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Total claims:4

 Copy of a letter sent to Air France over a year ago and STILL NO RESPONSE

I travel regularly between Europe and South Africa as I have businesses interests and homes in both regions. This is the first time I have traveled long distance with Air France and I am appalled at the total lack of customer service from Air France in France and Romania. Air France has caused me to personally experience extreme stress, incur substantial expenses and lose direct consulting income of over €5000. My flight from Bucharest to Paris AF1089 was delayed causing me to miss my connecting flight to Johannesburg AF994 and my connecting flight from Johannesburg to Durban the next day. In addition to this I was unable to reschedule my consulting appointments set for the 19th Dec and lost all fees from these appointments (over €3000). I also lost my Johannesburg hotel reservation.

When I tried to get on another flight to Johannesburg from CDG the same day I was told there were no seats available yet my secretary had already confirmed there were seats available but only on business class and had already provisionally booked a seat for me! When I informed the lady at the desk that I knew there were seats available but only in business class I was told to speak to her manager. She then told me I would have to wait for her manager (I waited another 45 MINUTES for the manager). When this manager eventually arrived she told me there was nothing she could do but I could speak to her manager!!! I then waited another hour before going in search of Air France offices elsewhere in the airport. I found another office in another terminal and relayed the experience to them. A manager told me that Air France was unable to put me on another flight as they had no economy class seats and that it was Air France policy NOT to upgrade a passenger unless the passenger paid the full fare difference even if the airline was at fault. By this stage it was too late to get onto the flight and I was told the next flight I could get was only the leaving the following day. I had no choice but to accept the situation and was given a voucher for accommodation and a basic meal at a cheap run down hotel near the airport - I had no luggage as I was told by the manager it was somewhere in transit! The whole experience was a nightmare, including the cheap hotel, spending two days in the same clothes (-4 degrees without a jacket) and dealing with the incredibly rude customer services at CDG.

I eventually arrived in Johannesburg the following evening exhausted and sick with flu, managed to book another hotel and another connecting flight to Durban.

However, the nightmare did not end there! I took the return flight on Air France Johannesburg to CDG AF997 (against my better judgement) and CDG to OTP AF1888 and was charged €370 for excess baggage, only to arrive in OTP to find my luggage had not arrived! I reported this to AF lost baggage and was told my luggage would arrive later that evening - this story was repeated for a few days and one of my two bags arrived, after numerous attempts at locating my other bag, a week of being told every day by AF Bucharest that my bag was on the next flight and calls to Air France offices all over the world, I finally received my second bag a week later! I understand there are often circumstances which are beyond the control of airlines and in fact any business but the way in which this whole incident was managed is extremely bad for the image of AF.

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Total claims:12
Damaged Luggage »March 200830/11/20082

En route back from a weekend in Paris via squeezyjet, we got our hold luggage back badly damaged. The initial process of registering a complaint with hround staff at their Customer Services desk was easy, polite and reassuring. We were told to wait a wee kand if we had heard nothing, to ring a number we were given or email them.

After about 10 days we had heard nothing, so my wife called them. She got the 'engaged' tone then and on every other attempt for the next 4 days. In the end, my wife emailed them to ask when they were going to pay for her damaged suitcase and contents. She got a reply saying she would not be paid as she had not claimed within a seven day period and that the airport complaint "did not count" !!

This p'd me off so much I gave them one chance to pay and gave them 7 days notice of court proceedings.... they didn't even reply!

I went onto and lodged a county court claim for about £30. Three weeks later I succesfully otained judgement and sent the bailiffs into 'easyland' at Luton Airport. We made a full recovery of our money, along with costs and interest.

I tell you all this story as a) I detest easyjet, and b) It is really easy to win against them in court as they do not even submit a defence or turn up - then just pay up. I figure it is because not many people actually bother to take things so far and give up, but with the internet its so easy to take this action and beat them at their own game!

If they, or anybody else has ripped you off and you can prove it rationally.......... take them down!!

