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19659Highway HGV Training & Recruitment LTD [Chelmsford]
Total claims:5
*** Help Required *** »Jan 2011 - Current07/06/20117

Hi, I am looking for people who have had dealings with Highway HGV Training and Recruitment LTD and have lost money/not received the training etc; It is important to contact me with any relevant information regarding this company or any companies 'associated' with the forementioned company? What have you received from this company?

I, like many others have been taken on by this firm and Tom Hamilton & John Barney but I am determined to get my money back! I have a plan and I need other people to come forward also?

What haven't you received from this company? You can contact me via private email :

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20002Highway HGV Training & Recruitment LTD [Chelmsford]
Total claims:5
Training and Job not Provided as guarenteed. »25/10/201001/07/20111
I paid for my husband and son to do the class2 training and was promised a job for my son by mid November 2010, still not employed. After many emails and calls all ignored we got a email from John(owner) saying the company is closing but he will honour the agreement we are still waiting for any further news. Tom also promised he will get one free and refund me but also no refund. This company has more than one address so one cannot confront them.

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Total claims:2 »02.06.201207/06/20121

very bad site :(

not by fra this site.

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22307John Barney [Chelmsford]
Total claims:2
£1450.00 »11/03/201130/11/20110
I was first looking on the internet and applied on a  website where they find training centres, but i cant find the website it was for this 

01/03/11Then Highway hgv called "john barney" He asked me all the details and the reason i want a licence and emailed me all the details in the call to confirm 

He then called every other day asking if everything was OK wanting to confirm test dates and if i wanted to go ahead with payment  

I confirmed the dates with john and proceeded to payment, I wanted to pay with Credit Card but he said there is a £20 surcharge so i paid with Debit card on the 11th of March

Once a payment had been made that was the last i spoke to john and then i was passed to Tom. 
Tom was saying he was the person who dealt with ExMod personnel and he will commence an application with a company Civvy Street  to see if i could get a grant to pay some of the licence off 

Tom then arranged and Medical and a theory test date. 

Once I passed these i then called tom to confirm the date of my piratical week,and he change the original test dates.

 I then asked Tom to confirm these dates then a James Franklin forwarded me some dates. 

Once i had booked these dates off i asked James and Tom to confirm these are OK and that is the last i have heard from them all 

I have tried to call all 3 numbers i have for them and on one answers, the numbers i have are tom:07572149404  0800 292 2061 john 07572603954

i asked all of them to ring me back and no one answers my messages 
i then reapplied with a different number and john called  but said they will be going under administration and then hung up 

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22937John Barney [Chelmsford]
Total claims:2
john kavanagh »27/06/201110/01/20120
john barney recieved full payment for class one licence on a back to back course and he guarenteed a job atb the end of it. He also said in telephone conversations and letters that he would pay for it out of his own pocket but never did . the so called company went so called bust the day before my traing was to start. I believ that they did thid to several people nas i went to the places were i was to start my traing and they said no money was paid to them .

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19810Highway HGV Training & Recruitment LTD [Chelmsford]
Total claims:5
Promises not met. »25th October 201017/06/20110
I paid for my husband and son to do Class C training and guaranteed job, after many unanswered calls and emails we got a email from John that the company has gone insolvent. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM.

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20141Highway HGV Training & Recruitment LTD [Chelmsford]
Total claims:5
Re test CPC Training »3/6/1112/07/20110
I booked with Highway HGV training for 5days training and test also paid for a Re-test And 5 days CPC which i was told i needed and found out i did not
took my test and failed when i tried to book the Re test with them
they would not answer any call i have left messages on there answer machine sent e-Mails the two guys that i dealt with Tom and
John both are very good conmen
This has been ongoing since May i try to call each day still

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22002Highway HGV Training & Recruitment LTD [Chelmsford]
Total claims:5
highways hgv training »11/02/201112/11/20110
Where do I start well I wanted to go into the lorry driving trade

I searched on the web and then found an authorised lorry driver searcher they telephoned me and I answered a few questions and they told me that they would put me in touch with an accredited authorised trainer.

I telephoned highways hgv . They were so friendly on the phone and promised that I would receive care after passing.
I made a decision a week later and parted with £1300 of my hard earned cash to invest in my future. I am only 20 years old and that was a lot of money to me.

I went for a medical this was also a bit strange and looking back on it I feel so silly they booked a medical for me through a genuine training company using my name.

They then booked me in for my theory test. I attended this and passed with flying colours

The same day I went to ring the office to tell them the good news to book me in for my trading... but there was no answer

I rang numerous times maybe a hundred times using different phones. This rung alarm bells.

Since then I have been in touch with trading standards but they need more victims in order to make a stand

I can’t believe these criminals are still out there with mine and your money and received nothing

Let’s all get together and works together to get are money back

email me

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21772CDL training services [Peoria]
Total claims:1
Youtube violation »October 201131/10/20110
This company has been uploading numerous videos on their Youtube channel without authorisation. All of the videos have been copied onto their channel in order to make revenue. It speaks volumes of how low this company really is. RAISE YOUR STANDARDS CDL!

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22511Highway LGV ltd. [London]
Total claims:1
PCV training course »12/12/201112/12/20110
I've paid them 1,150 pounds already for PCV course. Since few months they are avoiding me. I tried to arrange a theory test, but they didn't answer or contact me. Also their website- is not working. I was phoned and email them, but all phones are turned off.
It looks like they are taking our money for nothing, they don't provide service at all.

