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uk records search »07/06/201118/06/20111
I am researching my family tree. I used yahoo to find UK Death records. The first site that came up was UK PUBLIC RECORDS. I entered the name and it said records WERE AVAILABLE. However, membership had to be purchased to view. " you must become a member to view results" I did this, BUT when I then entered the name again, it said NO records available. I even put my own name in and there was nothing. I have emailed several times and had no reply.

I feel that I have been misled, and I want a refund. Can you help.

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SCAM »9/10/1112/10/20111
I tried this website without checking it. Fool that I am.
the website is a people search, none of the searches worked the site is a SCAM. All the names put in turned up nothing. I went on to and found nearly all the addresses I had put in emailed them and called them. I was offered a free month(on a website that does not work) "whoopee" The T&Cs say you can get your money back if you have not used the website within seven days, I have done 8 or 9 searches, and pulled up no one, this site definitely does not work. When I checked this company has been sued successfully for millions in America. They are connected to a website called whom they were passing on people's credit card details and email addresses and they were being charged by this company for services they did not apply for.

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CLICKBANK - Scam »19th August 201023/08/20100
Purchased 5 yr membership of UK Public Records Database Hub. PURCHASE INFORMATION
Order Number: CYXEFJQ7
Order Date: 08/18/2010 6:14 AM PDT
Customer Name: B ANDREWS
Customer Email:
Product: 5 Year Premium Records Hub Database Membership
Product ID: 460
Vendor's Site:

It did not ask for a username or password after purchase. Have made several attempts to get this sorted by contacting their email but no-one is dealing with it. I have requested a refund but got nowhere as they say my order reference is not correct!!! See below:

Hi Bev Andrews,

We have checked your account with the click bank receipt number CYXEFJQ7 but found the same to be incorrect.

Please resend the correct click bank receipt number along with the details of your original purchase so that we can look into the matter.

Have a wonderful day and thank you for your patience while help serve your needs.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any question or comments.

(For better and smooth customer support, please reply this e-mail in future)

Kind Regards,
Customer Support

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