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3592DAVRO ONLINE [Shoreham by sea]
Total claims:10
no refund re non-delivery/cancelled items »04 April and 05 April 200903/07/20093

We purchased safety shoes and boots for express next-day delivery. They did not show up and we immediately sent emails and left voice message to cancel orders. No acknowledgement but payment of £119.90 and £66.85 went through on company business card. No refund showed up. Gave them the benefit of admin delays but two months later still nothing. I finally got through to the company after many days and was given verbal agreement on refund for one order. The other order was sent after I spoke to them about cancellation situation. I spent money to return goods to Davro and was told that there would be no refund as they had sent out the order. And as it was company purchase, they informed me that there is no contractual obligation to refund a business order. I am now into the third month trying to get refund. I am pursuing claim through HSBC business credit card. Davro Online/21st Century Staple & Nail Company by their action or rather inaction, has been UNPROFESSIONAL and UNTRUSTWORTHY. Davro is a sizable company which treat customers with contempt. They must not care about their reputation.

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93121st Century Staple and Nail Compay [Shoreham By Sea]
Total claims:4
Undelivered Item »20.01.09-18.02.0918/02/20091

This company is the same as DAVRONLINE - BEWARE!!!!

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68921st Century Staple and Nail Compay [Shoreham By Sea]
Total claims:4
21st Staple and Nail Company »January 09.21/01/20091

Ordered a Jacket and T -shirt to the value of £82.85.  Delivery of the Jacket was prompt but unsuitable.

Returned Jacket and the company still have not advised me to its receipt. It is now two weeks later.  I enquired with Royal Mail and the parcel was delivered and signed for.  I have made a few calls and they have been extremely rude and would not pass me on to a manager, owner, or supervisor.  I have a asked for a full refund.  Was told a letter of complaint would not reach anyone. 

 Regarding the T-shirt, I was not advised it was not in stock.  They can not give me a date to which they might get stock or a expected delivery date. 

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1500DAVRO ONLINE [Shoreham by sea]
Total claims:10
trying to get a refund from undelivered goods »15th January 200925/03/20091

I ordered some JCB site boots on 15th january 2009 for the value of £75.90. I received an email telling me they were out of stock and the suggested time when i would receive them was 8th June 2009, by this time they had already deducted the money from my bank account. I emailed straight away to say this was an unacceptable time to wait for the boots, the email bounced back.

I called to speak to a member of staff, they were extremely rude, and believed they should not give an apology. I have been calling trying now for 7 weeks to get this refund, i keep getting told it is going into my bank, when i tell them its not there, they reply it is definately in, it just needs to go through 5 banks first??? i have also been told to claim through my credit card from another member of staff. It has got so bad sometimes on the phone that they have reduced me to tears from the stress.

Just today, I had Simon have a go at me for 10 minutes on the phone telling me his company jumps through hoops to please customers, and all he has is people having a go at him all day long. I didn't want to add fuel to the fire and suggest that perhaps it was they standard of customer service, as it is absolutely shocking

it seems like it is only a small company. Andrew who deals with Sales, very rude. Simon who deals with refunds, even ruder, and Sean who has no authorisation to do anything, but is the most pleasant out of the lot



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3590DAVRO ONLINE [Shoreham by sea]
Total claims:10
Goods not deliverd »24/02/0903/07/20091

Paid by company debit card for two flame retardant overalls on 24th February.
Received confirmation e-mail same day then e-mail on 3rd March saying they were out of stock and could be delivered on 5th June. Told to contact them to discuss.
Tried to speak to someone many times, no one ever returned calls and no one ever directly answered calls. Sent many e-mails same result.
Needless to say goods still not arrived by 3rd July and no refund either and still no returned calls or e-mails.



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14406Trade Price Group hot tubs [Staffs]
Total claims:8
Deborah Fields »current02/11/20101

I stupidly paid by cheque and this company are now in theory bankrupt although they're not registered on the insolvency register as of yet. I will be lucky along with many others if I ever get my monies back.

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16461Bradfords Bakers [Glasgow]
Total claims:6
Non receipt of goods »25 January 201104/02/20111
I ordered a hamper from this company on 25/1/11 which was due to be delivered on 26/1/11. I phoned them on 28/1/11 & was told there had been a problem with parcels being dispatched but they were now doing so. Since then I have emailed & telephoned several times & got no response. My credit card company have confirmed this amount has been debited from my card & having googled them I have now found a customer review site which indicates that I am just one of many who have been ripped off by this company.

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20295Bradfords Bakers [Glasgow]
Total claims:6
Late delivery, misrepresentation, damaged goods »9 January 201125/07/20111
This company is a disgrace. I have been chasing a refund on two Christmas hampers since mid-January 2011. They fail to respond to calls or messages and appear to have no interest in any form of customer service.

First, both orders arrived in the middle of January - they were "Christmas" hampers.

Second, they arrived in boxes, not hampers. I ordered Christmas "hampers", not boxes.

Third, both boxes (not hampers) arrived damaged with holes in.

I am now taking this up with the local council and my lawyers.

