to confirm the work until I had made a full payment and was registered so I promptly made the two payments after the first had gone through I got constant phone calls from the agency saying that there was a alot of work available for me but I had to pay the remaining payment before I could start one of the phone calls from an agent called Victoria claiming that she had Taxi arrangements for me to confirm and that the remaining payment needed to be made ASAP otherwise the work would be offered to someone so I promptly made the other payment and I did not hear from them since.
I made numerous calls to follow up the work that had been apparently offered to me and an agent said that she was going to follow up it up for me but I heard nothing at all! I also spoke with a guy he said the same thing and that Joy had to deal with it as she was my rep everytime I asked to speak with Joy she was never available!
10 days or so later I recived a call from a lady called Emma stating that she was the Manager she asked me why I was not answering my phone as apparently the agency was trying to get hold of me a few times! this was an obvious lie as I had not recieved any calls or missed calls what so ever!!!, or any messages or voicemails! I had told her this and she said that she was going to make enquires with her staff. She then told me that my profile apparently had attracted alot of interest from International clients that wanted to offer me work but she said before she could offer me this work I would need to upgrade my membership to International so that my profile will be registered on the International database. Emma said that the additional amount that I had to pay was £1000 plus buy this time I new that this agency was a complete scam I said to Emma that I could not afford to pay what she was demanding she then said that she could try and speak with the client and see if they could pay half of the upgrade but she said that I would need to make a commitment to her and make the remaining payment ASAP. I also expalined to her that I had not recieved any work what so ever from the agency and that Joy the original agent I delat with who was apparently my reprentative advised me not to upgrade straight away to International until I had built up a portfolia and until I was a bit more experienced.
Emma relied saying that Joy was new and that she had given the wrong info she said that she is the manager and she makes the decisions on whether I would be eligable to upgrade to International level or not she said that she was giving me the oppertuinity to do this now! something that normally you would have to work towards achieving based on feedback etc Now reading other horror stories I know this so called agency are a complete scam I have not paid anymore money to them, they sound very convicing! they have a convicing website they are very decieving people they advertsise in Loot Recruit, on the web on, and they advertise in local newspapers such as The Guardian. These people are a bunch of professional fraudsters and they need to be Stopped now! they prey on Vulnerable people who in a recession are struggling to find employment.

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19689Class and whisper
Total claims:10
Fees for bookings »september 2010 december 201009/06/20111
This Company are a complete rip off I applied through the Surrey Advertiser and paid the registration fee of 295.00 I received a phone call saying that they had a booking for me and would I confirm my availability, I gave them dates and waited I heard nothing I rang them and was told they had tried to call me and had no reply so they gave the booking to someone else complete lies. I received another call saying they had a interntional client who was interested in booking me but due to his high profile he always insisted on a confidentiality contract and seeing as I was new to the company they would pay half the fee but I would need to pay 1,250. which I would get back when I met him The client according to them kept cancelling due to illness in the family and work commitments another load of lies. I was also persuaded to upgrade to international membership as they told me that there was a lot of interest from overseas clients. In total I have now lost 1,975.00.and they are still lying to me and making excuses DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE A PENNY OF YOUR MONEY THEY ARE CHEATS AND LIARS AND VERY GOOD AT IT!!! They told me they are based in Mayfair in London on some business Park probably more lies They should be closed down and prosecuted.

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25399Elegance 4 her [London]
Total claims:4
enquiery »6/05/1205/06/20121
wel i though i was getting a service provided for me and payed up today but seeing what is writtem on this site by members
so i would like some advice

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27641Elegance 4 her [London]
Total claims:4
scam/ripoff »6/12/201207/12/20121

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12542DJW limited
Total claims:2
GET MY MONEY BACK »4/6/1005/06/20100

Seen an advert daily star and thought i could do with extra cash so i phoned up and sounded so convincing that i would get work after a joined the membership so i did £350 it cost.
When i got home and cheacked it out on the net i found this site about this company and it sounds to be a scam,i feel so stupid now for falling for it. DJW LIMITED DO NOT USE OR EVEN SEND THEM ANY MONEY.

