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Total claims:4
fraud »8-11-201108/11/20111
this company took money from my bank account without me authorising it but i am unable to find a contact number for them to talk to them directly

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Total claims:1
I want my money back »31 July 201130/09/20110
I bought a ferry ticket from Aferry, via internet, on 16 July 2011. Ticket ref: 4059433. The ticket is for a journey from Patras port (Greece)to Ancona port (Italy) on 31st July 2011, and then Calais-Dover ticket ref: 4059531 on 02/08/11. I did not received any service that was written in the agreement.

When I got to Patras, the port was closed, and was told that there wasnt any ship to Ancona. I was reffered to another port which was Igoumenitsa port, 261 km far from Patras port. In result of this, I lost time (which is not coming back to me), money to pay congestion charges between Patras and Igoumenitsa which was amounted 19 Euros, and also my Diesel, this amounted around 25 Euros. If I wanted to go from Igoumenitsa port, I could bought the ticket with cheaper price. It was only 85 Pounds, when i checked the prices on Saturday, 16th July, 2011, when I bought the Patras-Ancona ticket instead, from you.

Not only that, as this is a business trip, I supposed to arrive at 2pm at Ancona Port, and had a meeting there at 3pm, but because I came from igoumenitsa port, I arrived 2 hours late, and missed the meeting. I had to catch that person in London, so when I arrived in Calais, I had to go earlier, and I was charged full price of 68 Euros.

I did call Aferry 3x for informal complaint and spoke to a guy name Roberto on Wednesday 3rd August 2011, he said he will give me a call back, but he didnt. For the 2nd time, I called on 4th August, and the lady said it was still in process, and Roberto would call back, but he still didnt call. And then on Saturday, 6 August 2011, I called again, and the lady said I should email you instead, because she couldnt do anything. She claimed that Minoan Rep told Aferry that there would be no ship from Patras on 30th July (which she said its too late to inform me!) But this is not a reason. My journey was on 31st July, and also I listed my mobile number and email address. A phone call or a text would be great to let me know the change of port and I would plan my journey better. I wrote an email also on Monday, 8th August, 2011.

Then on the 12th August, I also wrote a letter and sent it via recorded delivery. It was said by post office that the letter was received the next day, I asked that the letter answered within 14 days, but I still havent received any response from customer service department.

Then, on 6th September, I wrote another letter to the Director of Aferry, and until today, 30th September, I havent hear anything from him either. Although, before Aferry's customer service address, written in the website, they had this statement, I quote:
"We take all complaints very seriously and will endeavour to respond as soon as possible."
well, lets see how they will reply this open complaint letter, as I had enough of being nice in my letters sent to them!!!

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Total claims:4
refund »27/10/201102/11/20110
The amount of £71.00 was taken from my bank account on the 27th october 2011. I would like the same amount returning to my bank account. I have not been in reciept of any loans from this company and think its disgusting that they can just take the money. It left my family in a situation where we didn't have money for essential things such as heating and food.

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Total claims:4
fraud »26/10/201102/11/20110
i was looking for a pat day loan filled the form in on this sight , decided not to go ahead so didn't even get a loan of them , they have taken this fee of my card this mth

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Total claims:4
EPM V-MONEY.CO.UK »04.11.1115/11/20110
Ive just gone through my online banking and just found out that the above amount was taken without my acknowledgement I no longer trust any loan services.

I did not use any of their service or loans companies so they had no right to debit this from my account. not impressed one bit

Please can my money be reinstated as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely

P. Simmonds

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25660J Haydar property consultant ltd [London]
Total claims:1
Run suddenly take the deposit and rent of landlord »01-06-1221/06/20120
"Jamal Haydar" is mix guy of Bengali or Pakistani or black .He have a skill to deal very nicely and make bully every one I already going to take into the court as a fraud.

Office closed I have recent information he is working some where in Stratford may be again he will do the same thing.

Old number is 07539 219295 is disconnect the line.

Wanted wanted to tenants and Landlord !!!!!!

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25939Shanghai Sunner Group [Shanghai]
Total claims:1
Fraud by Sunner Group cost my brother his life. »Between april 2011 and now.08/07/20120
April 2011.

