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IDCompany / PersonClaim TitleIncident DateAddedPostsAdd commentDetails
12638copart uk [ belton]
Total claims:1
falsely advertised car and takes no responsibility »05/05/201013/06/20107

 This car auction gave false online information for the car and after the sale I was told that according to their Terms and Conditions neither the auction  or the seller ( in this case Royal Sun & Alliance) are responsible for the description of the cars they selling. This is unbelievable for 21th century Britain. So if you have to deal with this company be aware.

More details:

On 5th May 2010 I bought an Audi A6 from Copart UK (Who sell mostly  damaged cars on behalf of insurance companies) on their Sandtoft auction.I paid £7717.25. It was clearly advertised as Category D and also stated as Category D on the Reciept. When I tried to register the car I was told the  car is Category C .  Category D cars have much bigger value than Category C.

After more then  3 weeks and several calls and e -mails on  Tuesday 8th June Copart e mailed me and told me that In view of Terms of sale the sale is final and the matter closed.  The say I have to check the car information myself, but in order to do that I need the car registration, which is hidden in the web page.

On 6th of july I sold the car unrepaired with the right category C in Chester branch of Copart for £5875.56. Iincluding the transportation cost my lost is nearly £2000.

 For more information e-mail me on

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114871st4buyers 1st4auctions 1st4e_cigarettes [ESSEX]
Total claims:1
COUNTERFIET SOFTWARE - FRAUD »21/11/0901/03/20102

Purchased ADOBE DREAMWEAVER CS4 from this seller Darren Dimmick on auction for £99.99 for my husbands Christmas Present, when he installed it into his computer it requested a serial number to activate it - serial number did not work, checked with ADOBE to be told is was counterfeit. Contacted the seller who said he would refund item if it was returned, returned it special delivery with a tracker number, he confirmed reciept of this item and promised a refund via paypal. HE NEVER REFUNDED. On the 5/2/2010 he sent a package recorded delivery, tracker no AG 2377 3598 6GB it was opened in the presence of West Mercia Police, it contained only bubble wrap one can only assume he sent this in order to obtain a TRACKER NUMBER which he would use as proof of refunding or replacing item. GOING TO THESE LENGTHS PROVES HIS INTENTION OF SELLING THIS ITEM IS FRAUD AND CLEARLY HAS NO INTENTION OF REFUNDING MONEY FOR COUNTERFIET SOFTWARE - RETURNED TO HIM. Has not responded to my messages asking his reasons for sending an empty package recorded delivery, and has dealt with it by blocking my phones numbers to stop me requesting my refund. BEWARE BEWARE £99.99. is a lot of money to be ripped off for in the present climate. DARREN DIMMICK CEO OF 1st4buyers 1st4auctions 1st4_ecigarettes has NO MORALS ABOUT HIS ACTIONS- I still want my money back and will continue to persue it. JUST WANT OTHERS TO BE AWARE SO THEY DO NOT BECOME A VICTIM, the seller is aware my pensioner mother contributed £50 towards this Christmas Gift. I WILL CONTINUE TO PERSUE THIS UNTIL THE MONEY IS REFUNDED TO MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT.

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2359Kruse International [Auburn]
Total claims:1
Lot # 745.1 »March 21, 2009`06/05/20091

On March 21, 2009 we sold out vehicle at the Kruse International Las Vegas Auction.  Per our contract we have we were to be paid no later than 30 days after the sale.  The Vehicle was sold.  Title, keys and veihicle turned over.  The buyer paid Kruse and is sending us a copy of his cancelled check.  They never return calls and on the few ocasssions we were able to get through we have been told every story you could imagine except when we will be paid.  I have done my own investigation and this is something that seems to commen with this company.  I need help.  We sold the vehicle because we needed the moniey.  Now our asset is gone and we still need money to help make it in this decling economy.

