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14931 [Loughborough]
Total claims:1
£243.83 »30/11/201003/12/20108

On Friday 26th November myself and three other work collegues ordered our ugg boots from the site mentioned above. Usually when you purchase a product online you receive a confirmation email regarding your purchase and the necessary details, as this never came we remained possitive and looked at the feedback online regarding this website and roughly 50% of customers were happy with their purchase. We remained possitive but as the days past and still no money had left my collegues account we feared for the worst. After numerous unreplied emmails from this company my colleague got a statement from her bank (HALIFAX) explaining that £243.83 had left her account on Wednesday 1st November. The money has been traced as going to and after researching this company found alot of negative reviews.

more details » [Not Known]
Total claims:7
£70.40 »05/12/201017/12/20107
Placed order for a pair of UGG boots on sale at £57.93. Transaction showed error message so assumed it had not gone through, however my account on this website is now showing 3 transactions, 2 pending and 1 delivered; I have NOT received the boots. I have emailed the company on numerous occasions to no avail. Checked credit card statement and had £70.40 deducted from my account from WWW.ROSEBAGS.COM; I have never visited this website so can only assume it is something to do with this purchase. Claiming full refund.

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Total claims:2
ugg boot scam »7/11/1013/11/20106
I purchased some ugg boots on this site and everything looked genuine and on there homepage they had links to all differnt countries. I found some ugg boots and went through the order proccess and it was all ok like you would of thought on any other site. I had a comfirmation email saying thankyou for purchasing, this purchase will appear in your account statement as " please use customer support if you have any questions regarding this transaction. It says nothing about delivery or anything. My friend said that he had just been scammed by a ugg shop online that again looked genuine so i thought id research on google and found a site saying a list of fake sites and this site is on it. I went back onto there site and went on the link contact us and about us and it came up error. i also went to track package and again it came up with error. there is no numbers that i can contact them on to ask about my order. sites have said that they dont recieve there uggs and im thinking i am going to be another one of these people. I went on there support site that they put on the confirmation email and it has nothing to do with this purchase at all. Everything is telling me that this is a scam and im hoping for some help.

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Total claims:38
refund »11/25/201029/11/20105

I was scammed by this company ugg australia. I was charged $75.56 for a pair of short black uggs. I never received a confirmation So i emailed them which was a hotmail account email. I found that to be very odd. This was a xmas gift for my daughter. I used my debit card and now I'm screwed because I am sure I will not get the knock off pair (which I thought was real) or my money back. arrrgggg I am so pissed off right now. I am going to get a lawyer and press charges or some how try to persue this. I do not appreciate getting scammed.

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16058ShiJIHongLi [Bejing]
Total claims:6
monies taken after stating payment failed »3.1.1117/01/20114
I attempted to purcahse a pair of UGG Classic Tall boots in the sale from a website called UGG Austrailia. The webpage was adorned in the usual trustmarks etc, therefore giving the impression they were ligit. After putting my Visa card details into the payment screen I was given an error message telling me that the payment had failed as my payment card failed their 'anti fraud security check'. My card is verified by Visa so I thought may have been a glitch ans so attempted the transaction a second time resulting in the same error message. I sent an e-mail to the address on the webpage lighting the issue and recived a response a few hours later stating that there may have been a problem with my card and to try another payment card. Stupidly I asked my son's Father, he used his credit card and got the same error message - twice as he re-tried. As the message clearly stated that the payments had failed I naturally assumed that was an end to the matter. I then made the order with another company and forgot about it. That was until a small cardbord box was delievered to me from china! It was a pair of 'UGG' boots, the pair from the very website that had tole me that mky payment had failed, not only had they taken both payments from my 2 attempts but also took the 2 amounts from my son's Father! This is very deceptiful. We have recieved 1 pair each at the moment. No confrimation emails were ever issued and nho reason given tgo think that the transactions had in fact gone through. This isnt all!!!! On inspecting the boots they are of an extremly poor quality....definatley not fakes, did not come in the UGG box just squashed into a little box into a plastic bag with UGG written on it!! The 'sheepskin' was not even fully attached to the boots and the iconic 'UGG Austraila' on the heel of the boots was totally of centre and vague!!! I sent an email to the company with no reply at all. I will be posting the boots back to them tomorrow recorded delivery with a letter requesting refunds for us both but have the distinct feeling that with will be in vain. Please...does anyone know how I can tke further action?? Could I take legal action. The telephone no. on the website just rings and rings and they do not reply to their emails!!! My son's father and I have had 4 payments taken from our account and 2 pairs of fake UGGs sent! Very Unhappy!!

