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1451upvc trade frames hull ltd [hull]
Total claims:1
deposit fraud »04/12/200823/03/20095



Christopher Burton and Sarah Burton




UPVC Trade Frames (Hull) Limited







Dated 3 March 2009


During a recent search for a builder and conservatory supplier, I contacted ‘Trusted Local' and Anglian Windows. Shortly after two companies contacted me with a view to quote for the job.  After a couple of meetings at our home and quotes supplied, another company called ‘Trade Frames' contacted us via the telephone stating that they were aware we were looking for a conservatory supplier and at the time I assumed that they had heared about us through the ‘Trusted Local Suppliers' website.


Trade Frames gave us a good quote and we gave them the go ahead and handed Andy D, salesman from Trade Frames a cheque for £5,000 deposit for the planning fees and architect and to get things moving.  At this point we joked about being ready for Christmas but were advised that it would take around 6 weeks for the planning to go through and up to 6 weeks for the build and that work could be estimated to be done by January or early February 09.  We therefore sat back and waited. 


Our Architect, Chris Rodgers of Matrix Solutions, informed us just after Christmas that everything was in with the Council and during January we should see some planning notices outside. 


Prior to provided Trade Frames with a deposit, we had sent in a pre-planning form to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council and had received a letter from Planning Officer Miss Terry Clements that although planning for a conservatory would be required, we could continue with the loft conversion with a large dormer without full planning as long as it was built complying with  a few certain conditions.  Chris Rodgers rightly advised us that rather than build one large ugly dormer across the back of the house, we should put in full planning for two smaller dormers that are more pleasing to the eye and should include this with the plans for the conservatory all under one planning application.



- 1 -


During early January I contacted Andy Drummond from Trade Frames for a progress report but to no avail.  We would ring Andy D's mobile and Trade Frames and either the phones would not be answered, or if they were answered we would told that the matter would be looked into and that we would receive a telephone call back.  Repeatedly this did not happen.  Eventually we got a glimmer of hope when Andy Drummond confirmed that a builder would be coming round to see us mid-February to start work on the stairs and roof structure etc as this can be done without full planning.  Nobody turned up to start any work at all and nobody telephoned us to explain why the builder did not arrive.


Around this time we were getting rather twitchy about the authenticity of Trade Frames and as to whether any applications etc had been submitted at all, although Chris Rodgers had explained that everything was in hand.  We were getting a bad feeling about Trade Frames and how we were being treated by the company, therefore we telephoned the East Riding of Yorkshire Council towards the end of January to check to see if any applications had been made.  The Council explained that an application had been made and this put our minds at ease.  The council requested further documents such as flood risk assessment.  We spoke to Chris Rodgers who had received a letter from the council on 4 February requesting this information and explained that he will return these documents to the council and during the end of February we subsequently received validation.


I then called Andy Drummond numerous times for Andy to book an internal start date and I then became more and more frustrated by the lack of communication and promises of ‘I will call you back'. 


On 24 February I telephoned the office of Trade Frames and spoke to a woman who said that I would have an answer by the end of the day,  I received a telephone call from a guy who claimed to be a builder called Shane who said that he was asked to come over and get started building our conservatory.  I explained that we still had no planning through for the conservatory but he replied that we don't need to worry as we can get around that by just tying into the existing building as a way of getting round needing planning permission!  I obviously refused to let this unprofessional sounding person on my property.  Upon making further attempts to contact Andy this day, I was guaranteed an answer by 10.00pm. By 10.00pm there were still no answers from Andy.  I called Andy and was told to stop calling him.  He had promised me a call by the end of the working day and he said that to him - he was still working and this was not the end of his day!  A little shocked by his attitude, I went to Trade Frames in Hull on Thursday, 26 February. 