more details » [Sherwood Park]
Total claims:1 linked to Just Think Media »April 27 201016/05/20101
I signed up for this online auction site with the following results Credit card charges in excess of $800.00 and the only thing to show for it are 2 $10 Can Wal*Mart gift cards which i paid $4.95 US each for shipping and handling and some small trinket items with a reasonable total price of about $45.00 Can. I also have the persistant exposure to any other charges from this that they choose to impose and the inability to cancel my credit card (RBC Visa) because they inform me that even with account closed by me they will continue to pay any request from this company and i will be held liable to pay them Upon learning this i have researched the website and has found multiple links from it to the Alberta Canada based company "Just Think Media" - Jesse Willms . I have seen material showing countless investigations and possible lawsuits of this Just Think Media operation thats is reportedly yo be behind 30 or more online scam sites

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22248Ziinga [malta]
Total claims:3
false advertising »16 November 201028/11/20111
i received an email and logged onto site. There was no mention of a setup fee just free bid on anything on entry page to which i bid on a Senseo coffee maker for £11.26. A receipt was sent for this amount to my email account and underneath was telling me to scan my card and send to them as only one "gift" per household.

"Because we have a one gift per household policy, you must confirm your identity by sending the following documents as proof:

Scanned copy of Credit Card (front and back)
Scanned copy of valid ID (passport or driver's license)
Scanned copy of signed credit card form"

Noway was i going to scan my debit card and send to them so i ignored it. I checked my account 2 days later and £59.99 was taken. I emailed to say why and to refund amount and cancel. They said Terms and Conditions stated that(As per the Terms and Conditions that you have agreed on, all Platinum memberships come as a 3-month binding contract. To cancel this membership without incurring any penalties, a request must be sent within the 7-day trial period. All cancellation requests past the trial period will charge the user a fee. Note that cancellation will void any free promotional gift offer).
Told them keep "gift" and refund my money..They sent email..

As per Terms & Conditions. All cancellation requests past the trial period will charge the user a fee of £ 28.00. Note that cancellation will void any free promotional gift offer. Therefore, we can offer to refund £ 31.99.

Please respond to this email to confirm the process your refund. Thank you.

i advised that i will take this further and i wanted a full refund asap...

more details » [malta]
Total claims:4
unknown membership fee »16/12/201116/12/20111
i won an auction for £1 they emailed me the forms to fill out and send back to them but the wasnt anything to say i was being charged membership fee i called the office and they refused to cancel my membership then i got an email to say they took another £28.00 out of my account plus £59.99 its disgusting how they fool people into their own deal.

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928mob store [bradford]
Total claims:1
false advertisment »17/02/0918/02/20090

i had bid on ebay for several mobile phones and when they were dispatched and payed for i only recieved the software discs for the models i had asked for and no handsets.

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13632Aw - Swipe - Bid . Com [no idea]
Total claims:2
unauthorised direct debit transaction »2/9/201011/09/20100

I recently visited a couple of online auction sites, placed an order with
I have just had my statement account, and as i was going through i realised that an unauthorised payment was made to to the value of £103.22.
Cannot understand how this transaction was made without my authorization. I did not give any personal banking details to this company, and certainly did not place any orders with them.


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14431Aw - Swipe - Bid . Com [no idea]
Total claims:2
unauthorized charges »9/4/1003/11/20100

I noticed on my credit card statement charges by Aw-swipe for $159.00 on 9/4 and then a follow up on 10/4 for $11.95! I only went on this sight one time (lured by its advertisement of merchandise for a fraction of the cost! I never bought anything & never returned back to the sight! Now 3 months down the road I see these charges on my card and quickly filed claim with my credit card of unauthorized charges! I looked online and they are doing this all the time to people, charging them $159.00 and additional fees!
There seems to be countless fraud charges filed for the same thing

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Total claims:1


Dear sir,
It was to my dismay n total surprise,when i lost my nine thousand rupees in magic bid in spite of being very much conscious
and alert and always bidding at right time, FOR THE SO CALLED AUCTION.
SIR is fraud company. i have visited the product sold section and Testimonial section, the winners detail. except for few none of them are matching. people on testimionial claiming that they had won the product in discount , u won't found them on product sold. This clearly tell that these buggers only making money but giving out product. also, pls. calculate, the number of hits recieve on product and per bid cost. eventually all of us land up to paying more than what it shoudl be. more over i believe 100% their would be some hidden cost which they do not show up front.

