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13205 [Stockport]
Total claims:1
Graphing Calculator »March-August 201003/08/20101

I ordered a calculator from these people and after telling me the order was lost in the post twice, they sent me a 'presentation link' 3 months later (which I had not ordered). After numerous phone calls, promises etc they have now told me they didn't receive the package I returned on July 7th.
Stupidly I should have sent it back 'registered mail'as they had claimed the Royal Mail had failed to deliver twice previously.
These people are incompetent and will make any excuse to cover it.

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19490Prima Machinery
Total claims:3
Arrogant sales man »21/05/201130/05/20111
we had a conversation with this representative named Fahrouk (or similar) from Prima Machinery in England. Although they are based in England, this guy is not English and he doesn't know a word of English. He is a very arrogant man, he doesn't know what he is talking about, he doesn't have any knowledge about his business. Maybe he does but he can not speak properly. Can you trust them? well definately not this guy! Avoid talking with this guy, if you really want to do business with them, and if you find out that you are dealing with this guy, ask for someone else, otherwise he will be wasting your time.

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21251Precision Leads UK Ltd [Birmingham]
Total claims:2
Company fraudulent activity »29th September 201129/09/20111
Asked for payment upfront for accident claaims.
Was supposed to start today - when we arrived at their offices - told they had done a bunk last week.

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26551Solar4us Ltd [Croydon]
Total claims:1
Return of deposit after cancellation as per contract »Oct 201131/08/20121
I invited various suppliers to visit our property and provide quotation for a solar panel system. Siva from Solar4us was one of them. We placed the order in Oct 2011 at our premises.

Within a few days of placing the order and paying the deposit of £500, another supplier under-quoted the same system by £850 and since I was within 14 days of the paying of the deposit, as per contract, it allowed us to cancel the order and have our refund back. So I cancelled.

Siva has since refused the refund. I sent a final written letter to him with bank details requesting repayment of the deposit and mentioned that I will be seeking legal action without further notice which I have yet to do...

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28196David and Gavin Palmer [Worcestershire]
Total claims:1
Fraud »12/12/201128/01/20131
In December of 2011 I bought and paid for a generator from a company called Diesel and Petrol Generators Limited Unit 26, Stockwood Business Park Stockwood Redditch Worcestershire B96 6SX David and Gavin Palmer.
Before making my purchase I checked to see that they were a honest and reliable company by approaching two of their suppliers and a company that carries out their repairs and servicing. Each assured me that they were indeed a good company.

With this in mind the delay of delivery was not of great concern, having spoken to one of the Directors I felt assured that all was in order whilst the manufacturer carried out further pre delivery inspection and test after an initial failure.

I will not burden you with the catalogue of misinformation that I have subsequently received, but to date I still have not had my generator. I have frequently complained and indeed have asked for a full refund, which was forthcoming in the form of a company cheque for the full value of £5,350.00, which subsequently was returned unpaid RTD (Refer to Drawer). I have since established that the company went into liquidation in November 2011 but immediately started trading again in December 2011 with a slightly changed name. It was with this new company that I placed my order.

To me it is quite evident that I have been defrauded of this money, this money has been stolen.

I have therefore reported this matter to the police Crime report URN 13120022012. At which time I was advised that there was nothing that the police could do. That I should contact Trading Standards.

Needles to say, I have reported the matter to Trading Standards and was advised to contact the OFT (Office of Fair Trading) who suggested CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau) who recommended trying Consumer Direct. In summary each has told me this is a Civil Matter and whilst all agree that a crime has been committed and that the company are Unlawfully Trading there is nothing any of them can do to help and my only recourse to gain their help is through the courts. The solicitors I have spoken to have generally advised me not to bother, for it is unlikely that I will get my money back and the cost would be in the order of £6,000.00 and since it is a civil matter and my property exceeds the capital limit legal aid is not available.

