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Total claims:4
Escort Scam »19 July 201026/07/20100
In my search for work as a genuine male escort I came accross the site via 'keyboardr' search engine for 'Classy Companions'.
The site seemed genuine, claiming that they were able to provide regular work with no upront fees. I simply had to provide the briefest of details; hair colour, eye colour, build etc and they would be in touch.
A few days later I received a text message and 2 emails detailing my first guaranteed booking - here's what they said;


Good Morning,

Thank you for recently submitting your application to Dianes Dating as a professional Male Escort. We have gone through your application and have found that we will be able to match you immediately with a number of our clients and feel we would be able to supply you with a decent level of work, i.e. between 6 and 8 bookings per month.

We have already secured a guaranteed booking for you and it will take place on Thursday 22/07/10. It will be in the region that you specified in your application and the booking will begin at approximately 9 pm. If this booking goes well she also wishes to book you for the following week too. It will be a hotel based booking and she is a regular client of ours who has used our service a number of times in the past. She is in her late twenties and has requested a three hour booking with someone new on our books. We have recommended you for this booking. We try and get everyone on our books a booking in the first instance as this is the only way we have of ascertaining whether or not you will be suitable for the role of a Male Escort. Your payment for the evening will be a minimum of 360 pounds. This amount will be paid to you in cash(all your payments will be cash) at the beginning of the booking and the client will pay for any expenses incurred. The client will contact you prior to the booking to discuss her requirements for the evening, these will be what you should wear and where and what the booking will consist of, e.g. dinner, drinks etc. and of course which hotel to meet in. In the event the booking goes over the three hour period we ask that you continue to charge at 120 pounds per hour. Please note there is no obligation on either party for anything other than a social booking to take place.

In order to accept this booking and to become active on our system we need to hold a deposit from you which equates to you first three commission payments. Therefore you will need to make a payment of 150 pounds to our bank account. This can be done at any HSBC Bank. The details are as follows. Account Name: L.L.S. Account Number: 54304969 Sort Code: 40-47-31. This can be done across the counter by cash or by online banking.(Sorry no cheques will be accepted) Once you make payment please text confirmation to 07624809884 quoting your name and the reference at the top of this page.

We ask for these commission payments in advance from you as a commitment on your part so that we know you will actually turn up at the booking and are completely serious about joining us and becoming a professional Male Escort. Usually when people make a financial commitment like this they will honour it. The last thing we want to happen is for a client to be left on her own without the escort turning up, this would reflect very badly on us and we would probably lose the client for good which is something we cannot afford to happen. We get a lot of people who claim they want to do this work but unfortunately we have found in the past that sometimes this is not always the case. We also quite regularly get other Escort Agencies pretending to be escorts so they can sabotage our bookings that is why we have to have this upfront component. Please Note. This is not a registration fee but a commission deposit therefore you will not lose this money as it will be used as commission for bookings completed, if bookings do not take place for any reason whatsoever and you want your deposit returned we will honour this request.

Once we receive payment we will then start the activation process and assign the booking to you. Once payment is received both we and the client will contact you with all relevant information pertaining to the booking. This payment needs to be made as soon as possible. So that we can assign the booking to you.

If you have any other queries please feel free to call us on 0871-2189324 text us on 07624809884 or email us on and we can answer any questions that you may have.

I look forward to speaking and working with you very soon.

Best Regards

Diane Harris.

Dianes Dating,
Professional Companion Services.

Having previously been scammed a year earlier by an outfit calling themselves 'Companions for You' I immediately became suspicious. Here's what I replied;

Hi Diane,
thank you for the text from Sara and email, and for the promise of a guaranteed booking on Thursday. I am free on Thursday evening so would be able to commit to such a booking.
There are a few concerns that I would like to have resolved first.
1) Your business address is clearly a 'virtual office' forwarding address, and in fact the post code WC1N 3CX doesn't actually exist. (the postcode for Monomark House is WC1N 3AX)
2) The domain name appears to have been registered as recently as 15th July, a few short days ago. Since you claim to have many years of experience within the industry, perhaps you can provide a couple of testimonials from some long standing escorts?
3) Having previously been scammed by to the tune of £275, I am extremely distrustful of 'agencies' requesting cash up front. I appreciate the point you make about commiting to the booking however, so would be prepared to make a compromise;
you confirm the booking with your client subject to her phoning and speaking to me, once I am assured that the booking is genuine I will deposit £50 into your account - to cover the first booking commission, in plenty of time for the booking to proceed on Thursday. If all goes well and the booking proceeds as anicipated, I will make a further deposit of £100 into your account on Friday morning.
Best wishes

Jack Moor

Needless to say I have heard no more from them. I do hope they fail before they they succeed in ripping anyone off!

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Total claims:4
refund »22 july 201019/08/20100

Signed up for this website and it has a "100%" refund of a deposit gauranteed, unfortunatly im still waiting for the on monday last week (9/08/2010) it was said that "paul" the manager had authorised a payment, im still waiting for this payment ( 19/08/2010) can someone please help.

more details » [London]
Total claims:4
refund scam »july 2010 till present24/09/20100

A dating company claiming you can work as a male escort earning from £360 a date. They ask you to pay a £150 deposit to make sure you turn up to the date but also say they are happy to refund you if nothing comes about it. ofcourse i made the 150 deposit but as soon as i did the company just ignored me and gave me stupid little stories about how they cant refund me despite previosuly saying they would refund my money. complete scam

more details » [London]
Total claims:4
Refund »22/07/201027/09/20100

I made the payment and was assured of work which never came.I've asked for a refund but I've had no response for 6weeks too emails and texts

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