Last but not the least, they don't show the contact detail of the winners, to whom we can check for the credibility and authenticity.





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21764Ziinga [malta]
Total claims:3
Refund not done »sept 201031/10/20110
I joined Ziinga and bidded on an item which i won. I had to pay a small amount for the item plus the delivery which totalled £12.84.

In the event of joining you are automatically set up with a silver account in the terms and conditions but you have so many days to cancel this membership without further charge. I had tried to cancel three or four times via email within the timescale but nobody replied to my emails. Eventually when someone did reply they said i was able to cancel but i could not have a refund (of the £59.99 they had taken as a monthly payment for the silver subscription as they had not read my cancellation emails in time) as i had already used some of the free bids that were given on a daily basis in the silver account. I then asked for delivery details of my item and they then said they were sorry for the way i had been treated and that i could have a refund and cancel my account!

I had an email stating that i would receive a refund of £12.84 for the product i won which i would now not be receiving and £59.99 for the silver account which would be cancelled as i had tried to cancel within the seven days.

The refund should of appeared in my account within 5-7 business working days and that was from 7th October 2011. I have still not received my refund and whenever i contact them they say that the refund has been done and to check with my bank. I check with the bank and no refund has been made.

I have been in contact with Ziinga several times regarding this and now they are ignoring me.

How can i get my refund?

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24657Ziinga [malta]
Total claims:3
SCAM »19 April 201219/04/20120
I signed up for a website: jobsinaclick and for doing so, was told that I would get an ipod shuffle as a signing on gift; I had to pay p&h =£2.00. I put in my bank details and later when I recieved an invoice discovered that I signed up for the Zinga website and the cost was £59.99 membership. I immediately cancelled and the received an e-mail saying that they were still going to take the first payment of £59.99 but to cancel I had to pay a £28.99 cancellation fee. I have been on the phone to my bank and was told that since I gave them my card details they can take whatever they want. I looked at closing my account; what a huge problem that is going to be. I did cancel my card. I don't know if that is going to stop them. I have since found out what a huge scam Zinga is. I don't know what to do!!! I did not sign up to join some kind of auction group...I am quite happy with e-bay, thank you. I thought it was a free gift from the website I signed up for. AVOID THIS, THEY ARE THEIVES!!!

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21900sandtoft branch [ belton]
Total claims:1
misleading salvage car sale »september 201107/11/20110
Recently won a vehicle advertised as previously repaired but with no keys.
Apparently the previous owner/winner bought it from copart and upon realising the cost involved in fixing decided to sell back via copart.
It was a vauxhall astra. With a clucth actuator problem therefore mechanical.
I got back to them and to my suprise I was told I had to deal privately with the previous owner. He claimed copart can not be responsible for a wrongly advertised car for which they charge commission.
My access was immediately block on condition that I drop the case or presue a legal action if not happy.
It cost me over a 1000pounds to make the car drivable..
This was in September 2011.
I will never advise any one to buy a previouslyrepaired vehicle as they are always disgust.

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22426melvin martin inkpro 90 or inkntro usacomp or top computer [glendale arizona]
Total claims:1
order never recieved or refunded »11/29/201107/12/20110
i had placed an order with this company via an auction website.
the original order had came to the amount of $170 for the items they had contacted me and stated that the minimum order had to the amount of $300 so i went ahead and placed the order and paid for the order sent it via western union to Receiver's Name:melvin martin

Address: 5849 W. Northern ave.

City: Glendale State: AZ Zip Code: 85301.