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20704DJW limited
Total claims:2
scammed »1/6/201023/08/20110
i saw a advert in my local paper, and needed the extra cash so i thought i would give them a try, i rang them and there was a sign up fee ov 250 so i paid that, later on the same day i got a phone call saying i had i client but they would need a deoposit of £1000, quite alot i know but i was promised it back within 48 hours and the lady was very convincing, and i guess i was very gullable, so i went and paid the money only later for them to say they had got the amount wrong and they needed more money so stupidly again i paid more, eventually after being told to wait for a phone call which i never got, i looked them up and found out they was a scam, i tried ringing them and all i got was the person i was dealing with will get in tounch, i have tried a solicitor but no look with them, so now i dont know how to even try get my money back, but just to warn others not to use them.

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22386Client Connections [Nationwide]
Total claims:2
Con artists »04/12/1105/12/20110
Class & Whisper (RCMH LTD) has changed its name to Client Connections (RCMH LTD)

Similar story to others on here, desperate for money and after much soul searching i decided to give it a try.

Alex & Lydia explained how they had work pencilled in for me already, I was like wow thats great!

£350 for 6 month registration. You'll get it back on your first job they say. I asked to pay by credit card, they explained that it wouldn't clear in time for my first job in just 3 days time.

So i did some more digging; they say they've been operating for 12 years, but when they gave me their bank details i was fortunate enough to come on here and discover just what thieves they are.

I've looked them up, as being a Ltd company should have to be registered through companies house. They are. Established on 4 March 2011.

Here's there accounts address if anyone wants to go in with bailiffs to recover money;


The 'director' of this operation is a Ms. Gillian Simmons
Month/Year of Birth: 07/1973

shockingly the registered head office is an ex local authority house in the middle of a residential area.

Amazing what 5 minutes online can give you. Make use of the info as you see fit, and dont pay these people any more money.

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26406Client Connections [Nationwide]
Total claims:2
£300 »February 201222/08/20120
I responded to an ad on a well known job website for a nonsexual escort. To cut a long story short these smooth talking women are very good and keep meticulous records as what I had been told previously. False promises of bookings and then they asked for more money on the pretence of some Italian coming over to visit the UK. A slight mistake by them was when they mentioned they had offices, err where? No address on website and the payment was made to C W Pictures which turns out to be a hovel of an address in south London.
I received a phone call 22/08/2012 from a company called Premiere Events web from a very similiar sounding smooth talking lady, similar slick website with no contact details ....... beware.
I just want others to be aware and hopefully this will be searchable if someone does conduct a search before parting with money they can ill afford to lose.

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12552global social entertainment
Total claims:8
subscrition fee »March 201006/06/20100

Was hard up and called up this company for work.They promised me immediate start if i registered with them first.After paying £250 they havent given me one single call nor has any `work` materialised.They give all kind of excuses when i call them ranging from `we called you and left voicemail on your phone`(apparently its not even activated on my phone),`sorry there wwas an error and we booked in the wrong person`,and the most recent being the `volcanic ash has disrupted our business``.
This company is a fraud and is taking advantage of the economic situation to con people of their money.Please be aware.

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13210global social entertainment
Total claims:8
Scam company »31/07/201003/08/20100
We found an advert on Fish4jobs and as it was on this website we thought it was genuine..My partner and I rang the social escourting agency who claimed that they did social escourting for wealthy people, eg accompanying them shopping and to restaurants and so on. But no sexual business. As it was on the genuine website of fish4jobs we immediately thought it would be a genuine job application.
We very much fell for this as they claimed that the minimum wage was £1000 a week, attending 2-6 clients, they said that there was a registration fee of £350 each to pay to send out our profile to the nearest 2000 clients in the area. We paid over the phone by direct debit.
After paying this fee, they said we needed to send a fax saying that we agrred to them taking the £350 out of our accounts with our signature, this is when alarm bells rang to us as when we asked why they needed it they said it was incase the banks got on their backs, after talking amongst the two of us and the bank, we decided to ask for a refund they said that this was not possible due to the cost of setting up our profile and sending it out was more than £800 per person meaning that as we only paid £350pp it was a loss to them, they advised us to send the fax and try atleast one client job as then atleast if we didn't like it we would have claimed our £350 back.
We decided that just one of us would send off the fax and see what happened, after doing so they gave us a log in for the internet website which gave a brief page about myself, basic tick boxes as to whether we had piercings and gender etc.
When we applied for the job they claimed that there was only two jobs left in the southern area which me and my partner took, I have since then phoned and with-held my number and asked for as job in the the southern area and they explained that there was two available if i was interested, i then hung up the phone as i needed no more information!
We have also rung a genuine escorting agency found in the same area as GSE claims to be located and they explained that they have never heard of them and that if we paid them money that they are a scam as genuine agencies don't need a registration fee due to making their money through a percentage of what the employees earn.
We are still receiving calls for the other fax to be sent (about 4 calls a day) they sound very desperate! My partner is still awaiting work but the answer he gets when ringing and asking is that there are clients interested but they need to find out dates and times!
We have currently read up about lots of scamming agencies and think that something needs to be done about it as we are a young and very hardworking couple, i am a community carer for the elderly and disabled and work 55 hours a week to earn enough money to live, the £700 that GSE have robbed us of was a lot to us and we are struggling without it and i know that there a lot of other people out there in the same position.
Please take take your time to read this and let us know your thoughts and actions.
Many Thanks

