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Total claims:45
full refund »12/04/201117/06/20118
this company took 45 pound from my account i have asked them twice for a full refund but have had no joy im a mum of 2 kids n i cant afford for them to be taking this money from my bank

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Total claims:2
unauthorised payment »4th may 201105/05/20113
ive been browsing the internet looking at different loans just to get some info on what loan would suit me if i went ahead for a loan,ive just checked my account online to find that a company merlinmoney have taken £29.50 out of my account without my permission im a single mum on benefits who struggles to get by every single day i am not happy at all i want my money back!

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23741Britensure [Suffolk]
Total claims:17
UNAUTHORIZED PAYMENT »13/02/1217/02/20123
The above amount has been taken from my account without authorisation.

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23683Britensure [Suffolk]
Total claims:17
UNRECIEVED ITEM »25th Jan14/02/20123
I placed an order for your ‘FREE TRIAL ‘on 25th January and have yet to receive it, even though payment for P&P has already been debited from my account. Since I have waited a considerable time I have since discovered that this is a scam . I want nothing more to do with this company. You may keep the payment of £6.99 as a sign of my stupidity for getting caught up in your advertisement. I have since read on several websites also that you will TAKE payment of £99 after 30 days if I do not return the trial . Since I have never received it, I WANT ALL FUTURE TRANSACTIONS CANCELLED WITH THIS COMPANY. I have attempted to call the number given and have remained on the phone on more than one occasion for over an hour without a ‘CSA’ answering the phone. Is this the way that you get people to allow you to withdraw money from their credit card, by having them hanging on the phone running up a massive pone bill? I don’t particularly care because I am using my business phone.
I will also be posting this on the various websites that inform others to the scam and on face book where i first saw the advert.


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Total claims:10
Money stolen off me »02/02/1211/02/20123
I got paid a 106.00 on 03/02/12, i was over drawn 2.50 when i checked my online banking, i had 35.00 left in my account and no sign where it had gone. So i phoned up my bank, Barclays, and asked them where it had gone as i had no charges or direct debits going out. They explained that a company called had taken out 67.40 on the 02/02/12 and they have had a few complaints about them already.
I have never heard of this company before let alone given them my bank details. So i googled your and found them, i sent 3 emails off to them.
The first i threatened them with the trading standards, but a man named martin from customer services replied saying i agreed to the terms and conditions and had an account. Even though i just made this email up, left no address or details, just my first name. So how would he know i had an account so i tried my old email, the only other one i had, and the website says my email is not registered with their database?
I emailed this Martin again who sent an exact same email
the third time i emailed him i threatened him with the police, but he just insisted i still had an account which is impossible.
They have stolen off me and as i can see from a few websites off a lot of ther people too.

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13936diamond companians
Total claims:1
Big Time Scam »16 sept 201001/10/20102

I was nearley ripped off by this company but didnt have the £350 for the fee to join which i know now to be a discusting scam. only found out when i was looking for the web page,which funnily enough has disappeared and all the staff at diamond companians.I gave all my details to a woman called Daneille and Ruth, who are very good at what they do.Stupid me gave them some photos of me and i recived a phone call from Daneille saying we have a client called Malcom who would like to meet you for drinks and dinner. £500 for 2 to 4 hours. I said i didnt have the joining fee ill give it to you when i get paid from the client the following day. Daneille(oviously not her real name)was not havin this. I said i'll call back in a couple of weeks. I called them 2 days ago and the phone no08701404096 was no longer in service, no emails bein delivered either. hope all These horrid humans get sent to hell,may be they will keep each other as companians down there,cause they sure gonna need it.... want my story to be read to protect others.Without (Can you Trust Them Web Site) i would of been another victim.Thank you..

