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22085Greenway Home Improvements Ltd.
Total claims:4
Greenway Home Improvements Ltd deceived my family »28 January 201117/11/201115
Greenway Home Improvements Ltd - Polo Grounds Industrial Estate, New Inn, Pontypool, Torfaen NP4 0TW Miss-use of DGCOS membership, BBA, BM Trada, ESTR.

This is my case and how I have been deceived by Greenway Home Improvements Ltd. (Part 1).

Greenway Home Improvements Ltd claimed to be members of the following organisations:-

DGCOS - Double Glazing Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme

BBA - British Board of Agrément

BM Trada & BM Trada Q-Mark

Energy Saving Trust Recommended.

I made contact with each of the above organisations, following problems with the contract from Greenway, problems with the workmanship of Greenway Fitters etc., the replies were the same.

Greenway should not have been displaying these organisations logos upon Greenway's website/Greenway's letter headed paperwork.

Thus, Greenway was in breach of the:-

Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008, where traders must not mislead a consumer or a business that they are registered with when they are not, thereby causing them to make a transactional decision that they would not otherwise have made. It is an offence to supply goods or services which are falsely described.

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20642Ultraframe (UK) Ltd
Total claims:3
Ultraframe supplied Greenway Home Improvements Ltd with conservatory roofing system »13 July 201118/08/201110
Thank you for confirming that UltraFrame supplied the roofing system for my parent’s conservatory, this was another fact Greenway Home Improvements Ltd refused to respond to.

My parents have spent over £20,000 to employ Greenway Home Improvements Ltd to construct a conservatory & a porch. Only to discover the conservatory is NOT energy efficient, doubts regarding the roofing system (supplied by Ultrafame) being structurally safe following the glass roof incident, numerous PVC parts not secure etc.

It appears that UltraFrame have not been fully informed by Greenway Home Improvements Ltd, regarding the ‘bigger picture’.

As I previously stated to the Double Glazing & Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme DGCOS:-

“One of the major points I would like addressed firstly is I would like someone independent, not from Greenway Home Improvements Ltd to inspect the conservatory. As so many faults have occurred already, such as, the 10' x 2' 6 " double glazed roof glass panel came out of the roof frame and bowed into the conservatory and water was entering the conservatory. This double glazed unit was manhandled/forced back into place by fitters Steve & John from Greenway Home Improvements Ltd, but I am not sure whether this panel was damaged in the process or even if the glass panel was fixed in the roof frame correctly, as trims are movable.”

Being the suppliers of the roofing system, the Williams Family would appreciate you independently surveying the roofing system that you, UltraFrame supplied? It is known the roofing system is not energy efficient, but there are doubts whether the roof can withstand a heavy snow falls, high wind, etc. following the double glazed panel coming out of the roofing frame in a shower of rain.

On a personal note, why would any normal person, who is trying to protect their family and the family home, allow the same fitters (Steve, John & Rob from Greenways) back into the family home, following the fitter’s aggressive behaviour, slander and their unprofessionalism etc. towards the family?

I await UltraFrame’s response.

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26293Greenway Home Improvements Ltd.
Total claims:4
Greenway - Deceived and Lied to my family »28 January 201109/08/20127
Greenway Home Improvements Ltd -
Polo Grounds Industrial Estate, New Inn, Pontypool, Torfaen NP4 0TW - Unit 7 Forgehammer Industrial Estate, Cwmbran, Torfaen

I have been advised by Trading Standards that I have the right to review this company, Greenway/Greenway Home Improvements.

For over a year I have experienced problems with Greenway/ Mr Andrew Green & Mrs Lucianne Green, relating to a conservatory & porch the company was employed to construct. Both projects have been paid for in full.

Greenways have deceived my family out of money, etc.

Some of the problems I have experienced with Greenway are:-

The company fitted the wrong specification of roofing glazing, clear glazing not blue glazing.

The company have left a considerable amount of holes in the structure of my conservatory. This allows draughts in and artificial heat out.

