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10145motion power ltd [Oldham]
Total claims:10
Fraud »27/01/200927/12/20093
On 27th January 2009, I purchased a Kia Sorento Gearbox. I was told it would cost £600 including delivery and it was guaranteed for 1 year. When it arrived I saw that I had been charged TWO separate amounts of £600 and £150 but the £150 had not been agreed. I assumed that the £150 was a surcharge pending return of my old gearbox in exchange but after this was returned my £150 was not refunded despite phone calls and letters. Meanwhile their gearbox was noisy and faulty and had to be replaced again. I phoned and wrote asking for the full refund of my £750 but there was no response. This complaint is late being posted due to ill health but I would still like my money back.

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12407motion power ltd [Oldham]
Total claims:10
fraud »27/4/1022/05/20102

sent wrong part,returned it and gettin runaround concerning my refund,actually fear this outfit could misuse my card details...i strongly feel that should be held equally responsible for putting motion power in touch with all the customers,this was a rip off from the start as they admitted they did not even have the part i required, and sent me a totally different part just to obtain my money,,this is downright fraud,,i even sent the parts back at my own expense..AFTER SPEAKING WITH BREAKERYARD.COM 24/5/10 THEY HAVE NOW CEASED USING MOTION POWER DUE TO MASSIVE NUMBER OF IDENTICAL COMPLAINTS,,IF YOUVE EVER GIVEN M/POWER YOUR CARD DETAILS I ADVISE YOU RING THE BANK AND BLOCK THEM FROM ACCESSING YOUR ACCOUNT AS THERE IS PROOF THEY GO IN AT LATER DATES FOR A SECOND HELPING,,THIS OUTFIT ARE ALSO KNOWN AS MPL AND INTERNATIONAL CAR SPARES,,WATCH THEM USING A NEW NAME SOON,,TRULY SHOCKING,,ITS GREAT TO LIVE IN RIP OFF BRITAIN.

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12429MPH Engineering Wembley Ltd / ETC... [SOUTHALL]
Total claims:3
landrover V6 Oil seals? »05/05/201025/05/20102

We had bought a car which after 13days spat oil out over the floor, as we were off for the weekend. We rang the RAC who came and looked and decided that the oil seal or feed pipe had gone, we were towed home. We arranged for a local mechanic to look at the car, after inspection he said the seals had gone and if you replaced just those two it might put stress on the others and may go again elsewhere, so he recomended a engine remanufacturing. So after looking on the web and speaking to 3 companies the above seemed the right choice as they could A) collect from our South Glocs. home and effect the repair in 7 working days. The car was picked up and two days later a report was emailed to us, the original email quote was £1700 +VAT this had now gone up to £2338.25 inc, but if I wanted the "Additional items desirable to replace" the total would be £2832.92inc. I rang "Paul" to discuss this and to ask why some of the items were needing to be chaged as the car had been seviced only 6 months before, he got a little short and told me he did not need our work and we could go elsewhere! As we live over 100 miles away this would have been a nightmare, so we agreed and paid the full amount. Two weeks later after speaking to them I was told the car would be ready on the 18/05/2010. I got a train up to Southall, when I arrived I was told my car was not ready as they were waiting on a "Head" from Germany. I questioned this as the V6 petrol was made in the Uk and fitted to Landrovers in only Birmingham or Liverpool,Ryan agreed and thought it strange too!! Anyway rather than argue, which would not have got my car fixed, Ryan agreed as way of compensation that We could get our first 500 mile service done locally to us and the next 6000 mile service would be done by them FOC!! I did ask why I had to have a service done by them every 6000 miles as Landrover quote 12000 he said as part of the warranty ALL servicing had to be done by them. I did mention I thought this was a restrictive practice and that as long as a reputable company did the work and I could prove same there should be NO problem. Well Surprise, surprise a week later and my car is still not ready! I have rang them and they claim to be still waiting on the "Head" from Germany although I have given them the name,number of a local co.(Harrow) that has them for sale brand new and at a price £100 less then thay have charged me, so no excuse for not having car ready for tomorrow 26/05/2010. I have checked and they have rang this other co. but not ordered as yet..... We have given them till close of play tomorrow 26/05/2010 to have our car fixed as per the contract, and ready to be picked up. We have spoken to Trading stds,police and CC Co.All three are prepared to help. Maybe hell will freeze over and our car will be ready tomorrow?????UPDATE

just had paul on the phone telling me I'm ignorant and trying to blackmail him and he will report me to the police to which I will get three years.... Also he was recording the phone call,(without the proper warnings) and his mate wil sign a statement saying I was trying to blackmail him into fixing my car in a timely and correct manner as prescribed under the SUPPLY OF GOODS & SERVICES ACT 1982 (AS AMENDED) so if thats blackmail then I hang my head in shame!!!