United States


after paying for the order they wrote me and told me the order had been shipped but no tracking info could be found so i stated that did not make since long story short they wrote to tell me that the order had problems because they had accidentally doubled my order and i would need to send an additional $470 more enable for me to get my items i disagreed with them and stated i only wanted what i paid for or a refund well they would not give a refund on funds and also refuse to send items shipped the names that i know are used with these accounts and to be aware of are joe lan inkpro90 ntro ink inkntro com usa comp or top computer thank you for you time and just trying to save some one else from being out christmas money thank you

more details » [malta]
Total claims:4
Scam Internet Auction Site »14 February 201214/02/20120 purport to be an auction site. You can bid on an auction and win and then the problems start. Only after you've won the item and paid do this bunch then say you have by default signed up to Platimum membership and they will charge you ���£57.99 a month! This info is not available in advance of winning an auction. You cannot cancel. Worse - you have to give them scans of the front and back of your credit card, passport and/or driving licence and a utility bill. No reason for that when you've already paid for the item with your debit card! I have advised my bank's fraud department to be sure I'm safe, and of course didn't send them scans of my financial documents, but this is a warning to everyone out there. Don't go near them!

more details » [malta]
Total claims:4
Scam auction site »January 201224/01/20120
you receive an email saying you have won an ipod shuffle. To get this you have to sign up. They then give you free bids. Miraculously you win an auction and pay then 14 days later they take your membership money of £59.99 per month They have signed you up to platinum membership (it's in the very small print called terms and conditions) When you try to cancel they charge you £28 for the pleasure you can't get the ipod shuffle because you've cancelled and the link they send you to agree the refund doesn't work. Watch this site I didn't see the terms and conditions until i checked my receipt from this company for my £3.51 purchasewhen they had already taken my money. Funny how they took both amounts the same day. Wish I had found a site like this before I signed up it would have saved me a lot of money and stress

more details » [malta]
Total claims:4
illegally taking money out of my account »10/10/201209/10/20120

hi i received an email this morning from saying that my payment of $89.99 has been charged to my account ive never even heard of this site before and didn't sign up of it and now they are saying i cant get a refund because ive apparently used all of my free bids and it has been 7 days since i so called signed up with them which is why they are charging me the $89.99 how do i get this back i cant cancel the membership without the charging me another $53 on top of what they've already taken off me please help me.

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25069eBid auction
Total claims:1
eBid constant scams »23/03/201214/05/20120
I brought 3 iphones and the never arrived but got a chargeback.

I brought gold and it turned out to be gold and silver.

I want to shame eBid for all of my bad situations on because it is a scam webisite to fraud and fraud. eBid told me its up to me to sort out problems of theft. There is nothing on eBid but the oppertunity to all negative situtaions.

Just dont trust anything on the site.

more details » [Surrey]
Total claims:2
Auction Credits »20/05/201223/05/20120
I went onto as I was looking for a laptop to purchase. I was advised that it was a buy to bid auction site but thought that as the prices were so cheap that I would only need the smallest package which I purchased. During the auction, the credits were being taken in numerous amounts, instead of it only being a credit to bid,they were asking for 5-6 credits per bid. After the first few bids the website advised that I needed more credits to pursue with the bids. At the end it had cost me £60.97 as the website kept advising me that there were no credits within my wallet to continue to bid, despite the fact there was. I did not win anything from that website and when I made a complaint to, the response was it's a play to bid tuff!! I think it's ridiculous as they are advertising themselves as a cheap auction website, although it works out more than purchasing an item from another auction site and I did not get what I wanted in any case as it was impossible to actually win anything as the more people were bidding, the timer was being reset.

more details » [Surrey]
Total claims:2
Rapid recharge scam »04/09/201323/10/20130
I decided to ourchase some bids to see if i could win a camera. It was not clear that the bids each had a value until i researched it. When i created my initial purchase there was a tick box for the rapid recharghe feature. Read the terms and condiotns and decided against this action.
I went merrily on my way bidding until i realised that i must have used up my bids and discovered that madbid had charged my card for a further £19.99 with no notice and no authorisation.

My bank refuses to return the money and fight the case becuase I HAD authorised a transaction 20 minutes prior.
Despite numerous emails to customer service..i was basically told 'no you cannot not have you money back' and the last emails was rude aswell.
I asked for proof of the transaction which in the documentation madbid sent does not even a record of the £19.99 they took from me.

I have since reported the fraudulent charge to the police and have a crime number and have also reported them, to the advertising standards agent who are looking into the legality of there online adverts.

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