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ok guys. i see myself as being quite an inexperienced ebay user. i only have a feedback score of 57 & thats from mostly items i have bought. anyway i want to warn others about my recent experience on ebay.
now i decided to list some inherited gold. so i listed a ladies accurist gold watch . then ebay user " fairsfair11 " a person named deb approached myself & asked me to add a buy it now price of £300 which i agreed to do & they then bought it & paid via ebay.
anyway next thing i knew , the payment was held by paypal til dec 2nd so i refunded the payment back to the buyer & sent a sale cancellation request which they ignored. i then relisted the watch & few days later. this deb messaged me again, insisted they still wanted the watch & that they was sending payment thru again.
i was suspicious, it was as if they was desperate & i dont know how they did it but payment was sent straight to my paypal account & the payment was not held this time so i honoured the sale & i was told to send to d&j jewellery sales at 3 royds avenue,heysham,morecambe,lancashire,las 1 pa so i sent the gold watch by special delivery on 17/11/2015 & thought that was the end of it but on the 18/11/2015, i had a message off the buyer again asking where the rest of the jewellery was.
i could not believe the cheek of it. now if you look at the ebay listing, you will clearly read what the sale is for but because there is another pict of both the watch & a load of other gold items. they was after all that aswell for the £300 & now because i wont give them all that aswell. they have damaged the watch & filed a claim with paypal so you need to take note of all the info i have gathered so far & stay clear of these 2 scammers who have quite a sophisticated opertaion going on.
so heres whats going on. the pair's names are debra / debbie / deb schofield & joel schofield. residing at 3 royds avenue, heysham, morecambe, lancashire, la3 1pa, home tel number 01524851603 , mobile, 07463524821,both born in 1970 by all accounts lol.
now either is approaching sellers of jewellery on ebay via joel's ebay account " fairsfair11 " they are using this account to do all the dirty work & leave shit feedback when they dont get their own way or when sellers see thru the pair & change their mind. just check out the feedback this pair has been leaving sellers. its really disgusting.
then when they have obtained bargain jewellery by ripping people off. they are then listing it on ebay under debs ebay id. "debbieschofield ". in addition, both deb, debbie, debra & joel have other company interests.
these include. " charms of old ltd " company number 05436044, 43a st mary rd, leicestershire le167ds . ebay " charms of old "
kinky minx ltd. 3 royds avenue, heysham,morecambe,lancashire, las 1pa. ebay user : kinkyminx1 company number 08288138.
in addition to the above. i have several email addresses so far & these are as follows: , ,
im sure im going to be digging up even more information on this pair yet incl a photo when i go visiting them. to be honest, i am really annoyed about being threatened of having bad feedback left on my ebay page for not giving them more gold for free & especially now that they have filed a false paypal claim & damaged the gold watch.
be carefull of these two, they are clearly scammers,yes so they have filed a paypal claim against myself, but luckily i was suspicious & withdrew the money before i sent the watch so the watch will come back but theres no refund funds in the account lol so they will lose out in that respect but others are no so lucky esp if they have funds in their account.
now personally i dont give a toss about my ebay account. i can always set up a new account & im certainly not bothered about my paypal account. i prefer cash on collection anyway so the account balance can stay at minus £310. one thing for sure, i wont be adding any funds to the account lol, paypal will tell them to return the watch they damaged which wont be accepted on delivery & returned back to them so they will then have wasted their postage too pmsl..
i need to prepare all this properly & ensure it goes global so bare with me whilst i prepare it, the best is yet to come guys pmsl.

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