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Total claims:62
Credit Card »10 April 201102/05/20114
I spent some time via phone call with sales people of this company trying to evaluate if this company's system would work for me. We own a small home business in New Zealand and wanted to advertise through this operation. At the end of our discussions I was aware that the system offered was not going to work for us and declined to participate any further and advised the sales people of this.

A few days later I received my Credit Card statement and was astounded to find that my card had been debited with US$29.95.

Through their website I have send 3 messages to the company requesting a refund and have not even had the courtesy of a reply. To me this comapany is a rip off organisation and the sales person, Marcie, and her supevisor, Peter cannot be trusted. I warn people against getting involved with these people as they will only loose out.

This operation hides behind a website and the phone numbers only go through to a sales office - a corrupt one at that.

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Total claims:7
Fake Website »3/12/1003/12/20104
Purchased Ugg boots from this site and didnt receive a confirmation email which made me curious about the website.
I then typed into Google and was directed onto this website where i came across someone with the same problem. The money had apparently been taken from their account by

I then phoned my bank who informed me that the payment had already been authorised and couldnt be cancelled!! This was only 25mins after i had paid for my order.
I have tried both telephone numbers on the website and none of them ring. And also the online chat help doesnt even work.
I have sent them an email but yet to receive a reply. (Which i doubt i will get)

Can anyone offer advice on what to do?

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Total claims:17
UNOFFICIAL WEBSITE/FRAUD »1/12/201004/12/20104

I ordered 2 pairs of ugg boots from what i thought was ugg australia.When i clicked on my goods i was told the total was £125.As soon as i put my DEBIT bank details through it flashed up to say £143 then it went back to the homepage.Because of this i checked my internet bank straight away and they had taken the £147.I phoned the contact number that was on there site but it was unrecognisable.There live chat didnt work.I have sent e-mails but had no reply.When you click on track order it says you can track your order through EMS.EMS ask for a tracking code but i dont even have that.
PLEASE be carefull if shopping with ugg australia,the unofficial site looks very similar to the geniune site.It makes me sick to think these people get away with stealing peoples money on a daily basis

more details » [Not Known]
Total claims:7 & »6/12/1003/01/20114

I tried to order from on 5/12/10. My card transaction showed as unsuccessful so tried another card which did the same. The item stayed in my shopping cart which also indicated that the transaction had failed. I did not receive any order confirmation emails. I therefore ordered from another website (that's another story - see below). I checked the website again later that day which showed 6 orders - 4 pending & 2 delivered so tried contacting them by email straight away and several times subsequently - all to no avail. The amount charged to my cards is £70.84 & £69.08 - not £53.76 which was the price stated. Has been logged as being taken by Both pairs are obviously fake and although the correct size, are too tight across the instep to make them wearable. There is no sender address on the delivery slips. Have continued emailing them to try and arrange return/refund although the website has now disappeared it is doubtful if I will have any success. Unsure where I go from here apart from contacting the credit card companies. Now to the other story. I ordered instead from These boots are the same i.e. obviously fake and although the correct size, they are far too tight across the instep. Have emailed them to arrange return/refund and they have replied that they do not do returns or exchanges on sale items despite the website saying otherwise. Have emailed them again and await another reply although I am not holding my breath. This website now seems to have disappeared. The amount charged is £61.66 and not £58.69 as stated on the website and logged as I am raising disputes with my credit card companies. Anybody know what else I can do?

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Total claims:4
RIP OFF FAKES »15 OCTOBER 201005/11/20103
This company which also has and seems to be loocated in the UK is actually in China and called XIUCHANG KEJI. The boots take 3 weeks to arrive and are lined with synthetic material NOT sheepskin. they offer to refund if you pay the return and a 25% re-stocking fee.

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16216ShiJIHongLi [Bejing]
Total claims:6
fake uggs »24/01/1124/01/20112
i have emailed to the confirmation email on the despatch of these ugg boots and have had no respone.I recieved the boots ok but have only worn them on 4 occaions since the 12/1/11 and already the stitching coming away and suede worn very badly in parts.Obviously fake am i sorry i didn't go to a shop and purchase my ugg boots have defintiely been caught here i think.If anyone succsessfully makes contact please advise how to.

