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SCAM COMPANY- Ambiguous Contract and no meeting of the mind »11/06/201012/06/20102
I was assured over the phone by Amy that I would not have to pay anything until I had a confirmed booking and that it would exceed the cost of my booking membership fee of £345 for international companion cause I would be paid £150 hour and the booking was for £550 which she reassured was well over the membership. In addition to the fact that she stated previously that you make back your membership in the first booking, never have to pay until a confirmed booking

I then I got a call this morning saying that the booking cancel cause of the clients mother taking ill and no cancellation fee in place in case it puts others out of pocket. Then I call them back later friday really pissed and demanding my money back because they did not live up to their end of the bargain. Then their story changes to they have lived up to their end of the bargain wish is to market me on their website only. That what i paid £345 for, so why was there a difference in fees for international clients than those in England when isn't the internet access global. Then I also had deposit the money under a different company name Advertising Angel Ltd at Barclays bank. Account : 43834395 Sort code: 20- 85- 73
I need to talk to Barclays about how a scam company can be operating using a business bank account there and what checks do they do to prevent frauding companies from operating within their bank. Bringing shame or a bad name to their bank

There was clearly no meeting of the mind on this,so the contract should have become void- then their terms and conditions is ambiguous and when they explain it in the sells pitch is very different then after they make the sale For they are no longer an agency but only a hosting website for your profile once they have collected your money and then their job is down.

I have entered into this under-false pretense.

I never signed or received any contract i just went with her explanation of the everything it was a verbal agreement which difference from their term and condition which they are trying to in-force as their contract. Because my understanding of a legal contract is there should be A) offer - b) agreement/consideration then c ) acceptance so clearly there is no agreement on what was being offer- or no meeting of the minds.

You click the term and conditions only when you requested more details or info from them but their trying to hold it against like you have already accepted / bond into a contract with them -what a bunch of criminal.
Please learn from my mistake do not give them any of your money.

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Bogus join up fee with company »10th August 201012/08/20100

I have recently been contacted by a woman called CJ who works as a Companion Work Agency advising me to work as a non-sexual companion for business functions and dinner parties.

CJ promised me on Monday 9th August that the first booking has been made with a client on Tuesday 10th August for a business dinner party from 8pm t0 12am somewhere in Camden Town. In order for the booking to be offered to me, CJ said she had to go through some document work with me to be fully registered as a member, which means I have to pay the membership fee at least 24 hours in advance before I could be offered for that appointment. She also promised that I could get paid from the client a certain amount of money which will certainly cover the membership fee paid in advance.

She sounded so honest and she urged me to pay the £260 cash into their business account called Advertising Live Ltd. in order for me to get the work she has already found for me on 10th August 2010.

However, the problem is that after I have paid the fees, someone else phoned me the next day morning and said that the client was ill and the booking was cancelled. They told me they would try to find another one for me as soon as there is one suitable for me. But now, 3 days past and I tried to phone them everyday but nothing has been offered.

It seems strange to me that the lady called CJ has always been not in the office when I called and she could never called me or emailed me back ever since I have paid the bogus fee. There are always some other people speaking on behalf of her and told me just wait until a proper client has been matched for me. I feel that they just dishonestly hooked me in and made me paid the fee but no real work could be offered.

As I became disappointed about this, I started to checked some Internet website today and I found some comment from other people who have had similar experience with the same company and the same agency. CJ might be good as an individual, but I've realy felt being cheated by this company. That is why I want to make a complain and hopefully I could get help to get my money back.

Please advise me as soon as you can.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Lily Chen

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victim of racism.. injustice »25 july 201018/09/20100

Dear sir,

I was working with the website,as an esoteric expert.

Because of the internal staff conflicts,I have been made a victim of racism and thrown out of the site.

The reason mentioned was …APPEARANCE OF A CHILD ON SCREEN.

Sir, I would ;like to mention here that 1) I am a doctor by professional education and a reiki expert by talent . because of my chronic illness I decided to work in rapidhi to earn my living witth respect.

2) rapid hi is a non adult and a non nude site and I was in the category of esoterics helping the clients to get rid of their chronic illnesses by distant reiki . 3)Though it is a sister concern of an adult site.

4)i admit that since I am operating from home once my son has appeared in my

Room/ screen.

5) now because of internal conflicts with the staff, I have been made a victim of racism after a unanimous decision by the admin staff.

6) And thrown out saying the reason as mentioned above. Please refer the copy of the message response from the site support.

SIR, may I request you to kindly look in to the matter , go in detail discussion and direct the site accordingly.

If you really don’t find me at fault, may I request your honor to help bringing justice to me there by keeping up my self esteem.



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