The company has refused to reinforce the porch foundations, as per contract.

I have allowed Greenway (Mr Andrew Green, Greenway fitters, an employee of Glass Systems [one of the Greenway’s suppliers]) on numerous occasions, back into my home to rectify the problems. Only to be lied to, again and again.

Mrs Lucianne Green has attempted to charge for work and products that had either been paid for or should have been covered by the company’s guarantee.

Mr Green, the Managing Director of Greenway has stipulated I must not be in my own home; also my family's CCTV is to be turned off, whilst Greenway fitters are present. This has been recently confirmed to me in writing by the Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF).

The Advertising Standards Authority has been involved on two separate occasions regarding Greenway false advertising. Greenway was instructed to amend their advertisement, not to mislead the consumer.

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12650Apollo Windows Nottingham [Nottingham]
Total claims:1
Apollo windows avoids paying CCJ by 'dissolving' the Company »200514/06/20104

In 2005 Apollo windows (registered company name Apollo Construction (Nottingham) Ltd) replaced a large bay window at our property. Their workmanship subsequently caused structural damage to the building.
We took them to the small claims court, and finally, in Oct 2009 had a judgement made in our favour. Throughout the process Apollo failed to comply with instructions and orders from the Court. The court order demanded that Apollo must pay us £5213.06.
We have received nothing and now discover that the registered company, Apollo Construction (Nottingham)Ltd have been 'struck off and dissolved' by companies house. They do however continue to trade under the name of Apollo windows, this time using a registered company name of 'The Window Depot'. They have the same directors and operate from the same address in Nottingahm.
We understand that the directors have committed an offense by not declaring us as interested parties in the dissolution. We cannot afford to apply for a court order to have the company restored, so we can enforce the claim and it is likely there would be no assets to enforce our claim against anyway.
I don't believe we will ever get our compensation from this bunch of cowboys. I want to make their antics as public as possible however. PLEASE DON'T USE THIS COMPANY.

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26347Mr Matthew Glover [West Yorkshire]
Total claims:1
Matthew Glover (Conservatory Outlet / FIT organiser / GGF member) slanderous email sent to Miss Williams »28 March 201215/08/20124
Conservatory Outlet Matthew Glover MD, principle organiser of Fabricator Installer Trade FIT,

Following installation problems with Greenway Home Improvements, part of the Conservatory Outlet network. I emailed Matthew Glover dated 28 March 2012:-


Dear Matthew Glover

As I have yet to receive any response from you, Mr Glover in regards to my email dated 21 March 2012. I wish to add an additional query.

Should Greenway/Greenway Home Improvements Ltd. go into voluntary liquidation, bankruptcy etc. Please confirm that I would in fact have a guarantee, with you the Conservatory Outlet for my conservatory & porch?

I request this information, following information that was supplied to me regarding Mr Ian Haines (Greenway surveyor), previous director, using a Greenway van to move stock to another premises. This premises that is displaying another company's signage.

I await your urgent response to this email dated 28 March 2012 & the email dated 21 March 2012.

W. Williams (Miss)


Below is the response I received from Matthew Glover MD Conservatory Outlet - PRINCIPLE ORGANISER OF FIT

Also a Glass & Glazing Federation GGF Member.


Dear Miss Williams

Have you thought about seeking psychiatric help? In 18 years in this industry I have never witnessed a case of a customer harassing a company in such a weird and obsessive way.

Your behaviour has created stress for Andrew, Lucy and the employees of Greenway Home Improvements, and various other people you have chosen to pollute with your campaign of harassment. I have no doubt you are creating stress for yourself too.

Might I suggest that you go see a doctor who can help you with your problems. Then I'm sure any minor faults can be communicated with Greenway Home Improvements in the normal way, and they can be carried out under the terms of their guarantee with you.

In the meantime, please do not email me again.

Matthew Glover

Managing Director

Conservatory Outlet Ltd

The Cutting Room

Thornes Lane Wharf



FIT Show

FIT Events Ltd


I considered this email from Mr Glover slanderous /defamation of my good character.