On request to Shanghai Sunner Group from my late brother Alex van der Tak, to come to exclusive distribution of a special type of massage chair, Shanghai Sunner Group ask for a deposit sum of $ 50.000. So far no problem. However it was a bit strange that they asking for a deposit, because my late brother did business with Shanghai Sunner Group for the last 2 years and there was never been a problem. Shanghai Sunner Group promised that this deposit money was settled at the first order of chair in the new agreement. They promise to send word to every buyer that my brothers company, Unbend massage chairs bv, has got the exclusive rights to distribute this type of chair exclusive for Holland and Great Britain. However there was something strange happened after my brother paid the deposit sum of $ 50.000. There tone of discussion was changed and Shanghai Sunner Group were not so kindly anymore as before. Then my brother find out that Shanghai Sunner Group was not the factory of the chairs but that it was Rongtai in Shanghai. When he mentioned this by Shanghai Sunner Group they starting to act very strange. Shanghai Sunner Group tells my brother that they where in cooperation with Rongtai come to this agreement. Later, when I got in contact with Rongtai, there was nothing discussed between Shanghai Sunner Group and Rongtai about this. Rongtai denied any approval to Shanghai Sunner Group to made this agreement. Then my brother was going to China on 19th July 2011, accompanied by my best friend. Somehow, after they visit Shanghai Sunner Group and talk about the situation, my brother fell of the roof of his hotel in the next place they were staying. This was on 23th of July 2011 in a town called Xuzhou in China.
After the death of my brother I take care of his business, trying to get everything in order for his 2 kids and his widow.
When I contacted Shanghai Sunner Group they tell me that it was all the fault of my late brother Alex. In September 2011 I was going to Berlin in Germany to visit the stand of Shanghai Sunner Group on the IFA and talk to Mr David Chen. Mr. David Chen explain to me that this was a most unfortunate case and that he will solved it when he was returning to China. He confessed that it was true and that Shanghai Sunner Group has made a lot of mistakes. When I tell him that my brother died he start crying, as we know now this where crocodile tears.
Now it is nearly a year since my brother died and there's still no solution from Shanghai Sunner Group. Is there someone who knows how to handle this crooks? Pls. reply for the sake of two little boys 8 and 10 years old. Contact me by sending me an email

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26775enhance finance services
Total claims:2
taken money out of my account without consent from myself »19/09/201219/09/20120
i applied for a payday loan of cash genie.i received the funds in my account on the 19/09/2012 .but then i found out 369.99 had gone out of my account i rang my bank and they said it was taken by a company called enhance finances to who i have never heard of and i didnt give my consent for them to take this please help what do i do now

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27878enhance finance services
Total claims:2
REFUND »28/12/201228/12/20120
hi well i have never heard of this loan company it must of been sent through the internet.As a result in this 68:99 has been taken out of my account i have no money and i did NOT auotherise this payment to come out my bank i want an immidiete REFUND i am not happy with this and if i do not get my refund back i am going to get legal advice what may result in court to get me my money back i want something done about this now thank you for you help.

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28517enhanced finance direct [chesire]
Total claims:1
application fee for no service »28/02/201328/02/20130
took an admin fee without conset and gave no service for thr fee . total rip off

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28523enhanced loans
Total claims:1
admin fee »28/02/201328/02/20130
i earched for a loan but decided not to pursue it as i thought better of it. i found out today that they have taken 69.99 out of my account this morning, this money has come out of my benefit money from the government and left me with nothing to live on!!!!

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28542Ayrshire investigations - BRIAN COX - Scotland Investigator / Detective Agency [Ayrshire, Scotland]
Total claims:1
Ayrshire investigations - BRIAN COX - Scotland Investigator / Detective Agency - SCAMMERS »02/09/201201/03/20130
I had instructed the private investigation agency to carry out surveillance for me on my partner.
I was told that the amount I had sent had not arrived in their bank.
I have been informed by my bank that the money did arrive in the companies bank a day after I had sent it.
This company is a fraud - I have now instructed a solicitor to deal with them to get my money back.
AVOID them as they are scammers.
Brian Cox is a scammer.

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29376Lancashire interior home designs
Total claims:5
scam?? »22/5/1323/05/20130
I paid £100 deposit for kitchens but after reading remarks on the forum I had doubts. My cheque came out of my account the same day I handed it over, alarm bells rang
I sent a cancellation by registered letter to the offices at Rossendale, where there was noone to sign for it
I have currently been holding for more than 15 minutes to speak to someone, I AM DUBIOUS I WILL GET MY REFUND BUT WILL NOT LEAVE IT.

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29482Lancashire interior home designs
Total claims:5
RIPPED OFF CHIPBOARD KITCHEN »12/6/201313/06/20130
WE'VE BEEN SCAMMED - big time so PASS THIS ON .....My son 21 has survived MENINGITIS SEPTICEMIA with a less than 10 pc chance. DESPITE being bedridden for almost 5 months and Losing 9 stone [136LBS in 4 months] plus most of both feet and in awesome pain daily He is just so cheerful and upbeat, he is a hero - Our family has been through Hell But what has happened today this is just for me the last straw --WE'VE BEEN SCAMMED - big time THE KITCHEN PROMISED IS SHIT VENEER SO THIN ON CHIPBOARD .His Dad -who works hard in dangerous conditions and me are trying desperately hard to get everything in our home 'disabled' ready so at least we can PLAN to get our kid back home ASAP Ive never never had a 'new' kitchen its his Dads pension money and it cant be replaced unless this thief returns it Im going to have to fork out 120 for a CCJ . Which Im doing now..LOCAL FRAUD SQUAD/Trading standards are VERY helpful CRIME REPORTED AND CCJ ACTIVATED