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Total claims:1
DO NOT GET SCAMMED BY BROKERS, Say Jcoates »04/03/201213/06/20120
JCoates - highlight on their website that you should watch out for brokers, when they themselves take bookings from such brokers and have their own sales team that brokers out LGV training to others.

Please don't be fooled by this companies claims of trying to help people by telling them to be aware of brokers.

JCoates deal with the likes of shame Blackwater LGV, LGV4ALL, Direct LGV and Fasttrack LGV.

So please don't get scammed by brokers and dishonest training companies trying to tarnish their competitors

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Total claims:2
not buy fra this site »27.08.201201/09/20120
not buy fra this site.
fashionpay bad site.

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Total claims:1 »20.11.201226/11/20120
Professional looking website - ordered Adidas trainers, they stated that they would be shipped in 7-10 days. An email confirmation should have been sent to my email address.

All i received was confirmation that yourpay had taken my money.

Have emailed several times but no reply. Deducted £71.54 from my bank equivalent to 110 USD

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29610Specialist Forklift Training [London]
Total claims:1
Rip Off »18/04/01306/07/20130
I am a father of 3 children, I paid Specialist Forklift Training £550.00 for a counterbalance forklift training and a job after the training. My Terry Smith of Specialist forklift training told me that they work with the Department of Work and Pensions to train and get people back to work. He also told me that DHL is one of their partners and would send me to the closest branch to my home address provided that I pay the money and pass my course.
I paid the money (£550.00) on 18/03/2013 and passed my course on 15/04/2013. Since then not even a phone call from them let alone a job. I called them, sent my CV to them but to no avail.
Please help me get my money back and STOP these people from preying upon vulnerable adults desperately in need of a job to sustain their families.
Thank you.

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Total claims:1
put on pointless programme have to attend twice a week »01.07.201310/07/20130
My name is Annie Offord and I am writing to you as I would like to make a complaint . As a client at your Hemel Hempstead branch and currently on the work programme .I would like to make a complaint about the service that I have been given . The work programme hasn't helped me at all and all the advisers have done is knocked me back down. I am very confident that I can get a job and that I don't need much help from Seetec or Kennedy Scott and so far it has been a waste of time.

The introduction to the programme was a waste of time as I already know about CVs, cover letters and application forms etc. Also being told that I will have to attend twice a week will not be beneficial to me as it would be just a waste of time as I already know what to do and how to get a job as I am very motivated in getting one . Also this is my 6th/7th time doing this sort of thing. Attending once a month will be more beneficial to me.

Before I was put on this my job centre advisor stated that I will have to attend once a month and being told different from Seetec is wrong .

This work programme is too basic for me and because of that I feel that attending less will be more beneficial for me. As stated before I have done this thing 6/7 times before and have got a qualification in work skills which makes this programme more pointless. I am not saying I wont attend I just feel that it will be more beneficial for me to attend less .

Also I would like to make a complaint about the advisers as they are giving out wrong information and due to the fact I was the youngest in the group I got picked on because of my age and was told that even with my qualifications it will be harder for me to get a job as an older person with hardly any qualifications will find it easier because of their age. I disagree with this as with young people employers are able to train them up they way they like it .

Also the activities that are given out are no help at helping me find a job as they are nothing to do with job hunting and are just a waste of time as I could be out there getting a job but instead I have to attend and do these activities . I am more capable in doing it all by myself as I recently completed a work skills course which included all of this.

As stated before I feel that attending once a month will be more help as attending more regular is causing more stress and frustration and all the advisers are doing is knocking me down and aren't supporting me and helping me find a job .

If I feel that this complaint hasn't been dealt with properly and that I don't get the outcome that I want I will be taking this matter further.

Yours Faithfully

Annie Offord

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29861andy shaw , andysway dog training scarborough [andysway]
Total claims:1
dog training » 10/08/201318/09/20130
I took my dog training and did not get the promised training on andys web site. and I feel my dogs training was only a bit of slip lead training. I don't want anyone else to be ripped off. I did not get the following.

At the end of an agreed period we would then discuss the best option for your dog. Could I visit my dog? At strategic points during your dog�s stay you will be invited to join us for an hour or two at a time. This allows us to assess the progress being made. On completion of the residential training you will be given a 2 hour handover to show you how to implement any new methods your dog has learnt, and you will also recieve a dvd showing the journey of your dog during its stay with us and it will finish with demonstrations from one of our team. This makes a good point of referall for the future.

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30372Down Under Centre [London]
Total claims:1
Rip Off Merchant »January 201519/03/20150
Hello, my husband and me are emigrating to OZ we went with a company called

Basically we were passed onto these guys to do our skills assessment. He sounded nice when I eventually met him at a seminar but I know know he was just after our cash.

My husband failed, failed and failed again his skills assessment with them and each time had to pay more and more money to do more tests and more training and each time he was promised to pass

then we changed to vetassess and spoke to a new agent called simon koe who was amazing and basically told us we were being 'ripped apart'

he put our skills assessment to tra online and it came back fine for just a quick online test. that guy rocks - if you have a chance and its not too late go to simon koe he knows what he is doing. DO NOT TRUST THE SMILES AT THE DOWN UNDER CENTRE IN LONDON

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