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16022Bruce Shankin DBA Green Building Collaborative [Ewinna PA]
Total claims:1
Fraud/Bankrupt »200916/01/201111

                    CHECK OUT BRUCE SHANKIN ON MY DOCtubeMENTARY.THIS IS NOW ON WWW.YOUTUBE.COM                Bruce Shankin states to be a 'GREEN' builder. Bruce Shankin was hired to do a "GREEN' renovation. My job was completely done wrong . Bruce Shankin has no ability in the construction field. He and his collaborative of contractors  claimed they were in the business for years, when in fact they were involved in soon to be bankrupt busineses. Bruce Shankin was in depositions for missing money from his FAILED motor cycle business during a time when he was under contract to do my renovation. A lunch store called the LAUGHING COW. This was another business venture that went under. I only wish I knew about Bruce Shankin before I was victim of his con. Please beware of Bruce Shankin. Check his name on the internet and you will see he had a motorcycle business(now bankrupt) and was part of a town paper in Bucks County, PA.Bruce Shankin left this job due to unethical business practices. This was during a time when Bruce Shankin put in writing in his proposal to me that he was in the construction business. Bruce Shankin has recently filed for bankruptcy to avoid his obligations. There are many victims. Don't be one more of them. I have filed a Motion is court in NJ against Bruce Shankin and one of his shell companies(Sustainable Process and Design).  I will update on my progress to have Bruce Shankin meet his obligations. He is now using TheGreenBuildingCollaborative as a new way to market himself on the interenet. I will post pictures and documents for all to see very soon.

The pictures below is an installation of a window that Bruce Shankin and his con installed and purchased. There are 17 similar windows like this one. First, Bruce Shankin substituted the window type with a less expensive insert. I have in writting from the window manufacturer that not only is the window type not correct for my application but they were installed incorrectly. These windows are also not called for in my contract. No change order, which a violation of the consumer fraud act.(One of many in his contract). Bruce Shankin installed these windows without my knowledge than tried to cover it up. You can see from the picture that a white piece of 1/4 round wood was nailed into the window on the bottom to conceal that the window was short of the sill. There is space between the sill and window which is incorrect and sub-standard workmanship. Bruce Shankin refused to fix the problem, blamed the window company than filed bankrupcty to avoid his obligation. 


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12325Inter-Coast Pool and Deck Refinishing [St. Petersburg,Fl.]
Total claims:1
refinish fiberglass pool »1-10-0715/05/20100
I paid for a 25year warranty. I am disabled and 59yrs. old. The only relief i get is from laying in the pool. Within in a week there was rust in my pool. then I could not move my vents to melt the salt.I change to saline instead of chlorine. then the hose for the little navvigator that cleans the pool came away from the wall. I had 2 more back surgeries. so my neighbor kept up with care and swam in the pool and then with in 8 months after 4 people were in my pool the whole pool was white. Which meant that the fiberglass was coming off the sides of the pool. I had noticed this before that when I would add the ph and brush etc. So I called the place he was verbally abusive, put me off for months and finally I filed a complaint with the Consumer Protection Agency. Another fine agency in FLoida that the taxpayers pay for and they cannot make judgements. They can only mediate. Basically an impotent justice Dept. As well as the othe departments I filed with. Bottom line because of the lack of help from the Govt. depts. I have to hire a lawyer on my SSDI(fixed Income).I might lose my house due to the foundation being compromised by the poor workmanship and water leaking into my yard. I called yesterday to see if he would fix the fixture that is leaking. I asked if he is going to honor the 25 yr. warranty. I spoke withe the owner which is his daughter. She would not answer said would callme back next week.I then called back asked what day or time she was not there. I did not leave a message.The father called me back and started yelling &" Bloody " this and that and speak thru my lawyer he said to me." I said fine give me his # once again he was verbally abusive cursing and I just hung up.The last time I say them was when I proved to them my pool was within the proper chemical limitsfrom pinch a penny. I hope this helps others. Sincerely, Susan Hoffman

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Total claims:1
#2244558 »11/17/201029/11/20100

I can't get them to anwser the number so I can cancal the product is no good it made me sick.
Roy L. Knight

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22323Quality Assurance Association [Manchester]
Total claims:1
Non response to emails, in connection with the DGCOS »13 October 201101/12/20110
Ombudsman for the DGCOS / DR Ronald Barham / /

Dear Quality Assurance Association

Please explain why emails containing information, complaints etc. directed to the email address are not responded to, or directed to the relevant departments to be responded to.

Furthermore, Mr Nick Ross (TV presenter) contacted the Quality Assurance Association on 9 November 2011, relating to the non-response from the address. Yet, still further emails sent to this address have been ignored.

Please explain why the Quality Assurance Association, are ignoring communication.

I await your response.

W. Williams (Miss)

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30506Avery Ted "Buck" Cashion [Lake Lure, NC]
Total claims:1
Avery Ted “Buck” Cashion, Retired Army Finance Officer, Now in Federal Prison »201207/06/20160
This man did me wrong years ago but this is a far better story which I want to share right now. Avery Ted “Buck” Cashion is a retired US Army finance officer now sitting in McCreary Federal Penitentiary (Prisoner #27373-058) in Kentucky. He also has a $14(+) million judgment against him from a North Carolina federal court for running a scam as a property developer.

I got to know him from the 1980’s while in the US Army and having to serve under him as my unit commander. He should have been sent to the Fort Leavenworth military prison already back then. While running a US Army finance office in Wiesbaden, Germany during the late 1980’s, Cashion had this money-making scheme which he executed flawlessly. He used US Army vehicles and military-provided fuel, Army mess hall equipment, and a few select military soldiers as his free labor – coupled with food bought tax-free and at discounted prices from the US Army commissary – to run his “business” as a food vendor at Galaxy (American football) games in Frankfurt, Germany. He paid no taxes to the German or American governments on any of the profits. He and the few military soldiers which he used, then personally pocketed all of the money (over $300,000 and of course, never paid any personal federal income taxes on this money either as this was an all-cash business with no record keeping).

Buck is married to Joan (Lusk) Cashion, the daughter of a Navy Admiral, and also involved in real estate with Buck. We all knew about her all-about-Joan attitude back then also. She was initially indicted but somehow plea-bargained her way out of everything while letting Buck take the full rap for his property developer scam - and she is probably laughing as I write this. Buck’s comments at his sentencing were: “I am living in the basement of my 90-year-old mother’s house and am no longer the millionaire I was five years ago.”

Let me tell you something, Buck: You are lucky that you only went to prison for the first time at age 62 and then only got a few years - because you should have been locked up back when you were 35 and then rotted away in Leavenworth for a long time. In fact, you should not even have any kind of military pension after what you did in Wiesbaden. How about condoning and covering up adultery which was happening right under your nose? Or your female lieutenant who gang-banged the enlisted troops on a unit trip to Heidelberg? I could easily write a few more paragraphs here but I won’t. So none of us soldiers who served under you are remotely surprised at any of this. Except that maybe it didn’t happen a lot sooner in your life.

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