When I arrived at Trade Frames in Hull on Thursday, 26 February I walked into an open door to be told these people have nothing to do with Trade Frames and they were ‘Meking Glass' and the other gentleman present at the time claimed to be a customer.  A man called ‘Mark' turned up explaining that


- 2 -

it was nothing to do with him - he worked for a marketing company.  Then Steven Beet turned up and claimed not to be anything to do with Trade Frames also and was just a worker.  After much arguing and me demanding my deposit money back, Steve promised a visit to my home with a builder at 11.00am on Saturday, 27 February to survey the job.  He explained that he would draw a line in the sand and all would be ok from now on in. 


My wife stayed at home all day on Saturday and at one minute to 11.00am we had a call from Steve Beet with an excuse about a failed MOT on the builders' car and that he would not be able to make it until later in the day.  It was promised that he would come round at 5.00pm on Saturday, 27 February.  Eventually at around 3.00pm he telephoned to make another excuse that he would not be coming around at 5pm but he gave a cast iron promise for Monday at 4.00pm - but again no show!


After many abusive telephone calls on my part to them, I was told

By Andy Drummond that he had left the company.


I subsequently went to the premises of Trade Frames on Tuesday, 3 March to find ‘meking glass' man and the previously mentioned ‘I'm just a customer' man in the building who again although at Trade Frames' premises had ‘no involvement!  I sat and waited for Steven Beet who turned up and spent an hour lying about who owns what company.  During the time I spent at the premises a builder turned up who was working for Trade Frames and had downed his tools until he got paid by Trade Frames. 


While I was sat in an empty office, telephone numbers of customers were on the top of a desk in open full view.  I called some of these customers while I was waiting to find a very familiar story of lies and unkept promises of start work dates and large deposits being paid to Trade Frames.  I have discovered a web of lies and deceit and I am convinced without doubt that these men are committing fraud.


From research on the world wide web, I have checked with FENSA and I am unable to find any registration details for Trade Frames, UPVC Trade Frames (Hull) Limited, Trade Frames Hull or Stormproof or even Hoetech as ever being registered with FENSA.  I have since spoken to a Trade Frame customer who were informed that Hoetech Windows have taken on Trade Frames jobs as they were liquidated on Friday, 27 February - further raising suspicion.


After contacting a couple of other unhappy customers of Trade Frames/Stormproof, non of us can understand how these 2 companies obtained our contact details in the first place or heard how we wanted conservatories building.  The on-line agency have confirmed that they do not have these companies registered with their agency There seems to be a


- 3 -

common theme of Anglian Windows quoting within 24/48 hours of receiving a call from Trade Frames.  This appears on the surface to be more than a coincidence.  It is believed that Andy Drummond was previously employed by Anglian Windows, If this is indeed the case and the source of their customers prospects, this would be a gross breach under the Data Protection Act.


Many requests for either works and/or return of my deposit money have clearly been made but this has yet to occur.  I am no longer happy with Trade Frames nor wish for any of their builders or contractors to start any of my work as I do not trust anybody associated with the company and wish for the fair return of my deposit. 


Dated 3rd day of March 2009



Christopher and Sarah Burton






























- 4 -

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28024Rooflines [Cheltenham]
Total claims:2
Deposit taken and no work undertaken »May 201213/01/20134
We signed a contract in February 2012 with Rooflines to provide gutterings, soffixes etc and a new conservatory roof. Our dealings throughout have been with the director John Webster - his photo is on their website.
We paid a deposit of 30% and a further 50% of the total contract in May when the guttering was nearing completion and when we were led to believe that the conservatory roof would be fitted within the next two weeks weather permitting.

The gutters were completed but the company has avoided our calls, has not completed a survey, has not supplied the roof and refused to do so when we complained unless we paid the full contract value up front which was outside contract terms!
At the end of August we took the company to the Small Claims Court and obtained judgement against them for the debt. When we tried to enforce and collect via bailiffs we discovered that the addresses we hold in Cheltenham and Boroughbridge are a sham and not occupied. Searches at Companies House reveal many associated companies some of which are no longer trading. Does anyone know a trading address?

