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15635Jewels and Tools [Birmingham]
Total claims:1
NO GOODS NO REFUND »5 May 201029/12/20100
We ordered jewellery tools from this company on 5 May 2010 to be posted to us in South Africa. Included in this was shipping of 70 Pounds.

When we realised the goods are not getting delivered, we phoned them to get the tracking code. This request was side stepped by saying they will follow up from their side.

Still nothing has been received and no feedback.

After a few months we requested that they resend the goods, we were told this will be done, however still nothing.

We also had a friend living in London phone them constantly and every time there was a different excuse, i.e. they did not have stock etc.

When we started requesting a refund, they said this will be done in the next 2 days, we kept phoning and kept getting this excuse.

They said they had to speak to the account holder, I therefore phoned from RSA. I gave all the details of the order but couldn't give the exact cents of the order, only the Pounds as we did this 8 months ago and I could not remember. I asked her to hold on that I could check but the lady put down the phone and after that I kept getting the fax machine.

If this doesn't smell fishy then I don't know!

We paid the goods through RBS worldpay, you'd think they would deal with reputable companies!

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