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13250JENNINGSBET [London]
Total claims:2
welched on the bet »2-5-201006/08/20100

I placed one accumulator, 4 horse selection bet. They all won and the first selection at the biggest odds of 8/1. After the race was finished I was told that the bet was late and that my first selection would not count. Last Sunday the 1st August, a punter at the same shop had a winning bet only to be told that his bet was late. As he was adamant that he placed his bet before the off and even had the new cashier as his witness who gave him the changed price before the off, he forced them to look at their machine and they admitted that it was timing bets wrongly, and had to re-set it. They refuse to admit that the same thing happened in my case and God, ot the Devil, knows how many punters were, and are still robbed of their winnings since the computer system they installed keeps breaking down, as it did last Sunday.

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29045JENNINGSBET [London]
Total claims:2
Unfair employment dismissal / employment. »29-1 march-April 303308/04/20130
I was interviewed at the jenningsbet Victoria branch on sat 9th of match by a mrs Lyndsey ray , after my interview I was told I will be contacted within a few days , After a few days I was told I HAD Been successful and was asked to verify some references , which I did and on the 19th of march I phoned Lyndsey ray and confirmed I will be starting work on the first of April 2013 . I was overjoyed , she sent me a employees handbook and contract to sign and return , which I did by the 25th of march . ( remember all my references were verified) . Then on the Saturday 30th march , 1 day before I start work I spoke to Lyndsey , who informed me that she spoke to ANOTHER.previous employer who told her I resigned , and I will no longer be able to join the company. ( because I resigned ) i feel this is totally unacceptable and seek compensation for my grievance . It is totally unfair that I should be treated like this , as I wasn't DISMISSED from my previous position, no matter what , I was potentially a new employee with a new start , so I will like to expose these people for who they are and will be gratefull for any LEGAL procedures which I could take against this company.

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16131William Hill Online Casino
Total claims:1
Will not refund my winnings »20 January 201120/01/20110
I went on to William Hill's Online Casino as a result of an email regarding a bonus I would get for playing. I made two deposits - the first £70 and I asked for my winnings, in total £70 + £10 I had won to be paid back to my credit card account. I then deposited a further £70 and then asked for the same amount to be withdrawn back on to my card.

I have now had an email from them asking me to provide a copy of my passport or driving licence, a copy of the credit card (back and front) and utility bill showing my address. I feel that if I provide this type of information my identify is seriously compromised but unless I provide it they will not give me back my money. They claim that this is required by law.

I would be grateful if you could help me get my money back without my having to reveal so much personal information.

Many thanks
Aris Wilson

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22769betboo [netherlands antilles]
Total claims:1
do not, i repeat, do not deposit any monies with online bookie, as they will make any excuse they can to not pay. I deposited 370 with them, won £600 2 days later and when i went to cash out they have just ignored all my emails, cut me offf chat and never paid me out a pnenny, not even a refuend of my deposit or anything, they just steal your money whether you win or lose, avoid at all cost, use at your peril, need I say more

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