Good luck   



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5853bmibaby [birmingham]
Total claims:8
FLIGHT CANCELLATION »23/10/0925/10/20092

On Friday 23rd Oct I was travelling with a friend from Manchester to Cork to visit friends and to take over Christmas presents for our friends and their children. I travelled from Warrington to Manchester airport to catch the flight i had paid for and booked on 6th Aug. We had checked in online and gone straight through to departures well in time for out flight. The flight was due out at 20.30pm and was showing on time right up until 20.15 when we were actually standing at the gate ready to board the aircraft. Next minute the boarding gate screen changed and it said bmi baby to Prague. Yes i totally believe there was a problem with the bmi baby flight to Prauge which had already been delayed as they had been given refreshment vouchers so to save that flight being further delayed they gave them our aircraft!!!! We were then told to sit and ait for more inoformation was it delayed we had no i dea???? Did we recieve any refreshment vouchers NO! Next information 20:40 next information 21:00 next infromation what next infromation we were told absolutley nothing!  At 22.30 we were still awaiting information the lady on the desk said that the weather was too bad for the aircraft to land in Cork, however my friends in Cork infromed us the weather wsa fine and other flights were still taking off and landing. Another passenger went to the desk only to be told there was a problem with the aircraft I think the staff should at least only make one story up and try and stick with that rather than fobbing different people of with different stories. So we were left stranded in Manchester none the wiser with a letter stating to phone a number at 8am the following morning as there was no bmibaby desk or staff at the airport. We knew there was a flight the next morning as our frind had already checked it out for us bmi baby didn't help us in anyway.  We rang at 8am having stayed the night in the Travel Lodge for the night costing £48.  At 8am we rang only to be told all the seats had gone! The next available flight to Cork would be Sunday evening and we wre due to return home on the monday so what good was that to us???  We then got told if we wanted to claim a refund we would have to write to them as the customer service department could not deal with this over the phone. I now ask myself why is this would it be because they often cancel flights and can't meet the high demand of refunds. To be left at Manchester airport with no communication and no update at all from the company is just not good enough they are more than happy to take our money or we can contact them at any point if we want to add any extra's to our booking which will incur cost's to us but profit to them however when we need a little bit of help or information just forget it. I will be complaining to WATCHDOG and I hope something gets sorted out. BMI baby dont care about there passengers. Please for your own sake DON'T FLY WITH BMI BABY YOU WILL ONLY BE DISSAPOINTED.  I am so appauled and upset at missing my weekend away, and that a company can be allowed to get away with treating there passengers like this. In total i have lost out on a weekend away that I have been looking forward to since August, taken two days holiday from work which I could have used for something else, I have lost petrol money to and from Manchester airport, the cost of a Travel Lodge of £48 for staying in Manchester overnight.I think someone at BMI baby should be made to pay compensation to all passengers that have been ill treated in this way. I cannot believe that BMI baby just left 200 plus passengers stuck at manchester airport especially at such a busy period (half term here and bank holiday weekend in Ireland)  They say they are a budget airline and not liable but if you purchase something and dont or CAN'T use it you must be able to get a refund. In future I will now be flying with Ryan air or Aerlingus whom I have used in the past and never had any problems with NEVER again will i use Bmi baby. 



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10Ryan Air
Total claims:10
Pushed for time!! »01/06/200805/08/20081
A description of the good or service offered and what happened.
I recently made a booking with Ryanair flying from London Stansted to Rome Ciampino on Wednesday 19th March 2008 (Flight number FR3002). The flight was scheduled to depart at 6.10am.
When I arrived at the check-in desk at 5.32am aware that it should have closed 40 minutes prior to departure I assumed I had therefore missed my flight.
However, the agent at the check-in desk accepted me on the flight and proceeded with my admission.

By the time I had finished the check-in it was already 5.37, I then made my way to the Security Control/Departure Gates entrance.

The queue started from outside the actual Boarding card and liquids first control. I kindly asked if I could jump the queue but I was refused. By the time I passed the Security control including the footwear control it was already 5.56.

At this point I began my run to Gate number 54 (the last Gate of the Airport) without stopping. I arrived at this Gate at 6.05. The Gate was now closed and I was not allowed onto the flight.

I strongly believe that if YOU allow a passenger to a late check in, it is your responsibility to give them enough time to arrive at the Gate.