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Total claims:45
Unauthorised payment taken from my account »1st June07/06/20122
On the 2nd may I saw an advertisement on the internet for an oral Braun toothbrush for a special offer of £1 - silly me should of known better and on the 1 st June the above company have taken an authorised payment from my bank of £45 I did not sign anything to agree to this! I have had to cancel my bank card and report fraud! I have tried emailing this company and calling but there is no working number to contact them on! I am livid with this company!

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Total claims:45
point pay withdrew »07/06/2012-14/12/201221/12/20122

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Total claims:10
scam merchants stole from me refund asap »02/02/201202/02/20122
i had money in my barclays account for direct debits that was due to come out, i checked today on 2/2/2012 and realized 67 pounds had been took out of my bank, i phoned my bank up they said that theres nothing there can do as i need to talk to the compny about a refund, i called the company they said it was a transaction fee for using there company, i was not told about this fee and do not understand how they got my bank details i did not give them permission to take any money from my account, with this fraudelant ammount being took out of my account has made me over drawn so im going to get charges from my bank and my direct debits companies, i am unemployed and dont have any money i dont know what to do they are con merchants bank cant do anything about it i dont have any money to paymy direct debits that are due on the 8th of this month please help me i dont know where to turn thanks for your help

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Total claims:10
Unauthorised payment claim »05/03/201205/03/20122
Today, on the 5th of March 2012 a company called Your Money took £69.95 from my account. When I called them to ask for my money back, they told me that this was not possible as the 14 days cooling off period had already passed, that apparently I agreed to this on the 23rd of September last year, making it now too late to claim this money back.
I am single mother with a special needs child and I would never agree to just allow someone to take that kind of money out of my account. I do not want nor have I been using any of their services and I find it this highly unethical - taking money of desperate, vulnerable people and get away with it. If all the PPI payments are now having to be refunded, I suggest the same is applied to companies such as Your Money. It is really not all not that different, ist it?
Well, my boy and I are now left with a grand total of £40 for the next two weeks! I have seen so many other people complaining about this on the internet and it seems Your Money is not the only business operating this way. These people need to be stopped. Thank you for your time and patience. Tina Muller

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14432profitvault 8002
Total claims:1
dont know »11/4/201003/11/20101

for the past couple months this company has takin money out of my account and i have no idea why or who profitvault8002 is and i would like for it to stop right away. does anybody kno this company or have had this happen to them and if so let me kno what u did to get it them to stop thank u

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Total claims:2
Merlin Money Internet Pick Pockets »24/8/1111/09/20111
A complete sham of a company and now they are running a second site its exactly the same site with a new trading name.
They draw you in saying you are accepted for a loan then steal your money and lead you to a page of loan sites you can find on google for free.
customer services are rude and unhelpful (email only). i sent the letter as there terms for a refund signed by mr l. Edwards who i would very much like to get my hands on. but never heard anything since
this man needs brought to justice he is still getting away with robbery as we speak with this scam hes got going on.

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19769nethostassn com peoria us [phoenix]
Total claims:5
money removed from my account without authorisation »17/4/11@30/4 /11@30/5/1114/06/20111
looked into this website entered my details but after realising i didnt want to pay the kind of money they were looking for i came out of the site
realised money was being taken from my account on several occasions when i received my bank statement
please help as i cant afford this and the bank are unable to cancel

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Total claims:45
scam company »April, May, June30/06/20121
I bought an electric toothbrush For £1 to enter a competition. I have never received the toothbrush and this company retained my debit card details and debited my bank account for £45 in April, May and June. I have contacted my bank who have put a stop to this but I want my £135 RETURNED to my bank account as I can ill afford to be ripped off by some scam company.

