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13382Spellbound Entertainment Limited [London]
Total claims:1
None Payment »09/30/200918/08/20100
My Company, Lipsync International Corp. in Miami did a voice over(Dubbing) of a series named The Koala Brothers for Spellbound from English to Spanish and since the date of the invoice 09/30/2009, we have tried to get paid but nothing yet. At the beggining they answered my e mails but now they don't. We have done the same job for them in the past and they paid, but now... nothing.
How can you help us?

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28151Glass Systems Limited [Glass Systems Limited]
Total claims:1
Defective glass and wrong specification of glass »January23/01/20130
Following Glass Systems Ltd supplying the wrong specification of roofing glass for my conservatory, I contacted one of the Directors of Glass Systems Ltd, to enquire what specification of glass had been supplied.

Glass Systems Ltd failed to respond to my questions. So I took my enquiries public, on this site ‘Canyoutrustthem’.

The Director then responded to me within an email stating that he would, “start legal proceedings”. The Director also stated, “let me remind you that glass systems have a turnover of 30 million”.

I personally took the director’s statements, within his email as threats, not to pursue my enquiries concerning the wrong specifications of roofing glass units for my conservatory that had been supplied by Glass Systems Ltd.

Considering, I was unprepared to accept the below standard glass that had been supplied to me, I continued to investigate the double glass industry. Matters developed further to a point where the sales manager of Glass Systems came to my family’s home.

The issues with my glazing supplied by Glass Systems Ltd involved, my double glazed units have a foreign substance between the sealed units and another unit has a mist like distortion, again sealed inside the double glazed units, this was additional to the wrong specification roofing glass that had been supplied.

Sales Manager (KP) of Glass Systems Ltd visited my home on 6 January 2012 @ approx. 9:15 and viewed / acknowledged there were problems with the glass units supplied by Glass Systems Ltd.

The Sales Manager of Glass Systems made promises that the double glazed units would be replaced, free of charge.

Today’s date is 23 January 2013, over one year since the promise was made by the Sales Manager of Glass Systems Ltd and I have still not received my double glazed units, to replace the faulty / defective units supplied by Glass Systems Ltd.

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