This situation put me under a great deal of stress having to go back to the help desk and having to speak to very rude customer service agents, who advised me to pay £257.62 to be able to get onto the next available flight.

I then asked to speak to a supervisor who tried to help me with my issue but I was then told that according to Ryanair terms and conditions I had enough time to arrive at the gate. Even though I had just explained that I could not in fact make it because the time given was just not enough to make it to that specific gate.

Following that conversation I then had to wait 2 extra hours to collect my luggage and missed the next flight to Rome, which luckily hadn’t been booked yet.

Later on that day I then managed to book Flight FR3006 to Rome Ciampino departing at 12.45pm. I had at this stage been in the Airport for 7 hours and missed a very important business meeting, thus resulting in a substantial loss of earnings.

YOUR COMMENTS Post your comments or and experiences of this company on the Sounding Board

What have you attempted to do so far?
I have written a complaint letter to Ryanair Head Office on 07/04/2008
I have received an email ofrom Ryanair on 18/04/2008
I have written 2nd letter to Ryaniar on 18/04/2008
i have received an email from Ryanair/Roxanne Pxxx on 24/04/2008
I have written 3rd letter to Ryanair/ ROxanne Pxxx on 24/04/2008

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Total claims:12
Left stranded in Barcelona! »11/200713/08/20081

The absolute worst customer services I have ever come up against (even worse than 3).

They cancelled our flight last november leaving us stranded at barcelona airport. Refused to give us our rights in writing, even refused to give us their names. 6 months later, 100 emails later, 20 phone calls later and 10 letters later. I have not received my money back. I will never fly with them again

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Total claims:12
abused credit card and dates »26/02/200927/02/20091

I have many times used the services of Easy Jet but yesterday whilst booking online i put my dates in which i read and then confirmed and then my credit card details i confirmed again only to my horror the return date had changed to the same day I rang customer services staight away within 9 miutes only to be told they could charge me £90 for either change in flight prices or adminastration fees , I had to give them my card details over the phone and pay £20 not much you may think but it is the principle ,I was shocked  so they now tell to send a letter to their head office ,,,well we all know what will happen ,,," in the bin",what do you think

R J Woollcott

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Total claims:12
Return Tickets. »5.12.1106/12/20111
I booked tickets on line from easy jet for seven of us to fly to Gatwick on the 2nd of Dec and return to Aberdeen on the 5th of Dec. I checked details before paying and everything seemed fine. Only to discover to my horror when we tried to check in for return flights the tickets were dated 2nd Dec. No help from easy jet I had to pay the above sum or no flights. £26.50 was the charge for using my credit card. I have noticed by the comments made about easyjet that this is not the first time this sort of thing has happened.

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1327BMI & BMI Baby
Total claims:7
Wathen »02/03/200915/03/20091

I paid for a return flight from Birmingham to Cork The airline cancelled the flight 15 days before departure. I have sent 2 registered letters requesting  a refund. The airline will not reply and I am unable to obtain a refund. Bmibaby are guilty of this practice with other customers and I have evidence of similar complaints.   

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887bmibaby [birmingham]
Total claims:8
I Made a Mistake and Boy did BMIbaby want me to Pay »Jan 31st 200912/02/20091



I made a mistake and boy did BMI Baby want me to Pay

We travel to Spain 5/6 times a year mostly using BMI Baby never great but generally adequate.

Jan 31st 2009, checking in on the web for flights the next day 1st Feb 2009, realised a mistake, I had entered my Christian name twice on the booking form,  creating two tickets for myself, instead of a ticket for my wife and a ticket for me.

I made attempts to correct my mistake on the BMI Baby web site; however I found there is no availability to change a name

Looked up BMI Baby telephone number, found it to be a premium rate number, as we all know these numbers are designed to relieve you of your money, their ploy is to  keep you hanging on, stalling in all manner of ways in order to increase their revenue, so we decided  we would sort it at the airport the next day, expecting to pay a reasonable fee for my typing error, "after all" it only requires a couple of taps on a computer key board to correct the slip-up???? .

At check-in we explained my mistake, and were informed that we would have to pay a correction fee or purchase a new ticket, "Ok expected that".