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24539Motor trades [brentwood]
Total claims:1
miss sold advertising »12th april 201212/04/20121
i was phoned a few years ago regarding advertising my small car bodyshop
to start with the price was around £300 then they kept phoning saying for £400 you can have this, then for £500 you can have this, i agreed to it as i thought the price had changed, not that these were additonal packages.
they wouldnt let me opt out and so i was signed up for a year, at the end of which they phoned me saying i owed the amount again as i didnt opt out of auto renewal, so i had to pay again and stated that i wanted to be opted out of auto renewal, last march i had a phonecall again with the same thing and had to pay again.
i have just had a call again saying i wasnt taken out of the auto renewal. we are struggling as a business at the moment and cannot afford another loss of £3000.
i am looking for help as i feel they cannot do this three years running

hopefully you can help
Tom Martin
01494 874347

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98321st Century Staple and Nail Compay [Shoreham By Sea]
Total claims:4
Non-delivery of refund »16 Feb 200921/02/20090

I ordered a pair of Timberland boots and two pairs of trousers on 6 Jan 2009. The company immediately deducted the amount from my credit card even though they didn't have them in stock. After repeated requests thay finally told me they couldn't get hold of the items for weeks. I cancelled my order and asked for a refund which they confirmed they'd process. A pair of boots then turn up on 16 Feb and no refund! Am still trying to contact them - no reply to emails nor 'phone. Am taking this up with my creidt card company.

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549721st Century Staple and Nail Compay [Shoreham By Sea]
Total claims:4
Goods Never Delivered Money not Refunded »July 200913/10/20090

Ordered goods from DAVRO Online also known as

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2363DAVRO ONLINE [Shoreham by sea]
Total claims:10
Non delivery but money taken »10/4/0906/05/20090

Ordered a pair of Magnum shoes for £55 on 10/4/09 +£6.95 postage,total £61.95 from this company.Told they were out of stock and would be sent to me on the 28/4/09.Still no sign.I have since found out this product has been discontinued,so there is no way i will be getting it anyway.They wont reply to my emails,i get the same posh talking guy on the end of the phone saying i will get my goods in a couple of days.RUBBISH! Also the money has been deducted straight away from my credit card.

Do not have any dealings with this company.I am going to try and get my credit card company to sort this out.

Disgusting service from thieves who should be locked up for theft.


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3773DAVRO ONLINE [Shoreham by sea]
Total claims:10
Don't Purchase Anything From This Site »20/07/200920/07/20090

I ordered a pair of Cofra Executive Safety Shoes, made on 02nd July 2009 to the value of £51.95.

I sent three emails regarding this order and to date received no reply. I made five telephone calls, the last of which was today, Monday 20th July 2009 at 13:25. 

Regarding this order, I was repeatedly informed it was on route to me, however it has still not arrived. I was informed last week that if I did not receive the order by Friday 17th July 2009, I would receive a full refund. 

With regard to our conversation today, I was not impressed with the rude manner and hostile tone, I received an invitation to attend their office to sort the matter out and was informed violence could be used to resolve the matter if I dared attend, extremely unprofessional. Not the sort of behaviour I would expect of someone trying to run a business, dependant on the likes of myself to earn a living.

I have never been subjected to such a hysterical outburst over the telephone in my life and found the experience rather harassing, alarming and very distressful. I'm still awaiting a refund.

Don't purchase anything from this company


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4068DAVRO ONLINE [Shoreham by sea]
Total claims:10
Undelivered goods »24th July 200907/08/20090

I placed an order for dust filters on the 24th and the money was withdrawn from my account straight away. After a week I called to find out where the filters were and was told that I would get a call back. I never got a call back and phoned them several times and, after many unanswered calls, managed to speak to someone about my order on three different occasions and was promised that it would be looked into and I would get a call back. It is now the 7th of August, two weeks after the order was placed and I am still waiting and beginning to think that the Davro website has been set up just to defraud potential customers and that it is about time they were reported to the police as fraudsters.

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5498DAVRO ONLINE [Shoreham by sea]
Total claims:10
Ripped Off by Davro Online »July 200913/10/20090

Ordered goods to the sum of £80 from Davro Online (trading as....21st Century Staple & Nail Company).  Goods never received!!  We have phoned him over and over and got nothing but disgusting responses from him.  He is abusive, the service stinks and he won't return our money.  We phoned him in August to be told that 'Simon Rose' the owner was on holiday, with what looks like everyone's money who he has scammed this year !!  What makes us laugh is that we have spoken to 3 people who all sound like 'Simon Rose' yet called one day, Andrew then the next day George.  We are somewhat perplexed !!  I have phoned Trading Standards and logged a complaint about him and he said that if they get enough complaints about him/the company they will investigate.  So guys, get on and pick up a phone and complain.  Simon Rose (DAVRO etc.) is a conman and a thief.  I truly believe he doesn't have any stock but is just using this 'company' to steal peoples money !!!