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Total claims:62
NETHOSTASSN.COM »25/11/1025/11/20102
Hi its your company that have deducted the money from my back account without my acknowledged on the 25 November 2010 the amount was £19.43 and then a overseas charge of £1.25 was deducted meaning i am in my overdraft. however i did not purchase a service or a product so can you please tell me why this has happened and when will i receive a full refund? if not i shall be taking this further.


more details »

Total claims:62
as listed below »5/1/2011, 3/31/2011, 5/31/2011 & 3/25/201108/06/20112
I signed up to receive an email explaining what the company was about, i did not recieve a thing however on 3/25/2011 $2.66 NZD was deducted from my account. and since then have had the following unathorised payments deducted
5/1/2011 $38.08. NZD
3/31/2011 $40.32 NZD
5/312011 $37.61 NZD
i have tried to call and email and have had no success
its an evil scam because it gets the stay at home mums and people who are desperate for money.

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14908Fitness [Stevange]
Total claims:1
No reponse and no refund! »8/11/ 201002/12/20102

I purchased a pair of fitflop boots from the above company. When they arrived they were a different size. I sent them back and asked for a replacement. When the replacement pair arrived they were the wrong colour. I sent them back too and asked for a full refund. That was over 3 weeks ago and no one has answered my emails, all 12 of them. When you call them its a 3rd party company that only takes orders. I cant get a hold of anyone and im getting worried that i will not get my refund. This company is a disgrace. WHy wont they answer my emails and let me know whats happening. The credit card bill has arrived!!

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Total claims:2
Fake Ugg Boots »12/02/201002/12/20102

I ordered UGG boots on this site. It looks completely legit, but is totally fake and fraudulent. Upon ordering, they sent me a confirmation with a fake order number. When I went to track it, it did not exist. They took money out of my account and it was taken out by a company called TC Technology. I had to cancel my card and am out of this money until it is cleared up.

more details »
Total claims:5
Fake »3/12/1003/12/20102

We have purchased 3 pairs of Ugg boots from the above website on the 21/11/10 for xmas presents, i had contacted them prior to this asking if they were genuine and was told yes!! we have received them today packed into a small box in plastic bags no boxes!! with authentic ugg labels and they are fakes!!

They are made terribly and not even the correct sizes and want to return them and get our money back.

Where do we stand??

more details » [FUJIAN]
Total claims:4
fake uggs »24.11.201003/12/20102

hi, i bought these boots not knowing they were fake, i have emailed the people asking for a full refund, because the boots smell quite strong of laquer or something, plus the fur keeps coming out. dont get me wrong they are a good fake[if there is such a thing]. i got reply from sellers who told me all new boots smell and to leave them outside for a few days. no offer of refund or anything. also the address they came from is different to the 1 on claim form. it is Hong kong bo ran technology trading, unit 601 6/f prosperity place, no.6 shing yip street, kwun tong, hong kong

more details »
Total claims:7
Seems to be a fake company »4 december 201006/12/20102

On the 4th of December 2010 I ordered 5 pairs of Uggs on the site of what I thought was (because it looks the same!!!). It felt wrong that I did not get a orderconfirmation mail so I sent them an e-mail and I even called them. No answer and the phone numners were wrong apparently, because they cut me off. Can I get my money back? I see that they have not yet made the transaction, just booked it. Going to the police with this. Do you have any advice on what else I can do to get my money back?


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15026Ugg Australia Boots store
Total claims:6
Fraud »12/04/201007/12/20102

I sent an email to the company email, through th form:
If you have any questions,please send us an email,we will reply you within 24 hours.
Our businessE-mail is:
The following is a copy of the email:
Please cancel my order. I ordered the wrong items. I also did not get an email confirmation for the order or when I registered at your site.
I got the following answer:
From: Scofield
To: Purple Frizz
Sent: Sun, December 5, 2010 7:57:46 PM
Subject: Re: Order

Hello Dear friend:

thanks for your email !

friend, pls ! we have ordered it from ugg Australia factory and I’m afraid we have sent it out already, and we can't stop the delivery.since the Christmas is coming, pls keep it as a gift !

thanks for your understand !

best regards !

I then sent the following email:
OK, would you kindly please send me a cofirmation number for my order and an email copy so I know the cost with the rate of exchange? I would also like to have the UPS tracking number?
Than you.
Deb Mendelsohn

I have not gotten an answer or anymore emails from the company. I cannot find an address or telephone number. I think this is a fake company that doesn't really send out Ugg boots.

more details »

15056ugg boot sale uk
Total claims:5
undelivered items »01/12/201009/12/20102

i ordered two pairs of ugg boots for my daughters for xmas at the cost of £69.99 each on the first of december 2010 off a site called ugg boots sale uk. the site states that they will be delivered within 5-7 working days but they still havent arrived despite the money being taken from my account. i have tried to contact them but the site they give you to track your order cannot be found so i cannot contact them to see wots happening with my order. i was just wondering if there is anything you would be able to do to help me please. thankyou.

more details »

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