The check-in lady said a new ticket will cost £189.00. "don't need a new ticket already have one", or to correct the name on the existing ticket will cost £120.00, we refused to be robbed in this manner and decided that we would rather forfeit the holiday than allow BMI Baby to rob us of £120.00 simply to tap a computer key board a few times changing the name Gerald to Lynette.

We said we would not be robbed and would therefore not be travelling, if , like most people it had been our only holiday of the year, with time off from work booked etc, BMI Baby would have us cornered, almost forcing payment , and so the question must be asked, how many people in that situation are cornered into paying huge extras for easy to rectify mistakes.

We stood back and watched, as the rest of the queue checked in, what we saw was disgraceful; the         BMI Baby check-in ladies were making every attempt possible to gain extra monies from passengers.

We returned home and checked BMI Baby terms and conditions, of course they have covered every legal angle, however what they cannot allow for is "word of mouth"  and we will be doing everything possible to advise people of the legal, but in my view immoral way this company operates, we lost a holiday but we will via correspondence, email lists, internet, publicity and word of mouth, show BMI Baby that they not only have to operate legally, they have to have some care for their passengers, be honest and up front with their charges therefore relieving them of having to stoop to this level to realise their budget.

BMI Baby have already lost an average of 18 flights per year from our family alone, we live midway between two airports giving us the opportunity to use Easyjet, not great either, but we will feel some form of justice  each time we fly.


He is aggrieved that BMI is being forced to pay for the £4bn construction of the fifth terminal at BAA's Heathrow airport even though it has no plans to use it. In fact, the biggest beneficiary of the new development will be British Airways.

Not nice being coerced into paying Mr. Crawford now you know what it feels like


Note Mr Crawford is the Chairman and multi millionaire of BMI

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1336bmibaby [birmingham]
Total claims:8
Rip off refund »March 200916/03/20091

On the 21st January 2009 I booked 4 passengers on return flights (Manchester - Knock) travelling on the 4th April 2009.  On the 11th March BMI informed me that the flights were cancelled. They offered alternative ones that were not acceptable. A "full" refund option was offered which I chose to opt for.  This involves me ringing BMI baby on a premium rate of 35p per minute - 20 minute call, most of which was on hold - only to be informed that my "full" refund would not include £28 credit card fee. The only reason offered for the cancellation was "due to operational issues". Fortunately I have arranged alternative flights with another airline but to Galway, meaning I have to cancel Car Hire at Knock which has cost me £25 administration fee!  A letter of complaint to BMI customer services has, as yet, produced no response.  Why should I be out of pocket to the sum of £60 simply because BMI chose to cancel a flight that I booked in good faith? Gaulingly I booked with BMI because Ryan Air cancelled in a similar way for seats booked in November 2008! (They did give a full refund!)

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1051Thompson Holidays/Jetsave [Swindon,Wiltshire]
Total claims:2
Money back due to change of accomondation »26 February 200926/02/20091

