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22037Model Days (R F Marketing Ltd) [London]
Total claims:2
Heavy Sell »03/10/201115/11/20113
On 3/10/11 I attended a model experience day with my son at Model Days in London. Booking over the telephone I paid £49.99 registration fee which could be redeemed against any photos I took away on the day. The actual day itself was good - he had four photo shoots with hair and make-up done and he enjoyed it. However, when we went to the viewing of the photos the heavy sell began and they only really want to concentrate on selling your one of their very expensive packages. They very cleverly pressured me into buying their Siliver Package at a cost of £2,999 (reduced by £500 by them as part of their sales technique). It was definately a heavy sell technique and I was put under very subtle pressure to purchase this package which consists of a website/cv they set up for you. When I left the studio I realised what I'd done and couldn't believe I'd fallen for it as model agencies don't actually need or want a website cv sent to them they only require a couple of photos. Unfortunately I signed the form which states that the order cannot be cancelled or amended and it also asks you to confirm that you have not been under pressure to purchase the order. Well, I had been put under pressure but when I tried to get my money back they refused. I am currently taking them to small claims court but want anyone else out there to beware of the heavy sell technique and to be very strong as you do not need any of these packages.

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23441Orchid Studios [London]
Total claims:4
Refundable Deposit? »27/01/201203/02/20123
My daughter received a cold call from a representitive of this company, formerly called Sapphire Studios and Studio 64, on 27 January 2012. The rep. offered my daughter a "free" photoshoot complate with make over and hair styling with professionals and a professional photographer at their studios in London. All she needed to do was make a "small" deposit to secure the shoot. No mention of the amount was made and she was told the deposit was refundable. I know this as i was in the room during that part of the conversation and she had her phone on speaker phone.

Unknown to my daughter my wife had already put plans in place for my daughter to have a photoshoot for her 21st. birthday with a family friend who is a full time photographer. When my wife informed my daughter of this, she decided to cancel the shoot and get a refund. Before she could ring them, they rang her on 1st February 2012 to arrange a session date. it was at this time she informed them she was cancelling and the reason why. The rep told her that it wasnt a problem and a refund could be arranged. On 2nd February someone else called her to inform her that she would only get her refund if she attended the session or "sold" her "ticket" to a friend, failure to do either would result in her losing her deposit for something that hadnt even had a day booked.

On the 3rd February I rang the company on the numbers my daughter had saved on her phone, after an hr. of trying I eventually got through to one of their "Diary Admin Assistants" named Joseph Celcius Verbagenga. His attitude was one of to get her refund she does it our way or not at all. He either couldnt or wouldnt see how the company policy was for all intensive purposes holding my daughters money to ransom. I told him that unless the refund was made i would be seeking legal advice and reporting them to consumeraffairs, trading standards and BBC watchdog, which i have done at the time of writing. His responsse was that of couldnt care less. If she wanted her money she either did a session, sold her ticket or forget getting her money back. He then informed me that one of the "customer relations" people would ring me to speak to me.

One hour later i received a phone from a number with a dialling code i didnt recognise. I now know this number to be based in the Phillipines from doing a websearch for the country code. the woman i spoke to was rude and extremely arrogant with a "do your worst" attitude. She was even worse than the "diary admin assistant", and refused to even see reason, was unreasonable and accused both my daughter and i of being liars.

these people need to be avoided by any and all young females as it seems that they tend to select them, tempt them in then rip them off. i have seen on various sites that they use badgering and haranging techniques on people into buying photos, the cheapest of which is £49 and sold to you on a cd which would cost no more than £0.99 from your local pc retail outlet

