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Total claims:1
"Selling" a product which has never existed »10 Sept 201024/09/20103

I ordered my girlfriend a pair of ugg boots from this store. We found the link through ebay while looking on there for some authentic uggs, but couldn't find what we were looking for. We saw them here for £57.14, and snapped them up straight away. After I paid, the website had an error, but the transaction was still processed. They said we'd recieve a tracking number and courier name. But we still haven't had this. I have emailed them once, and my partner twice, but they're refusing to reply. Their delivery is 3-5 working days, and we haven't heard a thing.

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Total claims:20
No Nikes for Christmas ?? »12-13-201021/12/20103
I ordered my husband Nike shoes for Christmas and received an email with an order #, but can not seem to locate them. I replied to the email (like it said) if I had questions and I got a returned email? I contacted the "Owner" .. I suppose.. and haven't heard anything. I can't seem to figure out the phone # because there are so many #'s involved.. I don't know how foreign phone numbers are suppose to be. I just wanted to get my husband the shoes he's been searching for but after reading all the complaints, it sounds like I've been had. I will dispute the charge on our credit card tomorrow.

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Total claims:3
fake company fake boots »14/12/201018/12/20102
I was looking for a pair of Ugg Australia boots and came upon this site that looked legitimate so found the boots I wanted and ordered them. went through the order process filled in all of my details etc. was given an order numberand waited for the bank verification screen to appear but it didnt so I became a bit suspicious.waited until the next day and sent an email to no response so tried again the next day and the address had changed to tried the link for chat with a representative that didnt work so I have checked my bank this morning and £64.40 has been taken from my account so I have gone back to the website this morning to ring the number to contact them 02032981909 and of course it is not a valid number.

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Total claims:1
shame »24/12/1028/12/20102
I ordered two pairs of Ugg boots from this website on 24/12/10. Since then i have tried to log on to this site to keep being told by google that they can't log on to this site. I have e-mailed them and had no responce is this a fake website.

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22578Shanghai Yu Zhi Trading Co, Ltd
Total claims:8
Barbour Steve McQueen Greenham Jacket, order No.535. »13/12/1116/12/20112
Order of above jacket from alleged American site, took over 14days to arrive to find it was a ladies jacket of a different type. Having tried to contact without response I have been corresponding with the billing service used by them. Any help would be very much appreciated.

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21477 [Shanghai]
Total claims:2
Sent the wrong Adidas shoes now they won't even respond! »9-21-201111/10/20112
I placed an order on for 2 pairs of Adidas shoes. I never received a confirmation email for the order or any kind of a receipt for the transaction. I waited a couple days, then contacted the company and was contacted by, claiming to be "a third party institution with credibility dealing with all trade disputes". They gave me the tracking number and told me it was on the way. I received it 2 days later and both pairs of shoes were wrong.

I then sent an email to the site at the address: to ask what I should to do to have my order corrected. I never heard from them so I contacted again and they told me that they contacted the merchant and urged them to contact me and to wait 48 hours. Well that went on for 2-3 weeks with at least 5 emails back and forth and there is still no resolution.

Now I just want a refund! That's the last time I order from a website that doesn't contain a company name or REAL contact information!

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Total claims:1
I was sold fake ugg boots! »20/10/1103/11/20112
I bought what I thought was genuine ugg boots bailey button style from however they arrived from china and were really bad fakes! synthetic fur really bad stiching, glue all over the bottom of them the lot! I payed £80 for them and I am totally gutted. so I tried contacting the conpany via the email address I recieved the conformation for the order from and had a reply saying they were real and why do I think they are fake, they also have another email address which I also emailed recieving a response of "if they were fake customs would have destroyed them" so I tried to find the website and its now gone! so I typed the website into google and it came up but under a different name, the name is I then emailed them and got a reply saying they had nothing to do with which I know for a fact is a lie as they are the site I bought the boots from, even down to the discriptions, pictures, prices and layout, they've just changed the name! really fuming about this! £80 is alot of money to pay for fake cheap and nasty boots. please help if possible!

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Total claims:1
Ugg Boots »December 2, 201126/12/20112
I ordered 2 pair of Ugg boots that were supose to be authentic but they didn't come in a ugg shoe box and now they are telling me that I can't return them because I signed for the package. There was no address or phone number to contact them just an e-mail address and they keep giving me the run around so I would like to know what I can do about this an who to contact. This wesite is a SCAM.

more details » [shangai china]
Total claims:1
ugg boots »24thaugust 201030/10/20101

I purcashed 2 pairs of ugg boots from on the 24 august 2010. I paid 225 euros .when i received them one pair was the wrong size and the second pair my daughter wore only once . they got slightly wet in the rain and stained a dark brown colour on the whole front through to the heel of the boots . these boots are quite clearly faulty and both pairs are not genuine ugg boots. also i was led to believe these were being shipped fron the netherlands when in actual fact they were sent from shangai china with no return address.i have repeatedly emailed the company and have not received a reply . This was responsible for deductions from my credit card who dont reply to me either. i 've since had my credit card stopped as after i saw your website i realised other people had been cheated by this company too. I guess all I can do at this stage is warn people DO NOT TO PURCHASE FROM WWW.SHOPLONGBOOT.COM !!!!!