I went into Thompson to book my holiday to Florida via Jet save. In January they told me that the hotel I booked at Travelodge has been closed due to Health&Safety issues and that the Hotel they offered was the Continental Plaza I looked this hotel up and it was rated as a 1 star and didn't have the shuttles running to the Disney resort and Orland resort free. Travelodge did. I also saw reviews stating that it was a filthy and the bathrooms were dirty. I didn't except this hotel and asked for proof that it was offering the shuttle service Thompson took ages to get the information and I was constantly on the phone to them about this. They told jetsave on the 16 January that I accepted the accommodation when I hadn't. Then I went into the Thompson shop on the 30 January to see if they had the information to prove that the hotel was the same they hadn't. I was told they would get the information and phone me. On the 2 February I spoke to a girl called Amy and she said she had the brochure and that I could come in. I told her I am thinking about cancelling and she said that I can and that I am entitled to a full refund. I couldn't get in to the shop that week due to the snow then I was ill. I then went into the shop Tuesday 21 February and told them I wanted to cancel they called jetsave and they told them I couldn't because I had accepted the hotel on the 16 January I hadn't and there is no proof that I have. The girl then showed me the notes Amy had wrote on the system on the 02 February saying I could cancel free of charge and have a refund the girl Emma argued this with jetsave but they were adamant. Emma said that she would speak to Amy and get her to call me Wednesday, she didn't phone me I then had to call her Thursday, she wasn't there she phoned me back and said that she could only refund me £400 because it has been a month since I last spoke to her that is a lie I spoke to her on the 02 February 2009 she said the last time I spoke to her was 27 January ,a lie it clearly states on there system that I spoke to her on the 02 February 2009 as she wrote on there I had and that I could cancel the girl Emma showed me this on the system, Amy got very rude and said she hasn't spoke to me since the 27 January and that there was nothing she could do and that I would have to speak to customer service she had an attitude and didn't care I was going to make a complaint I then said to her one more question why did you lie and said I had spoke to you on the 27 January she them said it doesn't matter there is nothing I can do. I have all records of speaking to her never on the 27 January and yes I dod speak to her on the 02 February. She gave me the wrong phone number I was passed around and was given 6 different numbers by people at Thompson some of the people at Thompson cut me off and one male put the phone down on me. I then phoned the shop back and said for the manager to call me back or I would be going into the shop and making a show of them. The manager called me back and said that Amy had spoke to me on the 02 February but now there saying it is jetsave who are stating because it has been a month since( I don't no) that they wont give me my money back even though they I know I never accepted the hotel and I was not happy. The shop are lying and treating me like a piece of dirt . in the terms and condition it clearly states that if they have to change the accomadation and I don't accept it then I am entitled to my money back there is no mention that you have to give them the answer straight away and any way I was queering the hotel it was alright for me to wait ages for them to get back to me in regards to the hotel and the star it was and whether it did do shuttles. I was calling them all the time and because it was snowing and then I was ill I couldn't get into the shop to look at the brochure and I was certainly not told on the 02 February by Thompson's that I had to go in as soon as possible otherwise you wouldn't get your money back I was told I could get my money back and any way that is what it says in the terms and conditions I am entitled to my money back and they are breaking there terms and conditions and this is fraud they are stealing this is not acceptable Thompson or jetsave are lying to me so they don't have to give me my money back. this needs sorting out as soon as possible. I want other customers to know exactly what sort of company they are. This is not my fault the hotel I booked was shut due to health&safety and I didn't accept the other hotel as it is of a lower criteria it is a rubbish hotel and they know it. Even the girl in Thompson said to jetsave that the replacement hotel (continental plaza) was just no good at all and not acceptable.

Please pass this on to watchdog and any other companies.

Yours Faithfully

Miss Rebecca Cole

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Total claims:8
Shocked »Tuesday 26th May04/06/20091

I lived in Italy for three years and always used Ryanair to travel. Our other ex-pat friends did too. I accepted the charging policy gladly and found you could travel cheaply with a little care. i accepted higher levels of discomfort too as they were a "budget" airline and proud.

Last week I decided at the last minute to book a surprise trip back for my husband's birthday for 6 of us and one baby. I found convenient flights from Bournemouth for £370 ish and booked.

*** I ENDED UP PAYING £688 ***

£60 just to pay with my DEBIT card.  - CAN THIS EVEN BE LEGAL? 



£40 to take baby equipment - I HAVE TO HAVE CAR SEATS

£40 for an infant - WHO CAN'T HAVE A SEAT OR LUGGAGE

At first these fees didn't exist. Then they came in, but they were avoidable. Then they were charged for but the charges were reasonable. Now the charges are staggering. Really frightening. I actually felt robbed. 

I'm a reasonable woman. "Bread and Butter" for companies like Ryanair and I actually think Mr O'Leary has lost control of reality. Really, I'm cool with a "take it or leave it attitude" so I'll leave it now, thanks, and make sure on every site I visit, with every conversation about travel or complaints I have etc. I will encourage all to do the same.

Thanks for the site and chance to rant.