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24189Orchid Studios [London]
Total claims:4
A total scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! »15.03.201216/03/20121
I have been called yesterday from Orchid studios, that I have won a free makeover and photo shoot. It sounded catchy, especially that I could bring a guest with me. I was totally into it. They also said that I will have to pay them 50 pounds/person as a deposit which is totally refundable. Then our conversation still went on, from one guest got to 2 guests, then he asked my bank details.
I admit it wasn't the correct thing to do but I gave in and give my details. After this phone call, checked my bank account, the money was taken in an instant. So I have decided to Google this orchid studios. The first thing which popped out was Orchid studio scams. In that moment I got shocked and tried to call them back and of course they didn't answer.
After half an hour someone from the orchid studio called me, to confirm my booking but I said I would like to cancel it because something came up and I need the money. I have also told them that I have seen the comments from the internet but the person from the other line denied it. He told me the only way I will get my money back is attending this photo shooting, or giving it to someone else. I said I cannot make it, as I have to go back to my country, and I would really need the money as I am a student as well.
I have also read from other claims that, even if you attend they will not give your deposit back. I'm really annoyed by this, and I don't know what to do. I would really need some help, or some advice of how could I possibly get my money back.
Please Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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22180Studio Venus [london]
Total claims:1
bad service »nov 201123/11/20110
very rude staff, dirty dingy studio nothing like what was promised

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15847Burlingtons New ID [Newcastle Upon Tyne]
Total claims:2
Ripped off/purchase not as decribed »18/10/1007/01/20110

I went to Burlingtons New ID makeover studios with my sister...Firstly the makeover is not what it is described I bought two vouchers which were on "special offer" for £50, to the value of £2000 which in my opinion is most certainly not. When we arrived at the studios we were giving our "consultation" we were asked to fill in a form about our skin types, type of makeover prefereed etc..we then had our makeover, hair styled, and makeover applied which was badly wasnt cut straight was badly cut and makeover wasnt even rubbed in properly i have a visible orangey coloured line around my forehead on photographs..we also asked to bring our babies with us so they could be in the photographs with us..Finally the photographs were being taken, the photographer was polite and professional and this went ok, we were then asked to take a seat then the manager saw us and asked us into the viewing room..Once we were there he showed us all different kinds of techniques with the photographs black and white, sepia and photo editing/retouching etc.. i had intentions of choosing a free print which came with our vouchers and also choosing some prints from which i also purchased, in advanced a "rollover" set of prints from when i booked up.( When booking i was asked to pay £25 each for the two bookings i had as a deposit for our makeover which were fully refundable... i was also sold £50 worth of prints which would "rollover" to a hundred pounds worth of prints on the day) overall i had already paid £150 already as we were viewing the photographs..the manager was very persuasive, telling us that we would want all of our pictures because they were of our children and that he would like to sell us them all at a reasonable offer..i thought i wouldnt really have to pay much more as i had already had paid so much already..the manager was very persuasive again, showing us a reciept for £6000 for photographs he had "sold that day" he repeatedly told us he was thinking of us and would sell us the photographs considerably lower,, he then went on to explain a deal with framed prints for £600 i told him this was far too much way out of my budget he then asked around how much i could comfortably pay monthly for 12 months, i told him around £20 (as this could be split with my sister £10 pounds each) and he offered £25 pounds a month, we then dealed at this and as he was completing the financial agreement, I noticed it said £50, I queried this and he told me it would be £25 pound for each of us..we still had our children with us and they were crying, we were in this very small office we were all sat very close together and i was very hot and frustrated i was feeling very awkward and pushed into buying and so i quickly agreed, I sign a credit agreement for £50 for 12 months and the manager told us the discs would be with us within two-three weeks..the discs were also agreed to be photo edited retouched, As i was dealing with my child at the time my mind wasnt actually thinking about what i was signing up for and exactly what i was purchasing it was getting onto 9.00 pm and we had been there since 3.oopm that afternoon and we were hungry, tired and exhausted with looking after our 22 month old children as well as having a makeover..Once we got out of the studio i realised exactly i had already paid £150 on our makeover and towards the photographs, i hadnt even calculated the total i would be paying altogether including this price, i realised i had been very foolish and that altogether i had paid £750 pounds, we actually had a copy of the disc of photographs to take home immediately but i would be getting two "retouched" discs out in the post. It then realised we hadnt even got our free print for what we were already entitled to with our pre paid voucher, and the framed print would not be in with the deal.. It was late and we were the last customers and the shop was closing as we were coming out so we couldnt return back immediately.. I decided to go home and wait for our discs to arrive... Once they arrived only one of them were this deal were for the both of us (me and my sister) she got a retouched disc but upon looking through mine i realised it wasnt what i was expecting.. I have emailed the company several times and they have not returned my emails. Overall i think i was taken advantage of paying £750 in total..(inlcuding my £50 deposit i payed was not returned) and the fact that we had our children there with us and at 22 months they need a lot of attention, our hair and makeover was very rushed and there was a lot of waiting about and the viewing office was very crammed and hot.. this is the worse purchase i have ever made and i have never experienced service like it..I certainly will not be recommending this company to anyone and I now have difficulty to even sleep just thinking about the awful mess i am in.

