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16601Small Island Trader LTD [Stafford]
Total claims:6
Order paid & no delivery »25/10/201010/02/20112
I placed an order on 25/10/10 delivery 6 to 8 weeks,£787.39 £ was debited to my account on that date.Received confirmation of order but never received delivery updates,phoned many times,couldnt speak to anyone,each time a message said contact customer services by email, have send mails etc. The company never answerd !! I now find Small Island Trader adverts on the web has been removed.
What can I do

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17288Small Island Trader LTD [Stafford]
Total claims:6
Never received the goods »5 January 201114/03/20112
I am in New Zealand and placed an order for Edme tableware after we lost it in the earthquake. My order was greatfully taken and my credit card charged. I have vever heard from them again despite a follow up email to service, as stated below.

Below is a copy of the order.
I feel hugely disappoint and dealt a second blow- this is a family piece and we lost in a natural disaster- now i have lost the replacement through human greed - shame on you!

This is an electronic confirmation of receipt of your order with Small Island Trader.
You should receive a (human generated) email from us in the next few days, depending
on our workload at the moment.

You ordered the following items:

3 Wedgwood Edme Plain 26cm plate GBP 7.23
5 Wedgwood Edme Plain 23cm plate GBP 6.51
5 Wedgwood Edme Plain 18cm plate GBP 4.34
1 Wedgwood Edme Plain 23cm soup plate GBP 7.96

Your grand total was GBP £152.90 (pounds sterling), including shipping and insurance,
and V.A.T. (UK Sales Tax) if applicable.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at

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16558Small Island Trader LTD [Stafford]
Total claims:6
Royal Worcester dinner plates »3RD November 201008/02/20111
I placed the above order on 3/11/10 delivery 4 to 6 weeks,£71.97 was debited to my account on that date.did not receive delivery updates,phoned many times,couldnt speak to anyone,each time a message said contact customer services by email, after 10 weeks the company finally admitted they could not fulfill my order,I was offered a refund on 12TH Jan,2011 to my credit card,needless to say,no money has been credited to my account to this date 8TH Feb !! I now find Small Island Trader adverts on the web has been removed.

B. Wong Chong

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13161Eternity Homes Ltd [Walsall]
Total claims:1
None delivery No refund »25 April 201031/07/20100

On 25 April 2010 I ordered an item from this company. Unknown to me it was out of stock but they took payment from my credit card as soon as the order was placed. After 2 emails and a message on the answer phone from me to say I had not recieved the goods they
emailed me on 17 May 2010 and told me stock was expected 'next week'. On 1st June 2010 I cancelled the order as it was too late and asked for a refund. 4th June 2010 they said they would refund.
After several more emails from me they said on 16 June 2010 that they would put cheque in post. More emails from me last one to say I would contact Trading Standards on 10 July 2010 if I had not recieved refund by then. On 9 July I had email from them to say status of my account had been changed to REFUNDED. I immediatly replied I had not recieved refund. I have had no further contact from them. I contacted Trading Standards who are passing my complaint to Walsall. I also contacted HSBC Mastercard who sent claim forms to me. They have now refunded the full amount to my credit card acount.

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16989Small Island Trader LTD [Stafford]
Total claims:6
Waterford Crystal »22/09/201028/02/20110

I ordered and paid for Waterford crystal products for a wedding gift in September of 2010. 3 months went by and, after numerous long distance calls from the US to the UK to find out why I hadn't received the paid for merchandise, I finally spoke with Margaret at Small Island Trader. Margaret told me my order had been sent to the wrong factory. I received an email from her stating the order was corrected and I would receive the merchandise after the Christmas holidays. THE ORDER HAS NEVER ARRIVED AND SMALL ISLAND TRADER HAS DE-LISTED THEIR PHONE NUMBER AND REMOVED THEIR INFORMATION FROM THE INTERNET. Recently, I've seen several complaints on the internet as it relates to Small Island Trader. I believe them to be totally unscrupulous and have committed fraud. I suggest no one do business with Small Island Trader and Milestone Homewares (same address which they're now operating under). Please review the following internet address for other reviews. 14054802-2.html. James and Alexandra Murray are CROOKS.

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17026Small Island Trader LTD [Stafford]
Total claims:6
WEDGEWOOD DINNER PLATES »September 201001/03/20110
I placed three orders for Wedgewood dinner plates from September to January 2010/2011. When I attempted to contact them, my emails where going through accordingly. Now I have discovered that they have been terminated from the internet with the following:
"The customer account, web site and services provided by this host have been terminated".
This set me to attempt to further email and contact them by telephone, to no avail.
I live in Australia and cannot believe that frauds and pathetic business owners reside and undertake business transactions from innocent consumers in other parts of the world. I hope they get what they deserve so they can understand the dilemma/stress that they cause to trusing customers.
I cannot understand how they can continue to TAKE MONEY, when they know that their business is no longer SOLVENT. I
In Australia there is law to protect/prevent this action from occuring with business owners that believe they can get away with this.
Where is the UK law to protect national/internationl consuemrs.

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17460Small Island Trader LTD [Stafford]
Total claims:6
Small Island Trader Didnt Deliver »5 nov 201020/03/20110
After looking to replace some Arzberg porcelain is was actually referred to this useless place by Arzberg! as they dont send to the UK.
They of course didnt deliver, respond, etc
Im going to take it up with Arzberg!

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17587china [Stafford]
Total claims:1
crooks »12 july 201024/03/20110
As many people around the world I ordered goods that i never received.My credit card has been charged the following day.After many claims, mails and phone calls, they say they will make a refund that never came.

I guess we can do nothing to get the money back.
They are dishonest, and they brake the confidence which is the rule when we buy to others companies where everything is always clear and ok, around the world.

Mrs Thulie FRANCE

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