I reported this email and Mr Glover to the Glass & Glazing Federation GGF.

Update to follow...............

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28229John Webster..Rooflines
Total claims:3
Non delivery of goods paid for »November 2011-201331/01/20133
I ordered and paid in full for a Roof Lantern from this company, John Webster was the only person who I had contact with. The item I paid in full for has never been delivered, numerous attempts at contact have all been ignored. I have now been awarded a Judgement by the County Court and am in the process of trying to retrieve the money.
Do not trust this man. We were forced to order a second lantern in order to protect our room from rain and this time used a local company with no problems whatsoever.
The company addresses are not reliable, I have now discovered his private address and that has at least elicited a response !

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22342Ultraframe (UK) Ltd
Total claims:3
BBA's confirmation concerning Ultraframe & Greenway Home Improvements Ltd. »24 November 201102/12/20112
Ultraframe Greenway Home Improvements Ltd

Dear UltraFrame

I have been informed, by the BBA that the roofing system supplied by you, Ultraframe to Greenway Home Improvements Ltd, for my conservatory incorporated faults due to, (BBA statement), “ a clear installation/workmanship related problem”. (The installer being Greenway fitters, Steve, John & Rob).

Why is it Ultraframe’s Marketing Manager, Mark Hanson has been stating the following:-

“Mr Green will need to use his most experienced fitters – John and Steve”

“Greenway Home Improvements are a long established company with a strong track record and we have never had any negative comments about their installations before your e-mail.”

“I have confidence in them and Andrew Green.”

“using their skilled fitters”

I recall the above statements taken from Mark Hanson’s emails because through my own investigations I have found no proof, that Greenway have any qualifications in relationship to fitting conservatories and the BBA have confirmed that Greenway should not have been displaying the BBA logo, as the company Greenway are not BBA regulated.

I would appreciate Ultraframe’s response, to why Ultraframe have been endorsing Greenways and their fitters, in relationship to the product Ultraframe supplied.

Additionally, I require Ultraframe’s explanation, to why I did not receive a certificate regarding the roofing system manufactured by Ultraframe that was fitted to my conservatory.

I await Ultraframe response.

W. Williams

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27617Brian Kennedy [Lancashire]
Total claims:1
Ultraframe will not give Technical Support to recipient of a Ultraframe's Roofing System. »8 November 201205/12/20122

Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2012 15:05:40 +0000

Dear Mr Kennedy

I understand that you are the owner of the company Ultraframe. As a recipient of a Ultraframe roofing system, I am hopping you can help me, following the bad experiences I have been having with certain members of staff/ people from Ultraframe.

Back in 2011, I was in contact with Mark Hanson,(Marketing Manager for Ultraframe) following my family experiencing problems with the roofing system from Ultraframe ( one problem being a 10' x 2'6" double glazed roofing panel falling out of it's roof frame and bowing into the conservatory).

Unfortunately I had no choice but to bring in the BBA concerning the roof problems. By the end of communications with Mark Hanson, it was established that Mr Hanson misinformed Trading Standards regarding the uniqueness of Conservaglass.

Also other individuals from Ultraframe had told Mr Nick Ross there is "nothing unique" about conservaglass.

Quote taken from email sent to me (Miss Williams from Nick Ross)

"Given what I now realise is the considerable research you must have done on this, you will know that Conservaglass panels consist of 4mm of Pilkington Activ sealed to 4mm of Pilkington Low-E glass with a 16mm argon-filled gap. There is nothing unique about this, the panels are made up by the same factory used by other installation companies, and the product is readily available from other suppliers. (Indeed I have this on my own conservatory.) It is rather like Neurofen versus generic ibuprofen where the products are pharmaceutically identical other than the packaging. Some people are prepared to pay a premium for the branded version, except in the case of the Pilkington glass there is little or no difference in price."