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10130International Car Spares Ltd [Oldham]
Total claims:1
Debit Card Overcharged »27/01/200926/12/20091
On 27th Jan 2009 I purchased a Kia Sorento Gearbox. They said it would cost £600 including delivery and was guaranteed for 1 year. When it arrived I saw my card had been charged TWO separate amounts of £600 and an unauthorised £150 which was never agreed. I assumed the £150 was surcharge pending return of my old gearbox in exchange. The old gearbox was returned but despite phone calls and letters my £150 was not refunded. Meanwhile their replacement gearbox was very noisy and faulty and had to be replaced again. I phoned and wrote claiming back a full refund of the whole £750 they charged me but they never responded. My posting of this complaint has been delayed due to ill health.

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6636motion power ltd [Oldham]
Total claims:10
Incorrect Credit Card Charge »16/04/0913/11/20091

I purchares a reconditioned engine from ICS on the understanding that if we did not send the old engine back we would be charged £400.

The engine was sent back in February but in April ICS took £400 from my credit card.

ICS have been contacted on at least 40 occassions who agread we had sent them the old engine and would repay the £400. This never happened.

There could be other people caught in this trap and maybe we should get together.

Deal with this outfit at you own risk, you have been warned.

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10557MPH Engineering [SOUTHALL]
Total claims:4
complete lack of any service watsover »01/09/0917/01/20101

MPH Engineering Ltd made a quote of £1195 to replace my car engine on the 3rd September 2009. I accepted the quote and my car were collected by the company on the next day to carry out the agreed work.

Two days later, MPH Engineering Ltd sent me an e-mail informing me that the total cost of the repair would be £1981.10 after negotiation I accepted £1850 and paid them a deposit of £700. I was told by the company that it will take three days for the job to be done.

Three days later, I called MPH Engineering Ltd for an update about my car. I was asked to pay the balance of £1150.00 The company then stated that if I failed to pay the money they would not fix my car and I would be charged a further £460 and my car engine would be put into the boot of the car.

I wanted my car to be repaired and I paid the balance of £1150 using my credit card.
I called the company to enquire about my car. They responded by making a number of excuses for not completing the job.
I have paid MPH Engineering Ltd £1150 from my Credit Card but when I received my bank statement I seen they took £650 from the credit card and rest of the money they collected from my debit card without asking me. Please note they already have my debit card number when I paid them deposit of £700.00
Subsequently, I contacted Ealing police station and was advised to contact Trading Standards. I contacted Trading Standards as advised and was told to write to MHP Engineering Ltd and sent it by recorded delivery. I wrote to them four times and did not get any response.

I called at the garage to get my car back. I was told that my car will not be returned to me and I will be charged for storage.

I called the police again for help and they told me that they were unable to get involved because it was not a police matter.

I then sought advice from Trading Standards again and was advised to take MPH Engineering Ltd to court. I then put a claim against in Wandsworth county court

I received a letter from the Robert Callen Solicitors who is acting on the behalf MPH Engineering Ltd. Indicating that my original agreement for replacement of my car engine is with EWS and not with MPH Engineering Ltd. Therefore, this matter has nothing to do with MPH Engineering Ltd. They are also asking for compensation for taking the wrong company to court.

I have paid MPH Engineering Ltd £1850 and I have of payment which my bank statement shows. They have denied having anything to do with this matter.
I have been compensated £650.from Shell Citi Master Card company.

I bought that car for £7000 and I paid MPH Engineering £1850 for work to be done on the engine.

I have paid £300 to the court and £175 to a solicitor. I wrote to MPH Engineering Ltd by recorded delivery letters 4 times. I also went there in person. To date I lost nearly £10,000 in lost earnings due to not having the use of my car.

Now I have received a form from the court saying I need to filled this with the fees, and further fees payment will be required if there is any counter claim.

Trading Standard of Ealing Consumer Direct advised me to take them to the court and I will get my money and car back. Now they not seem to be very helpful.

I am appealing to you for help as I don’t know where else to turn.

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12457MPH Engineering [SOUTHALL]
Total claims:4
reconditioned engine »03/03/201028/05/20101
above company is not professional,in 3months i have only had my car for approximately 3days,still waiting to have my car returned,?fitted with a reconditioned engine.have complained to trading standards and consumer advice and finally have gone to citizena advice bureau,awaiting responce from mph engineering ltd.i would also like to add they were quick enough to demand payment of £1,941.09,which has been payed in full.sadly though still no car.