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26605Burlingtons New ID [Newcastle Upon Tyne]
Total claims:2
complaint about membership card - scam »27/08/201204/09/20120
My husband bought me a membership card as a gift- and bought it at the Westfield salon, the membership was stating 50% off the price and a serie of "extras" + a free make over
The full price mentionned was 72pounds (price in West End)but checking the price for the Westfield venue I saw it was 39 so when I called i asked to the girl that booked my appointment on the phone if I would still have 50% of the 39pounds and she said yes.
I choosed the westfield venue as it is closer home and endend up paying 36 pounds instead of the full 39 pounds (the girl on the phone assured me i should pay 19.5). I spent already too much time in the salon and could not even pay at the till of the salon so did not want to start arguing in the middle of the debenhams. but i feel the membership card is a lie and i would like some kind of compensation and of course I am asking the refund of the difference that i paid - which is 16.5 pounds which they disagree.
i used it twice now - once in west end and now, I never had any style consultation, this time I did not have the intensive conditioning (and the 1st time i have been charged for it -another rip off), there was no head massage, no advice haircare program....
The membership card is stating that the salon is open from 8 to 8 , on their website is written that the salon in Westfield is open until 10 during the week but in reaity it is 7pm.
On top of this, I asked the end to be cut....I can barely see the difference between before and after

the last email I just received is:
Dear Priscilla,

Thank you for your email.

Apologies for the delay. I have been waiting on correspondence for this issue.

The voucher which you have is for the Central London studio, which initial price of a cut wash blow-dry is £72 with the voucher you pay only £36.

By all mean you can use this voucher in the Westfield studio but unfortunately the discount does not take place in the branch in Westfield .

Therefore speaking to the marketing company which the voucher was purchased from. I can not process a refund

When Burlingtons were the one that sold the membership card standing next to the salon in Westfield - They even made my husband visit their branch

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26837Model Days (R F Marketing Ltd) [London]
Total claims:2
ripped off »28/12/1125/09/20120
promised contacts,up to date web page,photo`s to promote my sons modelling

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22403RF Marketing / Model Days / Sapphire Studios / Saphire Studios [London]
Total claims:1
Heavy / Pressurised Sell »02/09/201106/12/20110
This is really about RF Marketing Limited - aka Model Days and Sapphire or Saphire Studios. Look at the rest of the comments on these companies and you will see that any dealings with them will involve A LOT OF MONEY which you really don't need to spend. STAY AWAY from them or if you do go, make sure you know exactly what you are going in for, are strong and don't get pressurised into purchasing anything you don't want or need. I managed to get a CCJ against RF Marketing Limited and am hoping to get my money back off them shortly. Don't let them bully you.

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24166Orchid Studios [London]
Total claims:4
Ripped off through using Wowcher voucher »10/03/201215/03/20120
I purchased a deal through Wowcher for a makeover and photoshoot at this company (details below) for £19.99 all up including 2 photos to take home at the end and a 6 piece make up gift. Here they have called themselves the Angel studios but they are the same company as Orchid studios.

Makeover& Photoshoot
• Get a beauty consultation and fashion makeover for 2 people.
• Includes a professional make up application and hair styling.
• You'll then each enjoy a photo shoot.
• Watch a slide show and choose your 2 favourite pictures to take home as 12"x8" prints or on CD.
• Includes unlimited champagne or bucks fizz.
• You'll also get a 6-piece make up gift!
The fine print
• One per two people.
• May buy multiples as gifts.
• Voucher valid for 3 months.
• Subject to availability.
• A refundable bookings deposit will be required.
• Sorry, you'll need to be over 18 to enjoy today's deal unless part of a family booking.