Before Ultraframe's insistence (to me and others involved in this case) that there is no difference between Ultraframe's roofing glass and other companies roofing glass, I conducted my own research into Conservaglass and it was established there was a uniqueness, yet Ultraframe will not admit this, Why? I find it hard to believe that a company, in this case Ultraframe would not want to promote the unique characteristics their own product, Conservaglass.

As time elapsed and further problems occurred, with my family's Ultraframe Roofing System, such as another roof glass panel moving, along with the outer roofing bar slipping. I made contacted with Ultraframe's MD Iain Thomson, following what I read in an article on the internet.

Continued Iain, �Over the coming months I will have the opportunity to meet a bigger slice of the customer base � simultaneously we shall be honing our business strategy which I shall be happy to outline to customers. In the meantime any customer with feedback (good or bad) can email .

At first Mr Thomson forwarded my query to Mr Wallace, customer service manager at Ultraframe. Following not receiving the requested help concerning the safety issues with my Ultraframe Roofing System that I needed (I simply wanted to know, how I make the roof safe myself). I once again wrote to Mr Thomson.
Mr Thomson MD's response was as follows:-


Dear Wendy

I have spoken to Mr Wallace this morning and he will come back to you re your problems with your conservatory.

Please feel free to come back to me anytime




Although Mr Wallace did make inquiries regarding my roofing system, Mr Wallace would not supply me with information I required.

Thus I made contact with Mr Thomson again, considering Mr Thomson stated

"Please feel free to come back to me anytime".

Unfortunately Mr Thomson would not answer me and kept redirecting my correspondence for help back to Mr Bill Wallace. Mr Wallace was not prepared to assist me in the manner I required even though I informed Ultraframe that the company that fitted the roofing system was blackmailing my family over the workmanship conducted in my family home.

The company that installed the conservatory roof (Greenway Home Improvements) insist my family must turn off the CCTV security when the fitter are present at my home (two of the fitters have already verbally assaulted me in my own home)

I am forwarding you the email I sent to Mr Iain Thomson and I am hopping you can help me and my family, with my safety issues with my Ultraframe Roofing System. As certain Ultraframe employees/staff are assisting Greenway Home Improvements / Mr Andrew Green MD in the attempt to blackmail my family into ONLY receiving assistance with the safety issues with my Ultraframe Roofing System if I switch off my home CCTV security etc., whilst Greenway fitter are present at my home.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email.

I await your response.

Wendy Williams (Miss)

Ps I attempted to attach a copy of the video I have forwarded to Mr Thomson & Mr Wallace showing some of the problems I am experiencing with my Ultraframe Roofing System, but unfortunately my email failed to be delivered. Mr Thomson should have a copy for you to view

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28321Greenway Home Improvements Ltd.
Total claims:4
Did you receive the correct glass from Greenway ? »6 January08/02/20131
GREENWAY HOME IMPROVEMENTS trading as GREENWAY of 7 Forgehammer Industrial Estate Cwmbran Torfaen NP44 3AA.

Have you employed Greenway / Greenway Home Improvements Ltd for any projects?

Did Greenway / Greenway Home Improvements Ltd supply and fit the correct glass for your project, as per your agreement with Greenway / Greenway Home Improvements Ltd?

Explanation to follow…………….

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23737Dunster Hosue [Dunster House.Bedford]
Total claims:1
Dunster House Log Cabins, Summer houses buyers beware! »17.02.1217/02/20121
My father purchased a summer house from Dunster House based in Bedford after reading their website and good reviews, which in his own opinion,and experience, and reading complaints on other forums appears to be fabricated.

On arrival of the summerhouse, the item was not as specified, the sizes and dimensions were incorrect to the extent that the item could not be fitted together.
Upon visiting them and having to sign in to gain entrance, no technical person, or anyone that could assist my queries. Upon calling by telephone, I was responded with"put all queries in writing". I explained I was in the process of putting together and that someone could easily help me on the phone, but was again advised, "put in writing". After reading other forums of a similar nature, I have had to resort to Trading Standards and a legal approach to resolve the problems that could have easily have been rectified, but customer service and support from this company is atrocious. Buyers beware!

