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14797Formation House [London ]
Total claims:1
Charge for service not provided »26-11-201026/11/20100

We had to get our Company Registered in UK so we choose Formation House after receiving few mails from customer staff of the company. We had explained them everything that we are Indian and want to get company registered in UK and they committed it could be done in 3-4 days. Then I was asked to choose business starter pack for which I paid 99 GBP. I was also committed that I could anytime provide details when I want to get it added on website even after few months. After I paid, I was not being replied and after number of mails I am told that my company has been registered and I could access my account details. But I found that it was not working due to which I complained to the company but there was no reply from company who claims to have 24 Hours service.

Then I received email from legal counsel who suggested that name could have problems as it resembles with another company and suggested to get it changed. I wrote an email in regards to the same but I am just replied that the error has been fixed after 3 days. After the mail, I accessed my account where I found that it is mentioned my nationality is British instead of Indian so I brought the matter in knowledge of company who again didnt provide any reply. I also wrote them that I need company name changed as urgent as possible as I have to sign a lease agreement.

Again I was not replied on number of occasions. Today when I received call from its employee who said they had problem with their systems and then instead of realizing their mistakes, asked me to have checked with nationality. also on my query of article and memorandum she mentions that I need to pay extra for the same service which is again information hidden from customers initially. They have asked for 25 GBP more to get the company name change, though I am ready to pay but company employee says that I would not be able to use the services for which I have paid them and not yet availed. If company is suppose to provide me website, domain, mobile app, business card that still needs to be done even if name is changed.

Company is doing only what they wish and do not even reply. They just fool people and try to make more and more money. Please help me to get the refund at least for the services which I have not been given.

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