The makeover and photoshoot went great, no issue there. The problem I have is when my friend and I returned to the waiting room and were informed that we had to fill out at least 15 friends names and phone numbers that they could contact, before we could see our photos or receive the make up gift that should have been a part of the voucher I already had purchased regardless. I told her that we weren't interested in doing this and the woman became very pushy and insisted that it was part of the agreement and that we couldn't see our photos without them. This is not mentioned in any of the fine print above, but unfortunately as I didn't have this on me and couldn't show her at the time, my friend and I ended up (reluctantly) filling out 7 or 8 friends names each and handing them over. I rang my friends to warn them about this and lucky that I did because looking at these other comments about the company there is some kind of scam going on here.

My second complaint is about the '2 favourite pictures to take home' as set out below. This was not the case - a woman then showed us through the slide show of photos and then worked out for us that to take home a CD each with all photos it would be somewhere in the region of £1000 each - we both nearly fell off our chairs hearing this. We went back and forth with her for literally half an hour saying that no, 2 photos to take away for FREE as part of the voucher terms was the agreement - again I wish I'd had the below information printed out to show her as the woman insisted this wasn't the case and that actually that had meant you get 2 free photos when you spend thousands purchasing a whole package. Any way it went on like this for ages and we ended up just purchasing 2 photos each for £100 all up to just get out of there with something for all our trouble, which she then made out was a 'fantastic deal' that we were getting, but we left the place feeling very ripped off, annoyed and embarrassed. It was a pity it ended on such a sour note because on the surface it had looked like such a good deal and I have never had a problem with any Wowcher vouchers in the past.

I have also contacted Wowcher to let them know about this and suggested they get in touch with the studios to let them know this is totally unacceptable and avoid promoting them in the future. Haven’t heard anything back yet but will update this once I do!

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25567Orchid Studios [London]
Total claims:4
Refundable Deposit and Validity Date »27-Apr-201214/06/20120
Like a lot of people, I got scammed too with £150 going off my debit card. I would like this money to be refunded, but I am unable to reach anyone to TALK to them and request this. All my calls go to voicemail. Also, I was told that my offer would be valid for 6 months, but it says only 3 on my appt letter.

I am really frustrated!

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25671Inspire Photography [Inspire Photography]
Total claims:1
NOT RECEIVED WHAT I HAVE PAID FOR!! »14.01.1221/06/20120
On 14th January 2012 i went to view prints that were taken at a mother and daughter photo shoot. After viewing these i selected the prints i wanted to purchase and paid a deposit for these. After emails to receive free print i eventually received this and then awaited the other printes purchased after i had paid the amount in full. I have had to chase Inspire every step of the way and even got told a print had been sent and was sent back due to being dsamaged by royal mail which in no uncertain terms could have happened as the prints were sent out in unmarked brown A4 envelope with no info inside as to who the sender was!! I received the prints which were not frameable as were not centered some were right over to one side and another was right at bottom of the page bearing in mind we got an upgrade in size of print so were a little off A4 size. When i explained not happy with the prints and reason they seemed to be bemused and said i should have asked for these to be centered. I was not under the impression that i got an upgrade but i had to cut the print so that it looked frameable. I also received a disc which should have had all prints taken to be on this there were only 3 when this arrived. I was told that a new disc and prints would be dispatched asap. I had to chase to find out where prints were yet again. The disc arrived with all on but when the prints arrived after this they were unsatisfactory yet again so i had to contact yet again and after several emails spoke to the owner Gary who said he would now deal with this to get the situtaion rectified. He sent me an email detailing a complaint list asked me to look over and then respond to him and he would take the compliant from there. So i did that and forwarded it back to Gary with the amendments i had made. I received no reply to this so i then emailed again and then eventually emailed the studio where i first logged complaints about service and prints. I was then told that Gary had not received a reply to the complaints email he sent me so i explained i did straight away same day so i had to forward on to Gary which i did and also copied on to the studio. I also contacted the Citizens Advice for some help since i was now down by £295.00! They advised me to send details stating complaint and give them time to respond. I got am email stating Gary was working in another branch and would attend to my complahnt once back in office. No contact made whatsoever. So i contacted them again with a date to respond to get this sorted for once and for all. Still nothing so here i am now passing on my experience so that no-one else pays for this in full until fully satisfied. I am £295.00 out of pocket with no frameable prints with a company who obviously want to just ignore my problem. Not a happy customer!