To help in justifying this letter I do need a little more of your time to outline my own personal circumstances. I was made redundant at the age of sixty one, some four years ago, I lived on my savings for two years the time it took me to use up my savings and eventually realise that the chances of getting meaningful work at the age of sixty three was zero. So I decided to return to my roots as an indentured toolmaker and set up a small engineering workshop. I spent the next eighteen months acquiring old broken machinery finding the spares and repairing them. I prepared a business plan which secured a personal loan to purchase the generator.

I genuinely have no money, my wife and I are living hand to mouth as we struggle to repay the loan from our pension income.

So to the purpose of this letter please tell me why this is not a Police matter? Why is it not a crime? a crime that could easily be proven and a conviction secured. Why is it I can travel at thirty four miles per hour on and urban dual carriage way and be made a criminal yet these crooks can steal £5,350.00 of my precious resources and commit me to fours years of repayment and just get away with it.

Sir there does not seem to be any justice in this what so ever.

I would be grateful if you could provide an explanation and or a justification for the lack of action on the part of the Police.

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21126Prima Machinery
Total claims:3
Illegal / Fake Company »01/09/201121/09/20110
I have warned this company and talked with this person over the phone. However he wasn't able to speak in English properly and he didn't take me seriously. This is not a legit company because company register is linked to a Hostel in North London. Their website contains illegal copyrighted images, stolen from our organisation, our images are secured by intellectual and copyright property and it is a serious offense to use it without authorisation. I kindly asked them to remove the photos from their website, but unfortunately they haven't done it since then. I have no other option but to take legal action against them. Please go onto their website and have a look whether they are using one of your photos too, and look for your rights.
All the relative bodies have been informed and warned about this company's illegal structure. Please be aware of them. Do not try to contact them because they can not speak word of English.

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21127Prima Machinery
Total claims:3
fake company, »2/09/201121/09/20110
We have already contacted BBC Watchdog, and Intellectual Property Office regarding misuse of unauthorized images. They have informed me that legal action is going to take place. We have been informed that some letters were sent to warn the company but hadn't receive any response in given time.
Complaints have been ascended to Magistrates court level for misuse of copyrighted photos. The person I talked over the phoned sounded like an illegal immigrant, so please be aware of this company since they are under investigation by different aspects.

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19944Van Monster [Van Monster]
Total claims:1
Van Monster refuse to do work that was pointed out on a test drive, Sales man has lost his memory! »27/6/1127/06/20110

What a joke Van Monster BRIDLINGTON/Northgate Hull and fleet technique Darlington is, they all pee in the same pot so don’t expect their warranty to mean a lot. Has above they talk the talk but don’t deliver the goods, Here is what i have gone through so far and still on-going even after the area manager John Woodall got involved. Make your own mind up if you want to go through all this as well as run a business!!!??? 1. 7 months in stress and hassle to get Van monster / Northgate and Fleet technique to do anything right and still on-going. 2. 10 days lost earnings due to van repairs that half the time couldn’t fix or get right so had to keep going back. 3. 2 vans. First van they couldn’t sort the engine idling and lots of rust coming back through their new paint work and i mean a lot for a 3 year old van. (Painted up to hide the true history of the van to charge top dollar and to deceive me and you the customer.) 4. Cost of insurance on other vans, 4 times including the cost of the change of insurance for this one. 5. 20 Taxis to drop off and pick up the van. 6. Cost of a tyre repair due to the wooden panel screws on the floor at Northgate. 7. Numerous phone calls to van monster/Fleet technique/ Tyrone Aaron sales man and John Woodall area manager. Here is an example how bad Northgate Hull mechanics are, is took them 5 attempts to even get the steering wheel straight, isn’t that first year stuff?
It is Appalling that a business is allowed to put its customers through all that then to just say ok we will give you your money back for the cost of the van and that’s it and they are allowed to do that and get away with it. Either way you’re left well out of pocket or still left with a van with faults because they refuse to do anything anymore because they have offered the refund.
I have talked to consumer direct and you are allowed to take them to small claims court for a refund of lost earning's due to repeat repairs they should have put/got right in the first place.
Small claims court costs for a £1000 claim is only £30 so well worth trying to get your money back.

If anyone from Northgate even Bob McKenzie has the gumption to ring me i welcome your call.