Would you trust this company and its directors?

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13722EVEREST [CUFFLEY,Potters Bar]
Total claims:5
sd0070am/ refund »01/08/201017/09/20102

we paid for solar/self clean glass for the conservatory roof but were given normal glass plus the roof leaked after lot's of email's & phone call's & letter's of complaint asking for the roof to be fixed plus the correct glass we get messed around we had to pay for solar film £1200 because it was to hot then they fitted solar glass after keeping on but we have not had refund £1200 which we had to pay for or we could'nt use the conservatory as it was over 40%c plus we want the money we paid for self clean glass as not fitted because they say because the roof pitch is to low but the surveyor said we were going to have a higher pitch but was not done we want money back ! when we paid for it & it's in black & white on the purchase agreement saying solar/self glass we're still waiting for the roof to been fixed for the 6th time roof pitch is far to low so the water just sit's there & leak's  were still waiting for other out standing work to be done like the open drain in the conservatory we've sent email's & letter's saying if no money paid & work not done correctly soon then we 're going to court unless we get payment a.s.a.p

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28293Rooflines [Cheltenham]
Total claims:2
Rooflines -- John Webster »12/11/201206/02/20132
We ordered a roof lantern from Rooflines and paid in full on the agreement that delivery would be 7 to 10 days. We mainly dealt with John Webster but received emails signed by various names, as though dealing with a large company – in hindsight it seems all emails are written in the same style and I suspect actually by the same person.

The phone number is for a 3rd party call centre acting as though they are the Rooflines office. When pushed they admitted they could only pass messages on and refused to give any contact details for John Webster.

The lantern never arrived and after a month John Webster stopped responding to any communications.

We have pursued judgement through the Small Claims Court and are now in the same situation as other of trying to recover our money.

This man has effectively stolen two thousand pounds from us and I have no doubt has no shame in doing the same again.

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772EVEREST [CUFFLEY,Potters Bar]
Total claims:5
REFUND OF DEPOSIT »29 May 200602/02/20091

29 May 2006 I ordered a conservatory, for £18000,00 paid a deposit of £1840.00. 

Everest was supposed to apply for A planning permission and council consent

In November 06 the council told me the council needed technical information to rant the Council consent.  I contacted Everest and sent the Council letter with the informations needed to obtain the consent.  I waited 3 months, called then many times it was excuses after excuses in the end , in January 2008 I cancelled the contract reminding them they were in breach of their contract  Terms & Conditions stipulating "If planning permission or other consent is not obtained the contract will be cancelled". 

According to this Terms & Conditions,I asked for a refund and as I today they refuse to refund  my deposit

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1777EVEREST [CUFFLEY,Potters Bar]
Total claims:5
Everest a name you can trust??? »10 April 200912/04/20091


I asked for an everest rep to come out to quote on a driveway (silly me) i wanted to use a company who have been around for a while and can trust (ha ha silly me again) your sales rep babbled on for 90 minutes before quaoting £24,000 for a £4000 job then proceeded with numerous call to a supposed manager to get this down to £8000 i had to say yes and make my excusses for him to come back for a contract signed just to get rid of him. I feel sorry for any OAP'S who are foolish enougth to think EVEREST A NAME YOU CAN TRUST.  Going to consider writing to the BBC and trading standards because your tactics are disgraceful.  This is the type of tactics a person appearing on "Rouge Traders or "WATCHDOG" would use rest assured myself or anyone i would know will not let your firm anywhere near there property. Thank you fro the quote in writing no one would of belived it if it was not in black and white

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12621EVEREST [CUFFLEY,Potters Bar]
Total claims:5
windows »11 June 201011/06/20101