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28654John Webster..Rooflines
Total claims:3
Leaking roof lantern »January 201312/03/20131
Our roof lantern started leaking in January and is allowing cold air to blow into the house. Rooflines / John Webster haven't replied to a single phonecall or email. The lantern is still under guarantee from Rooflines but we believe that if we have to pay someone else to fix the work it is going to cost in the region of £1000. We would also like to claim for additional heating costs during this period, and for redecorating our kitchen ceiling. But as we are getting no replies at all we don't know where to go next.

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29487Greenway Home Improvements Ltd.
Total claims:4
I though people should see some of the misleading / deceitful customer testimonials used to gain business by Conservatory Outlet and their dealers. (i.e. Greenway, Visual Conservatory Windows & doors, Premier Windows and conservatories, Permaframe, etc.)

As follows:-

Greenway Home Improvements (used this customer testimonial)

We are writing to thank you for the fantastic service we have recently received when planning and ordering our new conservatory. After getting a few quotes from some of the other companies, Tim was by far the most friendly, honest and in general very helpful � and it was for this reason that we chose to place our order with Greenway. We were especially impressed with the ease of your costing process by using a spreadsheet to easily numerate everything.

Mr and Mrs Tinterton, Ross-on-Wye


Visual Conservatory Windows & Doors (used this customer testimonial)

We are writing to thank you for the fantastic service we have recently received when designing, planning and ordering our new bespoke conservatory. After receiving quotes from a number of the other companies (some of which were cheaper), you were by far the most honest and helpful and it was for this reason that we chose to place our order with Conservatory Outlet. Another thing that impressed us was the ease of the costing process and with your superb expertise.

Mr Trevor Kane, West Yorkshire



Premier Windows & Conservatories (used this customer testimonial)

Thank you so much for my lovely new door. I am delighted with it! The workmen who fitted it were great and cleaned up so well at the end of the day. I would certainly have no hesitation to use you again in the future and recommend you to friends!

Mrs Kelly


Permaframe (used this customer testimonial)

Thank you so much for my lovely new door. I am delighted with it! The workmen who fitted it were great and cleaned up so well at the end of the day. I would certainly have no hesitation to use you again in the future and recommend you to friends!

Mrs Richardson, Bath

IDENTICAL except for customer name and location

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29314Ultraframe (UK) Ltd
Total claims:3
Ultraframe & Greenway's deception »February14/05/20130

Warning to the general public

Following Greenway (Mr Andrew Green), Ultraframe & other parties involved in MY CASE making false claims that Ultraframe’s Conservaglass and Glass Systems Ltd product Climate Activ range were the same product.

I challenged Ultraframe’s advertising via the Advertising Standards Authority, considering Ultraframe were making claims that Conservaglass was a unique product. Ultraframe claims Conservaglass’ self-cleaning properties were bonded into the glass during production and did not wear off over time, like its competitor’s glass.

As you can see from the ASA’s letter that follows, Ultraframe’s Advertising was not misleading. Hence, Ultraframe did not lie in its advertising concerning Conservaglass being unique but Ultraframe DID mislead / lie to Trading Standards, Nick Ross (March 2012) and others to aid Greenway in its deception against my family.

This deception was to make my family pay for a premium product but the company Greenway supplied and fitted a brand lookalike product, from Glass Systems Ltd. The self-cleaning properties of the brand lookalike were sparsely sprayed onto the surface of the glass, post production and wear away over time.

Copy of the Advertising Standards Authority letter:-

Miss W Williams

13 March 2013
Ref:A13-221868 By post and email

Dear Miss Williams

Your complaint

Further to my letter dated 8 March, I am writing to let you know the outcome of our investigation. As suggested by you in your email dated 23 January 2013 to my colleague, Elfed Owens, I have contacted Pilkington and spoke to a Technical Advisory Service Manager there. He informed me that the Pilkington Activ glass which is supplied to Ultraframe Ltd has the self-cleaning coating applied during the manufacture process (when the glass is heated to approximately 700 degrees). He said the coating was an integral part of the glass and could not be removed. He confirmed that it was bonded to or fused with the glass, and was not therefore sprayed on post-production like some competitor products. He confirmed that the coating would last for the lifetime of the glass and, unlike some competitor products, would not therefore need to be reapplied.