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Total claims:1
Ripp off »11/11/1017/11/20101

I have been scammed by the paid for the item via visa debit the amount differed from the amount total the website stated it was in uk and not china but surprise surprise it was china they say they have posted the item but reading other peoples reports being scammed I am not going to except the item when and if it gets delivered I gave contacted my bank got my card blocked and I am getting a charge back form sent out in post to claim back the money it's alike why do these people get away with it

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Total claims:20
fraud/scam »5/12/201021/01/20111
I purchased an ipod nano for my daughters xmas present.£72.59 was immediately taken from my bank account on 5/12/2010,it is now 21/1/2011.There has been no contact whatsoever+needless to say no ipod.I foolishly trusted this site as it looked like an official apple site.please can you help+warn others about this ?scam site.
regards ann lynch

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Total claims:20
69.89 GB pounds sterling »11 Dec 201022/12/20101
I bought a pair of UGGs (Black Classic Argyle Knit Ugg Boots
Size US/AU 8 | UK 6.5 | EURO 39) on 11 Dec 2010. Rec'd a confirmation email and have heard nothing since. I have tried ringing a number (possibly a phony on their website) I had hoped the delay was due to snow but have since wondered whether this is a scam site

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Total claims:20
UGG Boots Rip Off !!!! »08.12.201028/12/20101

I ordered Ugg boots for my daughter on the 08.12.2010 - Website stated UK website, money then debited from my account outlining the above company.
The company deny having received money (Despite proof from my bank) It has taken many many e-mails before I could even get an answer from them then they asked me to send more money !!! I doubt I will ever get the boots.
Beware as the comany also sent me details of another customer who lived in Belfast (bank account details ).

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Total claims:20
93.63 »7/12/201008/01/20111

I thought I was purchasing an ipod for my daughter for christmas but it never arrived, the money has been taken out of my account for £93.63 on 7th Dec 2010 she was so disappointed that it didnt come, I am fuming that this can happen to people !!

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Total claims:4
NEW MENS AIR JORDANS »12/3/201023/12/20101
brought new air jordans my husband really wanted for of wedding anniversary and gave him the receipt as his gift to let him know they were coming. Long story short I still have not received them and they were ordered 12/3/10, its now 12/23/10. They took the money off my credit card immediatly. I have sent them numerous emails. Did get second email saying my order was being processed however that was 2 weeks later. I just want my money back so I can get my husband the shoes he wants.

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Total claims:5
Exchange of Xmas present »10 Jan 201312/01/20131
My little boy of 18mths is being deprived of his xmas present. 2 pairs of converse trainers were bought for him on the 10th Dec as a xmas present from his Grandma. We discovered they dont fit and last week we got the receipt off her. She lives 40 miles away so dont see her too often. We returned to the store with the receipt, boxed trainers and the bag they came in on the 10 Jan. We were told that they only allowed until the 6th for xmas return..WHAT!!!!! at the most 6 days for returns after xmas. Who on earth has time to do that after xmas fitting in work and visiting family.

All I want is an exchange for bigger size. No money lost to JD Sports only a lot of customers because I am spreading the word and will continue to until My little one gets his xmas present.
I have never ever had such bad customer relations from a store. You would think in the current climate they would use descretion when dealing with customers. Its not like im abusing the returns policy. I have everything required and its for a simple exchange!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would also like to add that on the receipt it states the xmas returns policy but it doesnt state their normal policy...mmmm maybe a loop hole???

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Total claims:3
ipod Nano 8GB »11/10/1014/04/20111
I purchased an 8GB iPOd Nano from on 11/10/11. After paying by credit card I received this around 3 weeks later. It plays ok but I deceided to sell it on ebay as I had a good MP3 in my phone. I sold, mailed and unfortunately received back as the buyer informed me it was a fake. Embarrassing, YES!!! Thankfully the buyer was really good about it but unfortunately I am out of the timeframe for claiming back on my credit card. Please do not buy from this Chinese company. Also beware of and as the are practically identical sites to They are totally corrupt and I would hate to hear of anyone else being ripped off...

more details » [xian]
Total claims:1 »Sunday 23rd Jan 201107/02/20111
Hi I ordered ugg boots @ free shipment £58- £65.08 after the exchange rate. I have been e-mailing atleast 6 times and it just says order pending and wont reply to my e-mails at all. This morning the website is now broken?

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Total claims:6
snekers »20.11.201128/10/20111
I placed an order on , I never received a confirmation email for the order . I waited a couple days,try to contact the company by e-mail, this is the only contact on the web site...then I contacted a claiming to be "a third party institution with credibility dealing with all trade disputes" they forwarded my message to the merchant and urged them to contact me...and told me to wait patiently, nobody contacted me since...
The phone number(+1 213 261 3462) on their complaint site supposed to work 24/7, answering machine "leave a message" is on. No one reply to the emails either either their complaints email

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19869Shanghai Yu Zhi Trading Co, Ltd
Total claims:8
Wrong Shoe - Not Birkenstock »6/21/201121/06/20111
I order a pair of Birkenstock Sandals Soft Footbed Antique Dune Leather Arizona for $80.30. They are FAKE Birkenstock. The transaction came through as BJ Jiahexin Investments Li Beijing 00. They charged me 83.56 and then an additional 0.67 was added for currency conversion. Did not know this was a sight in CHINA!!

There is no address to ship back or contact. No invoice came in the BROKEN/SMASHED box.

I have emailed the contact email with not reply - SCAM!!!

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