I did all the right things getting three quotes despite pressure to sign up immediately on each one. Silly me decided to go with the "best" despite being £1500 dearer than Anglian and £5000 dearer than small local outfit.
I was told surveyor would come in 2-3 days and windows / doors would be fitted in 5 weeks from order 27 Jan 2010. After chasing them up I eventually got a surveyor visit in mid Feb and arranged for installation to start 1 April. Again after chasing them they started late April but could not finish as parts not delivered from factory. They came back 2 weeks later but parts were still wrong. I had area manager visit as all 4 doors are warped, one window frame is damaged and 3 windows dont close plus of course the still missing bay window parts and door handles.
Promised all would be resolved on 5 June, no one turned up so more complaints and assured parts would be in the depot that week and work would be done today 11 June. Guess what another day off work for no one to turn up.
Saving grace is that I have only paid the £4000 deposit and have a watertight house even if I dare not open some windows and have to fight to shut the doors.

For a company claiming to be the best communication is non existant and quality control at the factory is appauling. The saving grace is that the installation guys are excellent.

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20995EVEREST [CUFFLEY,Potters Bar]
Total claims:5
Don't touch them with a barge pole »March 200713/09/20110
I would like to inform our bad experience with Everest. This will save you time and money.

In 2007 we decided to install double glazing for our two ground floor flats. We invited three suppliers for quote, from local to medium to top company, Everest. Everest salesman Mr. Raymond Eden first gave quote of nearly £10k for 3 windows and a patio door each flat. He offered nearly 50% discount after few hours and several phone calls to his “boss” and said this was a deal only if we sign the contract there and then. We got two quotes from other suppliers who were much cheaper but we decided to go ahead with Everest because we thought that Everest will provide high quality windows and doors, and their service will be top quality. We were pressurised by the salesman Mr. Raymond Eden to sign the contract. He also informed that we didn’t need to pay interest if we took Everest finance. Although we had the money to pay completely we decided to go ahead with finance option because it was interest free for two years! We were told that we only pay interest if we did not settle the account within 2 years. What a mistake it was. Six/seven months later when we received our first statement, we were shocked to find out that the finance option we went for was not interest free and last six months we were paying whooping interest of 24.8% APR%!!! Immediately we wrote to the finance company and settled the account after paying additional admin fees!
It took few weeks to install the products. There were issue with installation timescale. Each year we have been calling the engineer because the door does not shut properly (the hinge regularly comes off!). The air vent we had asked them to put in was completely waste – we do not get any air! We complained to the Everest Customer Service and so far we have not received any response. We were told by the engineer that it has 10 years guarantee. What is the point? we had to take time off from work and be at home when we cannot close the door and wait for engineer. Lot of stress. It is a nightmare!
The product in my opinion is not high standard for the money you pay. The installation service is very poor – we should not be calling the engineer numer of times a year to ‘adjust’ the door. I noted that there are now gaps between the windows, door frames and bricks within 3 years! The product is very expensive, service is poor, installation is very poor and salesperson is very dishonest. We will NEVER recommend EVEREST.

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Total claims:2
REFUND FOR DEPOSIT »15TH APRIL 200915/04/20090

I gave a deposit of £2318 to your company over the phone having received a quote for a self-biuld conservatory on Friday 3rd April. Unfortunately due to family circumstances I am not able to proceed with my purchase so contacted your company by phone on the following Thursday 9th April, 5 working days later. But was told I couldn't cancel the order without speaking to the manager, Tim Smith but "everything would be OK".
Mr Smith was not present until the following week. I rang again on Tuesday 14th April, as Monday was a bank holiday. I was told Mr Smith was aware that I wanted to cancel the order and would call me back: but he didn't. I rang again on Wedensday 15th April and he spoke to me .... thereby deliberately making sure it was 8 days post order.

I have read the terms and conditions of your contract. However, Trading Standards inform me that I am still entitled to a 7 day cooling-off period, which your company deliberately deprived me of. I explained to Trading Standards that I was informed I would not get a refund, not because any money has been spent on my order but because of "potential loss of earnings".

I have signed no contract and was advised almost "threateningly" by Mr Smith that if I pursued my claim for a refund of my deposit (bearing in my mind no conservatory has been made yet) the company would probably try to make me pay the full amount approx £10,000.