We consider that because Pilkington have confirmed that the product advertised by Ultraframe has "a transparent coating bonded into the external surface of the glass (not sprayed on to the sealed unit after production like some competitor products)", the claim has been substantiated and is not misleading.

We will therefore be closing our file on this matter. Thank you for contacting us on this occasion.

Yours sincerely

Lucy Crowe
Investigations Executive

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22915Spartan Home Improvements
Total claims:1
Great service, glad we trusted them »15/12/201208/01/20120
Me and my partner recently used Spartan Home Improvements, a relatively new company in the stoke on trent area. At first, we werent to sure about using a newish company, but we went ahead because the price wasn't too bad.

After the work was completed (a brand new conservatory) the chap who originally sold it to us popped by to collect on the contract, and since everything was in order we paid up.

I have to say, their salesmanship, price and quality were all up to par. Their aftersales is also pretty good as we had a little niggle and they sent someone out really quick to fix the issue.

Not enough people recommend companies on the internet, everyone just seems to complain. So I'm glad to change the trend and recommend this company to anyone that asks.

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23425Roofguard Northwest [212-214 Liverpool Road,Widnes]
Total claims:1
Fraudulently took money for windows not fitted »201003/02/20120
two con men one lived in Cheshire called Mark Miles and one lived in Manchester called Lee Ward trading as Roofguard Northwest. Took various deposits kept saying windows coming but did not arrive to do the job. I am disabled and have lost not only my money but not got my windows and doors either. Trading standards failed to find them.

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29382John Webster..Rooflines
Total claims:3
Took money and went into hiding »12/02/1324/05/20130
My parents come from a generation that trusts the word of others; John Webster is obviously the type that takes advantage of that trust.

My parents handed over almost £2,000 to Mr Webster of Rooflines as payment for some work. That work was never carried out. All communication ceased after various delays and excuses from a number of Rooflines 'employees' (that we now think don't actually exist, but were Webster himself trying to sound like a legitimate company).

We've been advised against seeking a CCJ as he already has several against him and appears to be a 'professional debtor'.

Do not trust this unscrupulous coward or any of the companies he trades under.

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305211st Glass London [London]
Total claims:2
Disorganised and dishonest »January/February 201618/08/20160
Although 1st Glass London's work itself was good, they are extremely unreliable and left loads of broken glass on site.

Please note:

- They are not FENSA registered so think twice about getting double glazing with them. I managed to get them to get their supplier to provide a certificate, but had to chase them up numerous times to actually receive it and in the end I bypassed them and went to the supplier myself.

- They are very disorganised and although they agreed to do another bit of work for the job and a price was given, they started avoiding my calls and messages. When I could get through they'd say they'll do it later on. Their excuse was that they did not have a cherry picker available and they thought they could have done it on a ladder. This hardly demonstrates expertise, especially since they had already worked at the site. It comes across as trying to pull the wool over my eyes.

- They left the old window outside the tenanted flat in a rough area. I asked them to remove it before it gets broken but they took too long. Then they only removed the frame and left A LOT of broken glass. After months of trying to get them to remove that too, I had to do it myself. There were two buckets and two boxes full of glass! The window should have been removed straight after the job.

Keywords: Window, windows, double glazing, glazier, 1st Glass London, 1stglasslondon, locksmith, glazer

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305221st Glass London [London]
Total claims:2
Disorganised and dishonest »February 201618/08/20160
I want to make it so my previous review can be found more easily - I noticed that the review does not come up with important but relevant search terms. Since I cannot work out how to edit my previous review, I am making a new one to include these search terms.

Window, windows, double glazing, glazier, 1st Glass London, 1stglasslondon, locksmith, glazer

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