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2982Anderson Windows and Doors
Total claims:1
defective storm door »2008, summer23/05/20091

Purchased storm door made by Anderson subsidiary, I believe in Iowa.

Door blistered by handle and turned out to be apparent lead or aluminum blistering all around handle, in less than one year. Unsightly.

Anderson referrred me to the subsidiary in Iowa called EMCO ENTERPRISES. I called them. They did absolutely nothing. They completely failed to honor their warranty which is supposed to last for the lifetime of the owner.

P.S. I'm still alive, but they didn't honor it.  Breach of warranty.

I purchased this door at Home Depot....they refer you to Anderson who does nothing but refers you to EMCO Enterprises, who also do nothing to honor the warranty..

Frankly, this storm door is a complete piece of junk and is an embarassment to have on your front entrance.

Anderson and Emco's dismissive attitude toward their warranty is a breach of warranty and a disgrace.

They count on your not suiing them.  I may do so nevertheless, I am so incensed.  






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12940MIRIAN DE FREITAS [Santa Catarina]
Total claims:2
Miriam De Freitas of Brazil is a CROOK, SCAMMER!!! »November 200813/07/20101

PLEASE BE WARNED MIRIAM DE FREITAS OF BRAZIL IS A CROOK. She desperatly needed money to pay for a coffee Bond to keep her plantation, she sweet talked me into lending her some money under contract with the promise to pay back in 2 months. Since then I have not heard from her, nothing, I am out of pocket, she does not care. Brazil would be a nightmare to go to court, the next best option is to name, shame and claim her here. Do not trust this person!! You know who I am Miriam. Anyone with any questions, do let me know. Thanks PH

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20215Rank Metal compnay Limited [Bedfordhire]
Total claims:1
UK based Company RANK METAL Company duped us by using bankruptcy filing »3.6.201119/07/20111
Here is how UK based Company RANK METAL Company duped us by using bankruptcy filing :

This is Daylight Robery. Rank metal and AMIT KUMAR systematically planned and took advances from

companies in India and abroad. and Then went ahead and filed bankruptcy ! Some Justice this.

Amit Kumar Narang, Rank metal Company U K Is a Fraud, Cheater, scam artist, duped money, and is a

dishonest Metal dealer.

Amit Kumar Narang and his Rank Metal Company swallowed our 23,000 USD paid to them as an advance
for delivery of Aluminium Scrap.

The advance was paid to them as 20% Advance on Contract to supply Aluminium Scrap. Amit Kumar
Narang and his company did not supply the aluminium scrap and did not refund the money paid to
them as advance.

Instead of paying our money back they filed for Bankruptcy and swallowed all our advance money.

A Contract was signed with the Rank Metal company and Our company for supply fo 64 MT Aluminum

Extrusion Scrap.

1. On 2nd June They mentioned that We need to send 20% Advance within 2 days so that

Aluminium Scarp as Contracted can be procured and shipped Immediately.

2. We sent Advance of 20 % ( USD 22806 ) by Wire Transfer TT on 2.6.2011 and It was

confirmed by them on 3.6.2011.

3 . We Have followed up several times on Phone and email for Delivery of 63 MT Aluminium Scrap as


4. They Mentioned on email dt 28 June That Material is Scheduled to be Loaded in that week.

5. We called Them several Times in Bankok, Their Office in UK as well as on his Cellphone.

So Far they have not sent us any Intimation regarding Loading or Shipment of the Material as


And Now we came to know that They filed for Bankruptcy liquidation.

And Their Lawyers (
Robert McIlroy 00 44 20 7495 2348.) now say Money can not be returned !

Publication Date: Wednesday, 6 July 2011
Notice Code: 2442
(Company Number 06474727)
Allan House, 10 John Princes Street, London W1G 0AH
Units B&C Ronald Close, Woburn Road Industrial Estate, Kempston, Bedfordshire MK42 7SH

they also had other people : Carol Putland Vijay Goel , RJP SECRETARIES LIMITED AMICORP (UK)
SECRETARIES LIMITED ALL of these people are equally responsible for this Fraud and duping money

from businesses.

We have Proof of our Contracts and Money sent to them.

We want our Money back from these scamsters.

