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IDCompany / PersonClaim TitleIncident DateAddedPostsAdd commentDetails [Fuzhou]
Total claims:6
fake uggs »14th jan 201114/01/20111
I ordered two pairs of uggs from this website, and even paid for express shipping on the 6th of jan. I recieved a confirmation email and I emailed them about my concerns of these boots being fake i qoute email here where i was told these boots were genuine came in original box with ugg care card. they arrived today in an ugg labled plastic bag squashed up with no care card. the soles are hard and a strong disgusting smell comes from them. Very unhappy.

more details » - Dolphin Com Ltd [Crewe]
Total claims:3
Unauthorized Debit from Bank Account »27 Mar 201228/03/20121
In December, I purchased a custom telephone number from by phone. From their website, I was lead to believe it was a monthly rolling contract. So I called them up and purchased a number over the phone. I was told the the total cost of my package would be £27.95 for the first month, which I paid for by card, giving the sales person my card details including my 3 digit security code. I thought it was a one-off transaction as I was not told they were saving my card details. I didn't hear anything from them after that and didn't have any use of the number I'd purchased. In February, I checked my bank statement and noticed they had charged my card £54 for that month. So I emailed them asking them to cancel at which point I was told that I was locked into a 12 month contract (I can't find any language about a 12 month contract on their website). I told them that I disputed this and asked them to stop debiting my card. However as I can see from my latest statement they have helped themselves to another £54 from my account for March. I want to stop these guys stealing more money from my account and also try to recover the £54 they've taken without my permission. Any advice on how to proceed would be most appreciated!

more details » - Dolphin Com Ltd [Crewe]
Total claims:3
overdue fees »08/01/1311/01/20131
I recieved a letter this morning from callready and it said i owed them over £200. my bill was £32 and the rest were late payment fees. i phoned them as i assumed the £6 per month bill was paid automatically when i signed up. they told me they had sent me bills by email. i assume they went to spam. i asked why nobody had phoned me or written to me if i hadnt paid in six months, they said because they dont have to. i asked why i have a letter now and was told because the bill was so high they decided to bill me in writing. i told them the fees were ridiculous and was told there was nothing i can do as its in the terms and conditions. why a phone company (who have my phone number, because the supply it lol) didnt phone me to let me know the bill hadnt been paid i will never know. they have not done anything by writing or by phone so they can scam charges.

more details » - Dolphin Com Ltd [Crewe]
Total claims:3
scammy terms and conditions »4/09/201205/09/20121
These guys get you stuck in a rolling 12 month contract which you can only cancel if you call 30 days in advance. I tried to cancel it as soon as I found out. They did not allow me to do this and said I have to call/write later. When I passed the date that is exactly 30 days before the end I got stuck in another 12 months. They dont tell you this anywhere except for their t&c, knowing all to well that many people do not read pages and pages of terms before making a purchase.

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12551Consumer Protection UK Ltd
Total claims:1
£350 »27/5/201006/06/20100


Please, please, please watch out for this company/website
: Consumer Protection UK Ltd


There telephone sales team guaranteed me leeds for work, if i joined there so called agency for £350.00. At the time (last year)
there website was at the top of google (search engine) along with my hammer , rated tratesmen ,my builder ,etc for builders looking for work /leads for work .(in the recetion!!!).I was desperate at the time and thought it might be a good idea to join .i paid them
£350.00 presuming i would be inundated with leads. To which i never recived one. when calling in i was continually fobed off and told there system was down ,or thay where getting another company to do the leads etc . in the end, i gave up (i have e.mails to prove this) To my horror thay have just sent me a letter saying i owe them a further £400 for another years membership. I am going to trading standards monday morning first thing. Through my own research this company is linked to various other bogus companys. And some how thay (and associated companys) manage to keep bad press of the net. It is only when you research the directors, that you start to find all the dirt

hope this helps

David Price

more details » [Fuzhou]
Total claims:6
COMPLAINT »6 DEC 201012/12/20100

I bought a pair of kids Ugg replica boots from and paid £58.68 by PayPal. I did check out  the website before buying and found the following: Domain name: Registrant: daniu Trading as: - Registrant type: UK Partnership Registrant's address: 1298 tianjiubay tianfei road Fuzhou 351100 China Registrar: eNom, Inc. [Tag = ENOM] URL: Relevant dates: Registered on: 21-Nov-2010 Renewal date: 21-Nov-2012 Last updated: 21-Nov-2010.   I wish to warn others that the boots do not match the description. They are not lined with sheepskin as stated on the website. Instead,  they have nasty synthetic fur lining. I have complained to the supplier, but my e-mails have been met with silence. I believe Mastercard and Visa should not support the supplier and wish to warn others not to buy from the site. Rosanna