A quotation from Van Monsters web page:

Van Monster also benefits from Northgate's UK-wide licensed mechanics and workshops. So you can rest assured that in the unlikely event of a problem with your vehicle after purchase, Van Monster will fix it without any hassle. << you sure??

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21200Precision Leads UK Ltd [Birmingham]
Total claims:2
56 leads purchased - not received »26th August 201126/09/20110
I was Contacted by Maria Hussain (Director) according to Companies House of Precision Leads UK ltd in August 2011 who had nearly 200 qualified leads for the Harrogate area that were intended for a company that went into administration. We agreed to buy 50 of the leads up front to test the quality.

Invoice dated 26th August, value £1055.00 was to supply Karnheath Ltd with:-
10 priority group leads
11 able to pay leads
35 super priority group leads.
To date we have received:-
10 able to pay leads / 1 owing at £25
2 priority group leads / 8 owing at £15 ea = £120
2 super priority group leads / 33 owing at £18 ea = £594.

The that were not qualified, i.e. already insulated, not interested etc were to be replaced as agreed with Maria Hussain and Rebecca at Precision.

The quality of leads were appalling. Some leads didn't even match up with the telephone number and address supplied. Most said I was cold calling and had no recollection of speaking to anyone prior.

I have asked several times for the replacements, each time being told they will be sent through and then nothing is received. They now will not return any emails or calls.

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22537 [London]
Total claims:1 »12/11/1113/12/20110
i ordered a pair of shoes and the next day i tried to go on the website and the website was gone!!

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23028Indiannet Consultant [delhi]
Total claims:1
Pune Lawyers - Pune Lawyer - Law Firms »16/01/201216/01/20120

Online Legal consultation from [Pune Lawyers ] (link: Corporate Litigation lawyer, attorneys, solicitors, Pune law firm Advocates & expert Civil, Criminal Lawyers in Pune Lawyer's (advocate's) provides online legal help, legal opinion,legal information in Pune. 

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23585Melville & Daughters Funeral Directors [Damian Melville]
Total claims:1
melville & daughters funeral directors bad funeral care and service »funeral09/02/20120

very disappointed with the service i received. totally unprofessional. the horse and cart arrived very late and due care was not taken in preparing the body for viewing and the funeral. the wig of my deceased relative was not fitted properly. it was very embarrassing when the casket was opened in the church. about 4days after the funeral mr melville was hounding us for the balance of the expenses. it was very traumatic for us. i would not recommend this company to anyone. ps. i put my complaint on qype. mr melville also kept getting qype to delete them under the guise that i am a liar. like i have said before anyone wanting proof should message me alternatively i will post the pictures and put on you tube his repeated aggressive phone calls for cash. funerals are very difficult times for families and burial happens once therefore it is important for the funeral director to take the sensitive approach. its not just about money. my other concern is that when i first posted my review on qype mr melville took once again the aggression route complaining to qype that i am a liar and he did not know my family.(i took a screen shot of this) he then followed that up with further hostile private messages in which he was very rude to me. i subsequently made a complaint to qype also who replied stating that i have the right to place a review on this page as long as its in lines with the terms and conditions. at that point they opted to leave my review on this page and wrote to melville explaining this. to my surprise my post has been deleted again. so i have no choice but to go to a more reliable and trustworthy review site and post my complaint about this company. now take a good look at my experience and decide whether or not you need this type of grief when you have experienced a very painful loss. i will never use this place again nor will i ever recommended them to anyone. this company is not even worth 1star