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Total claims:45
Refund of 'VIP' Membership »22/3/2012 and 26/3/201228/03/20121
After an unsolicited email offering a Braun Toothbrush for £1.00
I ordered one for myself and a friend. Using my two bank accounts.
The items did not arrive but Pointshop have taken £45.00 from each account.
I contacted them, by phone this morning, they could or would not give a refund but immediately cancelled my membership which I did not sign up for. I was told by 'Casper Jensen' at customer Service to write and request a refund.
I have written via their website giving them 7 days from todays date to issue a refund.
In the meantime I have spoken to my banks, Barclays and Nationwide, who have cancelled my cards and told me that they know of this company and have had numerous complaints about them. I have also been asked to complete a fraud report.
Beverley West

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Total claims:45
I have NOT authorised payment »12/10/201212/10/20121
INT'L 0098998153

Who is this company????
I have just checked my bank account and found that the amount of £29.97 has been taken out without my authorisation. I have NEVER heard about this company or register on their site.

How is it possible for this company to get a hold of my bank details and more over to take money from my account???? This is very upsetting. Can anyone help with some answers???

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23315Britensure [Suffolk]
Total claims:17
Mr C J Morris »12/12/201131/01/20121
I ordered the trial sample of their teeth whitening product, but on arrival i was made aware that if i did nothing after 15 days they would charge me £69.95 per month for the product. I rang their help line and told them i was returning the sample and they assured me that no payment would be charged. I returned the sample but on the 12th December they took £69.95 from my credit card. This only came to light on my January statement. I have tried for the last 2 days to contact their helpline to no avail (just horrid music)...

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23691Britensure [Suffolk]
Total claims:17
product not recieved »14/02/1214/02/20121
I sent BRITENSURE an email at 11am. They have since responded with these two.

Our company is not a scam. Due to large orders during the holiday season,
we have been experiencing delays in our shipments.

We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced with our phone
customer service. We have been trying to improve it since the beginning of

Following your wish, we confirm the cancellation of your membership and we
are also issuing a refund of £6.95 since you did not receive the product.
You will no longer receive Britensure or be charged.

We hope we have satisfied your request and remain at your disposal if you
have any other questions.

Best Regards,

Britensure Customer Service

Dear kim,

We received your emails and claims regarding the Britensure Teeth Whitening.

A refund has been issued to your credit card ending with 6760. The refund will appear on your bank statement within 10 business days. If you have any further questions, please contact us at +44 (0) 808 189 0157.

All replies will not be responded. For questions regarding your orders, please contact us at +44 (0) 808 189 0157 Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.


Customer Service

It has taken them less than six hours to respond . I am so glad that I did not 'sweeten' the tone of my email as would normally do.

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22567Britensure [Suffolk]
Total claims:17
Unauthorised debit from bank card »06.12.1115/12/20111
I applied to recieve a free trial of teeth whitening. The terms and conditions advised that whilst I only paid postage on this product, if I did not cancel my contract with them within 30 days they would send me a further product and charge me for it. On the 12/12/11 I recieved a package which included more teeth whitening gel, this is 21 days after my initial order. I checked my bank and found that on the 06.12.11 they had charged my card £69.99. The information with the package stated that I had orded the extra whitening gel on the 01.12.11 and it had been shipped on the 02.12.11 by first class mail but took a further 10days to arrive. The terms and conditions supplied differed from those i agreed to on the free trial.

I was charged £29.14 for the gel £29.15 for the "A5 questions" (not included) £10.86 had been charged for postage and packing.

It took me five phone calls to a premium rate number to speak with someone who refused to answer any questions and put the phone down immediately after giving me a returns code. In order to ensure the product was returned within the two days I had left prior to the money back expiry date I sent it confirmed delivery which cost me £5.68 significantly less than what I had been charged.

The information they sent me advised that I would not be refunded the postage costs, however I still had time to cancel the order. I have not yet recieved a refund but to be fair the package would only have been recieved by them yesterday the 14.12.11. They also state that any returns must have the Product Return Form however this was never included when I tried to discuss this the refused to listen.

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22574Britensure [Suffolk]
Total claims:17
money debited from account unauthorised transaction »6/12/1116/12/20111
ordered from this website a while back then received further tooth whitening that I hadnt ordered though dated i had 6/12/11
amount 58.29
need returns no to return item but unable to get answer on line though tried numerous times

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