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708Schaeffler Group [Fort Mill]
Total claims:1
False Advertisement »07/14/200823/01/20090

I worked for a company that was so false that they posted a new position at their

location close to a "nice to live" metropolitan area. Once I accepted the offer, they revealed the actual position was a rotating position starting in a remote small town location in South Carolina that was a nightmare to live. I would have never even applied for the job if they revealed it was truly here. It seemed we came to a compromise in that I would "train" in the small town for six months and then be relocated to the place where the position was advertised. After I was in the small town, the management tried to repeatedly get me to stay in this remote town, which I coonsistently declined. Then HR wanted to move me out to Missouri. I told them I didn't want to do that either. Soon they terminated me because of "personality issues". Apparently this company posted positions at desirable locations and after people accept they reveal the true location of the position. False advertisement of job positions is what this company does. This was so devious I had to write a report on

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1551Hill View Farms LLC, Tauer Manufacturing [Springfield]
Total claims:1
Fraudulent Advertising - Unauthorized Charges »1-10-200927/03/20090

i initiated a purchase over the phone with the company on 12-18-2008. The seller indicated this was a new saddle, but what arrived was not a new saddle, but used. Nevertheless, I tried it, but it did not fit. I initiated a return on 1-10-2009 with the seller who tried to upsell me to another saddle. I told her I would think about it, but I wanted to return this one first. She offered $300 off the upsell, and I told her again, let me think about it, I have to speak with my husband. She asked me to keep the girth, DVD, care kit, which I indicated to her I didn't know what the care kit was.

I did not authorize an additional transaction. I forgot to pack the girth, remembered to pack DVD and saddle and sent the return via postal service mail, insured on 1-12-2009. She claims it did not arrive until 1-27-2009. She then claims the saddle was not within the return period. Her website states 30 day TEST RIDE GUARANTEE. Everywhere on the website indicates 30 days to test ride. Over the phone she TOLD me I was well within the 30 days to return the saddle, no questions asked - of course there were a ton of questions and heavy up-selling.

Well, I left on a business trip and when I returned I discovered that my credit card had not been refunded, and I had yet another charge on my cc from this Cathy person as well as another saddle. I emailed her immediately and left a message for her at her office. I received no response. I left another message and another email, this time I was told I was not within the 30 days to return the saddle.

I told her I did not authorize the charge, nor did I want the saddle. I emailed her very angry that she tried to refuse to refund my money. She kept the shipping charges, and some charges for the care kit and dvd. She refused to refund the shipping charges for the second saddle. I had to file a dispute with my bank to get her to finally refund part of the funds, but she is keeping the shipping charges and the charges for a kit I never received and a dvd which I mailed back. I have tried everything, she claims I did not return the saddle in time, but the site says 30 days to RIDE. I only effectively received 1 day.

Now to top it all off, I am out $125.50 from the unauthorized charges she placed on my credit card, and an additional $120 in shipping charges to ship that bloody saddle back!

I want a refund in full, but she has refused. I never saw any invoices, nor did I sign anything, or authorize any additional charges over the phone.

Buyer Beware, this person is a total shyster, a snake oil salesman.

The product she sold me was worn, used leather all scratched up. she didn't even bother to put a new saddle sox on the other saddle she tried to sell me. Her saddles are poorly made with second rate, thin leather, poor quality rigging, and holes cut right into the saddle for the stirrups leathers... completely un-reinforced. She uses a western style saddle seat for her english style saddles, which pitches your legs completely forward and out from under your core where they need to be. Any real tugging on the stirrup will cause that leather to rip. Totally unprofessional and way too wide of a twist.

BUYER BEWARE. Hillview farms saddles are NOT what they appear to be.

more details » [Salford]
Total claims:1
Unacceptable quality of workmanship »09/04/200909/04/20090


I paid £110 for gold organza table runners to be used at my wedding.  I had the swatches sent in advance and fabric was just as required.  Table runners arrived with an awful thick cream cotton stitch all along the edge and the pointed ends weren't even stitched to the end!  Instead they had folded them in to a point and then put a rough (and by rough I mean not even straight) hem on the inside which was clearly visible through the fabric!

I complained that the quality of the stitching was not good enough and was asked to return them for examination.

Have since had them returned to me again, unchanged, as the Company's policy states that they will only take action if the goods are ‘damaged or defective to the buyer' - I would certainly call these defective!  I don't have time to fight this as my wedding is fast approaching and so a local seamstress is going to restitch them all for me but don't want others to make the same mistake and use this company.

Quality bad - customer service even worse!

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2383Harboreigh, Inc. [Charlotte]
Total claims:2
4 Invoices not paid »Oct. 13, 200807/05/20090

We have done business with this company for several years.  In Oct. we did some machine work for them and sent out invoices.  We called them several times trying to collect the balance due, however everytime we called, they had an excuse for non payment. 

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5058Harboreigh, Inc. [Charlotte]
Total claims:2
unpaid invoices »10/13/08, 11/06/0825/09/20090

We did work for this company expecting to get paid on a timely manner.  Invoices have still not been paid.  When we called this company, they stated they were waiting on a goverment contract and would pay invoices asap.  A year is a bit long to wait.

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29255MIRIAN DE FREITAS [Santa Catarina]
Total claims:2
Business Scam »April, 201303/05/20130
This person is a fraud. She goes under a number of names including Mirian DeClue and Mirian Regina De Freitas and Mirian Freitas. She set up a company called Greenfields Investment Partners and has cheated each one of them out of money. Recently she cheated a hotel in NY owing them over $50,000. She is wanted for grand larceny and has taken flight to Brazil. Beware.

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