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14511Mark Clayton [stoke on trent]
Total claims:1
miss sold »10/11/201010/11/20100

I Mark Clayton approached capital returns ltd, on 13/12/2008, I was informed that my case would be reviewed by capital returns ltd. However, my claim was unsucessful, due to the lack of work carried out by capital returns ltd. There for I asked for my money back but due to the incompitance of Mr Dennis Hughes, I now have taken legal proceedings against this company. Due to the lack of the justice system I believe that my claim may not be justifyed. Earlier this year I took capital returns to the small claims court, they were served with a civil procedure rules note, 6.5 under the code of justice, however, I believe that capital returns have vacated the premises. Any comments welcome.

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23972FCE Bank [ford credit]
Total claims:1
payment harrassments »28/02/201204/03/20120
In 2007 my husband and I decided due to our finance we were going to opt for 1 car instead of 2. we decided to look at cars at ford in stockport. After test driving a ford mondeo we decided we would have this, unfortunatly mu husband was told that we could not get the finace as we were not on the electic role as we have only moved in to the area. The seller said to my dad he could stand garantor for us to get around getting the finance( What we did not realise was that the whole crdit was going to be in my dads name and he was responsible for this debt) as the time was getting late we felt we were getting push to get all the finance sorted so my dad said he would be our garauntee but did not want any money coming out of his account ad this was our loan. the car was then put in my husbands name so the log, and mot was all put in my husbands name.
during the 4 years we have had this we have experianced payment difficults, we ask ford credit to amend my Direct debit as i could not pay at the begining of the month( I left my job dur to ill heatlh and worked for an agency which lowered my wages. I used to be monthly but this went to weekly so i asked ford to change the date. they said as long as i paid by 20th of every month i would not be charged anything but this was not an option for me and so they charged £25 each monthPlus they used to ring every day even though we told them that my dad worked in the day and my mum is disabled they still called during the day and upset my mum. Over the last 4 years they have charged £350.00. Last november i was in hospital and did not get paid from the agency for 3 weeks so I could not pay. They sent me a letter in dec asking me to pay over £300 a month I had just changed to a perm job and went on monthly pay. i rang ford at the begining of jan to set up a repayment and was told very nastily that they would not accept any amount and i had to pay the arrears which was a mised payment and charges that had added up.They said my dad had till the 14 of the feb to pay of they were sending it to a company called links.I could not afford this at the time, my dad could not help as my mum does not work.My dad wrote to the ombidsmun to complain about this company and how they have set up the finance. the company now claim that my dad had a personal loan and sold me the car. the agreement was a hire purchase and the car was in our name. on 28 feb we recieved a letter from IDR finance to say that the debt has been bought by them and that Link financial outsourcing are goinn to recover the debt.I rang the company up the other day and was told they will not accept any kind of payment but reuire the full amount or they will be either taking my mum & dad to court or will send the bailiffs round to collect item of that value. I told thenm that this is under investigation with the obmismun so they have for the time but a hold on the account. This has stressed my mum and dad out and they are both in their 60 so they do not need this stress. Our complaint is how can a car dealer ship mis-sell a car by stating that my dad was a garantor but actaull made it so that he is the sole owner of the finance but with out the car as this is in a different name. the annoying thing is that this car would be paid up in November. i am looking to see if i can get a loan from some where but i have already been scanned by two brokers and as i have bad credit i done think i will be given a loan to cover this. I have tried to set up payments with links company but was told they could not help as they only want full payment.

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