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7064DAVRO ONLINE [Shoreham by sea]
Total claims:10
No Refund »13 Oct 0924/11/20090

Ordered 4X pairs of Dickies overalls on 12th Oct. On 13th Oct received an email telling me that they were not in stock and couldn't deliver until 22nd Oct. I required the overalls next day in order to take abroad for work. On receipt of the no stock email, I replied and formally cancelled the order. I also backed this up with a telephone call and was informed that it would be dealt with and my card would be refunded. After returning from abroad over a month later I find the amount was deducted from my credit card immediately despite having nil stock but in the time between there has been no refund. Emails and telephone calls yield no results as there is never anyone to take calls and emails are not responded to.

Shocking service!!


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8048DAVRO ONLINE [Shoreham by sea]
Total claims:10
The Wrong Boots »7/12/200907/12/20090

Ordered 2 x prs of boots in November. Sent a further email asking to amend order to 1 x size8 and 1 x size 10. No email received so phoned and spoke with Lady who said she would advise Warehouse. On 4th Dec contacted company to ask on whereabouts of goods. Advised that they were being sent out on that day. Emailed company to advise no show on delivery but got no email back! On 7/12 contacted company by phone - Lady stated that the delivery should be out today - Carrier Parcelforce. Sure enough arrived at 11.10 on this day however when opened found only 1 pr of substandard boots (Not the ones I had ordered
(2 prs)). Contacted company by phone spoke to lady again and she said she would contact the warehouse and get back to me.
Also sent an email to advise on what had been delivered. I have not heard from them via email or phone. Have since seen all the bad experiences people have had with company. Should I send
the boots back or what should I do? Need to take up matter with Card company

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13860DAVRO ONLINE [Shoreham by sea]
Total claims:10
No goods delivered »Nov 200827/09/20100

Ordered 3 items from this pathetic excuse for a company. Never showed up and never got a refund. Just some rubbish about them being out of stock. Made several phone calls and sent loads of emails, but nothing. I'm just glad now that when you search for this company on google "davro online complaints" appears, so hopefully no one else will get scammed. Can't believe they haven't been shut down and this "Rose" guy isn't behind bars!

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12022Trade Price Group hot tubs [Staffs]
Total claims:8
Item not as described and bits missing, long wait for delivery »June 200912/04/20100

Well like all the rest of people on here we were also conned, but we did get delivery, as i was somewhat demanding to say lease. I have since found out like rest not made in USA as said, but china so of poor quality not top spec as was told on placing order. Within 2 weeks DVD broke took them 4 months to send an engineer to fix, but only after i reported them to trading standards. Parts of our steps is missing and piece we got has split, the lifter is missing and they were meant to pay my electrician bill as they told me to have him they at 9.30am as they be there at 8.30am, only to turn up at 3.30pm leaving me to pay electrician for whole day when not required. I have a photo copy of lots of id i took from Matthew as a reassures that he was up front, big mistake on his part to rip me off, so anyone who wishes to have his details please email me at: [] (link: or After doing this i will be contacting logic to see if his competence card is valid and also bpec to see if that is also valid. I have a copy of his 3 bank accounts, i have his phone number and i also have johnathan husslebee mobile number. I will dig under every stone right to point finding out where they wives buy they pants from. Oh and Simon drops his son off at school in a ferrari to which he paid for with all our money. Iam disgusted to find out how many people they have conned including a lady with 2 disbled kids who saved up to help her kids and now has nothing to show for it, while these gloat, what with Stuart and his 09 black range rover. I strongly suggest we all pull together as one, so the cases are less personally, united we stand and all that. Include in court case all th names of all the bogus companies they use, come on peeps lets fight back and take back what was ours in the forst place. Strip them of they riches paid for by us. As i have more info i will post it, but please feel free to email me. Please dont let them win.

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12031Trade Price Group hot tubs [Staffs]
Total claims:8
9,950 »june0912/04/20100

Since my last posting, tonight i have had a call from someone by name of Christian (never heard of this one before, personally i think he a persona), he was "you contacted 2 staff members today" (yes i did, told them they were con artist and coming after them to get back what they took from everyone, its payback time. We're taking back what belongs to us. After asking me to list all my problems, he commented on i was trying to act intelligent cos i had alot of info on them (i have not even began yet) and if i didnt stop he would do me for slander, told him "fill your boots", to which he decided to end our phone call. At end of that call i texted Johnathan Hessellbee, " dont get one of your minions to ring me. I c u in court. Within 5 mins Johnathan rang me, i was busy, so he rang again, i was still busy so he texted "tried to ring you, was unable to make contact, will try again later, but please feel free to contact me, regards Johnathan". I have today reported these to trading standards ( already done but chased them up, watchdog, sun, express, pay and works rights, rogue traders. I will be pursuing the certification Matthew showed me, and if as i think its copy/false then i will be reporting to police for fraud. I have lots of info on this lot and please email me and i will happily share info with you. We need to stand together to close these lot down once and for all. I will not stop. These lot did not care that they were causing me stress etc before going into hospital and even had cheek to ring me while i was in intensive care (after i told them i was going in hospital weeks before hand) and told me, as i had not replied to they calls they were cancelling the engineer to come and fix our dvd player. Der did not answer as was on a ventilator. To top it all the TV dont even work now. Please everyone, again lets pull together an take these down. My email addy is: [] (link: or

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