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1868Northwest Airlines [Atlanta]
Total claims:1
neglect of duty »28/11/0817/04/20091

On 28th November last year I was due to travel from Detroit Wayne City, to Gatwick. I was listed as disabled and at the last minute at Detroit we was told that we would not be going to Gatwick, but on a Paris detour to Heathrow. We were not able to contact anyone in the UK to tell of the change of plans, just given a voucher for $100 to use on a European trip. When we arrived at Paris, the very rude man at Detroit had neglected to say I needed help and I had to walk from one terminal to the next with my hand baggage it was the other side of the airport. A very kind lady assisted me and as she spoke french said I needed help, which eventually I got. The voucher is no good to me whatsoever as I have had leg surgery and will be having more soon plus I'm reluctant to use Northwest Airlines again. I did tell Thomas Cook travel agent and they wrote to Northwest airlines. I was then sent another voucher to a Mrs Yagg, once again no good what so ever. It cost me £20 to try and contact my husband as he went to Gatwick and it cost him £10 in petrol to come to Heathrow. Yes this might sound petty but as he had to get my disabled daughter ready and drive best part of the day I feel we should be entitled to £130 to make up for the vouchers and lost money, plus the pain and stress caused to me.


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2377Air India
Total claims:1
Excess Baggage »2 May 200907/05/20091

My mother and I were due to fly on the 2 May 2009 from Amritsar.  The flight was due to depart at 06.35 hours (it was delayed by 40 minutes), the flight number was AI187.  On arrival at the airport, we checked in our luggage, we had two suitcases and two pieces of hand luggage.  The suitcases weighed 25 kgs and the hand luggage was 6kgs (we weighed these at home), the total weight we could take was 32 kgs.  Our suitcases were checked in and that was fine.  Then we went through to immigration and the two pieces of hand luggage was checked, when they looked through the bags they said these have to be checked in with the luggage, I said this is our hand luggage, it included my mum's medication prescribed by her gp, the other bag just included personal clothes.  They would let us take the hand luggage on the plane, I tried to reason with them but they said 'NO'.  He said I have to go back to check in, when I went their he said your luggage cannot be checked in, I said why, he said its excess baggage, I said how can that be, he did not explain why, he asked me to pay 16,000 rupees for the two pieces of hand luggage to go through, I went to the money exchange place and gave him £100 worth of travellers cheques, the rate he offered me was 64.68 rupees, I asked him for a receipt which he failed to give me, as I had to hurry back to get the flight.  I was so upset and concerned for my mother's health (she is 79), that I just left the airport to get the flight.  I will never ever travel with Air India again, this was my first time and it will be my last time.  I hope you can help in some way.

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3244Airberlin [Berlin]
Total claims:4
wasting time with Airberlin »29.5.200909/06/20091

bought a ticket online for a friend. she went to the airport on time. Airberlin woulldn t let her on a one way fligth to Bangkok claiming ..without a visa they can not take her..I flew myself on the same day and had no troubles at all to check in. I was told to buy a return ticket which they refund and go on with the next flight..still they refused to take her again. so I had to buy a third ticket for the next day.

Never fly this airline again..only troubles

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27117Airberlin [Berlin]
Total claims:4
Lost Baggage »21/05/1223/10/20121
basically the luggage was lost, I have sent numerous emails calls faxed and not getting a responce.
The only reponce I had is

Dear Mr Feltham,

unfortunately your luagge could not been located.

Your file has been handed over to our customer-service for final settlement.

please keep in contact with:

Airberlin Kundenservice
customer service
Saatwinkler Damm 42-43
13627 Berlin


after numerous emails faxes and calls I receive this

Dear Mr Feltham

Thank you for your letter dated 23.05.2012.

First of all, we would like to extend to you our regret and sincere apologies for the inconveniences caused.

Please allow us the following comment: In case of a baggage irregularity our handling agents and our Lost & Found department make every effort in trying to find your baggage by a worldwide computer software as well as with the help of individual investigations.

However, the basic requirement for a successful searching is the passenger’s cooperation. For this reason, we in general ask the passenger with the help of a standardised form to provide our Lost & Found office with a detailed list of contents of the missing bag. In case of a prompt missing report and if the information are provided quickly 98 % of all missing bags can be found. As we can see from the documents sent you received this form from our handling agents.

Regarding your baggage loss of 21.05.2007 our colleagues from Lost and Found Düsseldorf asked you to submit a detailed list of contents on 08.06.2012. You provided us with the required and deserved list only on 04 July 2012. For this reason we can, unfortunately, not comply with your request for reimbursement due to a lack of passenger cooperation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any further assistance.