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25851N5 Ltd Peel2Save [Nigel Botterill]
Total claims:2
Mis Sold »June 201103/07/20120
I bought this business mainly because I listened to a 14 minuite video,the concept seemed really simple and Straightforward backed up by a so called similar business in the USA. Personally I bought my area because I was told in the sales video that this is a very,very,par-time business and we will easily sell our first 1000 cards.The charities and good causes are waiting for your call.These claims are clearly not correct as the sales from the card were non existent,I had about 20 campaigns going in schools,charities local football teams all sorts of good causes and the sales were a handful of cards sold.I invested about £8000 in this business and spent weeks talking to various Schools and charities and the time I invested in trying to get this going just was not viable.
The result is that having followed Nigel Botterill's business model in detail, most Peel2Save owners have run at a considerable loss, I myself have lost £1,000's and it was not from lack of trying and putting in the hours.
The card sales have been non-existent and N5 subsequently changed the business model and introduced an affiliate scheme which means good causes raise virtually nothing, this was not what we signed up for originally.
With a growing number of Peel2Save owners (Peelers) realising the cards couldn't sell the cards Nigel Botterill decided to change the direction and suggested we employed Affiliates to sell the cards, giving JUST £1 to charities, £4 to the Affiliate, £1.20 to costs and the remainder to the business. This totally went against the training modules which clearly stated the full £5 must be given to the charities. Even with affiliates on board cards were not selling.

As far as I'm aware not one person has covered their initial investment into Peel2Save.

This brings me back to Nigel Botterill's Sales Video in which he said the business had been tested in Solihull. I believe the business was not tested adequately, his claims that this is a very, very part time business were exaggerated and the implementation of the affiliate scheme goes completely against everything he stated in the training modules.

My reputation with those who signed up onto the Middlesbrough Peel2Save Card has been damaged and I have had to apologise to advertisers who signed to a voucher on the card.

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25869N5 Ltd Peel2Save [Nigel Botterill]
Total claims:2
Misleading Sale »July 201103/07/20120
Peel2Save was sold to me as a nationwide initiative with local territories which were sold to 'Peelers' on the basis that is was a very part-time business.
The claims made in numerous sales videos and emails were that the amount of money that could be earned was a reasonable anmount for a relatively small outlay (excluding printing costs) but have turned out to be completely unobtainable (£100,000 mentioned in one email)!

This business was launched with the intention of raising money for charity and N5 have now changed the goalposts with an affiliate scheme that ensures if it worked means the charities get virtually nothing!

The business was sold so to appeal to thise who were not confident sales people as the selling would be done by the national and local charities selling the card, however they have tried and the cards just do not sell.
There are no national charities on board with the idea and Peel2Save apparently has an extremely bad reputation within charitable organisations and national brands.

Peel2Save is not a viable business, was never properly trialled and was sold using false tesimonials and high pressure sales tactics.
I would like my money back as soon as possible as I bought my area and subsequent 2000 cards on my credit card and the payments are now crippling me.

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30402Meridian Business Sales Ltd [Bolton]
Total claims:1
Breach of Contract - Concluded - FYI Only »201419/06/20150
Meridian approached me via a cold call on the telephone purporting to be able to sell my business for me. As I was about to close it, I decided to try to sell it first.
Their rep came round and got me to sign a contract, and hand over £1500. In my ignorance, I signed it and didn't know I should have got all kinds of confirmations and checks first. You just don't think of the things you should know. You trust them to be who they say they are and do what they say they'll do.
So they failed to sell my business and even posted it in the wrong town. I closed the business anyway and emailed them to say they could stop marketing it. About six months later, I got a letter to say they wanted £4,000 plus VAT for breach of contract. By virtue of the fact I closed the business, I was effectively not allowing them to sell it and hadn't cancelled our agreement. This wasn't true, obviously.
I ignored them for months and months, until a court summons turned up on my doorstep. I thought I'd better look into it a little more, and a simple Google search brought up an excellent web site ( that had some very fine people who were more than willing to help me fight my case against a bullying and illegal company. They were illegal because they were trading as an Estate Agency but hadn't signed the correct Act in order to do so.
The long and the short of it is, a woman from CEBTA spent four days with me over Skype compiling the legal side of the argument for my case, with all the appropriate evidence and legal Acts, and I sent it off to the courts and Meridian with about an hour to spare on the legal deadline. Meridian replied to my voluminous rebuttal by saying they had cancelled their claim at the court and that was the end of it.
But it won't be the end of it. I am going to sue them now for my original £1500 deposit as it was taken fraudulently under an illegal contract.

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