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13587global social entertainment
Total claims:8
ADULT WORK »17 August 201008/09/20100
On 17th August 2010, GSE pposted an advert with the INternet Job site "My West Yorkshire Jobs". AS I had just been made redundant and have just been divorced I decided to register as it was too good an opportunity to miss with the promise of work at a rate of anything from 2 - 6 clients a week, taking them to restaurants, shopping etc. I was asked to pay out £250 for Escort and £250 for film work. What they actually took was a total of £581, ckaiming it was the exchange rate as they operate through an offshore company called Mulitcorps. I was given some Agent numbers and an agent by the name of Michelle Paice and login details to their website with the promise of work almost immediately.

After a week I had heard nothing so rang them and they came up with the excuse that my details were being circulated and it would take some time. So I gave it another week and rang again. This time to be told that they were still waiting for work to come in.

On the 1st of September I got a phone call from a so called manager named Claire who told me that they had to turn down much work from the European sector as I was not registered on this side of the business and need to pay and extra £1200 to do so. Luckily for me she was a manger as she could offer me the work for £320 only. she stated this was to cover Insurance and that they were just waiting to confirm with some Italian ladies after I had paid. Like a fool I did (you have to bear in mind no work and just divorced so strapped for cash). The money I could earn was potentially £2500 oer week through this side of the business.

Anyway after having paid and sent my second fax I suddenly got a phone call from a person called Bobbie, who had immediate film work from a European company filming a 6 box set of adult films in the Northern Area and they had specifically asked for me and had to turn them down. Each film was worth £5000 to me!!! All I had to do was pay a further £250. This time I declined and got a grumble from the other end of the phone.

I have rung the Agency again on the 8th September to be told that the guaranteed escort work from the week commencing the 11th September is now on hold due to the Italian ladies changing their arrival date and to be told that we wouldn't be having this conversation had I accepted the offer of film work as it was commencing ont he 8th September!!!!

I have been told that they will let me know when work is available, which I suspect will be never.

Yes I have paid good money out and money I cannot afford, but as they say if it sounds too good to be true it probably isn't!!!

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17956global social entertainment
Total claims:8
fraud »05.07.201004/04/20110
i feel i was miss represented and on many occasions tried to resolve the issue but always given a whole host of excuses.i logged a formal complaint and was told i would be approached by staff to resolve but still waiting.i was also told all calls were recorded so requested the evidence,which is also outstanding.

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15968global social entertainment
Total claims:8
money fraud »August-november13/01/20110
I was scammed continuously throught this company asking me to pay more to get better clients earning more money. They never got in contact with me again when they ran out of excuses to get money off me. I wish i had never been so naive.

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15471global social entertainment
Total claims:8
Stolen £250 »1st of may, 201021/12/20100

I was just a guy with hardly any money, down on my luck, I saw an advertisement in the York Press jobs section about being a male escort, I saw the money oppertunites were very good so I made further inquireies...

Later on, I was contacted by a lady working for the company who said ''your score was higher than many of the people who apply, we'd love you to join us, all we need is a payment to pay for advertising''.... this was £250... the woman said ''I GUARANTEE you will get work'' she assured me of this many times, no maybes, GUARENTEED me...

8 months I've waited and I havn't had ANY offers for work....

Scam, simple as.... I have my 'id number' they gave me too....

I want my money back, they have done this to countless other people, this is outrageous what they're doing.. I want justice, I want my money back from these theives.

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