Yours sincerely

Ms. Arbeit
Customer Relations

Air Berlin PLC & Co. Luftverkehrs KG
Saatwinkler Damm 42-43
13627 Berlin


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204Ryan Air
Total claims:10
Rip off Ryanair »22.08.0827/08/20080

I booked with Ryanair to go to Rimini on the 22/8/08 for 3 nights. I did this online for 4 passengers. I went through all the procedures and was told the amount was £580. I gave my card details and waited for the booking ref itineray. Once came through the company only chrged me for myself and only one booking. I then had to go back in and do each one individually therefore incurring each credit card charges x 4. The outward journey kepy increasing mine was £39.95 and the final one increased to £119. I telephoned and was told to fax and they very rudely put the phone down and laughed. I tried faxing but this is no good. Their lines are constantly unavailable. Ryanair are a very poor standard for customer service and would not wish to fly with an airline with such a poor reputatance. They clearly are conning their customers and must ne careful because people will cotten on and they wont have any.

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733Ryan Air
Total claims:10
Ryanair in breach of their own terms and conditions »27/01/200928/01/20090

there follows my recent letter of complaint to RyanAir:I recently booked flights for myself and my partner under booking reference T5C1HF, from Edinburgh to Alicante, flying out 28th May 2009 and returning 7th June 2009. The standard fare for these was £0.00 and £17.49 respectively.

Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control we need to change our dates. The new dates we want to book are flying out May 24th and returning 3rd June 2009. I checked on the Ryanair website and was pleased to see that these dates were available at the same price I originally paid, i.e. £17.49 and £0.00. I understand that there is a fee of £24 per person per flight which is not in dispute. However when I went to change the flights via the website yesterday (27th January), the price quoted for the return flight on 3rd June was £29.99, which would have taken the total extra being changed to over £150.

Clearly this was a mistake so I telephoned customer services where explained the situation to a supervisor, who tried to tell me that the 0 fare was a promotion that was not available when changing flights.

I DO NOT accept this for the following reasons:

1) As the following screen screen shot from your own website clearly shows, where I went on as if booking new flights for the dates I want to change to, it clearly says "REGULAR FARE" next to the £0.00 price for 3rd June. It does not mention special promotions.

2) Let me draw your attention to your own terms and conditions, as shown on your website, regarding flight changes:

"Flight and name changes
· Flight dates, times and routes are changeable (subject to seat availability). If booked online the rate of £24/¤25 per one way flight/per person applies or if booked at an airport or reservation centre the rate of £52/¤55 per one way flight /per person applies. In addition, to these flight change fees, any price difference between the original total price paid and the lowest total price available at the time of the flight change is charged. Please note that if the total price on the new flight is lower, no refund will be made.
· Flight changes (subject to seat availability) can be made up to 4 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time either online or via a reservation centre (subject to opening hours). Internet/web only fares cannot be booked when flight changes are made through an airport or reservation centre. No flight changes can be made to a reservation once a passenger has checked in for a flight. "
Again no mention is made of promotions. It merely says "any price difference between the original total price paid and the lowest total price available at the time of the flight change is charged". there is no price difference between the original price I paid and the lowest available, it should be exactly the same.

I accept that we have to pay a fee of £96 to change the dates however according to your own Terms and conditions clearly displayed on your website, I DO NOT have to pay any more than this.

Please contact me IMMEDIATELY on 01324 719142 or 07900 223974. I have sent the BBC Watchdog program a copy of this letter as we are very unhappy with the customer service we have received so far.

Yours sincerely





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739Ryan Air
Total claims:10
rip off »25.1.200929/01/20090

I bought four tickets at once to fly London to Trieste return, and got charged FOUR lots of debit card transaction fees of £9.50 each (total of £38!!!!) for the ONE debit card transaction!!! That is disgusting! I didn't pay for each ticket separately, so there was only ONE transaction involved, but they charged me a transaction fee for each ticket!!!

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810Ryan Air
Total claims:10
REname »06/02/0906/02/20090

Ryanair want £92 to change a name incorectly entered by me on a flight booking of £96 for 2 people



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