I also received a credit agreement in the post for buy now pay next year, totallying £16000! although I enquired as to whether I could pay next year I was not advised of interest rates etc. and I assumed initially that I would pay the whole thing in one go next year, not be made to enter into a long credit agreement!

I politely request a full refund, or fel be forced take further action against the company and also against Mr Tim Smith for deliberately causing me to loose my 7 day cooling-off period rights by not returning my calls.

Miss Judith Archbold  MRCVS.

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Total claims:2
Faulty window »January 201223/02/20120
Roof window internal pane just exploded , conservatoryland do not want to deal with it, we have only had the conservatory 4 months, other problems we have had with them already , wrong size beams, missing screws, wrong base frame !!

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12053Canterbury Conservatories [Cannock]
Total claims:2
Conservatory built in wrong place »Since September 200914/04/20100

My contact with this company has been an unmitigated disaster! Canterbury Conservatories failed to maintain adequate communication throughout the purchasing and building process, including failure to supply a detailed construction agreement. Construction was affected by frequent changes of date, some without my consent or awareness. The conservatory was eventually built off-centre against the pre-existing house door and window, despite the surveyor's clear verbal commitment to centred construction. One side of the conservatory roof actually cuts off the corner of the window arch over which it has been built, and is obviously and disturbingly asymmetrical against the house. Despite verbal agreement, no electric light fitment or socket has been connected to the pre-existing wires, which remain bagged up and dangling. The company has never supplied the free cane suite of conservatory furniture, which formed part of the original contract. It has never responded in writing to my written formal complaints. It has made only sporadic contact by phone, and a site visit in January 2010 was never followed up with a report or any suggestions for remediation of the faults -despite verbal acknowledgement of my case. Furthermore, the parent company UV2 is not even responding to communication from Barclays Partner Finance, with whom they arranged credit for me to purchase the conservatory. As a purchaser, I have done everything required of me and I am still paying for a home 'improvement' that I cannot use and which looks significantly wrong against the house. My levels of domestic inconvenience and personal stress have been unacceptably high for far too long now, with absolutely no sign that the company will do anything to solve the problems it has caused.

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16888Canterbury Conservatories [Cannock]
Total claims:2
Terrible service »22/2/201123/02/20110
I instructed this firm last year. I was told the work would be completed before Christmas. This was delayed allegedly because of bad weather. They began in January. Work has been done in fits and starts. The Installation Manager is called Tim and is unpleasant and bullying. I have been unable to find his surname. He sent someone to complete the windowsills after I complained last week. The man was told that I would give him the final payment of £1300. I was not informed about this and refused to do so. No-one has been since. The electrics are not finished and I have surplus furniture in the rest of my house which I cannot move until the work is completed. Phone calls are largely not responded to. I am feeling very depressed and advise anyone thinking of instructing this firm not to do so. As a woman alone, I was promised in the beginning that I would not be messed about.

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22012House of Anderson Ltd [Morecambe]
Total claims:1
Company in Receivership - no warranty on conservatory »01/10/201113/11/20110
6 years ago I signed a contract for a conservatory. It was paid for in full in 2 stage payments but there was a huge snagging list which took years to get through. It was only earlier this year the company actually made the conservatory watertight. I kept being promised that they wouldn't make the same mistakes and it would be sorted. Eventually I asked a builder to take a look at it and he said just ask for a refund as this could go on until the warranty expires. I wrote and did this but not unusually they ignored my request. I asked a solicitor to send a letter and they ignored that. Eventually she spoke to a director who denied all knowledge of any problems. It was the following week I discovered they had gone into receivership. I have contacted FENSA, the Receivers and the GGF who have all said it is not their problem. I am now left with a conservatory that is not fit for purposes and my warranty is not worth the paper it is written on.

It is very important for anyone to check this point before embarking on such a large purchase.

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