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803Prestige Engine Products LTD [Droitwich]
Total claims:2
Flauty »30/01/0905/02/20090

Having bought a Re-con Turbocharger from this company August 2008,when the turbocharger failed last week it was removed from the vehicle and sent back to the company for Repair (as it was under 12 month`s Guarantee ) I thought no Problem up until I received a Phone call from the company stating unfortunately the unit was not at fault it was the engine not supplying Oil to the Unit having spoke to the garage that remove i was told the turbocharger did in fact have oil in side and that the company were only saying engine fault to get out of repairing it, am post this complaint to hope for a result.

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3235motion power ltd [Oldham]
Total claims:10
Failiure to return monies taken without permission from credit card »Feb - March 200908/06/20090

Two engines were bought from this firm which they said that they would collect the old engines free within 14days. They did not do this but subsequently took the sum of £300 from Barclaycard + £450 from my HSBC card without my permission and authority accusing us of not sending the engines back. When I confronted them they said they were sorry and that they had taken the money by mistake and would refund, however after a no of phone calls and promises nothing materialized so I got in touch with both Barclaycard and HSBC from whom they had taken the money but now eventually Barclaycard have told me that they have had a reply from these people to the effect that we have not returned the engine however three engines (tied together on one pallet),were collected by their courier in mid Feb with one engine which was faulty returned to us within about 14days  so how can they say that they have not received the old units when they were securely tied together. Barclays want me to provide documents for this transaction but as this firm is well aware I do not have any as the items were collected by their courier.Everything was amicable at that time

I have been so aggrieved by the attitude of these people that I will definately never have any more dealings with them and anybody who thinks of doing so should be wary.

My account with Barclaycard has now been re debited with the sum of £300 so I will have to take the matter up with the FSB and possibly a TV programme who can highlight the corrupt business these people are running and thus avoid any more people being conned

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9622motion power ltd [Oldham]
Total claims:10
No refund »05.11.200911/12/20090
I ordered a car part from Motion Power Ltd (international car parts) on the above date. I had been advised the part would be at my door within 48 hours. I called on the Monday, payment was taken and the the funds were removed from my account the following day. The product had not been received by Friday so I gave them a call. I had been advised by a customer service assistant the product had not been dispatched as the part was faulty. Please note, within this time, I received no telephone call to say I was not going to receive the product or even offer a refund!
The customer service assistant I had spoken to assured me the said funds would be reimbursed and in my account by the following Wednesday/Thursday. Over a month later and 15 telephone phone calls later, I have received no refund. Every week, I have been assured the funds will be reimbursed on different dates, and constantly fobbed off.
On one occasion I even rang at midday to make a complaint and was told they were very busy and they would call me back in 15 minutes or after I finished work at 5pm (apparently their office is open until 5:30PM. I called at 5:05pm and the automated service said the office was closed. Oh, and I never received the call back.
This is the most discusting service I have ever received and given that I have not even received a product and they have taken my money, I believe it is tantamount to theft !

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11650motion power ltd [Oldham]
Total claims:10
steering parts »04/12/0915/03/20100

After sourcing a steering pump from theis company , I also was told 4 days delivery. This did not happen. When I phoned they said it had been sent toi the wrong address and they hadn't managed to get it back but they had another that was coming in the following day and would be shipped to my garage within 3 days. Again this didn't happen and no one contacted me to explain why. I phoned again... they said the part was faulty and so had not been sent. they offered me a refund that I accepted. The person (from parts)on the phone was helpful as he did ring me with 2 other suppliers that had one in stock and I was succesful in getting the part I needed.
Unfortunately getting the refund was another matter.... after 5 more phonecalls, being told that they would do it immediately, that the refunds are done on Saturday so it should reach my account within 7 days, not sure what has happened it will be done this week and a myriad of other excuses and promises of return phonecalls...... I have now contacted the HSBC. I filled in a form and within 3 days they have credited my account with the money owing.
This company obviously has no procedure for dealing with faulty parts or refunds.

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12359motion power ltd [Oldham]
Total claims:10
Refund of goods Damaged and not received »6/05/201018/05/20100
I ordered the following Honda HR-V car parts: a bonnet, right wing, to rear glass and a electric mirror all totalling to £265 including vat and delivery.

I received the wing and both the rear glasses in which case one was shattered. I rang them on the same day and asked what happened. They responded saying the bonnet got damaged in transaction so they took it back to the depot, they never had they mirror in stock and the glass is a risk I took when I purchased it.

I was furious so I just asked for a refund for the goods I never actually got and the damaged glass.
Chasing this refund was for a couple of weeks, as I spoke to collegue's promising me a refund, collegue's prentending to be the manager, collegue's putting me on hold for on average 15 minutes and then cutting of the phone.