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29881Lancashire interior home designs
Total claims:5
Kitchen units/sink leaking »21/08/201325/09/20130
After seeing an advert in the hartlepool mail,advertising luxury kitchens of the value of £795.00.I phoned the number and was told the salesman,could come out in the next of couple of days.When the sales rep came his name was called Gary,he had brought a white gloss cupboard door as a sample,I was told there kitchens were far superior to any other leading competitors.So He measured up and quoted a price of £1100.00,also I was told that there would not be beating with the price also stating that I would have to pay the £100.00 deposit straight away which I was pressurised in doing due to the fact that if he had to come out again the price would rise due to his call out fee of an extra £150.00,also he stated that I would have a 5 year guarantee even upon the kitchen been fitted.When the order arrived several days later everything was in boxes the deliver driver hastily rushed through a check list.stating everything was there which we duly took there word for.So we booked a kitchen fitter for the few days time to fit kitchen units sink and cooker.And only upon his experience did we release the units once fitted were of a poor quality.No shelves or screws or support joists were supplied.We phoned the company to complain about the quality of the units after been put on hold after an hour and were told we should of checked the quality before it had been fitted.Also upon the fitter assembling the units we discovered the interior was lilac.Has we presumed there would be white inside as well.We have made several phone calls and calls been made to us due to the phone at the end of speaking to them resulted in the phone been put down and also been told that we should of never of had the kitchen fitted if we had not been satisfied with the quality of the kitchen.We have on numerous occasions I have stated that we wanted a full refund under the 5 year guarantee we were offered.We have had no success even with trading standards,consumer rights and the company themselves.In addition is far too small and with using it after two days it has major leakage problems which is damaging the sink unit cupboard.When ringing company yet again there have no issues with their sinks before and it was down to the kitchen fitter who fitted the kitchen.In addition to this when we had replacement cupboards arrived for the wrong order of sending bridging units instead of wall units,the delivery driver ripped the units off the wall and told me the company were arse holes and all the units were made in china.All in all this has been a very stressful experience from start to finish.After the stresses and disappointment I would like a full refund due to the shoddy workmanship of the full kitchen.Also the man who runs this buisness is called martin sersen/vance miller

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30013Lancashire interior home designs
Total claims:5
Lancashire Interior Home Designs Are a pair of con artists »5.10.201330/11/20130
I unfortunately responded to a glossy web page advertising fitted kitchens at discount prices. The sales representative who arrived as pre-arranged arrived at my home with his glossy brochure explaining the company he works for do their kitchens at an unbeatable discounted price because they actually manufacture their product, so no middle man, hence the price. He said I just need do is pay him a £100 deposit to secure the fitted kitchen at the discounted price of £1,210.
I chose the white slab gloss paid him the one hundred pounds and he drew the plan.
I got in touch with an experienced carpenter who I planned to commission to do the work. Upon looking at the plan and doing his measurements he gave me the bad news explaining the plan Lancashire Interiors drew was a joke as the measurements were totally out. He advised me to contact them straight away. Upon doing so a woman reluctantly identified herself as "Shelley" who upon explaining the issue said there is nothing she can do.
I now feel totally ripped off and want my money back . It is obvious they do not have any intention honouring their assertion of providing good quality kitchen.

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30510Lancashire interior home designs
Total claims:5
Avoid avoid avoid! »October 201304/07/20160
Purchased kitchen from this company. was sold bespoke fitted kitchen. Told was UK made, solid wood , 5 years guarantee. Company claimed the good price was due to the fact it is B&Q surplus stock, so I can expect excellent quality kitchen.

When the kitchen arrived this was not the case, the kitchens are cheap, imported from China. The quality was terrible , manufactured out of cheap chip board and poor quality materials.

Furthermore the colours and parts were not even matching, not at all what I had expected and paid for. When fitting the kitchen became apparent that the design and measurements for the kitchen were totally wrong , when contacted the company they were not sympathetic at all.

They could not care less , simply stating buy new units and not offering any solution to their mistake.

Now after a few years the kitchen is in terrible condition , gloss layer and finish is peeling terribly. The kitchen looks 10 years old, in fact our old kitchen was much better than this one.

I have contacted the company multiple times , asking for new parts under the 5 year guarantee that was sold along with the kitchen. Sent many letters , calls emails. However they are not willing to help, letters are returned unread and they are not even answering calls anymore.
This has meant that I am left with a kitchen that is falling apart.

Avoid this company at any cost , it is a dishonest company which should be closed down.

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29465Passport Online application services
Total claims:1
Ripped Off »05/06/201310/06/20130
I recently completed an on-line application form for the re-newal of a UK passport. I did not realise that the website I had accessed was not the Official HM Passport Office website, and was subsequently charged £40 for using a service that is available free from the HM Passport Office website.

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30333castle [london]
Total claims:1
pay back »money taken away 26/01/20150
I wanrt what is due

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