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26010New ID Studios and Burlingtons Hair [London]
Total claims:2
Groupon Voucher £19 for makeover »22 June 201213/07/20120
I bought a Groupon Voucher for £19 to have haircut, make-up and makeover photo shoot, which included a 12" x 8" print with New ID Studios and Burlingtons Hair.

I attended this on 22/6/12 for the 1.15pm slot in London. I then waited for about 30 minutes after the photoshoot. Their salesman showed me the shots on the computer and pressurised me to purchase a package for £2400 package. I told him that I could not afford it as I am retired and have been unemployed for the past 2 years and on top of that I also have colon cancer so I do not have that sort of money to spare. I then asked for time to think about it but he would not listen. During the whole time, I pleaded with him to give me more time to think about it but he said that he had a lot of people waiting outside the toom and he did not want to hold them back unnecessarily.

During the time I was with them, I kept telling them that I could ill afford the money because I am unemployed and a pensioner and I do not have the money to splash out. He said, he would love to show the photos to his family and friends because I said the photos would not be of any good to me other than hanging on the walls at home. They said, that I should show off my best. Literally pressurised me to pay for something I do not need.

I subsequently telephoned their office twice, once on Saturday, 23 June 2012 and again on 25 June to cancel the order, but on both occasions, it was only a voice message asking caller to write to them at their email address at or alternatively, use the online form. I used the online form on 24/6/12 informing them that I wish to cancel the contract but I did not get a response.

On 26th June, I telephoned Creation Consumer Finance Ltd who told me that I have to contact the company to inform them of my intention to cancel the order. As requested, I telephone New ID Studios again and yet again, only a voice message to email or use the online form on their website. I have since received replies both from Creation and New ID that I have to pay the balance £720.

I received the reply from Creation dated 6 July 2012 that I have ticked the box stating that my income was £40000 to £49999 - this was falsified after I signed the agreement. and I have written to about this.

I was cornered, pressurised, traumatised and eventually signed the agreement under duress for £800. I cancelled the order with New ID and the agreement with Creation and I have not taken delivery of the services/goods. I later found that the application was falsified with my income as £40000 to £49999 after I signed the application. I DID NOT TICK on the household income because I would not and do not lie about an income which I do not have.

I have exercised my right to cancel my agreement with Creation.

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28330New ID Studios and Burlingtons Hair [London]
Total claims:2
Conned into signing contract »January 201210/02/20130
My friend booked me a makeover at new id studios with herself as a birthday present, when we arrived they did our hair and make up and made a huge fuss of us, just what every lady enjoys on their birthday, then we had photos taken in the studio, individually and together.
After all the photos were complete we were taken into a very small room with the editor who is a glorified salesman, he pressured us continuously to purchase the photos, we agreed before hand we will have our free one and that was it but being 2 young girls he put huge pressure on us, editing photos infront of our eyes and telling us how beautiful they were. He kept telling us the price of taking home the whole package and refusing to tell us individual photo prices or smaller packages, every time we asked he said there is no point as it doesnt work out any cheaper its best to have this option, then without asking up on the screen popped a credit statement, he told me i will need to pay £37.20 for 48 months! I said im an unemployed full time student i cant afford that and he said its only £30 a month and you will recieve 2 discs with beautiful photographs on, to this day i have received one disc and some photos missing. I was conned into a contract as he showed me the credit statement but no contract he feld the paper in half and asked me to sign the bottom of both pages of the credit statement, he seemed very pushy and i was genuinely scared of him so i signed, it wasnt until i left the studio after having more money taken from me at the time! That i realised he has slotted a contract behind the credit statement and sneakily made me sign it without showing me it and letting me read it first! I have since realised the price went up by about £400 as an interest!! I feel this company is taking advantage of vulnerable people and especially the young ones who feel cornered and afraid to speak up! I get myself in a panic every month when the direct debit is due to leave my account as i know realisticly i cannot afford it and am still unemployed studying full time. I cant afford this for another 3 years what can i do?!

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