I was so disgusted with the customer service because all I wanted was my money back. The staff could not care less and to them it was probably amusement.

I spoke to someone in accounts eventually who said he will issue me with a refund. He also sent me a refund invoice with the correct amount via email but lets not count the chicken before it hatch, (let see if I get the refund first before I think this is all over).

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12440motion power ltd [Oldham]
Total claims:10
180 »02/03/201026/05/20100

I paid for I air con unit they said they had in stock it never come I have been chasing a refund for the last 3 months dont bother to use them.

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12455motion power ltd [Oldham]
Total claims:10
tailgate »27/04/1027/05/20100

paid for tailgate with credit card. They phoned to say window broken in transit but would refund credit card. Today we get bill from card company no refund. Phoned accounts department would not answer phone when they did they put us on hold then disconnected us. I phoned sales and spoke to them was given a load of bull, promise of refund by Tuesday, been on to Lloyds bank. After what I have read about them it does not look good.

Never got my money back bank refunded credit card.

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12925motion power ltd [Oldham]
Total claims:10
Non Refund of Money »27th April 201012/07/20100

I too have been ripped off by Motion Power. I purchased parts for a car, the parts were wrong, i sent them back and haven't had my refund surprise now i have read everyone elses problems with this company. i can't beleive i been so stupid, i am usually careful when using my card over the phone or internet. i have stupidly used my Maestro card and not my MasterCard. i have been laughed by the guys in this company when i called to ask if i could lodge a complaint, they have consistanly lied to me wrt to my refund, telling me its been done and then the guy is off sick and then that its been done again, it just went on and one with lie after lie. i am soooo angry, if i still had the parts at least i could have sold them and tried to get something back!!

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11919MPH Engineering [SOUTHALL]
Total claims:4
engine repair »9.3.1001/04/20100

I sent my engine off to this company as they said they could repair the block on it, I have been telephoning them for three weeks now to get my engine back, they have now said they cannot repair the engine and want another £600.00 to return my engine!!!! unrepaired, I have now sent a solicitor,s letter to get my engine returned, but deep down i realise I have no chance of it being returned!!!

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12520MPH Engineering [SOUTHALL]
Total claims:4
reconditioned engine »03/03/201003/06/20100


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12431MPH Engineering Wembley Ltd / ETC... [SOUTHALL]
Total claims:3
Help please »25/05/201025/05/20100
This all started on 5/5/2010 when i found a company on the internet trading as, who quoted me 1296 to reconditioned my engine block after the pistons had broke, i paid the amount over the phone via credit card(thankfully), and they then gave me a collection date for the pick up of the engine, however to start with the courier turned up at my home address instead of the garage, finally 4 days later the engine was picked up and delivered to the company, after around 10 calls a day trying to speak with the manager ryan, to find out when the engine will be ready and what the issues were, he eventually rang me back stating it had a cracked head gasket and it would be ready for dispatch on 24/05/2010, however after spending several hours on the phone today to random people who haven't a clue whats going on and transfer me either to a constantly ringing number or keep saying the only person i can speak to about the engine is either out, on lunch not here,or too busy. After researching on the internet(which i should have done before hand), i find all these comments relating to this dreadful company. I am going to try ringing in the morning then in no joy(which i doubt there will be) move onto trading standards, and citizens advice, i have rung mastercard who i paid the amount on and advised me they are allowed 30 days from payment to do the job. So i have to wait until 05/06/2010 to process a dispute with them. Can anyone please help me with advice on what action to take and who to speak to, this company is a joke and should not be allowed to carry on with this bogus work and awful service.

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17039MPH Engineering Wembley Ltd / ETC... [SOUTHALL]
Total claims:3
Reconditioned Engine for Ford Transit »22/10/1002/03/20110
I ordered a reconditioned engine from MPH Engineering/reconditioned engines etc and had it shipped over to Portugal, which is where I live. I spoke to a very friendly chap, called Paul and he said as it was being shipped abroad they couldn't give me a guarantee but would ship any necessary parts over for nothing.
Having had my mechanic ( for around 1500 euros), that I have used for years and never had any problems with, put the engine in my Ford Transit, he then took it for test drive. He rang a few minutes after the test drive to say that the engine had seized!!!!
I have now had it towed to the local Ford garage, and they have told me that I may as well have put a cardboard box in it as the engine was useless, and it will now cost me a further 6000 euros to fix!!! I do not expect the expenses to be covered, but wouldn't mind getting the cost of the re conditioned engine back, which I paid for with my credit card.

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