more details » [Fuzhou]
Total claims:6
ugg boots »30/110/1015/12/20100
I was looking for a ugg boots for my daughter and went on the internet put ugg boots in the search engine found this company and starting looking,i decided on bailey button uggs,they looked great in the pictures and the description said they were real sheepskin so i bought them,firstly the amount was different on the site to what showed on my bank account,i also waited for a conformation e-mail to tell me that me boots had been shipped,i didn't recieve any!! the company told me i would recieve my boots within 7 days,i haven't recieved them at all!!i have tryed to contact the company several times and keep getting redirected to google pages,i have e-mailed them to ask for a refund and also expressed my concern because i have heard lots of bad press and that they hadn't e-mailed me any conformation,i am now £60 down at this time of year is difficult,i have also lost faith on shopping on line and will never do it again,i also have to go buy my daughter another pair of boots,regards Emma Devlin

more details » [Fuzhou]
Total claims:6
help¬ »23/12/201023/12/20100


more details » [Fuzhou]
Total claims:6 »25Nov 201004/01/20110

I ordered ugg boots for my 4 daughters for Christmas. None arrived just a letter to say they had been convisgated because they were counterfeit. The money was still taken from my account.

more details » [Fuzhou]
Total claims:6
Fake Ugg Boots »29.1.201103/02/20110
I ordered some Ugg Boots from their web site, i read up on them & they explained how they could offer a good price which was that they came direct from the factory & all boots came with certificate.
They also said if i was not happy with my purchase i could arrange for them to be sent back & a full refund would be given.

I received my boots & straight away i new they were fake, stitching was awful, the ugg label at the back of the boot was not straight & an off colour, they also had a smell to them & the fur inside was coming away.

I had to go back into my history & get into their website because it didn't seem to appear when i googled them? i went into their customer service area which was not in english so i could not understand what was being said & also i noticed that under each heading they all seemed to seemed to say the same.

I am very unhappy & also angry with myself for not looking into them more.

I hope you can put an end to their website so they do not rip anybody else off.

Many Thanks
Joanne Myatt

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20664Oxeva LTD [Nobody knows false address]
Total claims:1
Rob sara ryan oxeva data rip off Beware »may 201020/08/20110
Beverly: Oxeva LTD data BEWARE - Rob Johnston - Sara Ryan
Great to read these are been exposed - Deal with this company if you want to loose all your money. We had a small sample of OXEVA LTD's data. We wanted a small sample in case the data was no good we could take the knock and try elsewhere the decision was a good one. Had we had what we asked for and had it been rubbish so be it, data is data some you win some you loose we didn't expect miracles. However, We could not get OXEVA off the phone prior to paying for it and on it therafter when they had sent data completely different to the sample. The data given was RTA data which had lots of imformation missing that the sample had. We were told we could have a replacement and in fairness Sara Ryan admitted (after a long period of approx 1 week) It was the wrong file. They took back the data mixed up the names and sent it back, Beggars belief, Our guy sent back the Data instantly, in the next 5 minutes, and again was told "sorry its still from the wrong file" About 3 weeks had past and many unanswered calls and emails, when more RTA data arrived with apparently the accident dates on the data - wrong again - 3/4 of the records were OWN FAULT DATA, Clients not even in the car (scratched at roadside etc) We had irate clients no idea why our guy was calling, Most never been in an accident and certainly not on those dates. We had CLEAR emails from Sara Ryan telling our guy what the data was, How it was generated, how it would be sent and how well it was working. At one point we had an email stating "its not my fault , I just pass the data on" It was useless and the money was taken in deception, not once did we have delivered the data that was sent as a sample. We asked for a refund and was told no as you have had the data. We thought, No we have had a set of names and numbers we have not had the data sent in the sample. The third batch was sent back and Sara told us we would be sent replacements. After waiting for a very long time our guy contacted Rob Johnston of oxeva about the data, his initail email back from rob was promising but as our guy was frustrated to get going he emailed again and was basically told that rob owned two legal firms and not to mess with him as he would loose. Our guy tried to get in touch again and was ignored - Rob said he would get back to us after talking to sara but we didn't hold our breath and again it was a good decision. We wrote off the data and for the sake of £500 we did not feel a long and drawn out legal affair with people who do business like that was worth the trouble.
I understand after a very interesting conversation earlier today that OXEVA LTD is now stripped off assets and OXEVA GROUP LTD is set to emerge from the flames, ( I have no evidence this is fact) BUT - I would imagine that they have run and cut all the ties behind them so if you find yourself wandering whether to deal with this company then this story is FACT.
Our guy has praise for another company for data but we will keep those cards close to our chest for obvious reasons. Be very careful with the minefield which is PI data.

I have also just found out that the VAT have not got this company registered for VAT which they charge read and see what others think.

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